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tv   Anne Will  Deutsche Welle  March 9, 2021 6:00am-7:01am CET

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this is d w news live from berlin residents of me on mars largest city defy and not time curfew from the military rulers they turned out in support of hundreds of filler and to demonstrate is trucked in a city block by riot police will have the latest from a young girl also coming up we visit rebel territory in the democratic republic of congo where one woman is fighting for justice after a lawless militia killed her entire family. and shock waves around the world
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and in the royal palace harry and megan open up to oprah winfrey about their break from the royal family that includes damaging accusations of racism and indifference to mental distress even suicide. and jared reed welcome to the show are any activists say some protesters have been allowed to leave the young going district way that had been trapped by police around 50 people were arrested in the area according to advocacy groups thousands of young going residents defied the nighttime curfew to gather on the streets to support the demonstrators the u.n. had urged the security forces to show maximum restraint and allow the demonstrators to leave without violence more than 50 people have been killed during mass protests . against the military korean me since february. let's bring in journalist ayman
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tant in young gong it's good to see you're these protesters have been barricaded inside this apartment block we just heard the u.n. had called for their release activists say some of these protesters have been allowed to leave what about the others so what we're hearing this morning is that the majority of protesters there were about 200 have been able to leave this morning and they're leaving in smaller groups trying to get back to their homes that they were prevented from going back to the police brought blockade last night we did see that about 50 of the protesters were arrested as the security forces went from house to house and essentially try to figure out who was not supposed to be in the area and arrested these young protesters and there were video circulating showing that these people were being as they were being detained ok could you just
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. the tell us a bit about the situation in the ongoing at the moment so we have this situation of protesters being barricaded in this apartment block we know that protesters were killed quite violently last week what's it like there right now. so young girl has gotten a lot more quiet in terms of protests there's large parts of the city where protests are no longer happening which is really in opposition to what we're seeing even just a few weeks ago where pretty much everywhere you went in the city you could either you or you were at a protest or could hear a protest quite nearby. has essentially turned into areas where there are protests in areas where there aren't and security forces seem very persistent about making sure that people can't gather in the 1st place so this apartment area where protesters were trapped last night down township is an area which protesters have
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been very. insistent about being in and where they have built a lot of barricades in the past few days and we where we've seen the police using quite a lot of crowd dispersal tools such as stun grenades tear gas as well as rubber bullets to trying to suppress protesters. and that was journalist i mean speaking to me earlier from you had gone well the democratic republic of congo has suffered years of conflict a complex web of armed groups controls the eastern part of the huge nation which is in central africa it's difficult for outsiders to visit but d.-w. . gained access to rebel held territory she met one woman bearing the scars of war bought a glimpse of heart. from now on it's what they called no man's land because not the
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government and also no specific rebel group controls this area that makes it also quite dangerous so right now i mean this is where begins and this is well also how quieting happens on a regular basis. we are on foot the beauty of the landscape cannot distract from the constant fear of kidnap or being caught up in fighting. as soon as we get close the rebel militia sends an escort to take us to that base. one of them is either she joined the militia almost 20 years ago after another group attacked her village the man killed her parents with machetes 6 of them raped her she was just 15 she'd already been married the same group that killed her husband. i felt defeated my life had defeated me i saw what they had done to me and how they killed my family i
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couldn't continue my life like it had been. so i decided to become a fighter and drive them out. given the chance she chucked them on the spot she says. when a former teacher began recruiting people to take revenge she joined him many in her group survived similar. it's a militia of traumatized damaged young people. they killed my father they killed everyone in my family that's the only reason i became a fighter. for terry venge and survival they control around 20 villages in the area security for food in a deal they say is consensual but we saw local people running in fear from them the idea of consent is complicated for everyone. it's only when we are alone that says
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this. i hear that other people run away from the group but i think how can i run i have no one to help me i have no land i have no one who could help me build a life. she would like to trade her gun for the life she had before as a farmer in english if there were my shop there i would have had a good life with my husband one like other people have but that was taken away from me so i have not got. so. now she poor is what i hope she has in her children that they will have choices one day. what the neighbors are going to look at but if god blesses me i could at least give them an education of their blessed at least that i can never get another job so i cannot help them by myself. he. let's get you up to speed now with some of the other stories making
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news around the world today protesters have scuffled with police in capital dhaka after the opposition leader was released on his money was arrested last week accused and accused of right but he came to the charges are politically motivated human rights groups say at least 5 people have died during days of violent unrest. a brazilian supreme court judge has and now the criminal convictions against former president. just the clearing of the convictions could see. his presidential election against. brazil's prosecutor general says it will appeal the decision and brazil from 2003 to 2011. hong kong has announced plans to overhaul its selections the beijing promoted plan is to ensure more court patriots are in charge additional reforms will target.
