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this is news coming to you live from berlin renewed resistance in myanmar's biggest city after an overnight standoff protesters prepare for another day of demonstrations and yang goal despite a monday night manhunt for a group of students people reported house searches and more violence from the military crackdown also coming up we visit rebel territory in congo where one woman
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has taken up arms herself after a lawless militia killed her family. china's facts seem diplomacy for the millions of jobs handed out to 4 countries just goodwill. for global dominance and the interview that plunged the british monarchy enter crisis prince harry and his wife maggie open up to oprah winfrey about their break from the royal family how will the palace respond to their damaging accusations including racism. hello i'm terry martin good to have you with us activists in myanmar's biggest city yang gone are back on the streets today after protesters in one district were trapped by police over night. strangers have set up barricades in the areas where
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witnesses say around 50 people were arrested last night others have been able to leave thousands of protesters across the country have taken to the streets in recent weeks to demonstrate against military rule the ballance crackdown in the country has led to more than 50 deaths. for more let's bring in journalist aimin in yangon tell us activists say some of those who were being pursued by police were able to to get away safely in yangon go what about the other. so about 50 people were arrested in the downtown the township where activists were trapped we also know that in another part of yangon in downtown yangon about 30 people were arrested from their households so what we're seeing right now with security forces is that they seem to be targeting rank and file members of the l.t. party the national league for democracy which is the party that won the election in
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november of 2020. number of their leadership has been arrested and were arrested on the very 1st days of the coup but what we're seeing now is that they are carpeting the people who are the most outspoken including union leaders frank about members of the winning party as well as the activists that we can find on the streets so that's what's happening in younger on the biggest city in myanmar what about other parts of the country where there are also been protests what can you tell us about the. so other parts of the country are seeing very many protests and the level of violence that we're seeing there really depends on both the type of protests that are being used by protesters as well as who's being involved in those protests so in certain areas like shan state and the state where there are ethnic armed organizations you do see that protests tend to be. very violent with the police outright killing people using live rounds to disperse people or they're quite say
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at least from security forces because you do see ethnic arm organizations accompanying protester protesters with soldiers who are armed and then in other parts of the country you do see a range of different forces being used by police and military in order to disperse people and to that yesterday we had at least 2 more people who were killed. the protest movement holding up in terms of trying to achieve what. do the protesters still believe they're going to be able to win concessions from the military. so i think the important thing to remember about the anti coup movement is that it's not just people on the streets protesting it's also a broader movement of civil disobedience and. the testers as well as government workers who have essentially declared themselves unaccountable to the military regime have been able to get quite a number of successes for example they've been able to force many public as well as
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almost all private banks to close despite the military putting out orders. as well as enticements to try and get the banks to reopen and there's also been able to largely stop international trade with the mark being a country that is heavily reliant on exports for its economy and so you know what we're seeing number of successes from the protesters side even as they are facing this kind of violence so it remains to be seen how successful the overall movement will be. joining us to go on thank you very much for that update. thank you for having me. it's catch up on some of the other stories making headlines today police in mexico city have used tear gas against demonstrators at an international women's day march the government had put up barricades in front of the national palace to contain the protests several police officers and demonstrators were injured in the clashes. hong kong has announced plans to
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overhaul its selections the beijing promoted plan is to ensure quote more patriots are in charge additional reforms will get schools will target schools in an effort to instill more loyalty to china among younger generations critics say the changes are focused on destroying the pro-democracy movement. resilience court judge the criminal convictions against former president louise and. the clearing of the convictions could see little to run in next year's presidential election against current leader. brazil's prosecutor general says it will appeal the decision. brazil from 2003 to 2000. the democratic republic of congo has suffered years of conflict tracing back to the massive refugee crisis and spillover from the 1904 genocide in rwanda
