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tv   Verruckt nach Meer  Deutsche Welle  March 7, 2021 9:30pm-10:30pm CET

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well you. got some hot tips for your bucket list. momenta corn chips. up spot for some chips and some great cultural memorials to boot. d.w. truffle off we go. ahead and look up. a little.
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in the eastern german state of brandenburg there are no fewer than 850 churches dating back to the middle ages if you visited just one of the week it would take you 16 years to see them all. or allows its. either bake. it through the leader back shows the typical architectural arrangement of a romanesque village churches and brandenburg gulf in the east you have the semicircular apps where the altar was situated and. then a rectangular space called the choir which was reserved for the clergy. then the largest space of the whole complex the nave for the congregation and finally in the west a large tower defiantly offering protection. for. the
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windows and doors have around arches as was customary in the romanesque architectural period. but here in the state of brandenburg there are also pointed arches typical of the late middle ages you see them for instance at the top of the tower. but even. the back is a particularly beautiful example of a fieldstone church fieldstone churches are built from granite blocks that have been painstakingly cut to size so. these an evenly shaped field stones had to be evened out to create layers of masonry as smooth as possible arranging the variously colored stones to create mystic effect was a big challenge. but. what makes the fieldstone church is so special is the variety of stones used in that it's not just one material at the stones very
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a lot here we have some that are reddish in color some are more yellow. then we also have black stones and green ones. when the sun shines on them the whole building appears to glow from the inside he's avoided for the. christian settlers brought their faith to this traditionally pagan area and built these village churches. craftsman artists hailing from the low countries decorated the interiors with sculptures paintings and altars. as the media and the z. settlers were recruited from the lowlands. they were happy to relocate because living conditions were very tough at home. in the settled territories they were promised many freedoms for instance they didn't have to pay any taxes so enormous
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groups of pioneers crossed the elba into the country to the east. the 1st churches were still made of wood like the houses but as the villages became bigger and more prosperous the christians began to build more stable stone churches building materials lay all over the fields lumps of granite left there since the end of the last ice age smoove by the glaciers the stones were like symbols of eternity they seemed to evoke the christian vision as was that seeded this all the highest priority of this territorial expansion was to unite the population. that of course also applied to the indigenous laws. of the rulers considered it important to convert the local people to christianity. and when services were held in a place where slavs and 2 tins were living together of course they also worshiped together. but go to steve sasson. at the
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beginning of the 12th century the margrave of the north mark albert the bear cross the elba and took possession of the land to the east. for slavs who lived there were not killed but subjugated because the 2 tins needed as many people as possible to tend the land. in many areas of northern europe people left their homes because here in what is now the state of brandenburg living conditions were much easier. the country was sparsely populated and the new settlers were able to establish large farms. they also brought their priests with them and had soon built a church in every village often with the help of monasteries of the local rulers. the 1st they used stones from the fields but soon they were also firing bricks made of clay which is plentiful here. where there is a particularly beautiful example of
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a brick village church. the pastor opens the door for us services are rarely held here and the church is usually kept locked due to an exodus to the bigger towns. some of these abandoned churches hideaway truly valuable are treasures it was a visa but what makes this church exceptional are the works of art and it very unusual for a rural environment where no artists lived. for the works of art you see here probably came from the nearby monastery and then close the year here comes. this triptych of folding altarpiece was only open on major feast days. the finally carved figures of saints embellish with gold more than admired and revere. the meter. in the center is the madonna carrying the christ child standing on
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a crescent moon with important female saints and the catholic church depicted on either side of her i mean my idea highly cookie york of then on the side panels of st george slaying the dragon the highly get more serious and st maurice depicted as a person of color something quite exceptional shots. there's another outstanding work of art in this church. it's not itself an altar piece but the pedestal of one. of the paintings depict vividly imagined scenes from the bible. these simple stylisation brought the bible stories alive for believers. from the few especially to the seen now or let's look for instance at the scene in which jesus blocks the damn souls out of the jaws of hell zeal as to who. there is an element of comedy about this because it's only give us
