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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  March 10, 2021 9:00am-9:31am CET

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this is news coming to you live from berlin calls for restraint fall flat in myanmar the military crackdown continues as pro-democracy protesters peak marching of the conference. council wrestles with how to respond to the hunter's use of force also coming up chile overtakes israel as the past is country in the world to vaccinate against kobe of 19 how did they do it. plus 2 german lawmakers are being
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investigated performed profiteering endemic with facemasks deal how damaging is this scandal to conservative alliance with national elections looming. and buckingham palace breaks its silence of her claims of racism by prince harry and his wife megan to clean house to address their grievances but in crime. hello i'm terry martin good to have you with us the u.n. security council has failed to agree on a statement that would have condemned the coup in myanmar instead the council called for military restraint following amendments by several countries including russia and china protesters are back out today in full force. these demonstrators
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in da way in the south of the country took to the streets despite a night of heightened police activity meanwhile 2 officials from the overthrown and l d party have died in police custody since monday police raids have also targeted independent journalists in recent days and revoked the silences the licenses of 5 media outlets . for more i'm joined by teens are surely a pro-democracy activist in the young dawn in myanmar thanks for being with us i understand you've been out demonstrating today you and the other protestors know that the army's prepared to use violence against you dozens have been killed how does that affect you. when the people are out on streets we have a mixed feeling the forces i know being a like what they could do to us they are if not you kid you know so this is the 1st family and the secular ways and go with the anger that they've been doing for so
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many years not just to ask their rules out before that in mind or so so many years so that we don't we have that mixed feeling fit into the end we decided to be tom i stay committed to the cost the revolution many off our com right they were they were being killed so we could end this momentum so that we decided to keep going out on the porch out on the street protesting it day to day basis. now you used the word revolution there do you believe that your protests and the civil disobedience going on in myanmar will lead to a reversal of the military coup. so right now you know for the 1st few weeks after the coup and it was more like an anti includes protest now one nice thing ask the right signal and also one that alan escalate we are so sure that we are going for a revolution not just one revolution we had doing. at rice and against the
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political. level as well as old doubtlessly adjoin kata revolution and political revolution so we don't think the military which as you know gave up what we have and may we have surrender you know we have to try it so that we have already make that does a show and our duty to us and our hearts i read it got caught you know 2 people going to maul old nava men so now they lead him haji is just home album and we are supporting that also they are in negotiation with the political dialogue with all of this by quarter inside the country without military this is a rare moment for us you don't think of all the military inclusion anymore so this is a democratic revolution yes i am is or was not says about democratic you know we have we are all markings together toward bedroll democratic nation so we are looking forward to draft
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a new constitution backend guarin democratic rights our basis rights and the federal rights all of the ethnic minority in the country so we all are now having political dialogue with iran and let's to make government and with the ethnic minorities she should. thank you very much thank you. sketch up on some of the other stories making headlines around the world today greece's prime minister has condemned protesters who attacked a police station with petrol bombs in the capital athens the violence erupted after thousands of people turned out to demonstrate against a video police officers beating a man over the weekend authorities are investigating the use of force in the video . the survey of young syrians living in exile in lebanon in germany has highlighted their personal losses in a decade of war half of the 18 to 25 year olds polled said they had friends or
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a family member who had been killed in the conflict or red cross report coincides with the 10th anniversary of the start of protests against president bashar al assad's rule. brazil has again reported a record number of daily coronavirus deaths on tuesday almost 2000 people died from causes related to cope in 19 as follows the country's deadliest week in the pandemic so far authorities are warning that health systems across brazil are on the brink of collapse. in the global race to vaccinate against covered 19 israel was for several weeks the fastest country but meanwhile another nation has overtaken it chile after a chaotic response at the start of the pandemic chile is now bearing the fruits of a well planned vaccination strategy that's down to the government's efforts to secure doses long before any vaccine was approved and to make the jobs easily accessible for. a quick hello temperature check and
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a hand disinfection then into the facts a nation sent in this school and some tiago now in passing classes a taking place so 50 to 60 year olds are getting their fast facts nation does have a few of the sixty's also i wonder in the last ones receiving their follow up dave says the pill since what the home grown says is why. greely well. chilean efficiency could be the reason we have x. 1000 people faster than in other countries. as if it. chile has a vaccinated a greater percentage of its population than most other countries in the world the government made vaccine deals with a number of different drug firms early last year here the beyond tech pfizer vaccine developed in germany and china signed of act vaccine are available the under going to lay so the government didn't just buy enough vaccine doses early on
