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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  March 9, 2021 7:00am-7:16am CET

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this is t w news coming to you live from berlin an overnight standoff in myanmar as biggest city reports say some of the 200 students cornered by security forces after a march have been allowed to leave thousands to 5 curfew to disrupt the crackdown and we have the latest from young dog also coming up we visit rebel territory in kong where one woman is fighting for justice after a lawless militia killed her family. and prince harry and his wife megan opened up to oprah winfrey about their break from the british royal family how well the
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palace responding to their damaging accusations including races. hello i'm terry martin good to have you with us activists in myanmar say some protestors have been able to leave the young gone district where they had been trapped by police witnesses said around 50 people were arrested in the area overnight thousands of yangon residents defied the night curfew to gather on streets to support the trapped and he could demonstrators meanwhile in other parts of the country such as the southern city of da way thousands continue to define military rule bolland crackdown on protesters has led to more than 50 deaths. for more let's bring in journalist aimin tunde in yang gone. activists say some
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of those who were being pursued by police were able to to get away safely in yang gong what about the other. so about 50 people were arrested in downtown the township where activists were trapped we also know that in another part of yangon and downtown yangon about 30 people were arrested from their households so what we're seeing right now with security forces is that they seem to be targeting rank and file members of the l.t. party the national league for democracy which is the party that won the election in november of 2020. number of their leadership has been arrested and were arrested on the very 1st days of the coup but what we're seeing now is that they are targeting the people who are the most outspoken including union leaders frank about members of the winning party as well as the activists that they can find on the streets so
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that's what's happening in younger on the biggest city in myanmar what about other parts of the country where there have also been protests what can you tell us about the. so other parts of the country are seeing very many protests and the level of violence that we're seeing there really depends on both the type of protests that are being used by protesters as well as who's being involved in those protests so in certain areas like shan state and the state where there are ethnic armed organizations you do see that protests tend to be either very violent with the police outright killing people using live rounds to disperse people or they're quite say at least from security forces because you do see ethnic arm organizations accompanying protester protesters with soldiers who are armed and then in other parts of the country you do see a range of different forces being used by police and military in order to disperse people and to that yesterday we had at least 2 more people who were killed in. the
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protest movement holding up in terms of trying to achieve what. do the protesters still believe they're going to be able to win concessions from the military. so i think the important thing to remember about the anti coup movement is that it's not just people on the streets protesting it's also a broader movement of civil disobedience and. testers as well as government workers who have essentially declared themselves unaccountable to the military regime have been able to get quite a number of successes for example they've been able to force many public as well as almost all private banks to close despite the military putting out orders. as well as enticements to try and get the banks to reopen and there's also been able to largely stop international trade mark being a country that is heavily reliant on exports for its economy and so you know what
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we're seeing number of successes from the protests or side even as they are facing this kind of violence so it remains to be seen how successful the overall movement will be. amun time to journalist and young go on thank you very much for that update. thank you for having me. catch up on some of the other stories making headlines around the world today police in mexico city have used tear gas against demonstrators at an international women's day march the government put up barricades in front of the national to contain the protests several police officers and demonstrators were injured in the clashes. hong kong has announced plans to overhaul its elections the beijing promoted plan is to ensure more patriots are in charge additional reforms will get schools will target schools and efforts should still more loyalty to china among younger generations critics say
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the changes are focused on destroying the pro-democracy movement. a brazilian supreme court judge has the criminal convictions against former president. the clearing of the convictions could see run in next year's presidential election and currently. brazil's prosecutor general says it will appeal the decision. from 2003 to 2011. congo has suffered years of conflict tracing back to the massive refugee crisis and spillover from the 1994 genocide in rwanda a complex web of armed groups now controls the eastern part of the huge country in central africa it's difficult for outsiders to visit there but. again rare access to rebel held territory she met one woman who's bearing the scars of war
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with a glimpse of hope from now on it's what they call a no man's land because not the government and also no specific rebel group controls this area that makes it also quite dangerous i mean this is. on a regular basis. we're on foot. from the constant. as soon as we get close the rebel militia sends an escort to take us to that base. one of them is mama for either she joined the militia almost 20 years ago after another group attacked her village the man killed her parents with machetes 6 of them raped her she was just 15 she'd already been married the same group had killed her husband. and i felt defeated my life had defeated me i saw what they had done to me and how they
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killed my family i couldn't continue my life like it had been and this is the issue of violence so i decided to become a fighter and drive them out. given the chance she'd shoot them on the spot she says when a former teacher began recruiting people to take revenge she joined him many in her group survived similar trust the tears it's a militia of traumatized damaged young people. they killed my father they killed everyone in my family that's the only reason i became a fighter. the offer to revenge and survival they control around 20 villages in the area security for food in a deal they say is consensual but we saw local people running in fear from them the idea of consent is complicated for everyone. it's only when we are alone that says
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this. i hear that other people run away from the group but i think how can i run i have no one to help me i have no land i have no one who could help me build a life. she would like to trade her gun for the life she had before as a family member should the most of the i would have had a good life with my husband one like other people have but that was taken away from me so. now she pours what hope she has in her children that they will have choices one day. if god blesses me i could at least give them an education if their blessed at least i can never get another job so i cannot help them by myself.
