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professor massa tertiary yamashita got to know mrs fucci she and his son said syria had been subjected to radiation when the us detonated an atomic bomb of a nagasaki said syria was irradiated a 2nd time in 954 he was one of the fisherman near bikini atoll the 2 are buried next to each other in the cemetery. but. we were. so. lucky i mean. to name a new comer. most of. he took his own life out at sea he was 27 years old. however he wasn't a member of the crew on the dicho for 2. we had thought that was the only boat
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exposed to radiation at bikini atoll. that's what they taught us at school but it wasn't true. we were shocked to discover that apart from the tiger for career model there were many other boats near the atoll at the time. you started to do some research he and his students looked for fishermen who had been at sea near bikini asshole in 954. they handed out questionnaires in and around the fishing port of call and got almost $300.00 replies. the result came as a shock but the fisherman told and his students directly contradicted the official version of events when the us conducted its nuclear weapons test on bikini atoll the diago for could do was just one of many japanese fishing boats subjected to radiation. is still the best known and is now on display in
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its own museum in tokyo. but it is only the tip of the iceberg in fact some $700.00 fishing boats experienced the same thing only a bikini asshole in addition to $23.00 men on board the di eager for corio man who several 1000 other fishermen were also exposed to the radiation the japanese government has never publicly acknowledged or identified them or offered them any compensation. and we had no idea that a nuclear bomb was going to be tested there. we only heard about it after we got back to port in japan more. canada then they are only to make the army war college we had enough drinking water on board but we used sea water to wash the car we thought of the need to get up our my master the winds were very strong and
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the waves were huge and if so we were often soaked through many months although of it in a. bikini you are under 30 and their culture with them that you need for a while we were at bikini atoll for 40 or $45.00 days or canyon to. see what are. the who can see they are 40 very we got no information and no instructions from the government. no one said we should avoid the area because of nuclear testing. for a day we often went back there to fish later on. of course we also ate fish 3 times a day. including the entrails are still there and we later learned that the entrails get contaminated 1st you don't think any. of them
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started out. in maine 1542 months after the day go for quality of my rule returned to port a research vessel set sail its departure was carefully staged with a cheering crowd i'm sure. the japanese government sent this whole cult so much who to take measurements at bikini atoll and met the spread of radiation. his samples were taken 1st day sions and fished. sectored and scanned many many festive high levels of radioactivity especially tuna to name travel long distances contaminated specimens were found far from the atoll. radiation levels were also tested in fishing ports in japan. engineers and white gloves examined large numbers
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of fish with their geiger counters. this mess up reveals the geographical extent of the disaster the red dots mark where contaminated fish were caught the affected area was much larger than the dangerous zone demarcated by the united states it encompassed much of the philippines taiwan and japan. the authorities said contaminated fish could not be eaten entire catches with dumped into the sea the financial losses were huge markets suddenly had no fish to sell people were scared of the radiation and of shortages of a dietary staple it was an unprecedented crisis. the fishermen demanded compensation from the government in the meantime the u.s.
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continue testing nuclear bombs at bikini atoll. japan saw mass demonstrations against nuclear weapons. radiation fallout came to be known as sheen or high the ashes of death. the n.t. nuclear movement was gaining support fast and the united states was getting worried . this was after all in the middle of the cold war. if japan were to fall under soviet domination again for communism want. to prevent this possibility. a strong well defended your plan is vitally important and necessary. in early december 954 a new government was installed in japan the us played a part in the under some of the 10th convicted war criminals and politicians who had served the militaristic regime before 945 were rehabilitated.
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under some of the 27 the new foreign minister. appealed to the united states for $2000000.00 the money was to pay off and silence the fisherman at the same time many former high ranking officers were released from prison on parole demilitarised after world war $2.00 japan was to have an army again the u.s. launched a propaganda campaign in japan extolling the virtues of atomic energy both disney was commissioned to make a series of cartoon film starring the asem as something amazing. the atomic age was born purely the superpower which mariner released from within the adams mark is not one but many giant. one is the warrior the
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destroyer another is engineers seeking to provide quantities of energy to run the world machine. in 1955 the american traveling exhibition atoms for peace was shown in more than 20 cities in japan including hiroshima and nagasaki as the u.s. and the soviet union embarked on their decades long nuclear arms race more than a 1000000 people visited the exhibition marveling at the many peaceful uses of nuclear technology. the dead tell no tales and so. the silence of the grave descended over the horrors of hiroshima and nagasaki the suffering of the survivors was focus in the tragedy of the fisherman harmed by radiation at bikini atoll was found in no history books . intense propaganda on behalf of our friend the asem drowned
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out attempts to commemorate the victims of atomic mind. radioactivity is a physical phenomenon that can both kill and cure. it was discovered by early because they and further research by pierre and murphy. killie's with the 1st to use the term radioactivity in order to describe certain properties of the element radium which they had just discovered. we should secure that you're not going to poison. this excess of radium in the early 20th century had mainly to do with its use in medicine it was above all the curies and in particular pierre curie you advance to the research there are no. henry back around one forgot some radium in powder form in his waistcoat pocket for
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a few hours he then said to pierre curie how there's a burn on my skin exactly where the packet of radium had been arguing yes what will appear to you he. voted for more simply so q.e. himself titus sashay with radium salts to his left forearm if i kind of burn appeared there too and it left a scar you. 8901 becker ellen curie published an article in which they described how radium rays cause skin burns you don't really deep soft ball you. no you know if you get more back the same time industries started to get interested in the fact that radium glows in the dark well it was marie curie who had observed this shortly after the discovery of radium. she wrote about the pretty bluish light of.
