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tv   Expedition in die Heimat  Deutsche Welle  March 4, 2021 10:15pm-11:01pm CET

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the top stories we're following for you security has been talking to the u.s. capitol police revealed a possible plot to storm the building the house of representatives has killed scheduled session 5 people were killed when supporters of the former president donald trump invented the capitol ingenue where. you're up to date and keep ferguson will be up next with g.w. gets dismissed stick around she will be right back. and you hear me no no yes we don't need you and how long stares german scientists now will bring you i'm going to america and you never have a surprise do so with what is possible who is magical really what i want. to talk to people who follow along the way maurice and critics might join us from
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apple sauce stocks. and. different. kinds of. women that are in charge. archipelago has had a matriarchal system for centuries. do. differently. starts marching on w. . german airline middletown top post a brac or 6700000000 euro loss having already received a month of bloodline from the government the question is where does it go from here . also coming up as germany's vaccine bowed out its 1st or as one of the country's top economists thinks a d.w.i. 5 p m. are
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on the lookout. for using. something like 3. groups. that was a comment about my and their. deep into the pond as fresh eyes of the city of london is changing fast take a look at how it's reinvesting itself. this is a business i'm paid for it's in the thanks for joining me german airline has posted a 6700000000 euro last softer bought the company called the most challenging year in its history the jaw dropping figure was roughly in line with investor expectations having already received a huge government bailout is the question now is how long will it take to recover.
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sun sand sea tourists travel will get underway again this summer says look tens of chairman and c.e.o. karsten. rolland people want to travel and once that's possible once travel bans are lifted and travel becomes safe again they will start looking. for funds for the politicians also need to do their bit he said. we need international digital testing vaccination certificates to allow people to start travelling again. yet despite the potential easing of travel restrictions recovery will still be moderate this year look transfer expects to operate at 50 percent capacity in 2021 compared to prepare endemic days 2020 was disastrous for the airline its total losses hit $6700000000.00 euros passenger numbers dropped by 75 percent and $28000.00 employees lost their jobs. the only ray
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of light is the company's freight business prices have risen sharply in the sector granting left hansa cargo profits of 770000000 euros. but there's still a long road of recovery ahead the company continues to lose around 1000000 euros every 2 hours it's planning to cut a further 10000 jobs and reduce its fleet long term now that many meetings have shifted online there are doubts whether love trances key business travel section will return to its former strength but there's little danger of germany's premium airline going bust it's simply too strategically significant for the country the german government has already provided a 9000000000 euro lifeline and is now live trances largest individual stakeholder. here in germany the country's top economists have held a virtual summit to the. the long term impact of the pandemic the meeting organized
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by the light and its association focused on issues like corporate bankruptcy the country's short time work scheme just kept millions of germans in the workplace on their teams to our it's economists also discuss global trade and europe's ability to compete but they've dropped but the rising china. earlier i spoke to one of the participants of the virtual some much capital to focus my is president of the teal institute for the world economy i asked him what impact germany's slow vaccine will have on the country's economic recovery every week that we are under the look down the freezing right now we do something like 3 to 4000000000 euros and we impose an almost burden on for example the school children that cannot attend school and who will see consequences in their entire lives from from these that facility so lock down is expensive and since we do not rule out the
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vaccination program as fast as we hope we could we have to pay these costs so for much longer in that sense the failure of for this country to speed up fiction should. ease economic problem it's lost on the recovery of the poles as additional costs in particular on generations that i'm not yet on the legal market. let's take a more global perspective tonight china's economy appears to have recovered far faster than other countries what will this mean for international trade. so 1st of all it means that the center of gravity of the world economy moves faster to east asia than it has been moving good already before it's not just china but the also vietnam and many other east and southeast asian economies that are coming out fast from the pending big we think that. in 2022 the each of these economy will be
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about 15 percent larger than in 2019 while the eurozone economy will be just about as big as it was before the crisis so the relative weights shift and that means the trade flows who shift as well china becomes more important for the german economy for the european economy because it absorbs more of the production of europe by importing and so that is probably a lasting consequence of this crisis professor fed on my ear from the keel institute for the world economy thank you very much you're welcome pate. now to some of the other global business stories making news. german biotech firm signed a deal with swiss pharmaceutical giant novartis to produce its copious 19 vaccine novartis plans to manufacture up to 50000000 doses of the n r n a based shop by the end of the year an additional $200000000.00 will follow next
