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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  March 7, 2021 7:00am-7:16am CET

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it's a. decision for commodity starts march 22nd on t w. this is news that live from berlin pope francis visits iraqi christians who endured the taliban islamic state your honner the pontiff has just arrived in the terrorist groups one time stronghold on the penultimate day of his historic visit to iraq also coming up protesters are out on the streets of miramar cities again this after reports of police raids and
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a number of arrests says authorities attempt to push back against opponents of last month's. and the darkest days of the pandemic in brazil an aggressive fire is very in sweeps through the country while president john vause and downplays the threat. and a warm welcome to our viewers around the world i'm michael oku pope francis is visiting the one time stronghold of islamic state in iraq he's just arrived in erbil praying for the christian communities who suffered at the hands of the terrorist group he plans to celebrate a mass there for an expected crowd of 10000 people in a sports stadium this after his unprecedented meeting yesterday with one of the world's most powerful shiite leaders grand ayatollah ali al sistani the pair came
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together on the 2nd day of the pope's historic visit and issued an appeal for religious tolerance. a meeting months in the making every detail had been carefully planned after a photo op the 2 men spoke privately for 40 minutes the ayatollah reportedly told the pope that he also believes christians in iraq should be able to live in peace and enjoy the same rights as other iraqis it was a powerful statement from sustain he rarely makes his opinions known when he does shiites in iraq and around the world take note. later. in the ancient city of poor known as the birthplace of abraham the biblical patriarch to feared by christians muslims and jews it was a fitting place for an interfaith meeting at which francis underscored his message . peace does not demand winners or losers but rather
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the brothers and sisters who for all the misunderstandings and heart of the past are journeying from conflict to unity. after they were joyous scenes as the pontiff arrived to celebrate mass in baghdad. the. to miramar now where protesters are out on the streets again to continue their demonstrations against last month's military coup tens of thousands are said to be marching with the largest protests in the city of mandalay there are protests in the largest city young gone these images are from the city of da way that's despite reports of police raids overnight targeting opposition leaders witnesses described hearing shots during the night the raids a number of people were reported. journalists
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a joins me now from. what's the situation where you are now. so where i am a young girl what we've been seeing is that police have started to break up protests early in the day today and we're having reports that people have been getting beaten as they're out protesting and again at mandalay there's also been reports of police have begun firing rounds at least in baghdad and they have began to use libraries. so it's an aggressive standoff we've heard reports of police raids over night what can you tell us about that. so there were multiple police raids throughout the country and they did seem to be concentrated in young girls and as far as we know they were targeting. government workers who are participating in 3 and as well as activists and members of the national league for democracy which is the party that won the election in 2020 and we just received
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news that one of the people who were arrested last night a local boy chair of the end of the party was has died of injuries that he sustained while in the tension due to the police raids we've been hearing reports of resistance among elected officials can you tell us a little bit more about that. sure so there's a number of different leadership groups that are vying for that are in the c.n.n. hour right now including the one top but one of the main bodies elected government is the committee representing. which is a committee of mostly national league for democracy and peace where i'm back in the 2020 election but it does encompass a larger group of people and they've really been leading the charge in terms of creating parallel power structures to the hunters for all and. all of young as well as many other townships around the country have now created people's governing bodies are not answering to the hunter and are only with elected government and we
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have also seen that over a dozen diplomats around the world including the ones at the un in tokyo as well as in washington d.c. have now declared that they will only serve after 2 elected government. through this committee and they will not be honoring any mandate or orders from the one. aim in santa ana navarro story there in the end daunting q.a. thank you for having. us now let's get you up to speed on some of the other stories making news around the world at this hour protesters in bangkok have to find a ban on public gatherings to call for the release of their detained leader they said photos of thailand's king alight as they held a vigil outside the criminal who of the protest movement emerged last year calling for reforms to the monarchy and the constitution. protesters have rallied in minnesota and head of the trial of george floyd's killing
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a police officer derek show been is accused of murder after being filmed with his knee on steroids neck as you beg for air jury selection begins on monday the case set off racial justice protests in the u.s. and beyond. thousands of people have demonstrated against measures to control the coronavirus in the austrian capital vienna there were isolated scuffles and police made several arrests the protesters oppose the ongoing closure of part of the austrian economy they also object to mass vaccines and compulsory testing in school . the united states senate has approved a $1.00 trillion dollar coronavirus relief plan president biden says it will give families struggling to pay their bills the breathing room that they need the final bill includes a 4000 $500.00 top up of stimulus checks passed in december it also includes additional aid for unemployed people and schools the bill narrowly made it through