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you know because they're reporting from eastern congo now to the prince his wife and what the world is talking about britain's prince harry and his wife megan have spoken on t.v. about their intense struggles with life most of what they had to say to oprah winfrey shocked the world and very likely buckingham palace to hear some of that interview i've advocated for so long for women to use their voice and then. i was silent. were you silent or were you silence the latter. but i knew that if i didn't say it that i would do it and i just didn't i just didn't want to be alive anymore my biggest concern was history repeating itself and i've said that before on numerous occasions very publicly so when i asked the question why did you leave the
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simplest answer is lack of support and lack of understanding prince harry raised in a palace in a life of privilege literally a prince how you were trapped within the system for the rest of my family all my father and my brother they all tromped. journalist k.j. matthews joins us now from l.a. she followed every word of that interview of course this was one of the year's most anticipated media moments does it live up to expectations in the u.s. oh absolutely it exceeded my expectations and i believe americans feel the same way we knew that there would be so negative press or blowback against the british monarchy because he was unhappy and we know that's reason why he moved to america so we expected that what we were surprised them is to hear harry be so candid about
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his displeasure with this father with his brother with the entire british monarchy and how detailed they were in this 2 hour interview i'm even told that the interview itself actually was 3 hours but they condensed it into 2 hours so it's they really just had so many revelations to get out there to the public and i think that's because they've been sitting on all this information for so long and everybody has been speaking about them except them revealing how they really feel there was a lot of material there one thing of course that really stood out in the interview was the allegation of racism in the royal family let's listen in right. and also concerns and conversations about how dark his skin might be when he's born what and who who is having that conversation
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with you so it's a whole the whole doubt there's a lot of our grandparents or several conversations a conversation with you with harry about how dark your baby is going to be potentially and what that would mean or look like fools. if you do we know who megan was referring to in the royal family as having expressed concerns about the baby skin color well you know oprah winfrey went back on c.b.s. network this morning here day after the interview and she said what she wanted to get across is that harry told her to tell the public it definitely was not the queen and it was not the queen's has been so who does that leave prince charles camilla william and kate so we're trying to eliminate by process of elimination maybe is one of those for probably leaning towards maybe charles or or you know
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william we really don't know for sure but that's what people are kind of hinting at but a lot of people say are saying here now they're not surprised that there is is that you should know i guess racism in the institution of the british monarchy how have the race issues raised in the interview been resonating with u.s. viewers. you know they're disappointed but really not surprised they had a hope that this would be a step in the right direction welcoming a biracial american woman who's been divorced into the royal family i thought that meant progression right and now we're seeing that behind all of that when she ripped off the royal mask that there still was racism that there still was discrimination that they still were trying to make her feel small and make her feel less than and conform into what they already have which was the british monarchy so i'm not sure that really anything has changed since the princes diana if we are to believe these allegations that you know make it mark will launch last night to take
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you very much as always that was k.j. matthews in los angeles thank you. for watching d.w. news from berlin we've business coming up for you next i'm terry moore thanks for. the little guys this is the 77 percent stuff but for the suits it was between shoes and charity. or the saddle gear not tops on top of. africa's population.


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