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china among younger generations critics say the charges the changes are focused on just drawing the pro-democracy movement. and now to the prince his wife and what the whole world has been talking about britain's prince harry and his wife megan have spoken on television about their struggles means royal life the couple who step back from official judy's and maintain that they've been cut off financially had plenty to say and a eagerly awaited sit down with talk show queen oprah winfrey just drive feeling really let down by his father prince charles megan added that the pressure of life as a royal drove her to suicidal thoughts. ok let's go to entertainment journalist k.j. matthews in l.a. it's a little bit hard to know where to begin with this interview but aside from what we just hood one thing really stood out to everybody this claim that cost him the
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royal family in a bit of a racist lies let's listen to that and then we'll come back to you and also concerns and conversations about how dark his skin might be when he's born. what and who who is having that conversation with you. hold on hold out there are several conversations a conversation with you with harry about how dark your baby is going to be potentially and what that would mean or look like. ok k.j. matthews in l.a. this is a very serious claim here do we know who in the royal family or didn't make these comments. well you know what's interesting everybody here is trying to guess by
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process of elimination if i went free went back on c.b.s. network the next day after the interview and she said she wanted to relay this message that she got from harry that he wanted the world to know that neither the queen nor the queen's husband. had anything to do with the racist comments so they are not the people who allegedly made those racist comments at all so then the question is well who else in the family would be close enough to talk to him so people are speculating could it have been charles could it have been camilla was it william was it kate and so people are saying maybe charles maybe william they're really trying to hone in to whole what it been merely really kind of was down to possibly charles or william but everybody is really dying to know who felt comfortable enough to say that to prince harry while megan markel was pregnant. it seems i don't know what you think about this but it seems to me that many people in
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the u.s. have reacted much more sympathetically. megan has revealed the view was in the u.k. so it's a gray says i'm insensitive insensitivity dysfunction how has all of this been resonating with us viewers. well u.s. viewers are very very very sympathetic to her and surprisingly i've been hearing a lot of people here stateside saying they're not surprised that there may be racism in the royal family because what they're saying is the royal family is really like you know any other institution around the world that there is bigotry pretty much in every every country so they're not surprised that yes they have bigotry in the u.k. yes and maybe some bigots in the royal family allegedly we don't know that but it is very sympathetic ear here and america to make it mark owen prince harry i mean i think for a long time we thought that possibly they wanted to move because they were tired of all the tabloids in the press and speculation about how they were feeling and what
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they were doing and they just wanted to get away from that i don't think we knew how bad it was and exactly what was going on i mean the most startling thing in this interview is that she said she felt suicidal and that she actually went to the palace and asked them for help and they turned her down saying it would be a negative it would be a bad look if she sought you know professional help for her mental health illness are a condition in it's really sad to hear that and people here were very surprised about that it was a time and journalist k.j. matthews in los angeles thank you so much ok tennis legend roger federer is back in action after being away for 14 months for nice it citrus is he's excited to be playing in the qatar open. a lot changed since roger federer last walked out to prepare for a tennis tournament the facemask for starters but the effortless groundstrokes are
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still there despite months away from the course. says he's now pain free. speech feeling good enough that i was i wouldn't put myself in this position so i'm really curious to find out how it's going to go i really don't know myself yet any results a good result at this point. federer had 2 lots of nice last year for the 39 year old says he never contemplated retirement with one tournament in particular on his mind. i'm really here just to test it all out see how it goes and go day by day my 1st goal is really from all the way to wimbledon use this time the best i can to build up step by step. and not had any setbacks the last few. months and that's been really positive for me and that makes me believe that you know good good times are ahead but. you know matches are different to practice so i
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still got a long way to go. a record extending night wimbledon title in july might seem unlikely right now as a federal can stay happy and healthy anything is possible. it certainly is dr phil means next up next here on dates i'm tired very unfairly and have a great day. in mexico many forced all gloves are thrown out in the climate change is an awful story this is my place the way from just one week. 12 can really guess. we still have time to where i'm going. to assess.