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a call meek for the devil is shown looking very disappointed as the souls he thought he had secured are torn away from him. and see even. some of the settlers were craftsmen who brought their skills to the new country forging for instance and the art of bronze casting. this enabled the settlers to produce all their own tools for craft work and agriculture. farming yields also increased thanks to the experience and teachings of the monks who shared their knowledge with the local population. in the heart of the german capital there's a museum with a model village for 50 years it has been giving visitors an impression of what berlin must have been like before it became a large city and that's not as long ago as you might think. the product line is means it's going to the friends association was founded in the 1970 s. on a historical find the houses stand on
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a site that was here in the 12th century as excavations have shown we practice archaeology vs simulation which is something very important for our association to expose them to and that is they say we simulate how life would have been back then generating knowledge about how people used to live in a wall or work in the field how and how traditional crafts were practiced and what clothes were worn as i thought the visitors this brings the middle ages to life. the settlers were accompanied by monks most of them cistercians they shared their self-sufficient ideals and way of life with the other settlers including knowledge of agriculture traditional crafts community work and medicine but above all their strong sense of togetherness and social unity. the settlers brought their extended families with them and in most of the villages germans and longtime slavic residents live together peacefully. the business cannot we don't know exactly whether it was
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a slavic or german village when in fact we may also assume that it was a mixed a village and we definitely have fines from the slavs and we also have fines from the germans so we showboat we have slavic clothing and we have german clothing. the new religion also influenced art within the 2 cultures often mixing the cultures together the we'll cross a symbol of the sun was originally pagan. it became a symbol of the risen christ the light of the world. the covert 1000 pandemic which is change the world since 2020 has also changed church life in germany. attendance at services has been restricted and tourists have no longer been able to visit historical sites. the number of churchgoers per serving has to be limited with visitors being required to wear a face mask and observe social distancing measures.
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even the few tourists that lean in abbey have to observe the regulations. he couldn't sleep in that this close this the founding legend of the monastery focuses on this point here is where you can see the remains of a tree that has petrified. the legend maintains that it was under this tree alive and among nature that the margrave lay down to take a nap after a strenuous ride and she feels. he was told in a dream to found a monastery here so he commission abbots the boy to build 1 2. but the slavs killed the priest because he cut down a tree that was sacred to them and used its trunk in the building of the church. fusions to frenzy both how the story of zeb old is preserved here in the church within the 500 year old painting which depicts the slaughter of siebold by the
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whens. goddess did. this isn't just a legend however as there is proof that construction on the monastery began in 118510 years after the death of albert the bear. during the settlement of brandenburg albert's son auto founded the cistercian abbey at lehman. phone call it skunk always in the cloister we can read the building history of the abbey church wonderfully by examining the masonry it's on the right everything is kept in the romanesque style with the round and crossing arches reason but then there comes a point where the romanesque architectural style suddenly starts up with the. after the protestant reformation of $1517.00 the monastery was dissolved and the local ruler seized it for agricultural use. the buildings of the monastery that
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fell into disrepair. only the old greenery from the 14th century and the gothic entrance gate with its original clay bricks that survived. in the 19th century the complex was completely restored in accordance with the same strict landmark restoration guidelines still used today. and then in the following years events for young and old have been organized in the abbey but since the outbreak of the covert pandemic locked on regulations are in force as seen here at this confirmation service. for the 1st off this is the. first. as. many christians decide to baptize their children as infants. this signifies for them a permanent connection with the greater christian community. then as they proceed
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onward to confirmation as teenagers they become full members of the church. the confirmation service generally takes place in the presence of family friends and other members of the parish. we conduct the service in the name of the father and of the son and of the holy spirit 1st. jesus christ overcame. death and revealed life and eternal existence so now there are days reading for the 16th sunday after trinity is from some poems 2nd letter to timothy prior to this. it's a vehemence protest against death to the divine savior is mightier than death. that our faith encourages us to hold on to this trace and to trust in it how.
