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$100.00 camels are worth around $50000.00. the sum is raised through donations from other clan members with everyone giving what they can and sums ranging from $5.00 to $200.00 less. everyone listen to me and the doctor nomine you should pay $20.00. 00 people ever refuse to pay do you keep the refuse to pay they're punished we give the orders here for. a functioning clan system rules out the need for state sanctioned justice several times. a month later since the civil war broke out the clans prefer to work things out between ourselves there's a lot you could let. you know until it is a real national government we can't rely on the judiciary in this country is going to let you know. that you did it but the defendant will only be released once the
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victim's family received the $50000.00 they've been promised and that could take months. to regain the somali people stressed and government a new generation of leaders are risking their lives and getting into politics. this fortress his home to one of the most powerful men in the country the mayor of mogadishu. omar osman. he invited us to spend a day in his company. so muddly that edition of read for us live. journal where this quote is similar to thank you and you know how social and religious rituals learned very delicious. what are your tasks as the mayor of mogadishu. but if i. ran out of those.
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right would it be cation. challenges just couldn't in the city where. we have. improved enough the moment it was just. he travels everywhere in an armored car escorted by at least 10 police officers. on the rather than the one. despite the risks. chose to leave a peaceful life in europe to return to somalia. right back through. the u.k. . 11 years ago. the local government
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and so i left my job and my family and 200 of my people and that's why. i came back. from the u.k. how did you become mayor. in the present time pointedness. hearings are there no elections in somalia another moment but rio walking toward it. and the election so the near future. there's a special greeting by the chief of his personal guard when he arrives at the town hall. meeting on. on it. was. the mayor of mogadishu is one of the country's most influential politicians he oversees 2600 civil servants. who used to be employees still hammer. wages. with an annual
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budget of $33000000.00 the city barely has enough to pay its staff. however a lot of investment is needed to reestablish order in mogadishu it's an issue that takes up most of the mayor's time sometimes even through the night. after dark his personal security has doubled. and he's a scored in home by a convoy of 20 police officers. but it's good leaders to have a good. good ritchie chief because of the terrorists have to do the talks to us metric welfare. then we have to be prepared our set of subsidies rests out of it tell people how we need to be absolutely sure that we're safe and sound in the right place and sometimes i'm going out with a girl we've got
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a little bit of luck this evening the mayor is eager to show he's not afraid to walk through the city at night. but it's a fraught situation for his security detail that is not all of the answer it's going to hold the corners on someone being a good judge usually it's more of all citizens coming from the corner so we. have such a model. going to the hospital can something happen any time any found but i doubt it is very fiasco in the additional forces this is a show off today where there they come face to. the evening draws to a close in a restaurant and the city center. now to. one of them over 100 there for most here it's extremely rare to get this close to any of their representatives are going to really never see a man on the government's real mail some of these are. but now that i'm the
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president not looking up my. seats and i. call it pretty serious that's all i hear this and that but not if we see the mind here on the point of this not at all the government who cannot tell the flights that this is something move in the face. but the roman omar osman's attempts to bring peace to mogadishu were cut short you know with 0. 3 weeks later on july 24th 2019 he was holding a reception for the u.n. special representative for somalia. a bomb went off killing 7 people. the u.n. envoy james swan escaped unhurt but mayor omar also a man was seriously wounded he was flown to guitar for treatment but died a week later of his injuries. leading national figures were among those paying
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a final homage to him. this is the person behind the attack mario a visually impaired woman who had worked closely with the mayor for more than 2 years. after the attack it came to light that she'd been an undercover agent for the terror group al-shabaab and she'd worn an explosive vest and also died in the attack. after weeks of negotiation we managed to get in touch with a former member. we meet at a secret location in the center of town so let's hear. a father of 2 says he was forced to join the jihad ists when they took over control of his region. al-shabaab members have infiltrated themselves into many parts of somali society. my way they're all over the city this is no way to recognize
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them. some have pistols all over mogadishu metal yes all over mogadishu. i mean there are spies collecting important information in the human others obtain money through bribery and corruption although well then i mean even ministers and politicians have to pay. so they're stronger than the government i would look at of course someone who's ready to die is stronger than anyone else. in 2015 mario a left and became an informer for the government. police patrols on the city limits are aimed at preventing around the clock attacks by al shabaab militants. mohammad django heads the elite team. his officers were trained by the us army.