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year. siemens energy will join the german blue chip index docks later this month the company a 2020 spinoff from industrial giant siemens combines oil and gas technology with renewable energies like on an offshore wind parks in the docks it will replace consumer goods firm biased off. members of the oil producer cartel opec countries have agreed to leave most of their existing oil production cuts in place until the end of april russia wanted to open the tops but saudi arabia opposed increasing production the decision not to boost output sought crude oil prices rise . the united states has announced it will temporarily suspend targets that were levied on u.k. goods as part of a trade dispute with the e.u. over subsidies to american plane maker boeing the move comes after the u.k. unilaterally removed tariffs on american goods that decision angered brussels which
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says the u.k. has no right to act in the dispute because it is no longer part of the bloc the goods that u.s. is lifting tired of songs include scots whiskey and stilton cheese. so could this be a sign of deepening u.k. u.s. trade ties post for axis here's our financial correspondent yes caught the united kingdom tries to hammer out by literal trade agreement with the united states or soon as possible and to a certain degree that is understandable because the u.s. still has the huge. market and are still the biggest. to me on the planet but maybe the u.k. shouldn't set up their hopes i'm sure high because we have heard from the biden administration that a trade deal with the u.k. is not necessarily very high on the priority list if you look at the size of the european union is far more important to the united states but there's also still
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this trade dispute going on between the u.s. and china so that probably it will be far more important for the biden administration in the near term than a bi lateral trade agreement was the ok. london's financial center or the city as it's often called has faced 2 big upheavals in recent months the pandemic has left offices deserted work from home and the recent completion of bracks it has threatened to knock also london's crown as europe's financial hub is the outlook really vastly our correspondent bigots must sent us this report. rush hour on london bridge nominee it's back a half a 1000000 people flock to london each day but just another cute steward doesn't have to squeeze his way through the crowds today the investment manager is a veteran of the financial services industry. it does seem almost
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goes like where's everybody gone oh you never see the city like this even on a sunday would have the tourists has something bad like this something dreadful happened. this is where the finance manager used to enjoy a pint of beer but there hasn't been the so here in months it's going to be one of my favorite places and i think. you can then pick and rex it has hit the city hot new has been restricting access to its markets making it difficult for london trying to answer firms to offer their services on the continent. but gregg's it was office number opportunities the e.u. has not shown itself very good at be able to change quickly and adjust and adapt because it runs very very much like london now has the opportunity of being able to move much faster be swifter on its feet. this city has to eat find itself. the u.k. government wants to shore up the city's global appeal and make london more
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attractive than its e.u. counterparts one example it is reviewing the rules governing public listings in order to lure more companies to float in the u.k. on the london stock exchange. becky it's due it believes that it's important to ensure quality standards are maintained. in the back and spheres in london suburb economist simon french works at his kitchen table instead of the city he too wants against too much deregulation but sees opportunities for instance and setting new and high standards in climate finance the reality of course is you'll be part of that all the european union senses want to be part of that asia will want to be part of that it will be a competitive battle i think iran is one of the houses existing infrastructure in terms of the scale of its capital markets enables that to be done a probably lower transaction cost than some of the more up and coming economic ups
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. climate finance and tech london could score points here with new ideas and even much stronger from the crisis. it will come back it will be busy will be drinking here on a friday afternoon again i hope but there would be such a queue of the ball. that playing to the coronavirus and then make and break that it's time for london does set. and that set from a thank you so much for watching for me on the t.v. if i take it. into the conflict zone with jim sebastian of the world health organization is on the phone from doubloons and so is it so lose the news move showing the during the pandemic my guess is we should go behaving as the european regional director of the w h o o's clearly so she's old lies ations the docs to stand up to the chinese for leads
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to. a conflict zone. in 60 minutes phone dito. is marching down the street for her country. who cannot stop fighting and you really have to keep fighting because it's not only about abortion. these graphic artist on account is standing up for more freedom nor is some determination more right. when it. comes to date on arts and culture on d.w.m. . and forced into a nameless mass. their bodies your tools with. the history of the slave trade east africa's history. and displacement greed for power
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and profit plummeted and entire continent into chaos and violence. this is the journey back into the history of slavery and i think we will truly be making progress when we all accept the history of slavery as all of our history. our documentary series slavery routes starts. march 10th on d. w. . this is due to be news africa on the program today and raced in san diego clashes break hours in the capital caught up to the opposition media most months on post interest . none of the 4 i do is december elections when it is rubber stamped by gun the supreme court judges have dismissed opposition allegations of vote rigging.
