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tv   Der Tag  Deutsche Welle  March 6, 2021 2:00am-2:30am CET

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this is g.w. news a live from berlin and the pope calls for an end to religious extremism on the 1st ever papal visit to iraq pope francis' physical theater role in baghdad where dozens of people were massacred by islamist extremists over a decade ago. he's hoping his trip can bolster iraq's of the windowing christian community also coming up on the show. the u.s. and the e.u. agree to a truce in their long running trade disputes over aircraft makers boeing and airbus tariffs totaling billions of euros have temporarily been suspended. and
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a dark comedy about a teacher's private sex video going viral wins the top prize at the barely doubting german capital's international film festival. hello i'm claire richardson and welcome to the show pope francis has arrived in iraq with a plea to protect religious diversity iraq's christian community has been growing smaller every year it's now estimated just half a 1000000 iraqi christians remain friends this is making the trip despite security risks and just missed concerns over the coronavirus and sectarian violence saying the trip was his duty to iraq's remaining christians. the pilgrim of peace as pope francis called himself is aware of the risks he is taking amid an ongoing pandemic and a regional conflict. this is an emblematic trip and it is my duty to him margaret
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land. but he is not traveling alone he's protected by one of the largest security deployments in recent iraqi history $10000.00 personnel by some estimates including special forces 24 hour drone surveillance and undercover intelligence officers it's the 1st visit by a pope to iraq and comes just 2 days after a rocket attack that seemed to put the trip in doubt. his 1st remarks in baghdad acknowledge the difficult days most iraqis have had to endure without a military escort. over the past several decades iraq has suffered the disastrous effects of wars scourge of terrorism and sectarian conflicts often grounded in a fundamentalism or incapable of accepting the peaceful coexistence different ethnic and religious groups. the name of god cannot be used to justify acts of
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murder exile terrorism and oppression. for over 2 decades now sectarian conflict has driven most of iraq's christians out of the country. in 2014 the so-called islamic state began targeting christians driving hundreds of thousands more from their homes the pope's visit is a symbol of victory over this tide of violence. this cathedral in baghdad was the site of a 2010 terrorist attack the pope's visit there drew strong reactions from the community. we feel indescribable joy not only me but everyone seeing pope francis in iraq as a historic event. pope francis also plans to visit mosul a recaptured stronghold of the islamic state and the pontiff is set to meet with iraq's top shia muslim cleric grand ayatollah al. else astonied who has never met
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with the pope it's a big moment for christians and muslims alike. well this is pope francis 1st trip abroad a since the pandemic gripped the world earlier we spoke to do religious affairs correspondent martin gag let's take a listen to his take on the pope's visit to iraq. well the situation of christians in the region in iraq in particular in the region in general that's more or less fallen through the way sides as sort of most of the news cycles and the tension was turn of the you know journey place on the covered and current crisis and sort of china came to occupy a brahman into space over the last year or so one of the reasons why the pope travels very often it's to you know talk big back into falk use or bring you back to the tension off you know public opinion and i think that this is no the friend in the particular case of iraq christian population as he have heard has really
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gone through a severe severe contraction i mean most a lot of people have left and there are about 250000 left in the country given the situation which is really quite precarious this is this trend is expected to continue i mean this is something that for these for and it's important to revert our correspondent martin back there now let's take a look at some of the other stories making news around the world protesters have gathered in the turkish city of istanbul to denounce violence against women government figures show hundreds of women were killed across turkey last year. ration comes a few days ahead of international women's day which saw clashes between women's rights protesters and police last year. in a fresh clashes between police and protesters in the senegalese capital de car demonstrators are demanding the release of the country's detained opposition leader
