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tv   Der Tag  Deutsche Welle  March 7, 2021 8:00pm-8:16pm CET

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the motor. city will come out in stores march 22nd oh and b.t.w. . this is news live from berlin a series of massive explosions rock equitorial guinea a blast tore through a military base in the city of bottle killing over a dozen people and trapping many more under the rubble rescuers are racing to find survivors local media have issued an urgent plea for aid also coming up pope francis celebrates a historic mass and the iraqi city of erbil thousands of faithful descended on the
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city's friends oho really the stadium for a chance to see the pontiff this stuff for france has made an impassioned denunciation of religious fanaticism in a former islamic state strong. british iranian woman jailed over a dispute at spying charges is released from house arrest and tehran the u.k. is insisting she would be allowed to return to britain instead of facing a new court date and around. to the show we begin with some breaking news from equitorial guinea where a series of large explosions has rocked the city of ottawa local media say at least 20 people have been killed and blasts at a military base hundreds more are enjoy. an urgent appeal for blood donations has
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gone out where the area hospitals overwhelmed the cause of the explosions from names unclear. this is of course a developing story and our reporter in told all right has more and joel walk us through what we know so far what we know is mostly coming from social media videos that people are uploading from their mobile phones and we can see images of a very large black cloud rising above the city a mushroom cloud and people escaping from the area on foot some people clearly injured with blood wounds on their heads and on their bodies we've seen people carrying luggage out of the areas the civil god has ordered people to evacuate for up to 4 kilometers around where the explosion took place and there was some tweets of people speculating that the clouds of the from the explosion might be toxic that's very unverifiable now of course at the moment so the images we see are of a scorched earth area with lots of shrubs on fire and we know that there are around
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300 people who have been injured according to local reports people have been asked to donate blood to the local hospitals where they have been treated from inside those hospitals we can see scenes of many people being treated in a makeshift fashion people on the floor people on tables and some people covered by sheets on clear whether they have died although just recently local t.v. there are reporting that potentially 20 people have died given the size of the clouds and the explosion that we did see it would be it's seems like there must be victims and more victims to come as well orrible pictures you're seeing there this happened in the country's biggest city what can you tell us a place it's not the capital but is the biggest city of equitorial given relatively small country on the west coast of africa also relatively stable country with no major military incidents recently and also doesn't have a very big military presence so this is somewhat of a surprise we're hearing that these explode. up to 4 to 5 explosions took place on
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a military base where armaments were stored also where lots of military personnel and their families were living we also have been hearing that you know up to 300 wounded up the path to potentially 20 people dead many people who have an op loading these videos that we've been seeing a very shocked and surprised you can hear in their expressions one man asking what is that cloud is it of all k. you know of course nobody expects these kind of explosions anywhere to take place so people do seem quite shocked to what they're seeing and we're going to be hearing a lot more about this as as developments continue there but we do know 4 to 5 large explosions near a military base on a military base up to 300 people injured and potentially up to 200 dead. told all right following the aftermath of the series of explosions that took place and equitorial going to be just a short while ago thank you very much. to rock now where pope francis has held mass and front of $10000.00 in the city of erbil marks the high point of his historic
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trip to the war torn country went to the 1st ever by a pope the pontiff has been touring the northern cities of arable and mosul the one time stronghold of islamic state much of the region was under i asked control just 4 years ago before liberation by iraqi and international troops. despite iraq's looked into calm but rising call with 1000 cases the crowds could be contained with pope francis and. in erbil 10000 flocked to see him see his last most of what he's calling his journey. you. know the time draws near for my return to rome. but iraq will always remain with me in my heart you know. earlier the crowds lined his intensely secured motorcade route in one's home to 55000 christians before they were driven out by the self-proclaimed islamic state
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that burned and run such much of the city. the conditions are much better now than before everything is not as it used to be because all the buildings and everything have been reconstructed but no we are very happy. reconstructed almost from scratch this church welcomed by some of the displaced believers who chosen to return. trust in god. together with all people of goodwill we say no to terrorism and to the manipulation of religion. francis also visited the heart of what was once i guess controlled iraq the city of mosul where he offered words and symbols of peace it is always wrong he said to hate kill or wage war in god's name. and the way religious affairs analyst joins me now from war many has storage and symbolic 1st there for the pope on his trip to iraq what is the central lesson to
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the people in the country. i think that the main the main message and the main agenda item that was put on the table and i think that quite successfully to be honest was the reconstruction of interfaith relations in a very fragmented region of the world i think that he white clearly has been able to make a case for. the needs of the christian community and what i mean to say. even if we do not see the media that we sold to them and i think the men's had been really had been really you know brought all the way to the 4th so it is quite clear that you know what crisis that had sort of fallen through the wayside in the middle of all of this. you know different different situations would grow to the