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it also involved the health sector early to even before the vaccines arrive we have received detailed not collation plans and information than the i'm going to assume but if you it's not just schools that are serving as vaccination centers but parks too there's very little red tape and that's another reason for chile's vaccination success more than one in 5 have received at least the 1st. 2028 was the year of fear 2021 will be the year of. when the pandemic began the government's response was chaotic strict lockdowns came too late and when they did many people were forced to rely on food donations from charities. coronavirus cases soared among poor children. and in some neighborhoods residents protested against quarantine orders now chile's
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vaccination campaign is going so well it has given away tens of thousands of doses to poor and neighboring countries. we are among the world leaders in terms of vaccinations at least that some good news after all the bad were there were. more than 80 percent of the population in chile should be. native baiji. and here's a look at a few other developments in the coronavirus pandemic authorities in the state of ra just on in northern india have started limiting vaccinations to major hospitals due to a shortage of doses a committee of british lawmakers says england's test and trace system has not yet proven its worth and there is little evidence of its overall effectiveness the scheme cost almost $27000000000.00 euros and johnson and johnson has told the e.u. it's facing supply issues that may complicate plans to deliver 55000000 doses of
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vaccine to the block in the 2nd quarter of the year. for well here in germany a facemask procurement scandal has rocked the conservative political establishment a lawmaker from chancellor merkel seaview party is stepping over payments he received for brokering facemask deals for local authorities and another conservative member of parliament from the city used by ferry and sister party c.s.u. is quitting his parliamentary group following claims he made 600000 euros supplying asks for. what is being called the mask affair surfaced that the end of february when police searched the offices of georg newsline a member of parliament and prominent figure in the conservative party line is being probed for bribery he is thought to have accepted over 600000 euros biomass producer to lobby for its product but the affair doesn't stop here. a lawmaker
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with chancellor c.d.u. party admitted his company received $250000.00 euros to act as a mediator for mask purchases prosecutors are now carrying out an initial review of his case both newsline and noble have announced their the parcher from the conservative blocs parliamentary group but while luba resigned from parliament effective immediately plans to keep a seat for the opposition f.t.p. party this is not enough for their scrutiny is needed. clarity must be provided to the public millions of people fear for their existence and have seen their freedom restricted and the impression can't be that the few who want to do business from parliament using its letterhead are exploiting this crisis for their own benefit. also the sister parties c.d.u. and c a sue say they want to conduct a comprehensive investigation into such practices and introduce a code of conduct that would prevent them. i think we need to go
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a whole step further and make it clear. what is legally possible is not necessarily acceptable for us maybe we need a code of conduct that clearly states that it's not possible or acceptable under any circumstances to benefit financially from the already active role as a member of parliament. up your. scandal risk spattering macko c.d.u. party ahead of 2 important regional elections taking place on sunday in the states of by then 15 back and rhineland latin it recent polls have shown a dip in the party's numbers not good news for the seaview just 6 months before the country's parliamentary elections. political correspondent julia saw delhi is covering this story for she filed that report julia do we know whether these 2 parliamentarians from chancellor merkel's conservative block actually broke the law
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that is exactly what investigators are trying to find out what right now with their probe especially in terms of this line from the c.s.u. party they raided his offices a few weeks ago and they are trying to figure out whether the 6 over 600000 a year owes that his company made were actually. earned properly or whether it was money meant to promote him influencing politicians and the prosecutors have now also started an initial review of the case of nicholas noble to try to see if anything illegal happened in this case now we have to say is that parliamentarians in germany are allowed to have side jobs and they have to declare. earnings coming from these jobs but there are some gray areas and investigators are trying to find out whether these gray areas were used. or calling for new regulations to help prevent the kind of corruption suspected in these cases how much support is there
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for new rules. the c.s.u. c.d.u. parliamentary group itself has said that it wants to implement a new code of conduct for its parliamentarians a code of conduct that would only not not only state what is legal and not legal but what is acceptable for the party in terms of side jobs and the closeness between political activity and economic activity in terms of what a parliamentarians do there are also calls for us thank the name of a lobbying rules the leading government coalition has recently approved a new lobby register for companies to register with but i anti corruption groups and the s.p.d. itself a member of the coalition government coalition say it doesn't go far enough. well the corruption allegations are getting a lot of public attention up to only those concerning and he wants to remain in
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parliament until the end of the legislative period here's what some people are saying about him in his own constituency good sport. is about and i grew up in my job as a loser if you want i can't work there anymore i. was trying to cover up this whole thing just doesn't work. he actually did this one of them with 600000 euros then they were fooling us all. so surely how is all this affecting chancellor merkel's party the c.d.u. . it is a tricky moment for the party because it is a very important election year and already this sunday there are elections in 2. 2 regions here in germany and by the. latin that and we are seeing the c.d.u. numbers starting to tick down a little bit in. some polls say the c.d.u. was up to 10 percentage points behind the greens and in rhineland where the c.d.u.