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whose main song. he was arrested on wednesday before he was due to testify on a rape charge one person has been killed. u.s. aviation authorities say they will investigate an emergency on a boeing 737 max plane the aircraft landed safely on friday after the captain shut down an engine american airlines said the issue was not related to the computer systems blamed for 2 fatal crashes that resulted in the worldwide grounding of 737 max planes. of the e.u. and the us have agreed to hit pause on their long running trade dispute over aircraft makers airbus and boeing tariffs a totaling about $9500000000.00 euros are being suspended for months. ursula funded line struck the deal in a phone call with u.s. president joe biden the move marks an improvement in transatlantic relations which were strained under the truck administration. and let's bring in our correspondent
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in washington d.c. all over his alledge for more over can you give us more about what has been agreed . claire so both sides agreed on suspending these tariffs on a 16 year old dispute over subsidies for european plane maker airbus and the american of quibble and boeing and those tariffs were not only on playing cards but also all later on why and from germany from france the european union then responded with tit for tat sanctions so removing those tariffs now of course is good for the economy of course that is suffering from the global pandemic on both sides of the atlantic so consumers can also expect the price of your german bottle of wine here in the united states to drop of course but it's also a symbolic move it's only 4 months along that this will last as you mention and china needs to be addressed for a long term solution that's what both sides say in the joint statement earlier
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today and still there are many other tear of so from the trauma that continue to be in place overall though this does sound like a positive sign for economic cooperation between the e.u. and the u.s. how significant of a departure is it really from former president donald trump's america 1st policy. certainly a strong symbol. the united states european union reaching each other's hand it's a return to a transatlantic partnership there are terms of diplomacy that biden has been advocating since he took office above you have to be careful of doubling the as a real and complete departure from america 1st because biden has his very own kind of protectionism that he wants to uphold especially when leading the country out of this economic crisis the u.s. finds itself in he just calls it by american instead of america 1st he's addressing
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the american middle class former trump walters with those kinds of policies and they're certainly very different in style and tone but there are some parallels to all of his allies in washington d.c. thank you very much for that update and while some a wealthy nations have already vaccinated millions of people against covert 19 many african countries are struggling to secure even a small number of doses the world's health organizations kovacs initiative aims to help poor countries roll out vaccines now nigeria kenya and for one to have started inoculating health workers and other vulnerable people. it's an historic moment who these medic who were going to be the 1st kenyans to receive the $9000.00 vaccine. i mean because i want somebody. that i want you know. from.
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the east african nation has begun rolling odos us from the global kovacs program an initiative launched by the world health organization to ensure low and middle income countries have fair access to maxine's. it's a crucial resource for the world's poorest continent on thursday kenya's president stressed the importance of global corporation vaccine nationalism is something that you should. we think and i think. if you ask any expert there is no single country that will be able to be sued unless all of us are sick so we have an obligation to ensure that this vaccine is made a very. early. and as a special. to the citizens of the. this week the 1st batch of more than
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1000000 astra zeneca dozes arrived in nairobi kenya hopes to vaccinate 1200000 people by june. here in germany corona virus has contributed to the deaths of more than 70000 people at his official residence in berlin president friends welcome to people who have lost loved ones in the pandemic and he heard a range of moving stories the pain a still rule and november last his father tarik to the coronavirus he was only 64 years old together and the father ran a supermarket in berlin often talked about his father with federal president from quite a time miles. he was the chair full person a happy person he always had such positive energy the customers he came to our store were always happy he was there these individual stories of what interests the
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federal president the personal histories of those who have died and those left behind who love them. and for these are not just the 2 sticks behind every single number there's a story a person who has passed away. there are people who have lost their loved ones. people who worried trembled food. and he sometimes couldn't even say goodbye much. cheating on people like me elemental from essen his daughter and alaina suffered from a genetic defect and only in a court covert but by the time her mother was finally allowed to see her hospital she was no longer conscious thought to talk about what that ideal is a strong mother i stood next to my daughter held her turned on my cell phone and put on the music i had to do it and then i watched my child die.
