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apparently there is a u.k. 1st clause in the contract with the car which then leads the president to conclude that effectively this is like an export ban. so it tells him to london is this that they're fucked about i think the government here in the u.k. would reject that essentially his how very hard it and he claims of an outright ban it was something that the prime minister boris johnson addressed in the house of commons and today he said he wished to correct the suggestion that the u.k. had blocks any vaccine exports he said he opposes any form of vaccine nationalism in all of its forms and we know as you said at the top of the show that the u.k. has summoned a senior diplomat over the if such is the the anger the allegations of an outright export ban but the fact is it is unclear at this stage what the exports from the astra zeneca produced here are out of the e.u. out of the u.k. but i'm sure the u.k.
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would point to the fact that it is a major contributor to copaxone scheme designed to supply a poor countries with vaccines it would point to the hundreds of millions of pounds that it is donated to that scheme coming out very strongly against the allegations go but it's in brussels i britain has had a very successful vaccination drive and polls across the europe show people are deeply dissatisfied with a you efforts this has the look of a destruction tactic from brussels. look for the brussels as ministration here and for the institution still deeply frustrating the e.u. as in many cases is blamed for all the decisions sometimes wrong decisions that member states have taken like administering the 2nd dose in exactly the time recommended and not prolonging that time for instance while they at the same time have to take down swallowed all the strategic criticism that comes their way while
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at the same time they see the u.k. basically other government there from the perspective of brussels exploiting this scenario to say look we voted for breakfast and that was the right way to go a national way we're very successful with our scheme here and having said that another thing that comes in for for brussels of course is the fact that not since as the numbers have shown out of this transparency mechanism you know 9000000 vaccine doses have left the e.u. as off february 1st towards the u.k. . and shall attempt has the u.k. government exploited this vaccination success using it to justify breck's it or is just doing a better job. well that this narrative senate could be seen to play into the hands of the prime minister barak's jonson this suggestion that because the u.k. is now going it alone that it is ahead there are certainly been a lot of reports in newspapers describing the vaccine's rollout as failed and
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upholding the way it's been done in the u.k. but there are a number of differing factors in the roll out between the u.k. and the e.u. the u.k. deciding for example to leave up to 12 weeks between doses that's been a factor in the speed of its a rollout also the fact that it approved by the find that and the oaks would vaccines but there is little doubt that the u.k. vaccine rollout has been just a cold feet i mean over one in 3 adults now is receive the dose of the vaccine it is something that is is being celebrated here in the u.k. particularly given the heavy toll that the current virus has. has taken here in the u.k. and the extremely high death toll that people have suffered here ok thank you for that. one shot shells and pill in london masses in brussels as me in my west acuity forces have raided a neighborhood in young dawn that houses railway workers who've been striking in
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protest of last month's military can the new government has been cracking down with increasing force using tear gas water cannon live rounds against protesters across the country united nations security council has called for military restraint but at least 60 people have been killed and more than 2000 to arrested. the moment any member of the overthrown political party dreads c.c.t.v. catches security forces as they pull up and rush into the house of john maher of the national league for democracy party he's a former volunteer guard for ousted leader aung sang suu kyi. john meagher in his white t. shirt is pulled from the home and pushed into a waiting vehicle as more assault weapon wielding forces move in to get in on the moment. such arrests have not slowed activism in me and mar this in da way in the southeast where a protest turned into
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a sit down with makeshift barricades at either end. another sit down protest in the northern city of mandalay so engineering students figure a way to keep police at bay using bricks turned vertically in the roadway the strategy is for quick hit gatherings and then a retreat to avoid security forces. and in mandalay police again arrived with a vengeance slowed perhaps by the bricks. but the sound of armaments can be heard as yet again protesters make a run for it avoiding arrest or much worse at the hands of security forces. security forces like those who took john maher but now detained a member of the overthrown and l.d. party armed personnel snapped pictures and got set to drive off with their detainee
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who is no doubt aware that 2 fellow party members have died in police custody in recent days the troops also found the keys to john maher's vehicle and decided to take it into custody as well. as take a look at some of the other stories making news around the world will start in brazil where the former president. has criticized the government's handling of the coronavirus pandemic and also criticize the state of the economy and key policy has made the comments and that his 1st official appearance since. charges were cost i'm brazil's supreme court on the weekend. russia's media watchdog says it is slowing the speed of uploading content to twitter accusing the social media platform of failing to remove $3000.00 posts containing bando illegal content the kremlin has been crump clamping down on social media sites over recent months hosting content supporting the jailed opposition figure alexina valley for
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a state of emergency has been declared in hawaii after heavy rain caused flooding and landslides where it came after a dam overflowed on your home in the maui forcing evacuations and destroying homes officials say the dam which edgel to be removed base year because of its poor condition. and the european union at the parliament is debating whether to take a stand against homophobic hatred of members of parliament or will consider a resolution declaring the bloc an l g b t i q freedom zone it's a rebuke to member states like poland where dozens of towns have declared themselves l g b t free zones hungary under president under prime minister viktor has amended its constitution to limit the definition of family to heterosexual partnerships and banned same sex adoptions members of the european parliament who drafted the resolution have called on the commission to urgently address violations of the fundamental rights of sexual minorities. evelyn para d. he is the executive director of io ga europe that's
