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eternity province borders uganda and is twice the size of belgium many refugees live in the forests without any protection or medical care many die others make it to the capital of the province. where there are camps with tents water food medicine and most importantly protection u.n. soldiers stationed in bosnia. there are over 16000 people in this camp alarm most are women and children. and. they have made temporary homes for themselves but some have been here for over
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a year and a half. in october 29 teams 22 people died here even large aid organizations cannot meet demand and the measles epidemic had broken out. at a minute but before you may yes i mean these are conflicts this is a brutal war if. you're stuck together. mean because that both you and in this war those attacking us or our neighbors the lendu their kids their. nose was spilling. whether there were others with them we can't be sure about that because when we were attacked we immediately fled as you can hear in the syllabus that is just a uniform of what we experienced where massacres of course. i think that he might
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just as he did must suck. it up and cancel the. i'm nothing left play my momma i have lost everything all of that but if i believe . that i burned everything i had. to some to explore and learn what's going on or run for life with their children is what it is there are so many dead none of us understand what it was you know that i will be under it's happened you can explain this to others just like you demanded we have long demanded that the congolese government revealed the coolers. so they still have a bus that. was. all over that was. just being destroyed so i have met with leaders around the world. because they appear to care deeply me by that's what
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nothing has come of it. the situation is still ongoing not peaceful and so this is not a war between nations and or between different ethnic groups or tribes and good nor is it a religious war or human pain this is not about fanaticism see sold again we are but this is about the control of natural resources for coldevin shows you quite you this war could be ended if the political will to do so was there room to talk or the whole world knows about it and said there are reports about these crimes but these reports are written and filed away without achieving anything. sid so i think that there is no doubt this is about greed for wealth where the profit is taken off the backs of the weak the fair.
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after more than 20 years of war many people here have known violence displacement and expulsion their entire lives. the country as a collective trauma. and the global green for is also as is contributing to their plight. every day new refugees arrive in a small village of shari hoping to find protection and help. dr gisela schneider tries to help people here too but the need is overwhelming many die of starvation. and. martha is far along in her pregnancy. she isn't giving up and trying to support her 2 children. even if there is food only
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once a day but. most of the time this is because of a partridge in the long term eating mainly because samba will lead to mt nutrition which has its specially serious consequences for joran. that you know that the cumberlands there. who go back and i don't have enough of anything i have no money i cook without salt and oil my children are crying from hunger i have nothing to prepare for the 1st. i do not know how to pay the hospital when i have to give. you good evil is how it was. the result was that it now knows that's not. roseman banner and i don't want to drive martyr and other women with small children
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to a health center in banja of all the women hardly speak about the terrible things they have experienced rape is had to busan jacked up that i know i was one of them was my master will be giving birth soon she needs prenatal care to check whether everything is ok and then we have to organize where she'll give birth in the little one also needs care things like whether she's been vaccinated need to be checked. sam is not one of my little. some children have edema from our nutrition others have meningitis malaria or chicken pox gisela schneider can only help some of them. the congolese state offers even less support. the concept here is helping you to
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help yourself. martyr a displaced person was happy she was being examined before giving birth and her youngest daughter also urgently needed medication. a phone call informed rose that a measles epidemic had broken out in shari of course the midwife seemed satisfied with the baby's development but when the overpowers martyr feeling. the worst i feel a little better now that i feel very weak because i'm so hungry. and i don't know where my husband is and what happened to him that worries me. if you asked around for him but no one has seen him that scares me. manto will be having her baby in 4 weeks rose will continue supporting the small
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family. this help and alarm for her children keeps mata going. here. and it was. the 1st live force and thanks to their inner strength these women have exceptional resistance. is the see this is where i see a miracle and it works in these women version of funny version often i cannot even imagine it's possible because the women are brought to our hospital completely destroyed. and dehumanizing. and these women have an incredible energy strength and so they managed to stand up again and fight for their rights for the rights of their children and the community it is all for this greatly encourages me and my team to keep going this simple for what is. a glitch.
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about how are you. on the way to make his rounds dr mccuaig stops by his patients common room mommy will stay at panzi hospital for a femal weeks as a pregnant rape victim she would not be while come and have village for the 1st time in her life she's learning the alphabet. he has she feels accepted. if my feet hand that are are. my media and i am keep that. money need a car window. in the. world. i would have loved to learn to read and write but we had hardly any money at home otherwise i
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would have gone to school. if. i. was there to say even if i did not wish for this child i would like to send to school you know what day that is my train. why meenie has experienced understanding cat and help at times a hospital but her fear of returning to hot home village is great. for there was. no such a moment i feel good. do i feel my child i could also work but what worries me is how i can survive at home without a husband and the militia still there. and i don't want to experience this again. the most important thing is peace.