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cast only 2 cousins behind ethiopia's 1st digital magazine for teenagers they want to see in power would be pierced through the topics they interest. self-esteem and confidence of teenagers positive self-esteem is very important to teenagers as it allows us to try new things. hello i'm christie one day it's good to have your company signals main opposition was months old who has spent a night in police custody was arrested wednesday on charges of disturbing the public it came as hundreds of his support is clashed with police while he was on his way to court to face rape charges so who denies the claims against him saying that they are politically motivated now city girls national assembly strip sokol
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off his neagle immunity last week paving the way for a police investigation. it was an unusual outbreak of chaos in dakar supporters facing off against riot police the commotion broke business to a halt in the heart of the city. and it all revolved around a one man on the other hand i can't we're here to support on lida this month but above all to fight for democracy for freedom for equality for the remove me forever we've been fighting. we are here to accompany us months on call but we say no to violence they're firing tear gas guns at the people they want us to react but we won't do it will always be their foes months unco know to dictatorship. he's popular among senegalese young people whose months on ko a former tax specialist is the biggest rival to president macky sall but last month
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an employee of a beauty salon accused him of rape denies the charges and says the government is instigating a plot against him on wednesday supporters joined the opposition convoy on the way to court for the hearing before they were stopped some close lawyer says police arrested him for participating in an unauthorized demonstrations mature think will not meet mr suckle has not committed any act with a view to disturbing public order he wanted to defer to the summons of justice. and you are all witnesses to that. everything under them or. the drama presents an additional challenge for a man who's seen as a rising political star in senegal one of west africa's more stable democracies. and i'm now joined by journalist he is editor of africa check in the to call bureau
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good to see you welcome to the program somebody one of the circumstances surrounding one sawhorse arrest. so who was someone before the race to get injured for his 1st hearing following accusations of rape but on his road his car was broken by security forces asking him to change his route to avoid the crowds of is supporters were mobilized outside to follow him to the court but when some go as he said that he will not change his road. the security forces pulled him out of is a reaction to inform him that he was under arrest for disturbing public order why do this man so close of course is insist that the rape accusation he's facing is politically motivated. because it happens that the owner
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of the must watch part of the. deed different interviews when the accusation broke through states that she does not believe that there was a rape more of a a some gore supporters believe that there was a conspiracy because some. because somebody seen today as the men of ireland of the regime it camped out in the last presidential election in 2019 and since the candidate. came 2nd jointed multi-celled camp is defacto the number one opponent and then. there's at least duration of wanting to eliminate an important opponent before the next election as. they did read the son of the former president of dry what in the former mayor of dakar. both
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was sent to prison a few years ago how much of a threat is also months song call to president much he sell. yeah i mean some girl is going through a big shit because. right now he's seen as the only one in the opposition because there is a lot of grievances in the country people are getting more and more angry and criticizing the way. the country is marketed by the markets are poor because people are now selling to some cool because there is no order up or lent. apart from soco because of the up to do dude of the last election in 2019 many of. a country did support some politician who was in the opposition jointly. market outcome and now some call it east even by many senegalese that have many grievances