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current a virus and so on and so forth now do you think it's house once again central stage that you talked about affects there the 1st papal visit ever is of course hugely significant for christians and iraq but what does it tell them do they expect to see lasting change coming from the best if it's not immediate consequences that's as it is going to have. it's very hard to gauge what do you see you know what are the expectations of the community very large i mean it's quite evident from the reaction and sort of the turnout today at mass and sort of you know the journalling ajman with the with the events that happened around around that we said that you know a lot of hopes where the positive news in this industry i think it said usually happens we you know hope and batik and vatican processes you know you have this sort of headline be so which is what happened or less 3 days i mean which is
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a visit which you know some really interesting moments like the one today must lose . the pope was sitting among the ruins of her church were really quite brisk of anything quite like what will the program and it needs but i think that the word sort of lace or you know how effective the street press be started the expression of good will is such a study of the study sort of that you know. that your work too. much depend on what happens with moms. always a pleasure my pleasure. now let's get you up to speed on some other stories making news around the world at this hour a police officer in the u.s. city of rochester in the state of new york has been suspended after video was released showing the violent arrest of a black woman with a 3 year old child the woman was tackled to the ground and pepper sprayed officers accused her of shoplifting which she deny and police in the same city were also
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filmed pepper spraying a 9 year old girl in january. and the 10s of thousands of people demonstrated across the country and the military coup that took place just over a month ago security forces once again used violence to disperse peaceful protesters in several cities minutes of silence were held in honor of demonstrators killed in the unrest. and queen elizabeth has praised frontline health care workers in her speech to mark commonwealth day the queen also talked about the importance of staying in touch with friends and family during the pandemic the broadcast comes hours before a much anticipated t.v. interview with prince harry and make and the duchess of sussex. around has released pressuring in aid worker nazar means a guardian ratcliffe from house arrest putting an end to her 5 year sentence over disputed spying charges she was jailed in 2016 for allegedly plotting to overthrow
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the regime and the islamic republic the case has become a matter of major diplomatic disagreement between britain and iran iran has repeatedly detained foreigners and jewel nationals on charges campaigners and government say are unfounded. now here is how and tony jones up the c.e.o. of the thomson reuters foundation and sagar iraq close former employer reacted to the news it's a positive development it's got its way but he's also with a certain extent than expected because it's the end of a 5 year term prison prison sentence and so she was due some sort of information so some development was expected. especially is that let's get more on that from our correspondent in london charland shell some fill charlot this has been a longstanding source of tensions between the u.k. and iran has there been any official reaction from london. so it's right this just
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the latest stage in this ongoing story there has been reaction from the prime minister ahead and the foreign minister let me read you what the foreign ministers sweet said for us he said we welcome the removal of nelson ings akari rises and cool topic but iran's continued treatment of her is intolerable she must be allowed to return to the u.k. as soon as possible to be reunited with her family now the prime minister then following that up with his own statement on twitter also calling describing has continued confinement in his was as totally unacceptable he said the u.k. will do everything it can to ensure that she is released pennant lead but of course the government now faces a challenge as to how it is going to respond to the news that will does she has been released from house arrest her 5 year sentence has come to an end there is once again a lot of concern on certainty about her fate not knowing exactly what the court
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summons next week will mean and there are a lot of questions about whether or not or when she will be allowed to return to his family back in the u.k. . this might not be the end of her ordeal tell us why she's being summoned to court again. yeah i think it will deal with i think her supporters of course family would agree with that this is been a little experience for her have been several she's had several hunger strikes you're in the time in prison separated from her family a lot of uncertainty as well and this now looks set to continue at least into the next week now her husband who has come pained relentlessly pulled her over the last 5 years has said that this is a mixed day for him they of course welcome the fact that she has now been released from house arrest but they just don't know what happens next so the agony for the
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family continues sister in law saying in an interview on british television that they will have a lot of sleepless nights ahead because indeed it is not yet known what this summit could iran level but the charges at the british iranian aid worker which could see her remain in iran a while longer challenge us and fill in london thank you very much and some sports now in the but in this league on sunday cologne scored a late equaliser to pick up a valuable point at home to braman join us hector got colognes goals 7 minutes from time and the day's other game bielefeld and only on violin finished in goal list on saturday leaders biron came from 2 nil down to be dot one slight sake kept up the pressure on the top by beating sign of world champions league hopefuls all spoke and sensor and both fail to win and there were narrow that dreams for labor cause and tend to berlin on friday. as months. and
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a quick reminder of the top story we're following for you a series of large explosions is fraught the city of boston equitorial guinea local media say at least 20 people have been killed in a blast at a military base hundreds more are entered the cause of the explosions the rain is unclear. the will of course have more on this developing story at the top of the hour for now though that's our time thanks for watching. come from. different. points of. women that are in charge. archipelago is it a true system for centuries. do. differently.
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