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in this letter between apostle paul and his disciple timothy paul exhorts the christian community to be faithful to the gospel today of course this xor taishan is addressed to the 2 young people being confirmed. how yes that's right the heart is more important than what we see what's the good of a beautiful appearance if deep inside the heart is ugly. this way i like good is a muscular physique if it has a cruel heart beating in it. the
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. was it. was. a dear parents and godparents dear congregation whoever wants to remain in the faith and live in the christian community needs the help of the holy spirit and the whole community of billionaires. during the baptism ceremony godparents are named and tasked with aiding in the child's christian upbringing. officially this task ends with the child confirmation but for many it continues our special relationship for life. the ones that make god father
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son and holy spirit help you on your way. may he give your strength to resist evil. and give you lasting joy. only on men. confirmation means committing oneself to the christian faith. unlikely given blessing marks the transition into the age of adulthood in the church. and presenting themselves for confirmation they've confirmed the promises made on their behalf during their baptism and become for members of the church. it is.
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taking family photos to commemorate the event as an important part of the process. this documents the important promises made during the ceremony. was. unlikely in an abbey the oldest village church in berlin's the infected district has largely been preserved. it looks much as it did when it was built in the 12th century by members of the knights templar. here to parish activities are being kept to a minimum in accordance with the lockdown regulations. in previous years the church was host to many lively religious events. the autumn harvest festival in particular
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has always been quite colorful drawing hundreds of visitors. here about unfair that off. the in so the visits church is celebrating the anniversary of our founding we don't have an original founding document but it was clearly a plot of land belonging to the temple i order you down i was a temple as the name suggests temple hoff. foundations of the temple order of temple hall fit as us. where the medieval knight sat and i believe that they provided the work meant to build these village churches. that often. under study theology here in 1964. of course and then peace germany that was considered almost exotic as she herself says. her main focus has been on the churches of brandenburg and she's especially
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fond of the fieldstone churches. the brandenburg village churches are very interesting structurally they're very old and have a certain permanence in that they've survived many national. calamities especially wars. it's hard to destroy a fieldstone church. crean's as we have. most fieldstone churches were built during the romanesque and early gothic periods the architecture is simple and there almost always small village churches. but you can also find romanesque churches in berlin they have stood here for 800 years did their 1st 300 years as catholic churches until the reformation came and
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changed quite a bit the other 4 months many things in the churches were removed and altered to suit its new role for. one of the most significant changes to these churches after the reformation was the replacement of the windows instead of the original small arched windows large windows were set into the walls so that the congregation could read him books and the doctrine by daylight while the catholic church conducted their services separately from the choir the focus of the lutheran church was on the sermon from the pulpit with a collective communion by the congregation in the middle of the service reason for the board of the main space for protestants is the name of the congregation gathers even though the village church of the endorphin is pretty empty now because of the pandemic which has changed everything only very few spaces are now allowed to be built by worshippers belleek. no construction plans of the altar or references to
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it have survived. being said when he ever traces of a previous building made of or would have been found under the church and these go back to the 12th century. so the mufti and felt the church could be one of the oldest in the region or was it a certain type by. the darkness of their age the primary function of churches is to be a place for people to congregate. the protestant daycare center any meaning has a long tradition. as early as 1925 the deaconesses of the mother house founded the 1st kindergarten here. parents and teachers didn't want the children to be deprived of harvest festival celebrations during the pandemic. yes most of my guns are now really loud look here i'll give you the keys and the order to go. home to
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form god or yes mate all the. good. kind is not as it can you sing it any louder so i can hear you i. was i. was. killed was god was was. was. these are tight as i've said this celebration is called the harvest festival and it's always at the beginning of october this weekend it celebrated in the churches that i'm going back home and when you come on sunday you won't hear me see flowers
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on the altar in front of it you'll see pumpkins and potatoes and color i start my own now look at how tiny these seeds. and you all know how big an apple tree can grow. the apple has long been used as a symbol for sweetness. the . diamond zeeshan know what then they get these beautiful red cheeks. oh i'm sure not i am such a beautiful apple tree and this is what humans did. martin luther is credited with saying if i knew the world was going to end tomorrow i would still plant an apple tree today. luther said this to encourage doing good now regardless of what lies ahead in the future. comment. on
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why then the children were so happy to inherit the apples and they were delicious. in order to meet maintenance costs other cultural events are also held in the churches. in linen abbey for instance rock concerts have been attracting young people for years. yet another instance of new life behind old church mosques.