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a complex web of armed groups now controls the eastern part of the huge country in central africa it's difficult for outsiders to visit there but. gained rare access to rebel held territory she met one woman whose bearing the scars of war but the glimpse of hope. from now on it's what they called no man's land because not the government and also no specific rebel group controls this area that makes it also quite dangerous the right behind me this is where no man's land begins and this is well also how quieting happens on a regular basis. we're on foot the beauty of the landscape cannot distract from the constant fear of kidnap or being caught up in fighting. as soon as we get close the rebel militia sends an escort to take us to their base. one of them is mummify either she joined the militia almost 20
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years ago after another group attacked her village the man killed her parents with machetes 6 of them raped her she was just 15 she's already been married the same group that killed her husband. i felt defeated my life had defeated me i saw what they had done to me and how they killed my family i couldn't continue my life like it had been and. so i decided to become a fighter and drive them out. given the chance she'd shoot them on the spot she says when a former teacher began recruiting people to take revenge she joined him many in her group survived similar. it's a militia of traumatized damaged young people. they killed my father they killed everyone in my family that's the only reason i became
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a fighter. terry avenged and survival they control around 20 villages in the area security for food in a deal they say is consensual but we saw local people running in fear from them the idea of consent is complicated for everyone. it's only when we are alone it says this. i hear that other people run away from the group but i think how can i run i have no one to help me i have no land i have no one who could help me build a life. she would like to trade for the life she had before as a. the most of the i would have had a good life with my husband one like other people have but that was taken away from me so. now she pours what hope she has
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into her children that they will have choices one day. what the new body going to look at but if god blesses me i could at least give them an education if their blessed at least that i can never get another job so i cannot help them by myself. so let's catch up on the latest developments in the corona virus pandemic the u.s. centers for disease control say vaccinated people can gather with those at low risk for the corona virus without masks but should still cover their faces in public a lab study has found the biotech pfizer vaccine is effective against a more infectious variant 1st found in brazil and new zealand has opened its 1st large box nation clinic after keeping the country largely free of the virus. well dozens of countries are looking to china to rescue them from the curb in 1000
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pandemic that's because the chinese government has pledged to donate nearly half a 1000000000 back scenes worldwide after its failure in handling the initial outbreak of cobra 19 beijing is eager to repair its image in the world scene diplomacy could be the tactic to change the narrative and expand its drive for global influence as the w.'s chief international editor richard walker reports. in a europe ravaged by covert 19 this is what hope looks like belgrade serbia waiting in line for liberation from the pandemic but these injections are about more than public health they were flown in from china to a presidential welcome chinese state t.v. on hand to capture the moment just the latest part of a massive pandemic rebranding exercise that makes his medical assistance with decision from ation obscene. crisis the afterwards also to try to spin the debate in
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a way that many look like it started in china and china was you know the 1st country to report that what's happening here is something that goes well beyond the pandemic and far exceeds the scope of china's official diplomatic missions like here and. it's a much bigger campaign photo lobel influence it's been building up the years now will continue long after the pandemic is over. the most visible driver of this is the belton road initiative a project spanning more than 100 countries that is redrawing the map of china's economic power in a single region in europe chinese funds of poor ring into highway bridges in montenegro a coal fired power plant in bosnia and a giant sea port in greece that may yet become the largest in europe. you can see the signs that these investments can translate into political influence
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like at the united nations human rights council where china won a show of support last year for its controversial suppression of freedoms in hong kong 4 out of 5 countries backing china has signed up to belton road. these efforts to shape global perceptions come right from the very top. china's president xi jinping was the opening speaker at this year's virtual davus meeting exuding confidence and positioning beijing as the world's greatest champion of global cooperation and their strong desire to shows up here already are you know the chinese those 2 said to give. examples that show why perhaps in the 20th century democracies were huge and useful and good but now for the 21st century be only systems that are really suitable to face the challenges of the century are systems that are closer to the chinese. u.s.