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radiance capacity to glow was soon harnessed to make luminous paint that enable one to see in the dark even unison committed to. do this story of the radium girls is one of the 1st known cases of cancer caused by ionising radiation should these young women and girls painted the faces of watches and alarm clocks with the radioactive luminous paint of a point you they were told to use their lips to create a narrative to their brushes so they could paint fine lines you see it's easier and faster. they did that and of course these particles of radium would stick to their lips
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which caused an otherwise very rare kind of cheema of the job on the chimneys were enormous the girls had been poisoned by the radium you know and the consequence was middle area pleasure so what that means is that they're burned which produces red and white blood cells and platelets stopped working and it killed the. old ones in $92075.00 of the women sued their employer the united states radium corp it was clear that the company knew about the danger because the engineers in charge of the girls had taken measures to protect themselves. and their case never made it to trial. there was an out of court settlement instead. as so waffen in the united states the matter was sorted out with a bit of money because the women were poor they and their families said good it's
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better than nothing we'll take the cash and keep quiet like to see you going on the overconcern you westerdale. up you feel like you don't get to see the pierre curie died in 1906 in a traffic accident much later in 1905 when he was to be repaired in the pantheon he was exude when his coffin was opened a cloud of radon a skate showing just how contaminated he had been like with me if he hadn't died in an accident it's clear he would eventually have died as a result of the radiation exposure just as marie curie did it because it also does you are the shrink you know it was she.
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women men and children were photographed and filmed from all sides shortly after the allied occupation of japan in 1945 the united states undertook a large scale medical investigation into the survivors of hiroshima and nagasaki they wanted to see what effect the atomic bombs had had especially barratry was established to analyze the impact of radioactivity on the body note it was a lab and not a hospital it offered no treatment to the survivors they were only observed and studied the victims were downgraded to guinea pigs. these file cards bearing handwritten annotations represent irradiated. jewels and their elements. it's a horrendous archive of cruelty and immorality coolly registering skin diseases
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detached retinas menstrual irregularities hair loss in media to miss diarrhea and vomiting among many other illnesses and death the data was not published either in japan or the united states. in 1946 the united states launched a series of nuclear weapon tests. one aim was to study the effects of radiation on troops military equipment and the environment the program continued into the 1960 s. . in operation hard tack and 958 and i went through 28 different comic weapons testings. operation hard tack included high altitude and
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underwater detonations at sites in and around the marshall islands the 1st took place on april the 28th and the last on august the 18th $958.00 they were 35 tests in a c 3 days. one of them was a caldwell brother shot. with a big boom and the other broke through and there was a ship certain out there and it just kind of broke up broke into and looked like a little toy flying through the air we were sideways to the to the playa now this aircraft carrier. and when they're here or she have a current all around like a piece of 10 fold and it rolled $49.00 degrees out everybody thought we were going over going over. i had a worse doubt system go on but i think the worst down system was just put radiated water back on the ship from there and when i was down in
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a in the elevator pit there they came around with a geiger counters and they said get your butt out of there it's really radiated it's hot down there so i got out of there and i had to go to the decontamination station take off all your clothes and shower and check your fingernails geiger counters. it was called the teak shot they were all named after trees and when they went off with your back turned it was it was hard enough to scorch the back of my uniform you had to put your arms and hands over your eyes you could see the bones in your eyes. and you could see the bones and the guy in front of you if you looked into there.
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after the. radiated 3 times the monday and a whole bunch of really got sick and sick bay they just it all there's a little bit of flu going around here down don't worry about it and they give you what they call apc's all purpose capsules think with aspirin they told us there was no risk there you were close and you didn't have enough radiation the cause you need these days or anything like that or any harm. there was low level radiation. you just press of a. nerve it will go away. the u.s. military consistently downplayed the effects of the radiation on its personnel. much like the leadership of the soviet union which in 1986 sent in teams equipped with nothing more than cup of filter guess masks and lead vests to clear away de
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brézé in the radioactive hell of to nobble. before long these men were known simply as the liquidated. see. when we look at these images nowadays they only convey a vague impression of what happened it's like watching a movie chernobyl was an enormous problem because nobody had imagined that an accident at a reactor could take on the dimensions of a nuclear war. and it was like nuclear war the radiation and fallout was equivalent to dropping 500 atomic bombs it was immense you can see the united nations report said 50 people died as a direct result and estimated there would be 4000 cases of cancer that would mean chernobyl killed if you were people that died in road accidents across the band u.s.s.r. in a single day today more than 80 percent of all children in belarus are believed to
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be sick in fact the true figure is closer to 90 percent for chernobyl the rate of illness was more like the 15 or 20 percent adults also manifest a greater vulnerability to disease they get sick more easily and more often today's adults were the sick children of chernobyl now they are the sick adults of chernobyl. the population of dello russo is shrinking the ratio of deaths to births has doubled before chernobyl there were 60 deaths per $100.00 births and valorous now it's $120.00 deaths per $100.00 births that's a fact the population is getting sicker and sicker but there is no acknowledgement that that's caused by radiation yet there are extremely disturbing cases in late 2017 at a school in minsky's 2 children suffered heart attacks within a few days of each other out of the blue if you 210 year old girls died.