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the researchers say that it's just. at the beginning of. our calls to one virus that could trigger a pandemic the beginning won't be the last most. up to 60 percent of all diseases already originate from animal how does this happen and what can we do to prevent it tomorrow to tick the 1st. 30 minutes on d w. dreaming of your next vacation. david it
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seems have been targeted for germany. and sunshine in melbourne a. road trip to come on. any fighting discoveries inside. trickling. in 16 years on the dole. international women's day and they are making women visible home around the world there has always been a protest especially now because the sentiment is exacerbating inequality cousteau teasing women who are fighting for itself determine liason demanding change.
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africa will get developed when a girl is given the rights and justice the boys. and women who fights i am not just on international women. on t.w. no. different. my lines of. sheer women are in charge. archipelago. is it a true or cool system for centuries. of society. differently . with the. word. sustainable this culture. starts more. w.
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. the state of news long from berlin a series of massive explosions rock equatorial guinea biggest city the blast tore through a military base and bought up killing over dozen people and trapping many more under the rubble rescuers are racing to find survivors local authorities have issued an urgent pleas for 8 also on the show pope francis celebrates a historic amounts on the iraqi city of erbil thousands of faithful descended on the city's friend so hariri stadium for a chance to see the pontiff this hour for france has made an impassioned
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denunciation of religious fanaticism and a former islamic state strong. i'm going to come to the program we begin with some breaking news from equitorial guinea where a series of large explosions has rocked the city of the country's health ministry says at least 17 people have been. killed and blasts at a military base hundreds more are injured an urgent appeal for blood donations and volunteer helpers has gone out for the area hospitals overwhelmed. more on this developing story let's bring in our correspondent frank moloney who has been following the events from lagos in nigeria fred the country's president has released a statement regarding the cause of the explosions what does it say. president
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obiang. in a statement that the explosion was negri niggas related to. a metre of base biscardi that's that's his reason but that also means that the government all the military are responsible of what happened today it's very early to draw conclusions of course what is the situation on the ground there fred . so far. 17 people have been reported dead but multiple reports saying that the death toll can go because they believe that some people see under the rubble and 400 or more than 400 people are reported injured so so far that's the situation at the moment
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but people believe that these numbers called to go after they have tried or. after the people of the emergency services have tried to this to people maybe by to morrow will know more about what he's actually hoppin and the extent to how these explosions have affected the people of the small city that this happened in the country's biggest city bata what can you tell us about the place. but it is a port city on the mainland over a tory genie is about $300000.00 people or of course. this small county with just 1400000 population. is their main economic. and we believe that people have been affected in the big numbers
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simply because they give too good this is where most people in the contra compared to other cities in equatorial and this actually happened in the military. it's. not rare that military cops are in the middle of population but in a quick tory that's the case especially in this town but our. correspondent fred mooney thank you very much for your update to iraq now where pope francis has held mass in front of 10000 in the city of arable and marks the high point of his historic trip to the war torn country which as the 1st ever by a pope the pontiff has been touring the northern cities of arable and mosul the one time stronghold of the so-called islamic state much of the region was under i asked control just 4 years ago before liberation by iraqi and international troops
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despite iraq's looked into combat rising kovac 1000 cases the crowds couldn't be contained with pope francis and. in erbil 10000 flocked to see him see his last of what he's calling his journey. to the time draws near for my return to rome. but iraq will always remain with me in my heart. earlier the crowds lined his intensely secured motorcade route in one's home to 55000 christians before they were driven out by the self-proclaimed islamic state it burned and run such much of the city. conditions are much better known than before everything is not as it used to be because all the buildings and everything have been reconstructed but no we are very happy. reconstructed almost from scratch this church welcomed back some of the displaced believers who chosen to return.