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your family model for the women have given me the task of conveying to the whole world their demand for peace so she loses this is the message i have to deliver to the international community post the answer does not depend on me but i consider it my duty to continue on this mission and i will not stop carrying this request for peace into the world because i hate it when someone says i didn't do anything because i knew nothing about us was huge and so. i bought the won't look so why the war in the democratic republic of congo continues and the number of rape victims is rising every day. and i just thought that was showing which. was is. so my own but that would be my dream that one day get there and i can experience that
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real peace let's see if something has to happen now to stop the sexual violence against women and children so that they can live and prosper so that their dignity is respected and that these surgeries and there's no longer needed that is a wish. there's a 5. easy answer half peace and healing when victims receive justice and so nobel peace prize winner johnny mccuaig fight song. i. thank. i thank you while the women continue to hope and pray to god to bring peace to that country so. i.
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leave it to em good to good. life. so they could. researchers say that it's just the beginning. close to one virus that could trigger a pandemic. be the last. to 60 percent of all diseases already originate from animals how does this happen and what you need
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to do to prevent it turgid it. in 30 minutes on d w last part that advocates for more freedom. greater self-determination. for more rights. special portraits for international women's day. march 21. 60 minutes on d w. i didn't seem. to have died in june that eliminating the to mean a victim of your feeling the same time as they made it to fight you had to figure out what you. know what out if you know it but didn't feel that. more freedom more some determination more rights than. a harness.
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to date on arts and culture on w. this is g w news a lie about from birth that the pope calls for an end to religious extremism on the 1st ever people visit to iraq pope francis visits a cathedral in baghdad where dozens of people were massacred by islamist extremists over a decade ago he's hoping his trip can bolster iraq's a twinkling christian community also coming up on the show the usa is making you
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agree to a truce in their long running trade dispute over aircraft makers boeing and air force tariffs totaling of billions of euros have temporarily been suspected. as we take a closer look at an international program helping countries in africa to vaccinate some of their most vulnerable against coke at night. well i'm sorry richardson welcome to the show pope francis has arrived in iraq with a plan to protect religious diversity iraq's christian community has been a growing smaller every year it's now estimated at just half a 1000000 iraqi christians. francis is making the trip despite security risks he dismissed concerns over the krona virus and sectarian violence saying the trip was his duty to iraq's remaining christians. the pilgrim of peace as pope francis
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called himself is aware of the risks he is taking amid an ongoing pandemic and a regional conflict. this is an emblematic trip and it is my duty to him margaret land. this woman. but he is not traveling alone he's protected by one of the largest security deployments in recent iraqi history $10000.00 personnel by some estimates including special forces 24 hour drone surveillance and undercover intelligence officers it's the 1st visit by a pope to iraq and comes just 2 days after a rocket attack that seemed to put the trip in doubt. his 1st remarks in baghdad acknowledged the difficult days most iraqis have had to endure without a military escort. over the past several decades iraq has suffered the disastrous effects of wars the scourge of terrorism and sectarian conflicts often grounded in
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a fundamentalism or incapable of accepting the peaceful coexistence of a different ethnic and religious groups. the name of god cannot be used to justify acts of murder exile terrorism and oppression if. i for over 2 decades now sectarian conflict has driven most of. iraq's christians out of the country. in 2014 the so-called islamic state began targeting christians driving hundreds of thousands more from their homes the pope's visit is a symbol of victory over this tide of violence. this cathedral in baghdad was the site of a 2010 terrorist attack the pope's visit there drew strong reactions from the community. we feel indescribable joy not only me but everyone seeing pope francis in iraq as a historic event. pope francis also plans to visit mosul a recaptured stronghold of the islamic state and the pontiff is set to meet with
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iraq's top shia muslim cleric grand ayatollah ali al sistani who has never met with the pope it's a big moment for christians and muslims alike. let's take a look now at some other stories making news around the girls protesters have gathered in the turkish city of istanbul to denounce violence against women and figures show hundreds of women were killed across turkey in 2020 demonstration comes a few days ahead of international women's day which last year saw clashes between women's rights protesters and police. in a fresh clashes between police and protesters in the senate police capitol to car demonstrators are demanding the release of the country's detained opposition leader . he was arrested on wednesday before he was due to testify on a charge one person has been killed in the unrest. u.s. aviation authorities a say they will investigate an emergency on
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a boeing 737 max plane the aircraft landed safely on friday after the captain shut down an engine american airlines the issue was not related to the computer systems blamed for 2 fatal crashes resulted in the worldwide grounding of 737 max planes. you and the u.s. have agreed to hit a pause on their long running trades for aircraft makers airbus and boeing tariffs totaling about 1500000000 euros are being suspended for 4 months. before someone deadline struck the deal in a phone call with u.s. president joe biden and the marks and improvement in transatlantic relations which were strained under the trump administration. and let's bring in our correspondent in washington d.c. all of his allies from our all over can you give us more about what has been agreed . clare so both sides agreed on so spending these tariffs on
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a 16 year old dispute over subsidies for european plane maker airbus and the american equivalent boeing and those tariffs were not only on plane parts but all soul later on why and from germany from france the european union then responded with tit for tat sanctions so removing those tariffs now of course is good for the economy of course that is suffering from the global pandemic on both sides of the atlantic so consumers can also expect the price of your german bottle of wine here in the united states to drop of course but it's also a symbolic move it's only 4 months along that this will last as you mention and china needs to be addressed for a long term solution that's what both sides say than the joint statement earlier today and still there are many other tear of so from the trauma that continue to be in place overall though this does sound like
