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tv   Kulturzeit  Deutsche Welle  March 9, 2021 7:30pm-8:01pm CET

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industry. in 60 minutes on d w from. the down low. many people have to say here's to us. trying to say stories reporter every weekend on t w. this is news africa coming up on the program what's next for senegal after days of violence on the streets political leaders call for calm although the opposition wants to continue its protests also coming on the show. tourists are still streaming into the island of zanzibar the sun sand and seeing despite the threat of covert 19. and leadership rewarded amid major challenges in
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just president ysu food wins the mole ibrahim prize for peace. i'm told me a lot of ball glad you could join us we start in senegal which has been experiencing some of its worst unrest in years it began last wednesday when the arrest of the opposition leader it was months on course sparked off deadly clashes between his supporters and police president mikey's sol is calling for calm some coach says he wants the protests to continue but peacefully. from mansong home region in the fast south to the capital dhaka his followers have taken their demands to the streets of senegal. one of the biggest all senegalese people expressed their dissatisfaction with the regime he's the dictator president macky
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sall. we are fighting for freedom for justice and also for the development of senegal. protesters faced off against riot police at the tear gas canisters flew. several people have already died in 6 days of protests triggered by some cause arrest. live in the new the victims must not have been in vain so that this never happens again and sinegal we must maintain this mobilization it must be even bigger but it must be peaceful. the. senegal usually a beacon of stability in west africa has been rocked by its worst violence in years . or can i call for calm and peace. all together let's science our bitterness and avoid the logic of confrontation which
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leads to the worst o.-p. president cell has been in power since 2012 political pressure on him is growing fueled by allegations that any challengers is subject to political hit jobs the opposition fears he may try for a 3rd term beyond the 2 term limit in the constitution. the people demanded that in 2024 he will pack is bags and he will leave. for now tsonga seems willing to bide his time till the next poll in 2024 as the protests well his followers may not want to wait that long. i'm now joined by journalist sam he's the editor of africa check and then bureau welcome to the program sam now one song is still calling for mass protests across
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the country and all these likely to continue now that he's been released from police custody. yes really some. must protest but. peacefully so in this court because a call already made such a day by a group of 40 you could have parties citizen movement for tree days of the most racially is truly a country on monday tuesday and wednesday and yes the release of song goes seems to ease the tension especially since the president like you sort of made a speech on monday on monday evening also calling for calm and an easing of the curfew was imposed in the context of the struggle against go get an idea all of this could help ease the tension but yes the demonstration ogled continue but i think that the to be. it won't be in the same level as they was
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last days ok just looking at. as a politician he came 3rd in the elections several of the opposition candidates who contested against the president have since joined the government of national unity is there any chance of sancho being co-opted or or does he poses a genuine threat. i think there is no chance so big gulp had. to join the much assad regime because he's now in a position of being the number one open and to do too much resume and he's a truly a 3 to the ruling establishment as he's calling to a shift in the way politics is done in the country since the independence. also getting more and more support from people who are coming from different political lines you can have former leftist you're not just in part of the counties and also
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some call in his allies paid for already finishing off relations with the former growing your power in a. broadly seen by the establishment and in is political. it is political and is seen as a new a new wave in the country so yes phone call. a switch to 2 markets are radiate and subtle has long been seen as one of west africa as more stable democracies have these recent events damaged. i've been known to say that the recent events of. it just. been a stable democracy but in recent years. to create the gains has been lost and what i think is that these recent events are
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a kind of expression of fed up in that ups they did they really are all good. leaders the government true that it is absolutely necessary to preserve democracy ok. and speaking to us that thank you very much for bringing us up to speed. while most of the world has been under covert 19 restrictions it's been largely business as usual in tanzania last month the government there finally acknowledged the disease as a public health priority still not much has changed like in the island of zanzibar where tourists are still coming in. this is the legendary so to have to sign or a festival and sounds about. everyone is dancing to the hearts content tourists and locals to get a job racing to the beat of the bands. it's february 2021
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russia in the middle of a pandemic yet convinced 1000 seems to be far away from many here. i'm jane allowed lucky to have friends came from russia this is already their 2nd time here on the island in just 2 months but the bottom a bomb there in the us i. know we have the talent. and. you know it'll be a free free her 2 yeah if not oh you know it's a pretty good way to bed bugs out i don't remember. what about it was. for my knees and a bomb in some sun and the sea instead of tough restrictions tourism is encouraged as if everything's normal. charter flights mainly from russia and eastern europe blantyre regularly. sounds about as not one in this region of tanzania as president
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has been in denial about coronavirus for months since may of last year a number of cases are no longer made public. everything's under control according to the acting health minister of the island so far we've just been going on a very real. people coming and making sure that getting through the stuff that's we've not heard any cases that the government might must take this pretty serious. journalist to live to see begs to differ he says corona virus is spreading across the island because he reported on that he's been banned from practicing his profession for several months he says coronavirus has become a to do subject. we see so many p.c. a lot of people dying and. do not they say a lot of they can't bring up that we're not used to seeing someone who can't read properly or has a bad cold what if you look at that then you can see that it's the same sentence as
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with k. but now town by. the sea is demanding stricter measures to protect the people on zanzibar however he says the government wants to keep tourism running at any price because it's so important for the island. a lot of people like to a guide cassim 10100 i depended on tourists for their livelihood he's happy he can our company a group from bulgaria. has been working in the sector for 5 years and has even learned german for the many german tourists seized to come before the pandemic struck then for months there was hardly any work. that changed when the island promoted tourism again the 30 year old says at least he's earning money again to provide for his family he says he's not scared the tourists might bring coronavirus to the island. i think hunger is worse than corona. and if no tourists come then people will starve that's why are so. many people however i think irresponsibly says germans have been an average from zanzibar biggest tourism