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president joe biden has made his debut on the world stage founding to push back at that idea saying democracy will and must prevail. and germany's angela merkel says that the west must now engage in this unfolding competition that's up to somebody it's important that it's not only china and russia that are delivering vaccines to developing countries the and fix them for 10050 it might seem like madness that lining up for a vaccine can mean picking sides in a geo political battle. but that is shaping up to be our new reality a battle for influence and even ideas about nothing less than how to run the world . a report by w.'s chief international editor richard walker who joins us now richard we heard in your report the beijing is promoting a culture narrative about the origins of the pandemic trying to convince people it
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didn't start in china is it gaining any traction with that effort. rarely to say in this phase where we're talking about. missy at the moment obviously this is really only just begun but the latest research that we do have from just towards the end of last year from pew research to show that actually in western countries or countries that are members of the kind of democratic community of the west you have a massive image problem so negative evaluations of china in the u.k. in germany in the netherlands in sweden in the u.s. and south korea in france in canada in australia and japan and all of those countries over 70 percent of respondents over 80 percent in some cases said that they had negative china and this isn't all about the pandemic a lot of this goes back to things that have been happening over the last couple of years the real surge you see over the last 2 or 3 years talking about what we see the suppression of political rights in hong kong accusations of genocide over
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actions against the muslim minority there within china so there are a lot of reasons for these negative views of china at the moment but they're the covert pandemic certainly been the latest kind of icing on the cake. china's vaccine diplomacy which we saw there in europe or is obviously making some inroads up particularly in developing countries critics may point to questionable ethics there but isn't it true that china is filling a gap that western countries have not. that's absolutely right terry mean if you look at the vaccination situation in the west particularly in europe it's really not a pretty picture and 2 ways 1st of all governments are getting a cheese particularly in europe of being far too slow vaccinating their political ations getting vaccines rolled out far too slowly and but at the same time if you look at the actual numbers european governments massively prioritizing their own
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people and so the united states compared to say the developing world now there is this international initiative called kovacs which has a lot of very high profile sign ups germany is a very prominent supporters put quite a bit of money into that but kovacs is just announced its latest its 1st rather initial allocation of vaccines to developing countries around the world they're talking about an allocation of 237000000 vaccines well think about what the european union has orders it says it's ordered 2600000000 for the european union alone so 237000000 for the developing world 2600000000 for the european union reps to write that is a wide open door that china and of course russia as well a walking through. should we expect this crisis richard to allow china to expand its foothold in europe. well of course we've been talking quite a bit about developing countries that china has its vaccine drive and its built
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roads initiative kind of primarily focused say on the global south you could say but it's also looking at countries within central and eastern europe sort of countries that are either on the periphery of the european union or relatively new members of it take hungary for example a victorian strongman prime minister of hungary recently. became the only e.u. leaders who order the sino from vaccine chinese vaccine into angry he took a shot of it himself saying that he trusted it more than the west in vaccines and that is a sheer huge boon for the chinese government that's something that they can play back home to to the domestic audience showing his a western leader saying that they trust facts but also that is a foothold within europe and that is something that we've seen over recent years china trying to kind of pickoff countries within europe that they can build favorable relations with countries that can then support it in international fora
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like we saw in the report there and chipping away at the unity of the west which is very much a long term objective of china and also russia richard thank you so much steve richard water there. and we have this breaking news just coming in european lawmakers in brussels have decided to lift the parliamentary immunity of former catalan president carlos push them all and 2 is calling it's they fled to belgium 3 years ago fearing arrest after holding an independence referendum that madrid said was illegal the 3 were elected to the european parliament in exile in 2019 giving them immunity from extradition spanish authorities are expected to reactivate the european arrest warrant so they can be sent to spain face trial stands accused of sedition and misuse of public funds there are similar charges have been filed against the 2 other. fish to the
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u.s. and the city of many many a jury selection is moving ahead there for the trial of the white police officer charged in the death of george floyd prosecutors are seeking an additional murder charge against derrick shove and which could lead to trial floyd a black man died in may $920.00 shove and knelt on his neck for 9 minutes the case reignited the national debate over policing and racism and locals are organizing for change. i'm tired of witnessing police brutality against black people 27 year old jay yates turned to activism today he's one of the organizers of protests held in minneapolis as the trial of the death of george floyd began. we want to lay in a world where people who murder civilians go to jail at least consequence.