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a positive sign for economic cooperation between the e.u. and the u.s. how significant of a departure is it really from former president donald trump's america 1st policy. certainly a strong symbol of bowl sides the united states european union reaching each other's hand it's a return to a transatlantic partnership there in terms of diplomacy that biden has been advocating since he took office above you have to be careful of doubling the as a real and complete departure from america 1st because biden has his very own kind of protectionism that he that he wants to uphold especially when leading the country out of this economic crisis the u.s. finds itself in he just calls it by american instead of america 1st he's addressing the american middle class former trump voters with those kinds of policies and they're certainly very different in style and tone but there are some parallels to
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. alice in washington d.c. thank you very much for that update a year ago much of china was shut down to contain the coronavirus with a pandemic largely under control there now its leaders are looking at how to get the economy back on track around $3000.00 delegates are taking part in the annual national people's congress china's biggest political event where they will rubber stamp last drawn up by the communist party elites and set political priorities for the next 5 years one of those is economic growth. neighborhood security offices patrolled beijing streets when they're around it's a sure sign that chinese political gathering is on the way the office is to prevent displays of dissent during the event the mood at the gathering is optimistic china has not only managed to control a kind of a pandemic and the economy has begun to recover after a virus induced slump. yeah the most important goals for this year are an increase
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in g.d.p. of more than 6 percent and the creation of $11000000.00 new jobs in urban areas. like shock. among the parties other plans a large increase in the military budget and greater investment in new technology to make china less dependent on the rest of the world china is also planning to tighten its control of a hong kong to an electoral reform that said to be approved by beijing's national people's congress. which him you'd think should once you go to the phones and we want to ensure in principle that patriots rule hong kong and salute the. mass arrests have already weakened hong kong's pro-democracy movement activists fear that these changes could deny a voice in the city assembly. while some wealthy nations have already vaccinated millions of people against a covert 1000 the african countries are struggling to secure even
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a small number of doses or else health organizations kovacs initiative is to help poorer countries roll out vaccines and i geria kenya and rwanda have started inoculating health workers and other vulnerable people. it's an historic moment for these medical workers they are the 1st kenyans to receive a call that 19 vaccine. is only because someone is somebody. that i want you know. from. the east african nation has begun rolling odos us from the global kovacs program an initiative launched by the world health organization to ensure low and middle income countries have fair access to vaccines. it's a crucial resource for the world's poorest continent on thursday kenya's president stressed the importance of global corporation. is something that you should.
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be very clear and i think. if you ask and expect there is no single country that will be able to be seen unless all of us. so we have an obligation to ensure that this is made a very right. and that's. to citizens of the globe. this week the 1st batch of more than 1000000 astra zeneca though this arrived in nairobi kenya hopes to vaccinate 1200000 people by june. there has been a outpouring of anger and calls for legal reforms in south korea this week after the country's 1st transgender soldier was found dead in her apartment here and we see what was discharged from the military last year after undergoing gender
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reassignment surgery her death is being treated as suicide. being in the military had been be an issue soused childhood dream but the staff sergeant was kicked out of the army after her gender reassignment surgery south korea remains deeply conservative about sexual identity and the rights many gay and transgender koreans have to live under the radar. i think that is a fact that we don't have anti discrimination laws in place here that's deeply unfortunate members of sexual minorities a south korean citizens too. off to be and had gender reassignment surgery she hoped the military would acknowledge the change but the removal of her male genitals was toxified as a mental physical handicapped and she was discharged. that's when she waived her
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anonymity and pleaded to be allowed to say. it was found in her home this week in a suspected suicide. i think she let us know the realities of life of sexual minorities here. the fact that she spoke out in order to protect herself and yet she had to leave a flight this. illustrated the reality on the ground in south korea. is. the military's response it wasn't in a position to say anything about the death of a civilian but after an outpouring of anger on social media official condolences were quickly offered and beyond's death was labeled as unfortunate. as mars rover perseverance has taken its 1st drive since landing on the planets 2 weeks ago the vehicle covered a 7 metre bridge in
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a trip lasting just over half an hour if it is sent by the probe show we'll. tracks in the red dust perseverence landed in a deep crater on the martian surface which scientists believe may once have been a scene or surface will conduct tests that could give us more clues about whether life existed on mars. and beyond as they go football shoulders 5th coach of the season couldn't change their fortunes as they drew no mail at home to fellow strugglers knights came close to breaking the deadlock on 18 minutes but scott brown was stuff is powerful header stayed out this was as good as it got for the hosts as mines that dominated for the most part. not the best of starts then for shelter coach demetrius brown watts's his side remain bottom of the table 8 points from safety.
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this is your news update at this hour stay tuned for our code in 1000 special coming up next remember you can always check us out online at t w dot com or follow us on social media is of course instagram and twitter at the news and clear pictures and in berlin for me in the entire news team thanks so much for joining us. to. the fight against the corona virus pandemic. has the rate of infection been developing what does the latest research say. information and context the coronavirus update. on d w. i was the few when i arrived here i slept with 6
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people in a room. that was hardest.


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