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'd my mother is from venezuela my father from france i live in paris but i left my family and my heart in caracas. i could only watch from afar as my country sank deeper into chaos than a sewell used to be a wealthy country 40 years ago. gold brought the promise of a brighter future. 'd 'd that. on january 23rd 2019 the country's fortunes
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appeared to. turned when a new largely unknown figure entered the stage asking for change when by doing was seen enjoying the support of mass demonstrations among the largest in the history of venice well a lot more is it yeah i got that idea that the guy is the only thing that is not a seriously i was growing up on the roof of the mother the night was interesting was. i left the country 20 years ago due to threats and the security situation but now i want to be back and deeply moved upon my return as i take my 1st steps on the famous most 8 by carlos. plan why don't has called for a mass rally and i attend with my family. for
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security reasons i'm headed in the trunk of his car for the journey to our interview the cation. why they always enthusiast dick and convinced that the end is nearing from a duress regime i'm more skeptical but quiet though is our only hope. you're meant to sing when there is a story about money in the history of mankind it's hard to think of a failed state with conditions like that are not the result of a war not a more natural disaster in this asteroid they let me know that's going the soonest mean 90 percent of venezuelans live in poverty. in a country that used to be one of the wealthiest in latin america. if it weren't for the countries that failed economic policies venezuela what happens $700000000000.00 economy today or instead it shrunk to $100000000000.00 so those
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who incurious when i go mia this year. how did we fall so far i was desperately searching for the country of my childhood. place where everything seemed happier and more modern than in france the children's museum was like an enchanted them for me back then. venezuela was a paradise on earth you know the land full of opportunities. you seem to say that with pride you know my grandfather was a janitor at the university hospital 30 years later he's grandson as a doctor there that was venezuela for. 20 years ago i still believed in the promises of chavez i was working as a journalist said a daily newspaper and following the presidential election campaign.
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on the morning of january 9th 998 i visited chavez at his home on the top floor of the building overlooking caracas in the middle class neighborhood of. the apartment was open and bright. the view of the avila mountains he seemed to have moved in only recently. chavez gave me a warm welcome and introduced me to his daughter who had just come home from school . it was in this casual personal setting that our interview got underway. chavez was no ordinary candidate
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a lieutenant colonel and. 6 years earlier he was the mastermind of 2 coup attempts how committed was he to democracy that was my 1st question. the kara castle was a wave of protests and social unrest that left the country deeply scarred in 1809 in february of that hearing president kindness and rezko reza agree to
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a forms demanded by the international monetary fund. aimed at halting the recession that had resulted from a slump and low prices and inflation for over a week less intense from neighborhoods rioted in the city center looting was widespread the government brought in the army. to quell the protests the exact number of fatalities remains unknown to this day 3 years later the attentive clues were a painful manifestation of a system more resembling an oligarchy than a democracy. venezuela was controlled by 7 or 800 people politicians and union leaders. i served in 2 governments and i never saw any particular ideological orientation or whether they were right or left of center for me there was no difference in ideology.
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in france i got used to straightforward election campaigns where candidates presented their platforms the 1998 presidential race in venezuela was more reminiscent of a carnival parade instead of discussing unemployment figures there was singing and dancing the aim was to win over a disenchanted people with the traditional parties in disarray all kinds of candidates threw their hat in the ring including a former miss universe. we must have made 5 trips across the country covering all of the major cities even 101st we'd have 1015 or 20 people attending our events where charges spread his message and share his ideas but in 1988 there were suddenly thousands of people coming out onto the streets. and a network was established with
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a growing number of followers and not just ordinary citizens in a slum in the parcel there were also hiring politicians meeting with child. and media moguls to offering support fire their t.v. and radio stations and newspapers. was the c. charge as was brought to power by the rich not by poor people but by businessmen and the media and most of them thought this darker skinned lieutenant colonel from bahrain us would be easier to control than the regular political parties. they thought they could use him or that he ended up using them. and. we thought we were electing a democrat chavez said that an ideological terms he was close to former u.k. prime minister tony blair but in his heart he remained. and there were hints of
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that in our interview at the time hence that i was deaf to. chavez was elected president for lack of viable alternatives turnout was though this is when i can be seen as a protest vote by a people desperate for a change in. charge as was not elected to lead the country for 5 years but to change the course of history as well. the prevailing idea in venezuela was that history is made by military men not civilian i was it was a concept that chavez revived for he was the strongman uniform on horseback who could bring order and give us back the prosperity that had been taken away from us . chavez tapped into then a surveillance mess down reminding them of the country's golden age in the 1950 s.