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against the government as the only one but. a least a little and got bleak real or present in the country right that's a budget speaking to us from dukkha thank you. gun a supreme court has upheld president's knuckle fladell is to stand by election victory judges rejected a challenge from his rival john who alleged irregularities in the results now the election was a close contest between the 2 political heavyweights mama change that puts at then added to president a call for adults total and some polling stations pushing him about the 50 percent threshold needed to of weight and reynolds but the court ruled that these allegations without errors. was at the cost in a crisis and justice reports. with this judgment that's the end of the road for former president john muhammad. to presidential election results and that's exactly
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it i mean to him and his supporters for his opening. incumbent president this is an affirmation of his reelection that bring some joy and that of his supporters and of cause the outcome has been accepted and which makes fairly across the country about there are no reports of violence or clashes as a result of the declaration of the results this is on the top so in that country's democratic dispensation what i tells you is that country gonna have risen to election disputes in the courts and sort of on the streets. looked at some of the stories making news across the continent the united nations is human rights you say is reported abuses and killings in ethiopia's to cry region could amount to war crimes and crimes against humanity. ethiopia to allow money into the region to investigate the incidents that are alleged to have taken place in late 2020. 1 that
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has become the 1st african country to receive the size of buy and take her own advice vaccine after a batch of 100000 doses arrived in kigali any other country received a separate delivery of 2 $100000.00 as spoken signs have come through the un made kovacs machines and south african police also searching for several crocodiles like these that escaped from a commercial breeding farm some 150 kilometers east of cape town the reptiles each measuring some 4 to 5 feet long sneaked up through a hole in the fence so far at least $27.00 have been recovered. the next story is in ethiopia way an online magazine for teenagers is gaining traction teen launched last year and it already has some $10000.00 subscribers as you would expect from a magazine for teenagers the content features celebrity news fashion beauty spoilt education and lifestyle but as you're about to see the founders and editions of the
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magazine themselves teenagers are also tackling some hard and sensitive topics everybody good family and i'm one of the founders of ethiopia's 1st magazine for teenagers the cousins started teen most with perrin young people through awareness and discussion. we want to talk about sexual violence. self-esteem and confidence of teenagers positive self-esteem is very important to teenagers as it allows us to try new things. take hope years and so probably talking about these issues is not the norm the girls' families are proud of the part they are playing in changing society so far as. i am proud and very happy i grew up in a much conservative society psychology. especially for teenage girls it was considered. subject for
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a team of writers contribution to the monthly magazine and one of britain's articles she wrote about gratitude she is aware of the challenges she faces as a young woman but of knowledge is that progress is being made is a definite. difference in how men and women are today if you're. women are more likely to be conserved i do believe that. this generation of women in this generation of girls are more privileged than the previous ones and i believe that is really trying to empower women. to. recession is always an important moment the cousins hope to engage with their readers through a live video on instagram having had a bad experience herself but i wanted to break the silence surrounding the subject i think a lot of people get hurt because like i don't i feel very bad when they did that.
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and that wasn't there anything they just said since i like things that with her and i would prefer so really people who feel like. you know. i've been with a car with hundreds of new downloads every month the magazine is gaining momentum and the girls have high hopes they dream of one day becoming perhaps africa's answer to vote. and power to them that's it for now there's a whole small on on forward slash africa on facebook and on space is today will the view with images from kenya of young men taking part in the final rite of passage to transition from being war is to elders will see you next time ok. finding a high. i.q. . but. not in my.
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new york down on earth i doubt i heard that ya i've heard i laugh at yahoo i shall yeah. yeah yeah well fuck. i. why are people forced to hide in trucks. since.