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we want to live in a world where 2 cops can just do whatever they want in our community the national guard has been deployed around the courthouse where on the 18th floor form a policeman. derek chauvin stands accused of killing floyd in may last year. floyd died sprawled in front of this shop shaven had pushed his knee into the 46 year old's neck for about 9 minutes straight and he was unable to breathe the site has become a shrine for the black lives matter movement probation officer del wilson is confronted with discrimination against black people day yet he's hopeful that things will finally change i've never seen anything like that in my life 34 years old i've never seen so many people were just bruised i was national hoodies come together and just in to protest that type of violence against. any group of people
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floyd's death gave rise to calls to defund the police but crime is on the up in many u.s. cities including minneapolis chasings the answer lies in better oversight and a fundamental change in the perception of black people by authorities. there's no resources for any sort of community led initiative to reduce violence on our own there's no resources for housing there's no resources for getting food to people that are insecure because of covert there's always money for brutality but there's no money for the things that we actually ask for. the protests is demanding a tough sentence for sheriff and the reform of the police force and the justice they believe will bring real change. to the prince his wife and what the world is talking about britain's prince harry and his wife megan have spoken on t.v.
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about their intense struggles with royal life most of what they had to say to oprah winfrey has shocked the world and very likely buckingham palace to hear some of that interview 5 advocated for so long for women to use their voice and then. i was silent. were you silent or were you silenced the latter but i knew that if i didn't say it that i would do it and i i just didn't i just didn't want to be alive anymore my biggest concern was history repeating itself and i've said before that on numerous occasions very publicly so when i asked the question why did you leave the simplest answer is lack of support and lack of understanding prince harry raised in a palace in a life of privilege and literally
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a prince how you were trapped within the system for the rest of my family all my father and my brother they all trapped. in london my cully bigot has been following that story all along and of course the interviews well beckett's the interview has given the british well family a lot to chew on how's it going down with the british public. it's interesting terry there was a poll done last night from what you have seen and had was the interview appropriate or not is what the british people were all stunned almost half of the people out on said said no it was not appropriate so that chimes with the general polls that always tell you that the queen is very very popular in in britain but that actually harry and makan are much less popular generally within the public and it's very divisive this interview just over all so many secrets where spilled there
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was so much detail about life inside the palace and people are really divided as team winds are who say that harriet magen all self-serving and that was whining and talking about authenticity while being in their block 3 mention in california you know very negative and then others are saying it's good that they speak out and that meghan marco for example speaks out and is not allowing herself to be silenced as a black woman so very very polarizing and telling a polarizing one thing that really stood out in the interview was the allegation of racism in the royal family let's listen in to the park and also concerns and conversations about how dark his skin might be when he's born. what and who who is having that conversation with you. hold a hold out there's not
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a breakdown there are several conversations a conversation with you with harry about how dark your baby is going to be potentially and what that would mean or look like who . left it knowing who made the comment about our skin color which in effect casts the entire royal family in a racist light just put tremendous pressure on the queen to publicly address the issue of racism. prince harry had made it clear harry had made it clear that off after the interview that it wasn't the queen or the duke of edinburgh who had made these remarks but over the there is intense speculation of who that would have been and yes there is a big debate now about racism we haven't had a statement from the palace and i'm not sure whether we're going to get one anytime soon the queen and said before she wasn't even going to watch the interview bots
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it's a very grave allegation and many people all demanding that it should be investigated so the pressure on the palace to react somehow is definitely there because thanks very much w.'s biggest burst in london. you're watching g.w. news up next close up looks at women escaping poverty in eastern europe i'm sorry martha touch watch.
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the food. that i'm. going to air from harvard only to end up in germany prof. women from eastern europe forced into sexual slavery. for them help is hard to come by but in the southern germany of mannheim there is leaving support from a committed women's rights activist exploiting the form close.
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enough to totally. different on the islands of. here women are in charge. capello ago as at a matriarchal system for centuries the rare form of society do women differently. what do they do with their power the queens of the ring go. in the 35 minutes w. . by 2050 more than half the world will be living with limited water resources we haven't had to think about our water or worry about. i think that era is over this
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is the crisis of our time it's a financial product like any other financial we live in a competitive world was just told it's cool it's been cold water used to be free but the world is changing the most important commodity junk is called the freezer. and saw her sitting for commodity starts march 22nd on t.w. . 6 lanes in the heart of europe whose lives count for nothing. he put a gun to my head and said i'm going to. get it myself and smash to. throw you away she said and no one will remember you you never existed. they wanted to
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escape poverty instead they fell prey to sex traffickers. i resisted and cried and.


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