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agency. she says that a huge black market a negative coronavirus certificates for tourists has been thriving on the arm and for quite a while. she's made sure her employees understand the disease and that 2 of us as everyone has to wear a face mask including the tourists. and other cases tourism is possible if you take the right protective measures. it's about traveling responsibly now that a pandemic has been around for a year everyone in the world should know what it is how the disease can spread and what you can do to protect yourself. last month the 1st vice president of died of covert 19 according to his party that may have given pause to rethink things and date now authorities are asking people to wear masks and keep a safe distance. as outgoing president mohammad yousuf who is the recipient of the 2020 mo ibrahim prize for african political
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leadership the award committee said as president who had led progress in there despite massive challenges including poverty and terrorism he will step down next month after 10 years in office. i feel honored him through me it is all the people of news year who are being honored. and was an extremely important aspect very soon for the 1st time in asia they will be a transition from one democratically elected president to another democratically elected president this is unprecedented in the history of new. well that's it for now there's much more on. africa and on our facebook and twitter pages we need you with these images of the protests in senegal where leaders are calling for peace and let's hope they heed it was the next time i found out.
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in a puzzle yourself it's not easy to go to another country you know nothing about. do this because we can't stay advantage where i'm not i don't know where that. closely global news that matters d.w. made 4 months. to come to.
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one giant problem. in. the late fuel economy. how will climate change affect us and our children. and e.w. dot com slash water. disney embraces diversity and an attempt to tackle. it's racist past well have a look at the studio's latest here on arts and culture and made in bangladesh a bangladeshi filmmaker takes on exploitation in her country's garment industry. and we'll meet
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a young brazilian dancer who soars beyond her supposedly imitation it's. just how offensive our old cartoons where warner brothers has now announced that pepe le pew the amorous skunk who 1st appeared in 1905 has been canceled from the new space jam sequel critics nowadays say the character promotes rape culture well and over at disney they're going further and addressing old offenses for months now disney plus has been putting warnings on some of disney's most famous movies saying that they contain racist stereotypes that the company at mit's are wrong doesn't is focusing now on getting it right here's a look at their new movie right and the last dragon. brave warrior ry assets off to save the world the fact that she's a woman is no hindrance it's not even anything special it's simply not an issue. in
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your. own. eye while the film has its share of disney style women's eat raw is a cartoon heroine for a new generation. everyone is really beginning to have a vision for this movie being definitely different from everything that we sort of historically thought up and see what we when we think of the words just the princess we begin to specific genre of film so yeah i think everyone was really cognizant that it's not just wanting it to be. a film that authentically represented as a very specific special part of the world but we also wanted it to be different my girl ryan are going to fix the world bring everyone back the team behind the film. was inspired by various asian countries that's also represented in the casting part of the reason why this production has given its actors hope for better representation as asian american performers we just want there to be more because the landscape has changed so much from when we were kids and there are literally
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you count on your hand how many asian american actresses or actors are in the mainstream media and so to now they're being. just so much more inclusive ready in front of the camera and behind the camera in movies like this. are. taking the 1st step disney amang toward more diversity better more respectful representation of nonwhite characters with movies like riot in the last dragon one of our d.w. reporters michael kruger is following disney's efforts by google and start with this new movie what are people saying about it well the reviews quite positive and it was absolutely why i said to highest so many asian americans for this project but they are still voices wa a bit upset about the mix of different cultures in this movie a bit from taiwan a bit from malaysia a bit from china so there is still something going on right ok and i'm to put that
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in context disney didn't even used to try to get it right or if you look back at the representation from from past decades particularly when it comes to asian stereotypes and this is one of the reasons that disney plus now on its platform has these warnings that are saying look these movies contain racial stereotypes because let's see what the disney company in the past had in mind when it comes to asian inspired clips of movies these sayings can be very offensive to a lot of people so here's the warning this is from the movie lady and the tramp depicted with empty asian syria types the premiere was 1955. if in those days asian americans were also confronted with exclusion in society here we are with the wrist accounts from 1920 and today we have still the attacks against asian americans so the discrimination is still relevant and while we grew up with all those
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old movies one of my favorite ones i don't know which one is us is the jungle book and you can see the scene with king louis without thinking though of the accusations this big thing people black people as lazy from africa. i was just blind to that i have to admit when i was a child very interesting how they changed king louis in the movie from 2016 he reminds me more of a mixture of a mafia boss and a monster just like king kong for some so if you ask me if this was a good decision to put warnings in front of the movies i have to admit absolutely because it forces everybody now to think about how we use syria types and how we're using them now absolutely and of course there's even talk that disney himself may have been a racist mckee mouse himself is based on recent stereotypes we've come
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a long way disney has come a long way absolutely michael krueger thank you so much brighter than the last dragon comes out this week on disney plus. well made in bangladesh you may have read those words those 3 words that appear on clothing sold around the world often made in harrowing working conditions made in bangladesh is also the name of a film by one of bangladesh fewer women directors rubaiyat are saying she tells a story of women daring to fight back against oppression. by yet hussein believes in a feminist intervention in cinema. the film made in bangladesh looks at the lives of the young women behind the label.