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there are many stories. make up your. made for minds. welcome to arts and culture 5050 by 2020 was a bold ambition of the film industry to rectify a chronic lack of gender parity kicked off by the swedish. an institute in cannes back in 2016 or berlin film festival signed on to the pledge in 2019 and we'll see how things look for gender equality at this year's edition also coming up. women
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get all the air time on today's program as we continue with our series on female artists who championed women's causes this time in kenya with writer earth so kids right. well since 2019 the belly nada has been on course to showcase more films by female directors and to achieve more diversity in general all this year with a vastly reduced program due to covert to the tally comes in at just over a 3rd for films held by women and here are 2 examples from iran and from germany. you can talk. about. he's extremely polite but a bit stiff and somehow uncanny but that's no wonder since tom is
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a robot he's meant to be a partner for alma best finish and i've read in the as she i think this idea is very much of the moment in a world that doesn't fact have humanoid robots. but at the same time it presents questions for which we maybe don't yet have any answers for that and for. trying to step in and. pass it could mention that ashton. is meant to write a report for an ethics commission about whether tom the robot is suitable as a companion or not. and tom does everything he can to make life for a heaven on earth but i'm a is a really interested in romantic gestures like strawberries and champagne in a candlelit bath it soon becomes clear that from a human perspective tom is simply too perfect. thank you this is in fishing and i
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think there are moments in this film that hold up a mirror to the viewer lets you see yourself as a human being through tom's eyes and simply have to admit that humanity is sometimes very strange indeed that food is. a foot above the abandoned in the machine so it's perhaps inevitable that the human android pair end up in couples therapy i'm your man is cleverly funny and it avoids the overly broad humor that usually characterizes german romantic comedies but like its humanoid lead tom the film is a bit too predictable the basically inventive story could have used some unusual twists. from a german romantic comedy to an iranian drama in ballad of a white cow menas husband has been convicted of murder and executed now it's emerged that he was in fact innocent and there's been
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a miscarriage of justice. now mina is on her own caring for her hearing impaired daughter with very little money the film by director and lead actress mari a model is a cry for help it was straight poignantly how hard women have to struggle against injustice and inequality and not just in iran. putting a spotlight on films by female directors at this year's barely nala and let's go over to my colleague scott roxboro in bonn to talk about a few more high scots incredible range of really interesting theme male voices this year and there's one that's been hotly awaited of course because celine samah who and press us all with portrait of a lady on fire she's back with
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a new film tell us about it. yeah this this film is called patina mom and it's premiered here in berlin online this week it's very interesting for. people who know her work because this is a time travel movie it's about a 8 year old girl who's visiting her mother's old childhood home and she's outside in the back in the woods and then she meets another little girl who's the same age as her but has the same name as her mother and she sure realizes this is her mother it's her mother from the past and they became become friends and the girl has an opportunity to get to know her mother in a different way and maybe develop a new relationship with her ok so this is fascinating because this is a i mean it's such a different take on a time travel movie than than a male director would typically do don't you think. definitely i mean this isn't back to the future or this isn't a christian olden time travel movie i mean you know flux capacitor is or time machine gizmos here none of the sort of mechanics of time trialing seen
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a lot of these male directed movies you know here here it's all about emotion it's all about the connection between this daughter and her mother and and about their relationship and i was talking to the directors and she really are and she said that for her the real time travel machine is within us it's in our memories it's in our imagination and and that's what she wanted to bring out with this film. really fascinating perspective now there's another film that's kind of similar in a way because it's also about a mother daughter connection tell us about the film titled memory box. yeah this is also interesting it's a it's a french lebanese production and in some ways it's very similar in theme to. though a very different story it's a young girl in montreal your old hometown a lebanese a daughter of a lebanese immigrant and she discovers a memory box a box of old letters and photos from her mother that she wrote during when she was
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her age during the lebanese civil war the 1980 s. and as the daughter is going through these images and these these letters she started to try to imagine what her mother must have been like when she was a teenager and she was her age the film also uses a really interesting visual trick because the daughter scans the photos with her her cellphone and animates them so that in a way she's literally communicating back and forth with with her mother in the past i talked with directors of this movie and they said it was based on a real story because they had that kind of memory box from the mother and their daughter discovered it and she started going through it and started reading what her mother was like when she was her age and started questioning what the stories of you've been telling me it was very much is fired by real life what a brilliant technique now thought one question we're still a long way from 5050 but would you say these efforts to achieve gender balance at festivals are generally having an impact on what you can see. i think there are definitely having an impact i mean. a lot more films are being made by women and