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the chamber with the decision going down party lines senate majority leader chuck schumer hailed passing the bill as a new day in the country saying that help is now on the way this bill will deliver more help to more people than anything the federal government has done in decades it is broader deeper and more comprehensive in helping working families and lifting people out of poverty than anything congress says seen or accomplished in a very long time. again not a single republican voted in favor of the bill we asked you w correspondent carolyn in washington what that means for biden's plans for a more bipartisan approach to politics. biden is doing this and this is the most important policy that he has been facing especially in the 1st months of his
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presidency getting checks to the americans and getting shots in their arms this is the this was his main promise and he is getting this through he has achieved it and in this case of bipartisan way is secondary but there are other things that are coming up soon where biden will have to fight for a bipartisan shape like the immigration reform and infrastructure reform and these are reforms that will definitely require 2 thirds of the votes in the senate so there is not going to be a way to get those bills through without bipartisanship and this. instrument to use now the reconciliation process that he used to get the covert relief bill through works only in very specific cases like for example this one when the bill is linked to the federal budget to brazil now that country is seeing a major surgeon covert 1000 cases as a new clone of virus variant spreads rapidly throughout the country this past week
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the nation registered record numbers of daily fatalities hospitals are on the brink of collapse and health officials are warning the death toll could reach 3000 people a day if serious action is not taken. a new wave of the current virus is sweeping brazil with an unprecedented force more people are dying more infected and for the 1st time it's moving beyond just hot spots to reach those of the country. the number of patients is led to it's the nami of civic ices that now flooding brazilian hospitals more than 19 of 27 provincial capitals are in a critical condition on the cottage the brazilian virus variant p one is surging it's more contagious possibly even for people who've had covered 910 before some of latin america's top physicians say if brazil fails to get the virus under control now it will continue to me tight with potentially devastating consequences
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for the entire world. with these new variants it's possible that people throughout the world including brazil may be vaccinated against previous virus strains but if new variants are resistant to spread that's why i'm calling brazil the world's largest open a laboratory for the spread of covered 19. president jibe both in our downplays warnings from scientists instead he speaks of the suppose it digests of mass wearing and opposes any lock down enough with the crying how long are we going to keep whining. despite opposition from the president some states have now opted to impose lockdown measures on their own. in the bundesliga the match up between buying munich and bruce your dortmund known as their classic didn't disappoint league leaders byard one for 2 as robert levin
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down skis hattrick help them come back from 2 no down and help them out shine his dortmund rival. this edition of that classic it was all about the strike is. on course to break the record for the most goals in abundance league this season. and on the other hand we're missing key players to injury piling the pressure on strike and holland but i know we can thrive on a challenge and in just the 2nd minute his strike took a deflection of sharapova tank and. black and yellow is taking a shot lead at the allianz arena. yes that so soon after dortmund where injury not talking as out making his 1st start since october darted behind the bar and defense to set up. a flying counterattack showcasing dortmund their best it was 2 nil with less than 10 minutes. but by and i used to coming from
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behind and excellent work from leroy sun i allowed leventhal school to hug the deficit before the half hour mark. my quick thinking and quick feet from sun i had by and back in the game and then a needless trial by mahmoud the who gifted by in a penalty 11 dulcie stepped up. the outcome was never in doubt the schools were level going into haas time. dortmund clung on to a draw throughout the 2nd half until with just 2 minutes to go by and took the lead by leon gorecki has been a colossus in midfield this season and he again came through for the champions just in time. there were enough seconds on the clock for buy in to inflict more misery on dortmund than dusty completed his hat trick against his former club and crept ever closer to a record setting goals hartley. the faces on the dortmund bench set it all for him to no luck they found themselves vanquished for. by and remain at the top of the
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table thanks to the man who can seemingly rescue them from any situation. or be leipzig kept up the pressure on biron with a comfortable 3 nil victory in freiburg leipzig lead at half time thanks or chris froome conclude was gifted his goal by the home defense and lets you get into more goals after the break with the bird back in the pick of the pack the win millions like say the name 2 points behind by at the top of the table. in 10 is patrick a bit of a has won the sheykh and. qatar open title of her career against binion muguruza in a battle of the former wimbledon champions for what she did give it of the ease to victory in straight sets this was a repeat of the 2018 final and the tarp which also won the checked player has now won 28 career titers. dog sledding enthusiasm from across russia
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have descended on the siberian tundra for the start of the annual lake but cal race after the start date was moved due to the pandemic both man and have kicked off the 150 kilometer race saturday on the ice of the world's deepest freshwater lake 11 teams from across russia are taking part in the competition you're watching news up next is our reporter series i'll be back with more news at the top of the hour stay with us. why are people forced to hide in trucks. but. there are many reasons because. there are many answers.
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and there are many.


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