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the dictator marcus perez sliminess said about modernizing venezuela put them baseless infrastructure and housing programs supported by select immigration from here are. the new highway linking the capital to the coastal airport was the 2nd biggest construction project in latin america after the panama canal and at this point in time venezuela was the world's 4th wealthiest country in terms of g.d.p. per capita. venezuela is the last in american nation but above all it's an oil producing one. and it's a caribbean style nation too with cheerful easygoing people. in shallow then israel and pride is based on being able to a food everything the thinking is our land gives us wealth that we can do whatever we want with. it some have. the venezuelan state is so
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rich that it doesn't need taxpayers' money to function. and i believe that shapes venezuelans relationship to the state. of course if everyone contributes to the funding of the state as is the case elsewhere that leads to greater cohesion. and it also gives everyone a sense of political responsibility. she says. everything is free from the day you're born. free hospitals education health care if you die you get a free burial the well they gave venezuelans a panacea for all their problems. and that's just not feasible. and not just because of the later plunge in oil prices within a few decades the population grew from 5 to 30000000 people. who.
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bring us where another about either in israel has cancer or the chav is amendment tourism the entire revolution since the start of the century is like one beat cancer. bacterium returned to get her you have been circuit see many people still think there is some economic war going on but what kind of an economic war is it. better government owns most of the companies that produce things in venezuela. their minutes were. anything. to come up our fill of it all. over iraq but i think. they own the factories but they're not producing anything everything they touch turns.
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out of. place so stenson mention maduro are chavez by name fearing reprisals and likely also due to his general anger and frustration. i suppose could be as it often enough get to clean venezuela is a classic example of all the things that can go wrong in an oil producing country venezuela 90 percent of venezuela's income was connected to the oil industry could perhaps resulted in a huge appreciation of the national currency. but also rapid d.n.a. just realization. the industrial agricultural and services sectors were no longer profitable nor there was a dramatic increase in imported consumer goods put it because purchasing power in the country was artificially boosted. people were buying all kinds of things in products that made 0 contribution to the competitiveness of the domestic economy
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that's known as the resource curse or the paradox of plenty. as the sun goes down the streets of caracas go quiet. presidents retreat to their homes for their own safety many so well it has one of the highest homicide rates in the world. i've just done some grocery shopping. enough for maybe 15 days. this stuff concert 30315 believe it is. here and these things
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cost $46200.00 believe itis. that $16000.00 believe it is more than the minimum wage in venezuela. on the street they call it the do die it's a very funny what i. am i would get out so. i'm not here time i look at all the. time i. see this is here and we are going to. a country i want for my children is the country of my own childhood really any. in light of current conditions i ask myself movie really doing so badly before 998. people. started. i don't. know i report
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that. socio economic problems prompted venice to wayland's to choose the political solution that seemed the most expedient and painless. death. by 1000000000. dollars and that any boy who. saw what a. young jobless guy charges is visioning a revolution because he wants to reconcile a new constitution with structural reforms that work on for much longer that chavis wanted to do away with the past he wanted to give the country a new name a new flag and even a new time zone chavez was now quite literally dictating the course of time he also had the constitution amended in his favor. the pretty regular but there are already have simply disappeared into thin air but bill there was no resistance or you know
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it was a total capitulation absolute. and the parties may have surrendered but the people did not resist and so formed amid the flood of reforms women were the 1st to turn out on the streets in large numbers . and soon enough a general strike was called for by pedro carmona head of the venice a well and federation of chambers of commerce. but there was no stopping chavez and . steamrolling reforms he then also took control of this state owned oil company paid of a set. of paid a base are determined what it needed and what it paid to the government the state within a state something charges could. and also go on also say here and. i know the seal our they did to seal the deal that's against the person. who makes it
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they knew that people realize that he was an autocrat worse than anyone before him . and he had absolute rules also over television it was no regard for existing laws against the. oh. my hasty firings led to an escalation in protests then his awareness sank into chaos but what developed next is still disputed and interpreted differently today my. idea here there were many justified demonstrations seymour but there was also a conspiracy it was you know you were part of the there were various political parties church groups and industry figures who use these popular protests to try to overthrow the government which led to the events of april 11th. really
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why i do mean one of the many demonstrations in this case headed for the presidential palace government snipers shot at the crack of. the city police returned fire a couple of hours later there were 18 people dead and 70 injured or you know i got her it was i senior military officers called on their troops to resist orders in order to avoid a bloodbath chavez eventually surrendered and was arrested. pedro carmona was named interim president dissolving parliament and dismissing governors mayors and other officials the constitution was suspended while the new government was appointed. it was removed it was far more authoritarian than what chavez had threat . and which is why it was unsustainable out there who the coup leaders were ultimately opposed by their own armed forces. i don't would be.