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more importantly law films being made by women are getting seen and recognized i mean we saw just this past weekend that. became only the 2nd woman to win best director at the golden globes along the front runners for this year's oscars are women as you said we're still a long way from parity just 38 percent of the films in the delano are direct about women but progress is being made and it's so good to see and certainly amazing to get these new perspectives thanks so much scott we'll speak to you tomorrow after we hear who's won the golden bear. looking forward to well revel girls and women in the world certainly needs more of them that's why in honor of international women's day we asked our correspondents around the globe to profile some women artists that they feel are making a difference and this time we're in africa where 2 kids well vanna a winner of the good to madonna last year in 2020 just thought. i needed the money coming to you from kenya's capital nairobi and despite the fact that the person
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we're about to meet was not actually born here she does thrive in creative institutes such as the one that we're standing next to but it's actually had a literature that she hopes will be able to cut across boundaries reaching young girls across the continent and challenging young women such as myself. but i'm hoping that. gets my goat. when i get referred to is black african right that i'm like how. why must i have business or what you call it was what i did i want to be a good writer. so this was vanna is unafraid to speak her mind born in zambia and now based in kenya the south african is a novelist children's book writer journalist and publisher she also founded in
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curated a pan african online literature festival in response to the covert 1000 lockdown she's prolific and multi-talented and her energy seems inexhaustible how does she juggle her many interests with very little sleep. i think if you love something you always make time for it's her writing almost always has a political subtext her debut novel the madams was published in 2006 it's the story of 3 well off middle class women in post apartheid south africa torn between career and family traditional and modern female roles in today's world i am essentially prof. who very proffer pen i'm very pro women and i think generally comes out in my books what those 3 or have in common is about identity. i'm writing for readers but more importantly i'm writing for
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people with 3 or reading is boring enough air i've got a book for you finish one chapter finish one page and told me that's boring. vanished writing is opinionated and she's not afraid to take a stance supporting young readers and writers is something especially close to her heart. i don't want my generation to be the last generation of writers you know i always to myself to be able to hold on and bring younger generation of writers and give them voice and give them the platform. in 2020 cities where van or big. i'm the 1st african woman to win the go to medal making her a role model for aspiring writers. or when you're an artist you want to be on just speaking to one people it means a lot where it can resonate with with somebody in berlin or with somebody in munich
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with somebody in brazil and as a publisher one of her top priorities is employed fine african voices but maybe we need more voices that are more visible a lot of african countries are only like quick to 60 years from colonialism we're still growing we are story. for more than here now kenya has been struggling with the pandemic here to its women in particular who bear the brunt of any suki's what banner has a special message for them for international women's day. this is a message we all have the sky may we get the recognition we deserve for all then some little band will do. and may we and our allies and learn the potential cohabit that allow us to celebrate mediocre contributions by men over excellent contributions by women i was sure
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a reflective and empowering 365 days this women city. words to resonate on international women's day coming up on march the 8th that's next monday and on that empowering note it is time for me to sign off to visit our website in the meantime we have more on from about suitcase of honor there and we hope to see you next time until then and do go well and choose from us here in berlin unschooled to me.
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into the conflict zone to sebastian. the world health organization is on the phone from doubloons i'm still exists so lose billions with showing the during the pandemic my guess is we should go bin laden is the european media directed to the w.h.o. . most who was asian from the ducks to stand up to the choice when it leads to. conflict zones. in 30 minutes d w. the finding against the coronavirus pandemic. how has the rate of infection been developing. what measures are being taken. what
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does the latest research say. information and context. the coronavirus of the coded special monday to friday on w. . were all set. to go beyond. me take on the world. well this is where all of the stories that matter to you. the u.k. police. being. we are your is actually on fire.
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passionate drama competition rival marketing numbers atmosphere that's how intuition love hate money you know you know the fans primes class and the only book. comes from women. to golf on you tube joining us. now from. this is news and these are our top stories authorities have increased security at the u.s. capitol after police revealed evidence of a potential plot to breach the building capitol police have also requested that the national guard extend its deployment out the complex for 2 more months. a mob of donald trump supporters stormed the capitol in january.


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