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tv   Der Tag  Deutsche Welle  March 8, 2021 2:00am-2:15am CET

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this is g w news live from berlin in central africa a series of massive explosions rock equitorial guinea's biggest cities the blasts tolls through a military base in basra killing over a dozen people and trapping many more under rubble risk u.s. are racing to find survivors local authorities have issued an urgent plea for an 8 also on the show who heard francis marks the high point of his trip to iraq with a historic mass in the city of erbil the softer the pontiff passionately denounce
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religious fanaticism in a former stronghold of the so-called islamic states. enigmatic rocks dot leads a psychedelic revival in turkey will meet the young woman using her music to explore the complexities of took huge society. welcome to the program we begin in the central african nation of guinea where a series of powerful explosions has rocked its largest. according to the president at least 15 people have been killed in blasts at a military base hundreds more injured state television quoting the president says the explosion was jus 2 negligent handling of dynamite in mere. military barracks
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authorities fear that many more people could be trapped in the brabo of nearby buildings that have been devastated by the blasts. ok let's cross to our west africa correspondent fred moved following this story from lagos in nigeria fred it's good to see you the president of equitorial guinea is blaming negligence what else do we know at this point. yeah that's true he's course being this explosion on negligence led to. this. but then an explanation for explosions happened today. but i mean there are so many questions at this point that probably in the coming days or 2 more will know more of what actually really hard paint. this afternoon as you say there
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are just so many unanswered questions with these blasts there are reports of people we're seeing as well this footage of people being pulled from burning buildings is there any more information about the victims about people missing. we have just 2 minutes ago that clear at this 20 people have been killed according to a state media. for more than 400 people reportedly injured and many more missing there were also reports on claiming that the death toll rises to more than 100 people but so far that has not confirmed so far we know. people and many more see the missing so definitively the death toll could rise by tomorrow morning to normal. because they
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imagine services are still doing their job trying to get. free equitorial guinea is rich in oil this explosion these explosions happened in the country's biggest city bhatia what more can you tell us about this city. this is one of just cities in guinea and obviously has a population of 300000 people and it's their main commercial so this is where. it's a very important city for people who are doing trade and other commercial activities. for the foreign minister victoria guinea is said to a vast ambassadors from foreign countries for where exactly might this coming from . yeah all of us you did say that tory guinea has
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a strong relationship with france and has been there for 4 months. but they also have a strong relationship with china and so many e.u. count trees or. contraries by more will know which countries are going to say in some support as quick as possible but obviously those are the contraries that i can see that they have really strong. guinea and that was d w is west africa correspondent fred move when you speaking to us thank you very much fred. come. here are some of the other stories making news around the world today a saudi led coalition has mounted a series of strikes on yemen's capital sanaa which is being held by the rebels. after the rebels attacks on saudi arabia yemen has been at the center of
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a power struggle between its saudi government and the iran. 2014. protests have erupted in the haitian capital port au prince where thousands took to the streets to demand that president. steps down haiti's opposition claims the president's 5 year. maintains. until february of next year. a police officer in the u.s. city of rochester in new york has been suspended after video was released showing the violent arrest of a black woman with a 3 year old child the woman was tackled to the ground and pepper sprayed officers accused her of shoplifting which she denied police in the same city also filmed pepper spraying a 9 year old girl in january. in a referendum to ban face veils in public around 49 percent voted against the
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popular initiative yes to the veiling bad off to banning the construction of minarets in 2009 critics say these new bad once more unfairly targets followers of islam exceptions apply for places of worship and for health protection. to your iraq now where pope francis has held mass in front of 10000 people in the city of erbil is the high point of his historic trip to the war torn country which is the 1st ever by a pipe before heading higher on monday the pontiff has been tearing the northern cities of ball and mosul the one time stronghold of the so-called islamic state much of the region was under control just 4 years ago before liberation by iraqi and international troops. despite iraq's looked on to rising cool with 1000 cases the crowds couldn't be contained with francis and. in erbil 10000 flocked to see him see his last moments of what he's calling his journey.