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i believe that it's very large it will get even or slowly arm and there carry that on the core economy. made in fact the dish tells the story of shiva a seamstress working in a factory. an accident occurs. i colleague dies and she realizes how to fences the workers are. only the women can help themselves you know why don't be suitable for the not political stuff and a bit of color in the room dubbing that they should wear acma filled with this thought provoking statement by the activist sinks in and fuels she miss anger she decides to form a union all of this goes back to a true story that of seamstresses dalia while researching the textile industry hussein met the young woman later met her she immediately expressed your interest and i am certain that her life story is also
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a chimera. that illegal when you're 12 and coming to the city already says something that was young woman she was you know she will like. this in a particular. community that we're going to be appearing. as a brand new things a lot of different people started losing 'd their jobs boss pointing out. that when most of the legality of her friends turned in her enemies because then they're like no i don't want to lose my job because after people are granted my children it's really important to have. the same spend to he's researching the fulfillment in bangladesh the director also spends time in the u.s. but he wouldn't focus on one country she works with n.g.o.s leads workshops for
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women and trains female directors she's also creating an initiative to prevent domestic violence since film premiered at the toronto film festival and was shot in the. one about that i want to talk about what if at all i am not i was i was i got it. thanks to a young woman's courage the 1st garment workers union was founded and registered against the odds. so i think it's happening and they are. happy you know all of. this. activity. hussein continues to put the rights of women and girls front and center if you see. more culture news now and do your designer might be a good as you acuity has been putting
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a feminist stamp on the parisian fashion house to your unveiled its new collection and a catwalk video staged at the palace the show was inspired by fairy tales but cutie says she's not obsessed with princesses and that women she has in mind aren't waiting for any prince. well he's been called the billy elliot of egypt now luka abdel nur is also the 1st dancer from his country to win a prize at the prestigious pleaded knows than competition the 17 year old says other kids at school bullied him for dancing ballet and now he hopes his success can encourage more people in the middle east to embrace the art form. the tony blair has have very different in different obstacles to overcome the brazilian ballet dancer was born with no arms now she's showing the world that a disability won't stop her not only can she dance her determination as made her a social media celebrity. 16 year old victoria bueno is
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a student at the ballet academy and sometimes. in brazil the fact that she doesn't have arms hasn't stopped her. family was a rather far from for me my arms are just a detail i dance and i follow with my eyes as if i had arms but there's no difficulty without i don't feel like i need them at all. they are all their own phone telling off how. the taria was born without arms yet she's been able to realize her dream of becoming a ballerina. her mother says that the only difficulties she's had have come from people in her small town in the state of minas share ice who treated for tortilla like a curiosity. also i thought she would go for a walk and people would pull up her sleeves to see that hurt me her disability scared me but it didn't hurt as much as people's attitudes especially for with. it
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was victoria's physical therapist who encouraged her to take up dance the strength balance and flexibility the young dancer has gained from ballet have given her crucial physical skills that allow her to have a great deal of independence. but after on the 5th for people with disabilities seeing me dance helps a lot they see that disabilities are just a detail we're much bigger than our disability so we have to chase our dreams. it seems many people are inspired by victoria's attitude she's already got 160000 followers on instagram. that's amazing balance maybe a few more followers well that is almost for this arts and culture but i'm going to leave now with a work at canadian rapper drake's new video shot and an aquarium and toronto star.
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it was rest ok and it's not like it was ok there is thanks ok we'll see if it's not a. hoax that it's ok ok ok. i'll make it a chase to date a little been taken a pain away on which give me a chain away this kind of like getting. cold.
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to go off. ghost town atmosphere means listless clay shaw from the. looks of guns and the mentalist finds sensible. non-stop excitement in the final match to. go. 30 minutes on d w. every journey begins with the 1st step and every language is the 1st word american cause . nico in germany. why not.
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t.w. . this is g w news live from berlin tonight no more wall of song lends credence royal family issues a statement about claims of racism palin says that the queen is saddened by the challenges faced by the same his wife meggan and the accusations of racism made by the couple they will be addressed in private not in public also coming out
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germany's conservative party's rabbi a scandal over facemask senior lawmakers caught up in controversy supplying pandemic protective.


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