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trust in god. together with old people of good will we see no to terrorism and to the manipulation of religion. also visited the heart of what was once controlled iraq the city of mosul where he offered words and symbols of peace it is always wrong he said to kill or wage war god's name. oh it's going to be up to speed on some other stories making headlines around the world at this hour a saudi led coalition has mounted a series of airstrikes on yemen's capital saana which is held by hoofy rebels the airstrikes come after the rebels ramped up attacks on saudi arabia yemen has been the center of a power struggle between saudi backed government and the iran aligned who sees it as 2014. a police officer and the u.s. city of rochester has been suspended after
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a video was released showing the violent arrest of a black woman with a 3 year old child the woman was tackled to the ground and pepper sprayed officers accused her of shoplifting which she denies police in the same city were also filmed pepper spraying a 9 year old girl in january. when elizabeth has praised frontline health care workers in her speech to mark commonwealth day the queen also talked about the importance of staying in touch with friends and family during that pandemic a broadcast came just hours before a much anticipated t.v. interview with prince harry and mick and the duchess of sussex. iran has released british iranian aid worker garri radcliffe from house arrest putting an end to her 5 year sentence over disputed spying charges she was jailed in 2016 for allegedly plotting to overthrow the regime in the islamic republic the case has become a matter of major diplomatic disagreement between britain and iran iran has repeatedly
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detained foreigners and dual nationals on charges campaigners and government say are unfounded here's how antonio's a pull the c.e.o. of the thomson reuters foundation and our iraq close former employer reacted to the news it's a positive development it's got its way but he's also a certain extent that expected because it's the end of a 5 year prison sentence and so she was. some sort of information so some development was expected. that the. scum off the set is definitely is definitely let's get more on that from our correspondent in london charland shells unfilter let this has been a longstanding source of tensions between the u.k. and iran has any official reaction from london. that's right this is just the latest stage in this ongoing story there has been reaction from the prime minister ahead and the foreign minister let me read you what the foreign minister is sweet
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it for us he said we welcome the removal of nelson and akari rises and cool time but it won't continue treatment of her is intolerable she must be allowed to return to the u.k. as soon as possible to be reunited with her family now the prime minister then following that up with his own statement on twitter also calling describing her continued confinement in his was as totally unacceptable and he said the u.k. will do everything it can to ensure that she is released pennant lee but of course the government now faces a challenge as to how it is going to respond to the news that will does she has been released from house arrest her 5 year sentence has come to an end there is once again a lot of concern on certainty about her fate not knowing exactly what the court summons next week will mean and there are a lot of questions about whether or not and when she will be allowed to return to
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his family back in the u.k. . this might not be the end of her ordeal tell us why she's being summoned to court again. yeah i think what it will do you a thing it has supporters of course family would agree with that this is been and will experience but they've been several she's had several hunger strikes during her time in prison separated from his family a lot of uncertainty as well and this now looks set to continue at least into the next week now her husband who has come pained relentlessly for her over the last 5 years has said that this is a mixed day for him they of course welcome the fact that she has now been released from house arrest but they just don't know what happens next so the agony for the family continues her sister and daughter saying in an interview on british television that they will have a lot of sleepless nights ahead because indeed it is not yet known what this summit
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could iran level thought of the charges at the british iranian a work of which could see where main in iran a while longer a child and children fill in london thank you very much. psychedelic rock hasn't been popular and turkey says the $970.00 s. but that may be about to change guard rocker guy a so aki all is leading a rock revival with our own blend of musical styles and poetic commentary this together with her fight for women's rights has made her one of the most exciting young voices in turkey. a mini bus ride through a parallel universe and a woman. is in the driver's seat. she loves to bring together traditions and modernity that sounds she revived
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psychedelic rock sound that was lost truly popular in turkey in the 1970 s. . guy isn't. on the asian side of the stump so far it's a district known for its many bars and clubs at least when there is no pandemic. this is where she grew up. and hope to live them most of my childhood memories are about music and when i dreamt about my future the music was always there for a. moment. today the 36 year old writes composes and co produces most of her songs herself. the fans love the unique mix of turkish music rock and post-punk. and
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many search gaius abstract lyrics for messages about the situation in turkey. the whole country is a shisha coffee and we a suffocating in its smoke she says. tosh. those of us all want the newest so it's really become more and more difficult to breathe in this country because there is a lack of justice and rule of law that has deeply wounded this society i feel very injured too it's time for us to stand up for and support each other here in turkey and elsewhere in the world. and. the. guy is most concerned about the situation of women in turkey rights groups warn that domestic violence is on the rise and that the number of women murdered has dramatically increased in recent years. activists regularly organize
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protests although the turkish government bans most of them but guy is proud that women still dare to be loud and demand their rights. to the code. when we talk about women in turkey the word oppression automatically comes to mind it's an uphill battle for every woman here who wants to live according to her own ideas but we won't be afraid we will stick together draw attention to ourselves and organize organize all things. for her fans guy is a role model in terms of self-determination and when it comes to speaking one's mind. before we go here's a quick reminder of the top story we're following for you several large explosions have rocked the city of boston equitorial gamey the health ministry says at least
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72 people have been killed in the blasts at a military base hundreds more are injured the president says the explosions were caused by negligence relating to dynamite stored at the base. of more or less. evolving story as it unfolds for now though. thanks for watching. why are people forced to hide in trucks. there are many such luck luck there are many cancers luck. and there are many stories.