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know the time draws near for my return to room. but iraq will always remain with me in my heart it earlier the crowds lined his intensely secured motorcade route. once home to 55000 christians before they were driven out by the self-proclaimed islamic state that burned and run such much of the city. the conditions are much better now than before everything is not as it used to be because all the buildings and everything have been reconstructed but no we are very happy. reconstructed almost from scratch this church welcome to some of the displaced believers who chosen to return. trust in god. together with all people of goodwill we say no to terrorism and to the manipulation of religion. francis also visited the heart of what was once controlled
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iraq the city of mosul where he offered words and symbols of peace it is always wrong he said to hate kill or wage war in god's name. well in amsterdam more than 1000 very lucky music lovers enjoyed a rare night out at a club complete with live music drinking and dancing for many it felt just like a pre pandemic night out but for scientists and local government officials it was a chance to put different levels of precaution for future party goers to the test. in answer to 1300 dance music fans attended their 1st festival in over a year. in a state of great excitement it almost feels like normal. but this party was as much for fun as it was for science. what we're actually testing here is that
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the people will follow the guidelines like we asked them to call data how to manage if they're not. selected from over 100000 applicants the attendees were split into 5 different groups or bubbles with different safety guidelines next they were given tags to monitor their movement the data will help government advisors make decisions about using lockdowns in the coming months. but even for music lovers who want to adhere to those rules there are challenges. plus a sign that oh they told us to keep our face masks on when we're moving but i also have to drink a beer somehow. while the dutch government decide how to interpret the data music lovers remain hopeful. horsewhipped taking responsibility for every human being when you get that gold to chose a city in the area or to keep the mentality of it's all pretty but you showed up i
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was gone a long way to make it was complete. ok from dance music to psychedelic rock now this is a joiner that hasn't been popular in turkey since the 1970s but this could be about to change god rocka god rock a guy is through akio is leaving a rock revival with hey i'm blend of musical styles and poetic commentary these together with her fight for women's rights has made one of the most exciting young voices in turkey. and many bus ride through a parallel universe and a woman. is in the driver's seat. she loves to bring together the traditions and modernity that so she revived psychedelic rock a sound that was lost truly popular in turkey in the 1970 s.
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. guy isn't cut on the asian side of the stone border. it's a district known for its many bars and clubs at least when there is no pandemic. this is where she grew up. hope to live on the most of my childhood memories are about music and when i dreamt about my future the music was always there. oh. today the 36 year old writes composes and co produces most of her songs herself. the fans love the unique mix of turkish music rock and post-punk. and many search gaius abstract lyrics for messages about the situation in turkey.
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the whole country is a shisha cafe and we a suffocating in its smoke she sings about him is that tosh. those of us all walking used it's really become more and more difficult to breathe in this country because there is a lack of justice and rule of law that has deeply wounded this society i feel very injured too it's time for us to stand up for and support each other here in turkey and elsewhere in the world. and the herald. guy is most concerned about the situation of women in turkey rights groups warn that domestic violence is on the rise and that the number of women murdered has dramatically increased in recent years. activists regularly organize
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protests although the turkish government. bans most of them but guy is proud the women still dared to be loud and demand their rights. when we talk about women in turkey the word oppression automatically comes to mind it's an uphill battle for every woman here who wants to live according to her own ideas but we won't be afraid we will stick together draw attention to ourselves and organize all organs of his own. for her fans guy is a role model in terms of self-determination and when it comes to speaking one's mind. is a reminder of the top story we're following for you in central africa is the president told tauriel guinea's there's at least 15 people have been killed in the last set
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of military base in the city of hundreds more are injured state television courting the president says the explosion was to train their courage and handling of dynamite in military barracks. up next is docked film with a look at the matriarchs of guinea-bissau don't go away. more than half the world will be living with limited water resources we haven't had to think about our war i think that era is over it's a financial product like any other financial the latest changes to the most important commodity soon to be free for the words of her mistress's.


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