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when the uniform is still for there's no information as to the causes at least not yet but as far as i know the government responded to these deaths by instituting mass screenings of children full to identify those at risk. is this because you need congenital defects play a major role. during the development of a heart and a fetus radiation can lead to valid disorders of me with that can cause arrhythmia and many other kinds of heart disease we call. should. be among the chernobyl liquidators the most common cause of death has been heart attack so that suggests a direct link between radiation and disease may be. the focus seems to have 2011 and the ensuing radioactive contamination of the ocean gave renewed impetus to the demands of the fisherman hummed at bikini asil must
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have received his research. the slogan booking the nuclear disaster at booker shima gave us a jolt we mustn't ignore these things called what exactly happened at bikini atoll has still not been established if we just accept that there's a risk that that will be the case with books as well. or the theory will move through. really means you can know what are the must stop i stopped thinking about what happened that bikini atoll phone. call then in 2014 i read in the newspaper about claims for damages against the japanese state because of what happened there. are now a new flu. so i started to study the matter and look for other people who had been affected so we could talk about it. i know.
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it's outrageous how the state has dealt with us. the japanese state has not treated us like citizens it has withheld documentation from the public for 60 years. according to. the law this is what the fisheries agency published in february 25th teen. and gave to the members of parliament. all 95 pages have been redacted. for. the. it's all blacked out and it's totally useless. to simply grotesque with.
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we have drawn attention to the fact that the government has tried to suppress the content of official documents so that's a serious offense to the builders or george. marshall. in 201545 japanese fisherman who had been subjected to radiation at bikini atoll 6 decades earlier filed suit against the japanese state for withholding relevant records they demanded financial compensation for their medical expenses they want the truth to be told. i am hoping for a positive outcome that i can soon share with my former colleagues. we were abandoned by the state it failed to protect us mr tague.
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kim in this. struggle we mustn't give up we must think of the people in fukushima and not leave them in the lurch time may be passing but we still need to attain clarity. today nearly 30 lawsuits are pending in focus sima the central issue is the rights of children who are still being exposed to radiation and all the risk that entails . to transpose up particularly susceptible to damage. the plaintiffs are demanding that children be relocated so they can grow up in a place free of radioactive contamination. they accuse the government and the local authorities in fukushima of exposing their
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children to danger through negligence and willfulness information. on here in this. on the number of cases of clyro a cancer in children has risen steadily but according to some experts that is not necessarily a result of exposure to radiation this. post is such was continue. so so that i just greening is conducted every 2 years many children were diagnosed with the disease at the 1st screening 2 years later the number should have been lower but it wasn't there were 71 new cases you can't explain that away with statistics screening of the most intimate again. these blue and grey turned contain more than a 1000000 tons of contaminated water. the water used to cool the.
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the act is in fukushima immediately becomes highly radioactive the tanks will all be full sometime next year. the government has said it was considering releasing the water into the sea. when you come up to look into it if you're going to come out of court or munich stay there my has a feeling the politicians want everything that has to do with the disaster to be a race and they are carrying on as if nothing happened we must remain alert to the danger to our country otherwise we are all lost. their. lives.
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are we about to run dry. no water no night. water is very big business and it's getting at us gas and. what do we have to do not to and out high and dry. do we have to rethink the water industry. made sure it. can spawn d.w.
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. into the conflict zone to sebastian germany's your life's policy is all of us felt like these days after sessions of national business is a little streams of gas deal with moscow flushes a system is soft on charge my guess is we can vote is the question democrats and others asked me if this is government's policy to just feeling lives. in favor of business conflicts. 90 minutes on d w. every day counts for us and for our planet. moving lighting this is on its way to bring you more conservation of. how do we make cities remark how can we protect habitats what to do with all our waste.
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we can make a difference by choosing smart new solutions overstrained city don't worry soon. glueing to those who do limited series including 3 goals and only do w. and online. this is day w news and these are our top stories british prime minister boris johnson has denied that his government banned the export of covert 1000 vaccines to the european union he told british lawmakers that he opposes vaccine nationalism in all forms johnson made the statement after european council president shot in the shadow accuse the u.k. of imposing an export ban. former brazilian president and the reason i would do that to silva has slammed president also narrow and.


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