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above make up your. luck. made for mines. doesn't go to work in one of istanbul's high rise office buildings but on it job is to keep it shiny and squeaky clean 130 meters all our equipment consists of a sponge so people water and a screeching she's the only woman and talking dolls there's a sort of strong. when i look down from here i feel as if the world belongs to me
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as if i were standing on top of everything i think most people never have a chance to experience that. hill mass starts every work day with a cup of tea she discusses the job with team leader more out of form a mountain near a takes responsibility for getting everyone at this table all men except nasa up and back down safely non-slip is the 1st woman more art has ever trained for this line of work called i beat him to the training wasn't easy it was really hard on my arms hurt so much. during the training phase i just cried again and again and i kept thinking i'd never be able to complete that training some of them until
10:18 pm
2016. ounces daily routine was fery different she worked inside high rises like this one as a receptionist she always watched and envied the facade cleaners through the windows. uses mountaineering techniques and equipment ropes belt sand carabiners more art keeps a close eye on preparations the ropes have to be in perfect shape after all the workers' lives depend on. that 1st nobody believed would ever join the team herself. signal they said it was no use training me i wouldn't be able to do the job even my friends told me that. but at the age of 35 she knew not to pay them any mind today she sees herself as a pioneer in a job that no other woman in turkey dance.
10:19 pm
this time the elevator takes them up to the 35th floor from here it's just a few steps up to the roof. to a team leader more our staff is proud to have a woman as part of his otherwise male. landed in the up to the good usual business and asked last proven that women can do this too. it doesn't matter if you're a man or woman. over matters is whether you're able to do this risky work or not to pick up get it she was well before she repels down the facade now has to concentrate fully on the task at hand and a mistake could prove fatal and i have respect for every job no matter how high up it is once i'm roped up i feel safe you just don't look at that. nasa has little time to enjoy the view of greater istanbul with its population of over 17000000 and 161 shiny new skyscrapers over the past 20 years
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they feel radically transformed the skyline. the team complete with cleaning equipment and buckets of water balance along the lanch. they proceed slowly secured by a steel cable. the red rope masses abseiling point. they lay mats on to the safety ropes so they won't be cut through by the aluminum roofs sharp edges later on finally they can get down to work. either. by now or will have already ever come out of fear she just asked to make sure that she doesn't drop the spawn.