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then if so wellens again took to the streets this time calling for the old constitutional order to be restored to the. part of the opposition and the army to challenge the new government the subsequent crew took who brought charges back to power. the i look at it was typically venezuelan completely improvised way the coup and counter-coup were carried out i'd say that for us venezuelans improvisations is a method a breeze as you're going to make go. along with following the 2002 coup charges started looking for other options. he realized that he would be unable to change venezuela this way. go up i mean maybe.
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he. got it see him as a military man in charge has always believed in a strategy of counter attack and don't see. the attempted coup in 2002 had enabled him to purge the armed forces. and now go lisita the use the oil industry strike to take control of the oil company that they're all going or only know in order for him. this was precisely the time when the destruction of the pain of a set again when it was its demise not the drop in oil prices that led to the current debacle career that. companies need to be starved by ex-pats down to the very last. month and pay to face this foundation was ripped out from under it. yeah. in 2003 hugo chavez was halfway through his term as president.
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and he was facing a referendum. on a. pulse you predicted he would lose. and that's when cuba came into play. for. cuba and venezuela had a previous history 3 weeks after coming to power and how lana in 1959 feet out castro was given a hero's welcome in caracas the new cuban leader had begun visions and was wasting no time with his plans to spread his model for revolution across central and south america decades later their leader maximo sein ally in chavez a man who could help them realize his goals. in $994.00 he gave the field to just the kind of reception normally reserved for heads of state.
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i. assume little custer was in a difficult situation. you know the collapse of the soviet union meant he no longer had anyone to support his stay. until that point had been a little like a woman living off her wealthy husband. and now travis was to take the place of the soviet union. almost 10 years later the relationship with the come a solid partnership when chavez asked his mentor for help or to consolidate his power and the cuban leader did have a solution. proposed the mission and then through a social welfare program he had
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a very positive impact on the money the image of the venezuelan state and with the help of the cuban doctors provided better health care to the poorer neighborhoods. it's not true that venezuela had no doctors before it's just that they were made to work in rural areas to communities the entire thing was propaganda. the barrier you identified program the construction of thousands of new health care center with 30000 medical professionals treating patients later there were similar programs in the education and housing sector which would soon be branded by the cubans as they probably needed the ideology of the revolution. and society. turned for that support the castro regime was supplied with. much needed lifeline.
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venezuela sent around 100000 barrels of oil per day to cuba and its workers that's worth about 5 or $6000000000.00 per year. putting that in context venezuela's highest annual food imports amounted to $9000000000.00 so venezuela gave almost as much oil to cuba as the worth of the food it imported in a record year for us and our economy i mean i did so on your break or it led to this was the total capitulation of a country it's unprecedented in human history a small country voluntarily surrendering its sovereignty and even paying to be controlled. they print our i.d.'s and passports are in charge of the police and intelligence agencies it's total submission. a
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one army major money on young man out. and their charter says health care and welfare programs made him a hero of the slyness whose residents were dependent on him as the price of oil continue to rise and chad has enjoyed his growing control over his people and their elections with idees the issue with feel with any checks many people were able to vote twice and there were even cases of dead people being where just or to vote the election body was run exclusively by chavez supporters voting the came electronic and many feared no longer a secret ballot plus officials were afraid of losing their jobs and the authorities also organize buses to bring residents from the areas that had benefited from the welfare programs to the polling stations in 2006 was reelected and the one man show continued your. joy our dog.