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no one can take away personal pain but asamoah moore has found that talking with others can bring some comfort he will say things for the country what commemoration day on the 18th of april will bring some kind of solace to list her attention now away from the crowd of iris pandemic and to some culture news the berlin dollar has awarded its top prizes on the closing day of the film festival and the golden bear for best picture went to a film called bad luck a bang or looney porn romanian a black comedy about a teacher's homemade sex tape ending up online. this woman is a role model she's a teacher even she has a right to privacy but these days private lives all too often end up on social media. in this case a totally private video has gone viral it shows the teacher having sex it's no
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one's business but everyone has an opinion should she be allowed to stay in her profession and continue to teach children. the teacher is now suddenly in the public eye. through 2 feet when they meet try to build an awful lot of their old reverse throw up you know where i got that that's a lot of the budgets of it but that was. the film is about chauvinism conspiracy theories and hypocrisy and post communist romania told us a biting satire for the jury of this year's belly nala it was a stroke of genius. and an ass as mars rover perseverance has taken its 1st drive since landing on the planet 2 weeks ago the vehicle covered a 7 metre route in a trip lasting just over half an hour images sent back by the probe show wheel tracks into the red just perseverance landed in a deep crater on the martian surface which scientists believe may once have been
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seen. as events will conduct tests that could give us more clues about whether life existed on mars. as your news update at this hour is africa with kristie lu and what is up next and you can always get the latest on t.w. . and say richardson in berlin for me the whole team thanks so much for watching this. literature invites us to see people in particular. i like to see how it sounds as the kids find strength growing up her. right. to her. books on youtube. the coronavirus pandemic. is the rate of infection in developed. measures are being.
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what does the latest research. information and context. coronavirus up to the big structural monday to friday w. . this is data feed is africa on the program today the kidnappings and insecurity in nigeria on groups like terrorizing communities in the middle of the country dancing people and demanding branson out are sponsored brings us the story of a family tragedy in the northern supporters state. of nominees from the acapella brood just say they've not been able to say no come since my breakdown in the cars that they're seeing through it anyway.
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hello i'm christine one it's the tackle company the nigerian schoolgirls released by kidnap is this week have now been reunited with their families and all back home the girls have been in government k. in the northern some forest states receiving medical checks following their captivity now while news of the goals of death and grabbed international headlines many more kidnappings happen very often in northern and central parts of nigeria on gangs take people hostage and demand money for their release. correspondent frank when he was in some foreign reporting on the kidnapping and subsequent release of the schoolgirls then in neighboring so-called a state he came across the story of a painful family tragedy. and fred joins me now to tell us more about that story
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back. hi fred it's good to see you tell us about the family that you met quartile state. christine as we are covering the story of kidnapping of schoolgirls in zamfara state we heard about another story in so-called states where. gunmen attacked a community and there we made this man who was trying he was 1st of all mourning his death of his son and also he told us that his brother was kidnapped unfortunately they did it after we interviewed him he was killed here is their story. an entire community is grieving more than a dozen people were murdered juma son was murdered his brother too was killed nikita is also too close to jesus. they came around 2800 took my younger
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brother and go to give the people in the community to acknowledge them us shoot them so they started shooting sporadically and short 10 people on the 8 or so after he spoke to juma gunmen killed him the next day he had pursued them to secure the release of his abducted brother both were killed gunmen causing mayhem in the north the few my generalized and they have touted by the government. generals chinese recent who was granted a rare access to the bandits hide out they said that children are not the employee it is done to good to school and never thing then i accept i guess educated because the government of prime meant to graduates now i use it does the problem won't work thinking we're not educated kidnapping is higher profitable for cream you know and
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he had to groups in northern nigeria the targets are poor villages and ordinary school children it's the 2nd time in one month this people meet like this to mourn their loved ones and each time it's because the bandits attacked this community and killed more than 20 people of. residents blame the government for its failure to protect them security expert rob you are dumb because for dialogue to lead to peace free disarming the bandits that if that approach should fail. you the mug xemu course. to bribe. the muslim good people of the concentration poses with the rule. equipment water equipment. that the best we could we back in i'm out of the ridge before jim i was killed he made his wish. i pray for the government to