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a non-governmental organization that advocates for human rights and equality for l g b t people welcome to day to you do you see a resolution like this doing any good. well it's an important message of support certainly for. people across the european union and beyond and it's certainly a lot of all ambition but for us the such a resolution should be the moment to actually draw attention to everything that is still to be done because well the resolution that the parliament is debating today calls for the e.u. to be an l g b t i.q. freedom zone we know that in reality we're far from it but just on the point that it's something is it not something of an empty gesture when you have countries like hungry and poland treating gay people in such
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a disgraceful way. well it will be an empty gesture if it's not accompanied by action i think action on many fronts action on the fronts of the european union and the european commission it certainly there is a solid ground when it comes the european commission which adopted back in the very for its 1st ever ltd i q equality strategy so there's an action a very strong action fund there to implement over the next 5 years. this so there is a promise of action but there is certainly so much more that needs to be done both by the european parliament the commission and certainly by each of the e.u. member states when our organization is works closely day in and day out with with. organizations across the the e.u. and beyond and what we've documented. just in the last year is
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a strong start crying hatred and abuse including online certainly a very marked very high vulnerability of all to b.t.i. people and communities in the come to context of the pandemic and that is not even talking about all of the gaps that still exist when it comes to legally protecting the human rights of algae b.t.i. people so so. so we do see this resolution as just a moment to remind ourselves and remind everyone of just how much there is still done to me that ambition of creating a freedom zone i mentioned countries like poland and hungary where it's dangerous to be gay or trance or into sex and how dangerous is it for for these people in these countries. oh on it on a daily basis it's a real struggle for for lesbians for gays for transfer intersex people for bisexuals it's it's a matter of feeling safe or unsafe just walking down the streets it's almost
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better now to say just how how people shy away from even showing that they they are in couples. people being especially people who are politically active that have been the number of reports of receiving threats of all sorts including death threats for of people who are active politically as has gone. quite up in the last few years so it's it's very serious it's very serious it's not just political hate hate speech that stays you know a matter of speech and it creates a very toxic atmosphere which is which is actually giving permission to people i think. to express their homophobic violence and if i may i think we're it's a lot of attention has been rightly put on poland and hungary but just were based
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here in brussels and just this weekend there was a murder of another man which is is now really assessed as being a homophobic crime. so it's everywhere really on europe that work has to be done thank you so much for joining us evelyn parody from algeria and your my pleasure. but sets you up to date on other top off me. that there's also a war on me of course i noticed now i've read that. the fight against the coronavirus pandemic. has the rate of infection in developing what does the latest research say. information and contacts the coronavirus update coming. on t w. a little guys this is the 77
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percent is the platform for this new t.v. shoes. i know we're not quite. young people did we have the solution good few jobs. 77 percent now games on d w o. a return to normality surely that's possible with so many vaccines and with so many people having recovered from covert and immunity passport could solve that china has launched one so has israel and chile. other countries are reluctant they say the passports could lull us into
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a false sense of security order by society into the haves and have nots. there's a lot to take into account when it comes to a health passport or the digital version which sounds practical but not everyone's got a mobile phone plus vaccinated people may still spread the disease and not everyone can get the jap then there's the dilemma of data protection identity theft and international human rights we'll talk to a lawyer about that in a moment 1st this report from g.w. steiger came out in israel. since september classes at this television studio have been held online because of the pandemic now people can attend again and christen but only those who hold a green pass the pass issued by israel a serious tree of hers is given only to vaccinated people or those recovered from cars at 90 so it's an amazing feeling and everyone is vaccinated
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so there's no fear and it feels slight and apparently we are broadcasting the classes that are taking place here we are broadcasting them home for people who still did not vaccinate like israel for the east restrictions after prolonged lockdown malls museums and stores have been opened for all but jim so close cultural and sports events will be made accessible to create pass holders. israel is one of the 1st countries trying to get life back to normal opening up has also opened a debate over a variety of legal and moral questions of limiting personal liberties as there are some one not rushing to get the vaccine we are limiting few people and i believe this is balance we are not doing that for good you can really enjoy a cultural life you will enjoy gold you will enjoy you know going to the gym but in
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this time of the temporary base on the short term we will let all of people being vaccinated all we covered for corona to have the green peppers it remains unclear whether international travel could also billing to the green pass for now israel's ben gurion airport will remain closed to keep virus variants at bay. traveling is not yet on the mind of this group or film term friends and 2 recent every age between 84 and 95 they had to play their favorite chinese board game are shown online for the past year after their vaccinations they feel safe again to meet i feel like at this point i am free i mean just to be able to talk to people you know and it's wonderful very nice to see everybody's
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ok and remain pretty healthy throughout the year but very lonely and. it really is a wonderful feeling it's a 1st but cautious step back to some kind of normality. and of a new scheme is an associate professor of law at the university of exeter a research focuses on human rights digital lore and data protection so are immunity passports in general a good or a bad idea what do you reckon. well little part or a thing general they may contribute to the long term management of the been there make for example by facilitating return to travel to war of the large sports events but at the same time they even though we can say that it's good news that governments and in new or institutions are looking at considering this passports at the same time they should be clear that they pose