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you are a donkey there are fears that this hour. or so late that up and leave their. george w. . what are you good charges identify his enemies including bankers the media business people and of course the united states so. it's a case it is sides in a whole range of media outlets. there were countless disputes and in 2007 they coleman aided in radio caracas television losing its license to broadcast . hat. made out that i got a gun in the internal sort of we started mobilizing when we got the feeling that something was being taken from us you know why a t.v.
6:44 am
station. they were taking away our right to choose which channel we wanted to watch or to express ourselves through media we can see that little fire under us is if you are not cheap. once again the opposition parties were being overtaken and by a brave young generation i admire. bhutto and will believe but. what about the well with a lot growing disillusionment was reflected in a referendum defeat for chavez he'd intended to amend some 69 articles in a sweeping constitutional reform among the proposed changes further developing the next aware what being a socialist state and allowing the president to stand indefinitely for reelection the people said no among those voting against was chavez's ex-wife sigman
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a minute dogs. and then on the night of the. the army forced chavez to accept his defeat and soon enough he was facing his next challenge and economic one. charge as government nationalized entire sectors of the economy it wasn't about structural reforms or financial cuts they took a very radical approach ready they took control of banks supermarkets and millions of factors of land. and those moves basically destroyed the domestic market and the idea of individual initiative among citizens some people say today that there's not even toilet paper left in venezuela it's a bit of a cliche but there is a bit of truth in it because nobody's making it anymore there's no private sector
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production the market is no longer functioning. unfortunately the nationalization program was based on political not economic factors. there was no real strategy. the expropriation became an end in itself that. you're welcome out on someone out on the eve of. the sea and i mean every going to leave my dollars of that night on their own this year not a $1000000.00 or not do not settle it doesn't want it but you know if they want to come in not that i'm not going to be thanks how things used the media to make himself the president sometimes with rambling speeches lasting hours on a show called president he was also the 1st head of state to use twitter chavez seemed more interested in his own image than the country's economic problems his popularity stems more from his charisma than political achievements with
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a nationalized companies now run by incompetent military officers the country's infrastructure sector with problems like. add that. to that. the reality one entrepreneur's increasingly left to set up shop abroad the young generation continue to fight for democratic principles. and progress was made the new opposition parties secured a 3rd of the seats in the national assembly but events would take a final unexpected turn. i get cold feet in my room like see things more upset. come but it's things here the center rest garden city and us. you know. that really. going to. get better.
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the president's cancer diagnosis at 1st kept secret then used to try magic effect became a defining factor both politically and socially rumors and medical reports concerning the president who was then reelected in 2012 became part of the daily news cycle for the next sohail and. his final rally is really interesting the footage has a very religious feel. there are moments in history where you think. did that really happened or was it staged. i think it was almost a case of deification because you're being in. charge as wanted an epic tale he made these bellicose speeches but had no story to
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back them up you know that he didn't come down from the sierra maestra by how he didn't overthrow some dictator or set up some grillo force he talked as if he were che guevara or castro. in reality all he done was win an election in an oil rich country. has a sickness spurred on a new narrative and a religious dimension to his character it began with that election campaign and ended with his death his resurrection via the media added a new chapter as well as that still present in venezuela today this would. be exact circumstances surrounding his death remain unclear though chavez died in 2013 at the. age of 58 many in the country mourn for a man who became a legend. i often wonder
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today what it is that defines us as a country country where what really matters is the people not the individual and rights as opposed to responsibilities. venezuelans have gotten used to shortages and restrictions at 1st they assumed they would be temporary but now they've simply become a part of life people have learned to be resourceful. they are. also just so much us. everything was different when charges was still president. back then the country had everything chavez was a man who made a difference he had an alternative vision. my guru is my duro a completely different kind of politician he had everything but failed to take