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was leading it's now neck and neck with the s.p.d. the social democrats so it could be a tricky year if this affair carries on further jenny thank you very much for bringing us up to date there that was the w. political correspondent julie. you're watching t w news still to come tourists are still streaming to the island of zanzibar for some see inside and despite the threat of. the 1st the british royal family has responded to the damaging interview given by prince harry and his wife megan in a statement the queen said she takes their allegations of racism seriously millions have watched the interview now which has divided public opinion in the u.k. and around the world. buckingham palace broke it silence on the tell
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all interview a statement issued on behalf of the queen reads the whole family is saddened to learn the full extent of her challenging the last few years have been for her in macon the issues raised particularly that of race are concerning some recollections made very very taken very seriously and will be addressed by the family privately. the accusations that make and marco experienced racism after she joined the royal family have set off a heated debate in britain. it's a disgrace to be quite honest militia cheeky different because they're feeling the color of their skin aren't going. to get if they are and. how true how perfect and they were on the set of. my beach with the pick poorly. it was someone different in the royal family being makes race heritage myself. and all along.
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of our community black or white and indifferent so i'm not actually surprised about the interview i have the the truth was told and i think it was a long time coming allegations of racism towards macon are not new prince harry said in the interview that racist coverage from the tabloid press was a large part of why he in macon left the u.k. and moved to the us. the interview has ensured the couple are back on all the front pages but they say they wanted to share their side of the story. sports news now and in champions league football in the round of 16 bundesliga side door have drawn 22 with sylvia but vance to the quarter finals on aggregate after having won their 1st encounter young norwegian scoring machine erling holland
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netted both of dortmund's goals he's now scored in every champions league game he's appeared in this season also on tuesday porto have advanced to the quarterfinals even though they lost 32 to you bent as a result left them level on aggregate but porto go through by virtue of scoring more away goals. ernest's the end of an arrow for german football national coach york imler will step in after the summer's european championships the 61 year old ledger money to win the world cup in brazil but has been haunted by a string of defeats ever since. germany's 2014 world cup triumph was your can it's crowning glory. you'd already been in the job for 8 years at that point but decided to plow on in search of more success. 4 years later and the mood was very different as germany returned from the world
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cup in russia having been dumped out as holders in the group stage. fans were in shock but still live to continue more disappointing results followed. the 6 nail hammering by spain in the nation's league in november led to widespread calls for him to step down. had been due to stay until the 2022 world cup but ahead of qualifying games later in march he has suddenly decided to give clarity he has announced he will leave after the european championship for june. he will hold a press conference on thursday but in a statement said i am taking this step very consciously full of pride and with enormous gratitude but at the same time with an unbroken level of motivation as far as the euros are concerned. it's all different to the timing of his decision is
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good it means there won't be any speculation about contracts cheering the euros. now it means the decision has been taken and there is clarity and it could even give the team a boost knowing that it's the coach's last tournament and he'll want to make use of that of this blocking on the liverpool's german coach jurgen klopp has already. he ruled himself out of the running to replace live if that's the question we want to . weigh to before to top. beneteau total to german national team is almost nil the euros being postponed from last year because of the coronavirus means there is little time for a successor to stamp his off the on the team the cup kicks off in november next year let's see what do you recall if i. and other news russia and china's space agencies have unveiled plans to develop a lunar research station together they want to put their research facilities on the