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a few shows to protect the interests of the. pope you must pray i will one day be hard unfortunate if he's community does finally have peace it will be too late for him fred obviously a very difficult story they have but just how widespread all kidnappings in nigeria yeah it's very common and it's spread the whole country not only in the north but even in some parts of the south it's happening it's just that most of the times these stories they don't even make it to international news even though can use sometimes they don't cover but of course like this example of this man that we have just told you. this is this tour and these are just really just tories that get on the news but it's very. it's across the country unfortunately and sometimes when
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you are in the north in the northern part of the controversy nigeria it's very unsafe and people always complain that the government has abandoned them. on that note we heard people in in your report express that sentiment that they feel that the government's assailable to to secure the country when you were in the region of course you know the headlines have come out of that region as of mass kidnappings by by the extremists and the so-called bandits did you get the sense that there was that there was a little illness miss i did you fail and safe. yes absolutely we were i and my corey my cameraman we're on seafood fails on safe on the road from so called toward to zamfara state it was clearly unsafe we had to put on our body protection. we and even people you know people told us that
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these bandits. quite often they touched them and they take money from them they could not them and the government doesn't care it's just that when school girls are kidnapped or if bigger number of people have been kidnapped then the government takes some actions but no mary that that there is a sense of insecurity in this region and it's you can feel it too can you you can feel it when you go to bed and when you're traveling around all right. when you are west africa correspondent thank you for your reporting fred and thank you kristie. let's take a look at some other stories making news across the continent now days off and wrist instead of have killed at least one person as opposition supporters clashed with riot in these protests broke out in the capital on wednesday and have now
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straight to the towns up to the arrest of the opposition politician response on rape charges internet access in the country has. some disruption. the u.n. security council has failed to agree on a response to the crisis in ethiopia is to cry regions russia china and india objected to a u.s. response saying it interfered with ethiopia's domestic affairs this series of media and advocacy groups as reports detailing n.h. to pieces by if you can and eritrean forces to cry. now this year marks 10 years since the music act just 6 burst on to the local music scene in south africa in the last decade to stand harmonies have seen them perform for global audiences like many musicians they've been able to give life performances because of the pandemic restrictions but that hasn't stopped them saying. the wanted is
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a pianist and singer in the just 6 acapella choir from south africa the pandemic kid him and his musician friends heart grew from there have been a tough season but. the push on their show the front is crazy music comedy 90 music music is going to keep the city you know. the internationally renowned singers would like to be on tour now in corona times they only rehearse occasionally after they've had their temperatures taken today's rehearsal is the 1st one this year. to connect with one another again in that in that we means it means a lot to us it kind of encourages us to certain way i think also just mentally carry the. earth to. the ensemble actually wanted to celebrate their 10th anniversary in a big way with concerts at home and abroad but performing in public is impossible
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right now even in south africa. the hardest part for us and artists in general with growing is that. we need to have people you know filled up in a room like this one that we have you so we haven't been able to work consistently lack of income is a problem to the government. as far as i know has helped a few artists. i have. applied for some goals grants as well applied as the sample but you know we haven't gotten anything yet this is affecting us there we've very much financially both as a group and as individually. in $29000.00 just 6 made
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a grand appearance in germany at the beethoven fest in bonn together with the board is orchestre income from such performances is sorely missed today. since the beginning of the pandemic the a sample has almost exclusively been making music for digital platforms. just 6 released their 1st album a mix of popular western music and african beats around christmas last year in the middle of the pandemic it was well received nevertheless they can only make ends meet with part time jobs who want to cut carter gives piano lessons on line from his home in pretoria that's what you see. we you know each person now is you know going to get into their savings and kind of
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depleting everything that they have even saved up so it's quite challenging. it's all the more important for them to counter the pandemic with their music i'm going to i'm going to. write a new song the karuna. are probably right a corona song says one day calcutta jokingly a little black humor goes a long way in a pandemic to. the floor for. that's right that is all folks but more on. africa we're also on facebook and on twitter today we leave you with a pane of music by just 6 we'll see you next time have a wonderful weekend. oh.
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dreamy no your next vacation. issues talk to you for germany. sunshine on a. road trip. an exciting discovery inside. w. w's crime fighters are back with the africa's most successful
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radio drama series. continues to be all of us o's are available on line edge of course you can share and discuss song w. africa's facebook page and other social media platforms to crime fighters tune in now. welcome to a new special edition of check him. as his favorite tips for places to visit on a true.


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