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advantage of that what are we venezuelan supposed to do. if the politicians fail to come to agreement this country will face further growing up these. prior to his death chavez appointed one of his closest allies as interim president nicolas maduro was subsequently confirmed into office in the april 23rd teena election a former bus driver who had attended a political training school that had down my dura was alleged to be a pawn for a cuban regime eager to maintain any of the wins over the country. in 2014 street protests raged against the maduro government and were put down with deadly force. 2015 saw the opposition assume the majority in the national
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assembly 2 years later by during the strict the parliament of its legislative powers which were now transferred to pro-government loyalists. the protests continued on may 20th 2018 my duro won a 2nd term in office albeit in an election that critics call farcical. and he continued to block any humanitarian aid to the country. but of the lebanese younger man who part of my duros mission is to protect chavez's legacy that's why chavez chose him. now everyone's talking about my dura nobody's talking about charges anymore now the model basically took care of all the dirty work like in the church he's like a priest who says he'll take responsibility for everything that we never said or that it was the previous government's fault a consequence of the charges his policies. none of the representatives i
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approached from adorers regime ultimately agreed to an interview a few did it 1st but only for a fee which i refused to pay. after 17 years of chavez same money when only vadis and one why don't your elected to the national assembly as deputies representing the state of far that's a feat that nobody had believed in any more. than it was you know our generation took up the challenge of resurrecting belief in politics gets out for us chavez was the result of anti politics and your party and an anti sr all sort of so we grew up on the charges and were too young to remember the country's democratic era child i was 12 when he came to power but still we believe in politics is the be and do they created.
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then is a way life has traditionally been a country that well come down there is with an open arms today people are fleeing the country for other parts of latin america. were you not me. i met the result grow secretary-general of the organization of american states on the kuta bridge connecting the swale and columbia. he was among the 1st to alert the international community. at the british. yes the fundamental problem with this presidency or form does the repressive structures set up in minister raila over the last 15 years. to build around the possibility
6:55 am
of any change of power. although this is also supported by external factors. for example castro thanks to the $20000.00 plus cubans yakima douro in venezuela. then you have colombia's national liberation army in the in the presence of hezbollah and iran plus the mexican cartels. skinner not sure what that is do or keeps himself in power not because of his strength but because of his weakness if money were forced it would mark the end of a setup where a number of players have been hoping for a revival of the cold war. some same a duro has the backing of the military although perhaps he is capitalizing on fear
6:56 am
and terror the regime was devouring its own people. there they really hit my husband is an army commander and was in charge of one of the highest profile battalions in venezuela we don't know us a single one monday they arrested 6 commanders who had complained about the food shortages for their troops. so what does this they were charged with conspiracy. they did torture included a lead clerk around the head to increase pressure until they think they were. they would be sent on the back of their legs with a hot pipe. a lot of them had broken ribs. how are we to get rid of a dictatorship with ties to organized crime. and as for restoring human
6:57 am
rights. that won't happen by emphasizing them in countless speeches when i completed production of this new one why don't i was recognized by over 50 nations as the legitimate interim president of venezuela even barked on what would be a marathon undertaking. where that journey ends as unclear as a rational as a night sound i have to believe in him and the hope he instills in a. near
6:58 am
poverty only to end up in german profit women from eastern europe forced into sexual slavery. for them help is hard to come by but in the southern german city of mannheim there is thieving support from a committed women's rights activist. exploiting the poor. close up. through its own t w. they
6:59 am
were forced into a nameless mass. their bodies mere tools of. the history of the slave trade is africa's history. it describes how the heat for power and profit plummeted and entire continent into chaos and violence. the slave system created the greatest planned accumulation of wealth the world had ever seen up to that time this is the journey back into the history of slavery. i think will truly be making progress when we all accept the history of slavery as all of our history. our documentary series slavery routes starts march 10th on t w. this
7:00 am
is t w news coming to you live from berlin overnight standoff in myanmar's miggles city reports say some of the 200 students cornered by security forces after a march have been allowed to leave thousands to 5 curfew to disrupt the crackdown and we have the latest from yang doffed also coming up we visit rebel territory in congo where one woman is fighting for justice after a lawless militia killed her family. then prince harry and his wife megan open up to oprah winfrey about their.


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