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surface of the moon or in its orbit was once the forefront of space exploration but its efforts have been eclipsed by both china and the united states in recent years . and japan has decided to stage this year's tokyo olympics and paralympics without overseas spectators due to concern among the japanese public about kobe 19 the games are scheduled to start this year this july rather after being postponed for a year because of the pandemic. now for many travel loggers the pen demick has put their patients to the test most of the world has been under cobra 1000 restrictions but all the eastern african island of zanzibar it's been largely business as usual until last month the government treated the coronavirus as a nonexistent threat. journalists who've tried to report on cases have been banned but many locals welcomed the laissez faire attitude that keeps the tourist dollars
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rolling in. this is the legendary so who have to sacrifice of all and sons about. everyone's dancing to the hearts content tourists and locals to grab a chair racing to the beat of the bands. it's february 2021 russia in the middle of a pandemic yet convinced 19 seems to be far away from many here. i'm gentle i'd lock into friends came from russia this is already the 2nd time here on the island in just 2 months. the bottom a bottom there in the. wheat. i have. and that i know it'll be a free free her 2 yeah if not you know it's a pretty good way to bed bugs out i don't remember. a little bit about it was.
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the money zanzibar mean summer sun and the sea instead of tough restrictions tourism is encouraged as if everything's normal. charter flights mainly from russia and eastern europe land here regularly. sounds about as not one of this region of tanzania is president has been in denial about coronavirus for months since may of last year a number of cases are no longer made public. everything's under control according to the acting health minister of the island so far we've just been going on a very real. people coming and a better shot at getting through the stuff that's we've not had any cases that the government might must take this very serious. journalist to levels he begs to differ he says corona virus is spreading across the island because he reported on it he's been banned from practicing his profession for several months he says coronavirus has become a to do subject. we see so many people we see
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a lot of people dying. we do not there's a lot of guys was they can't bring up but with that we're not used to seeing someone who can't read properly or has a bad cold or what if you look at that then you can see that it's the same sentence as with colbert now townsite is easy. to see is demanding stricter measures to protect the people on zanzibar however he says the government wants to keep tourism running at any price because it's so important for the island. a lot of people like to a guide cassim 10100 i depended on terrorists for their livelihood he's happy he can our company a group from bulgaria. he's been working in the sector for 5 years and has even learned german for the many german tourists seized to come before the pandemic struck then for months there was hardly any work. that changed when the island promoted tourism again the 30 year old says at least he's earning money again to
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provide for his family he says he's not scared the tourists might bring coronavirus to the island. i think hunger is worse than corona. and if now tourists come back then people will stop that's why us. many people however i think irresponsibly says germans have been emigrated from zanzibar biggest tourism agency . she says that a huge black market a negative coronavirus certificates for tourists has been thriving on the arm and for quite a while. she's made sure her employees understand the disease and the tour buses everyone has to wear a face mask including the tourists. and others she says tourism is possible if you take the right protective measures that it's not travelling responsibly now that a pandemic has been around for everyone in the world should know what it is how the disease can spread and money can do to protect yourself they should think the fast month the 1st vice president of the diet of covert 19 according to his party that
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may have given pause to rethink things and date now authorities are asking people to wear masks and keep a safe distance. you're watching news from berlin our environmental program eco india is up next and of course you can always get all the news the information anytime you want on our website that's d.w. dot com i'm terry marshall thanks for watching.
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but india. will go around because you got safina building. because they may want to protect their environment like that.
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because i'm a lair in the nature and. the women are dealing in. the next deal. my country is one of the richest countries in latin america. my country is one of the most devastated countries in the world. my countrymen what has happened to. a small maker searches for answers venezuela the bitter legacy to hugo chavez. in 45 minutes on d w. children
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