10:21 pm
nasa has to so part of the aluminum for sod section by section. she and her coworkers have some extremely high brow discussions here on i've discovered a new movie a serious. have you seen it. you think. about you know if ever there are ottoman folk poet. i really like it. for cleaning and such lofty heights in all kinds of weather. gets has a passion. she and her male coworkers earn over 30 percent more per month than the average for turkey. the part of the job is more the challenge than the actual cleaning or making the ultra modern high rises
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bright and shiny. new vocal now we are 130 meters it is a wonderfully. i feel absolutely free i'm a mother of my. i don't have to rely on anything. it is that. trusts her team and her ropes with her life. when i'm can live this here is my redline. connects me with my life and my family ever been away and then my wallet i need. one for this rope also hold all my dreams together. like a bucket and my job out here with my time now is the 1. 130 metres altitude world seems unlimited and unencumbered. back down to earth another reality away. now answer is separated from her husband she has to raise their 11 year old daughter darien sue alone this is something else
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that's highly unusual for a woman in turkey a not widely accepted nasser's parents for instance don't like it i don't know they don't want me to get divorced they're convinced that divorce will leave you isolated and they don't want to see me end up as a lonely woman and what will the neighbors say it'll be all gossip and rumor said. nancy as family come from eldest on an eastern anatolia when she was age 7 her parents moved to istanbul in search of jobs filled many others in turkey. she's the 2nd to last of 9 brothers and sisters but the only one who separated from her spouse she has to explain herself continuously. because the minute the woman is supposed to stay home in the kitchen and take care of the children and serve her husband and parents in law that's normal and there are no thanks for it no
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appreciation only mic but on the incriminations along the lines of what's this you've cooked up today. even so. country and takes pride in its many social achievements turkish women are gaining ever more freedoms and losing more of the restrictions imposed by their traditional gender roles hopes her daughter will have an easier life than she's had and that she won't suffer any disadvantages from her parents being separated. several times a week and her daughter work out nasa has to stay in good shape at the same time she supports and encourages her 11 year olds athletic development. dad ensuite is a passionate and her mother a patient sparring partner. she wants to explore the world just like i do though we both love our freedom and don't
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want to have it limited. try to make our own decisions without any undue outside influence. but no answers all too aware that she can only afford the sessions with her daughter at the sports center thanks to her relatively high paying job not that many people in turkey can. hutton physical education shouldn't be reserved for the well off so it should be open to all young people but unfortunately it is a luxury because of the expense i can tell you all about that well that's what it is my daughter has this opportunity every child her age should have it. also gets annoyed when the media follow the official line and paint a rosy picture while ignoring the pandemic and the economic and currency crises. i
10:26 pm
don't know they paint the situation in our country in the very best light as if to say we have no problems at all the world ends up and the painful realities of daily life are hushed up this is one of these realities is the galloping inflation that's been eating away at the gill masses purchasing power over 2 years now. that is against the dollar our turkish lira is just melting away i used to be able to do all my shopping at the market with a 100 lire now i can't even get a kilo of meat for 100 lire. but nasa is not about to let the crises afflicting turkey spoil her last for long one evening a week she goes out to her friends. then much like she does under the open sky she can put her worries aside for a few hours. in turkey an evening out with friends includes
10:27 pm
a glass of the national drink as nicely as younger sister saved him from. time to sit here and drink is something everyone ought to be able to do men and women nobody should be saying a woman who drinks is about a woman or even that she's a brave woman what we're doing here is the most normal thing in the world none of the women here appreciate having to justify their life styles. also has the support of oldest friend john donne confessor. to which i always had extreme ideas 1st she gained her independence now she's climbing up skyscrapers. that she's always done whatever she wanted like all of us here it's we're strong we're trying to achieve our dreams and we support one another because of this the kids that come and go. for heart for the job she wanted she broke
10:28 pm
a glass ceiling or 2 when she started climbing class facades. a woman who wouldn't be kept down. all the counts up here is training concentration and teamwork. when i look down from here i feel as if the world belongs to me as if i were standing on top of everything that most people never have a chance to experience that. every work day she takes up the fight again the fight to prove her profession doesn't have to be the exception to the rule for women in turkey.
10:29 pm
police researchers say that it's just the beginning. sars caused to unbiased that could trigger a pandemic because it won't be the last most. up to 60 percent of all diseases already originate from animal how does this happen and what should we do to prevent it tomorrow to tick. next d.w. . dreamy know your next update. date seamus heaney's top tips for germany. sunshine and move on a. road trip to come on. an exciting discovery inside. trickling.
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in the eye of climate change. conference most of. what's in store for. the years to come for the future when the biggest. costs are to make a series to get inside. i'm sure. planet earth will soon be home to 8000000000 people and they'll all need room to live that will come at a cost to nature and with as many wild animals. how is the coronavirus pandemic related to the way we live and how might we avoid pandemics in the future. combat and mole coming up on today's program.


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