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a number of questions to the protection privacy it and human rights and that these questions should be taken into consideration so it would be a good idea to have these digital help us for it in so far as governments and new leaders consider these issues and put forward a clear framework clear guidelines and the road map for how we are going to implement this digital health boards in the coming months what are the concrete risks i mean how difficult could something like this make life for someone who isn't healthy for example. let me into an example that may illustrate that so if we think about a vaccine bust or to a covert passports that would start to be required by of thor it is to excise public spaces and private spaces based on diet some people would be able to move
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freely right that would be the case of those that would have been vaccinated or those that would have tested negative for cold feet. but on the other hand we would have people that would not have access to these places at and if they cannot prove they if they cannot have access to the vaccines and if they cannot have access to tests they cannot prove their health status and therefore they would have their freedoms and rights to fight to restrict it so that could be the case for example of pregnant women for who is not yet considered safe to get a vaccine and know if reimagined that a woman that is pregnant that cannot be vaccinated cannot also afford to pay for a test at an airport for example before traveling well in that case or she would be excluded from a variety of places and that's can be quite considerable especially if we think about big caves of progress on women's rights that we have achieved and that's made
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being a put into question in the case of population of these. boards in a way that is not compatible with their rights so that's why we need to have a system in place and we need governments to think about this the employment of the deployment of this test and the next in nations that would inform the digital help us courts in a clear way and thought through so that we don't incur this type of risks so what should governments do to ensure that these passports are safe and nondiscriminatory. i believe that 3 main points here 1st that they should limit the purpose of using this tool so that that's called sunset clause it's right to limiting that to the use it during the pandemic or not going beyond that then the secondly there are they play action on purpose the considerations that should be
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taken into account and that should be beauty into the zine of these tools for example even if people consented to have their they stored and collected and purpose for this uses they should. be in the design that the function should still being the design of this or that and thirdly there is questions of accessibility and affordability of the tests and the vaccines that should be available to all before any deployment of these 2 and if it is to be joining us from the exit england thank you very much thank you. and for more on vaccines let's get you over to our science correspondent eric williams he's been looking at your questions that you've been sending us now he just channel. once you get the vaccine how long does it take to actually walk. this depends on a few different things like which vaccine you receive whether one or 2 doses are
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involved how old you are and other health factors and when you say how long does it take to work i'd say you can't really put it that way since an immune response isn't an on off switch but it's more of a sliding scale that grows steadily more reliable over the short to medium term on the other hand that vaccine induced immune response might also tail off and grow weaker over the long term we haven't been giving kobe 1000 back seems to people long enough to know how long lasting their effects will be might turn out that you for instance need a booster shot somewhere down the road to remind your body that the disease is still out there and still a danger all that said there are some general guidelines that deserve a mention the most obvious is that getting the 1st dose of
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a vaccine doesn't mean it's time to rip off your mask and party all vaccines at least a couple of weeks to bring the 1st measurable preventive effects that's how long the immune system needs to begin mounting an effective response to a new pathogen and before you receive the 2nd dose from the 2 those that seeing you won't have the full blown protection promised by trials that's because of the 1st dose puts the immune system on a word while the 2nd one kind of kicks it up a gear so for example a new study has shown that the pfizer by. on tech vaccine was about 70 percent effective at preventing symptomatic infection starting 3 weeks after the 1st dose which is when you're supposed to get the 2nd one that then boosts effectiveness to over 90 percent within the next couple of weeks all in all that therefore takes over
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a month to reach the full protection provided by that vaccine others take a similar amount of time to unfold their full potential. eric williams there and finally some good news gibraltar says it's coming out of lockdown after the success of its vaccination campaign covert has killed 93 people in the british territory of the southern tip of spain but the rapid supply of vaccine doses from the u.k. has helped turn things around gibraltar now says it's on track to complete vaccination by the end of the month for both residents and commuters from spain is what some of them had to say. you know right now a couple of months ago having stepped foot in spain so it's a big part of our lives the scrabble board all know there's a new series each week and songs will. travel around looking for the most of. you don't feel very comfortable going to hold the fact that it's. not everybody has
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their accent. you know that make it it. was up there to welcome you were going to say i missed having coffee with friends i was speaking to my french during nap time and saying i'm sorry but i have to you can hear again i open the fridge eat something go back to the couch you can have your cake and eat it too thanks for watching stay safe and i'll see you again soon about so far.
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i'm secure in the fire more not hard and in the end is a me you're not allowed to stay here anymore we will send you back. are you familiar with this. with the smugglers we're alliance of. what's your story.
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'd on what numbers of women especially of victims of violence. take part and send us your story we are trying always to understand this new culture. or you are not a visitor not a guest you want to become a citizen. in for migrants your platform for reliable information. this is d w news africa coming up on the program a brutal weapon of war rape survivors in ethiopia the conflict hit to cry reagent seek help out of a ordeals. i was left inside in my home once and then they were people not the mother of 3 soldiers raped me.
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