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a lot on the allied pilots our objective 2 days to patrol the entry and exit points of the c.c. there are also some checkpoints to inspect on the way. we're headed to the city's most dangerous places. the checkpoints on the edge of mogadishu. our driver is on alert during the entire journey. of video that we're shown as evidence of how often the. police and army fall target
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to car bomb attacks. al-shabaab territory begins around 15 kilometers south of mogadishu. the security officers at the checkpoints here are particularly rigorous. in the front even though most santosh up to pass through he come from run territory . the most obvious search everyone is there often al-shabaab members among them to get. out that. if we find weapons or bombs they were arrested for a little while and this is the city's most important checkpoint put a stop to it but he said well it's a little. mohammad django himself has often been the target of islamised
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attacks. the wreckage here is the remains of a recent truck bombing which killed dozens of people. a little further on there's an improvised bunker using cement blocks and sheet metal. that's inside it and agent from the intelligence services armed with nothing more than a laptop of photos of potential suspects sent by informers across the country. full of pills you know anyone who passes through here is logged in this files we record everything we have the identities of the individuals and their license plate numbers. today the computer pays off. during a routine search at the checkpoint one of the police officers recognizes a young man. isabel you couldn't get them all. from her born of
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a cradle chief who looks like someone in the finals yeah. christian got some high yield on my oh he's you know going to the police we've got information on him here and we'll push through our inquiries like how they got bought a single and we believe he's an member so we'll keep him here and check him out. how life was to kill him which is on a lot of time. shortly afterwards the young man is transferred to mogadishu's main prison. the 200 year old building right in the heart of the city is one of africa's oldest prisons. behind its walls are some of the most dangerous criminals and terrorists in the country. many of them al-shabaab members.
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where the 1st camera team allowed to film inside. the prison warden himself takes us on a tour. there are some 700 prisoners incarcerated here. so do most amounted to rows you shouldn't get too close to them. but some of them are clearly just children saw something other than i can yourselves scumbag shuttering that. measure the most through. how many people to a cell with broken legs want to do they know between 30 and 50 depending on how many pets are in each southward to do that because he agrees to open a cell for us to get out of the area where everyone on geo pads side of the.
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well we don't know what the time is that this smile conceals a deadly threat to the. love of life i think the target of the schools much eventually the guard opens up for us. the prison officer escorting us isn't carrying a gun if a gun were to be stolen it could be used against them and their fellow officers no no. no no no no. no. no i. think this is not in there is it at the moment it's over 40 degrees and this sounds a. little. like a nice. little bit there's one bathroom for 30 inmates. most of the prisoners cooped up here are serving sentences of at least 15 years ok thank you.
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no running water and packed into overcrowded cells the united nations has condemned these conditions for years i. felt i. arrived they got it the warden takes advantage of our visit to show us some of the rehabilitation programs in place. i. in this part of the prison inmates can volunteer to work in various workshops for example metal workers fix the prison beds. in the carpentry shop they build windows and fake wooden rifles which are brought out for military parades.
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most of the people here are all shipped out there are also thieves and rapists we also have some who are just disrespectful to their parents as. the prisoners are paying $2.00 a day which they receive the day of their release it's meant to be start up capital for a new life. son of. some i was in al-shabaab militia i've been here for 10 years i've got 3 live in homes and i'm an expert in zigzag stitching now and i'd like to do it as a career when i get out. the warden's proudest achievement is the orchestra. police and prisoners played together guided by a kenyan conductor. once
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a month. this former jihadi has been in prison for 5 years and is now learning to play the xylophone. look of who we were it was always my dream to become a musician so i took myself that unity as soon as it was presented to me i just. want to see here in new what would what almost goal is to change the prisoners mentality we want to change them as people so they can reintegrate into society they see. that all these rehabilitation programs are funded by
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donations from all over the world somalia gets around $2000000000.00 a year in international aid. unfortunately almost half of that money ends up disappearing unaccounted for. for security reasons the large international organizations are grouped together near mogadishu airport on the sea front. walls and razor wire surround the compound. around 2000 international workers live and work inside the sprawling united nations complex here. up until june 2020 just in brady spent 8 years coordinating the un's humanitarian aid for somalia. every single building is fortified to withstand
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heavy fire. here fire coming in right now and we have no place else to go we would shelter in that for a few until we do an all clear site and we can move. the compound has been attacked several times over the past few months the u.n. invests a large part of its budget and protecting its employees. first and access and that's why we have one of the highest cost of doing business in the world a normal vehicle cost much more than a soft good vehicle full of my snap protective vests and helmets whether they need them or not i have to supply them in our cost of doing business is much higher than any other place i've i've worked with like 3040 percent rule i don't want to speculate but it's much higher. the workers living in these privileged
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compounds earn at least $10000.00 a month a financial incentive for coming to work in one of the world's deadliest places people here travel in armored cars and fly in private jets creating high costs that eat into the aid money meant for the somali people. out in the field it's hard to see where the aid goes. the wall barry maternity clinic for example is the option for thousands of women if they want to give birth in a medical environment without paying. it's financed by action against hunger a french n.g.o.s that's been in somalia since 1992. there are only 3 midwives for over $140.00 consultations and 20 deliveries a day. in this unsanitary space. i. don't know
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how i should manage to put deliveries we have sterile gloves protective glasses and among us and the. over crowded rooms mean the women are asked to leave just 24 hours after giving birth. is. somalia's infant mortality rate is one of the highest in the world at 10 percent. the shortage of aid often affects the weakest members of society 1st. when people call the emergency services it's often already too late. is a dentist by profession. when the civil war broke out over 30 years ago he founded the city's only ambulance service. there we have
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a 20 even though it's quite old it's all in the luck you know the. answer is around 20 call outs a day and each time is a matter of life or death. also we have an emergency in the north of the city patient needs to get to the hospital and we'll know more when we can help. and they've been called out to a small clinic to treat a 4 year old girl. she's been here for a week but her condition is worsening. the local doctors are completely out of their depth. to. supply the girl has to go to the city's only major hospital with a pediatric ward. her mother and uncle go
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with her. because we don't know what's wrong with her because the don't just didn't tell us anything good she should have been taken to the opera hospital way. about how family couldn't afford it and i hope she gets better. we pray to god she would recover. the girl isn't eating anything and she's really suffering. a lack of information about her condition leaves the paramedics helpless by the time they reach the hospital the little girl has died i don't know what. overwhelmed by grief her young mother has fainted. in the house. a little later the family is brought home to the slums outside the city.
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the young woman's daughter will be buried the same day as tradition dictates. disease poverty undernourishment misery. and despite the financial efforts of international organizations the situation remains catastrophic for millions of people here. and there's. widespread corruption is to blame. according to the in geo transparency somalia is the most corrupt country in the world. the billions promised by donor countries has sparked agreed further. or a field. near
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the airport a new fortified complex financed by the european union has been built to house its diplomats. we were banned from filming inside. its one of the biggest compounds in the whole of the city with a budget of $135000000.00. the tender went to the french firm which coordinated work carried out by some contractors the requirement was for a compound that could house 50 visitors but this has been built with a gym a clubhouse and even a surgical operating theater. to help when the contract wrapped he'd hired a lobbyist this man so real clever there was a general in the french army with contacts in brussels. our informer i'm sure our
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den farrow a former employee at ra p. who worked with clare tells us he suspects a lot of corruption went on. at city office he was the company's consultant he gained a lot of experience in brussels and knew exactly how it worked over there. he had a lot of contacts yes a lot. we managed to get our hands on a recording to play i'm sure i've done pharaoh. it's one of a meeting that took place 3 days before the contract was awarded. to the lobbyist club where warns they'll need to pay off the e.u. decision makers to seal the deal. people i'm going to pass you should know these people have the power to stop the deal at any time they've taken rich so i have to give them some kind of reward long i don't know what will happen next to it would be
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a shame to deprive us of these people suppose. that you don't want more comfortably there clearly asking if you can hear that we must thank these people in brussels who have the power to reject our proposal if they're not paid for these contracts be so sick of the reward for giving rob heed the contract 4000000 euros some of it seems illegal to me when people in the european union are being paid off something's not right. the european anti fraud office known by the acronym olof opened an investigation into the contract. they investigated and e.u. official as well as a french m.e.p. who allegedly acted as an intermediary we contacted surreal clare who sent us this written reply i can confirm that all of your evidence is fake and unsubstantiated.
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the investigation is ongoing in france a series of checks were carried out at rob heeds offices remains active within the company meanwhile for somalia nothing has changed the consequences of years of civil war terrorism and corruption bring little hope of peace to the 12000000 somalians suffering every day. last october art advocates for more freedom. greater self-determination and for more rights. special portraits for international women's day.
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21. 30 minutes on. staying up to date don't miss our highlights. program online w dot com highlights. international women's day. making women invisible home around the world their voices protest especially now because the damage is exacerbating inequality couso choosing women who are fighting for health determined life and demanding to see much. of africa will be developed when a guy is given a grace and chances like the boy's. women he fights. not
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just on international women. on t.v. w o. this is do you have any news live from the pope francis calls for paints from the ruins of churches in iraq's mosul pontiff is visiting a rocky christians who enjoy the brutality of islamist extremism is encouraging the country's christian minority to stay in iraq and help rebuild the country coming out speaking out against harassment in india
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a lot has improved since the country's main 2 movement but many women still feel they are not being protected a book. that will revisit to class.


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