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this is d w news live from for lend serious charges against me on mars military from the un special rapporteur. to be growing at the dish a new more military led by the same. is now engaged crimes against children. he adds the crimes against protesters include murder torture and forced
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disappearances it's also coming up a scandal is growing in germany as senior members of angela merkel's parliamentary party are forced to resign over allegations they have been profiteering from the pandemic. i'm sorry kelly welcome to the program a severe indictment from the u.n. human rights investigator on me on maher who says the new military regime is likely committing crimes against humanity with its deadly crackdown on people protesting last month's special rubber tour tom andrews told the un human rights council that the military junta have murdered at least 70 people and that more than 2000 have been unlawfully detained is calling for sanctions against the country's military leaders. as of this moment credible reports indicate that mean more security forces
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had murdered at least 70 people that a president those murdered were fathers sons mothers daughters husbands and wives you were educators they were engineers they were students they were many ages but more than half of those murdered were members of generation c. or young people under the age of 25. better president the country of need more is being controlled by a murderous illegal regime its current leadership perpetuated the atrocity crimes that are the focus of the charge of genocide before the international criminal court of justice and that was the un special robert tort to me on maher tom enders speaking earlier his comments follow news that 9 protesters were killed by security forces on thursday leaving more families mourning the loss of loved ones. she has a son is 2 months pregnant and a husband who is determined to join protesters on the streets of me and not. only
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do he goes to the protest every day even though i ask him not to. do a little i told him there be trouble if something happens because we have a child and another baby on the way. to go and i can't stop any money out i knew that i might fus children would be raised without a father or husband chipman 3rd shot dead by security forces at a yangon protest. i think you know downer and he said it's worth dying for now i know he's worried about people not joining the protests. if so democracy won't return to the country he's worried about democracy now what that he's passed away. from the violence isn't slowing down and me and my. peaceful protests are met with the issues for oppression and war rights group amnesty international is calling
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a killing spree. more protesters were killed across the country on thursday the bloodshed not intimidating voters at the demonstrations. my lot in iraq we protest peacefully but they crack down on us violently got it it's ok the more they crack down the stronger the revolution is we will continue until we win something now that. the protests started last month in response to the military seizing power and detaining civilian leader aung sun suu kyi. the ruling you into made their most serious allegations against her to date without evidence they claim suit she took illegal payments of $600000.00 u.s. dollars and gold and pay from her party denied the allegations. the military also reiterated that they will remain in power until the new elections are held but haven't offered a date that isn't good enough for the protesters who are valid to continue their
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demonstrations that matter the cost. of spring in journalists and knock him send his joining us from young gone enter tell us we just heard strong words from the un special rapporteur torque using the military of murder torture forced disappearances crimes against humanity is that what we are witnessing right now in me anwar. yeah i think he built a really strong case for that like he said we're we're seeing a pretty systematic coordinated widespread use of murdering peaceful protesters torturing people in detention and. it seems to be coming from italy orders straight from the top so i think he made a good case that we are likely seeing crimes against humanity you know the military for its part says that force is only used where necessary the protesters however seem to have been on armed so i mean you know what is everybody making of the
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military's defense of itself yeah i mean i just think that it's being dishonest we've seen the military shoot on our teenagers in the head at peaceful protest so i think we can't really trust their word they've told us all kinds of things that aren't true like that there's some 3rd party killing protesters from the shadows so yeah in this case a i just don't believe that they're being honest. meantime we have the country's former civilian leader aung sang suu kyi she is now facing new charges they are alleging that back in 20172800 she was illegally given 600000 dollars in gold bars by a political ally how significant are these charges and and what could they mean for her and for the pro-democracy movement in the country.
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yeah these charges are a big deal previously she had been charged for violating code restrictions for illegally importing walkie talkies we got always felt like these were placeholder charges all the military tried to figure out something more serious and it seems like this is what they've decided to go with we've seen high ranking government officials sentenced to as much as 30 years in jail for corruption charges so it really feels like the military is hoping to use these accusations to permanently sideline i'm suchi from politics. and we've also had the military saying that they will hold elections soon is anyone buying not. i think. most people think the military might not hold the elections at all there's also kind of if they do hold the elections very little faith that those elections will be free and fair i think at the very least they don't do you would be totally
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barred from participating in the elections and you might see the end of the bard and the elections breakdown top of that anyway journalist andrew napkins and joining us with the view from downtown thank you. thanks let's get you up to speed with some other stories making news around the world to the king of the nation in south africa goodwill when the heaney has died at the age of 72 he had been receiving hospital treatment for diabetes and influential leader for millions of zulus he assumed to the largely ceremonial and spiritual role with the death of his father in 1701. u.s. president joe biden has updated his pandemic strategy saying that there will now be enough vaccine for all adults in the country by the end of may that's months earlier than originally anticipated biden said the u.s. could safely celebrate the july 4th holiday in small groups if people get
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vaccinated when they can. on more now on growing corruption in germany a scandal that could have serious repr questions for angela merkel's conservatives 3 members of her parliamentary party have resigned in the past week after allegations that they misused their positions as members of parliament to make money to are accused of profiteering from the pandemic another is said to have exploited links to a foreign country to enrich himself. lupul newsline helped to mount 3 resignations in 3 days all by members of the bundestag from angela merkel's conservative block in each case claims of corruption have forced them to step down nicolas lube and line face allegations they lobbied for companies to get supply contracts coronavirus facemasks liberal has admitted his firm received 250000 euros for such help their resignations prompted this stern warning from the c.d.u.
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party leader. i don't know if there are other such cases i couldn't have imagined a case like the one involving little but if there are come clean now or we will take action. on thursday that call was answered by christian democrat mark helped a month according to reports in dish beagle the accusations against him relate to tourism advertisement for azerbaijan in a newspaper he publishes hauptmann denies receiving money or allowing such business activities to influence his actions as a politician but conservatives are promising they'll clean things up. you know. we need to go a whole step further and make it clear that what is legally possible is not necessarily acceptable for us we need a code of conduct that clearly states that it's not possible or acceptable under any circumstances to benefit financially from ditties that members of parliament
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carry out as part of their job. up to your seat the allegations of sleaze have forced the cd you want to the defensive health minister against bon has felt the need to publish the names of all bundestag members who spoke with his ministry about the provision of protective masks. and party leader in lash it in his job for less than 2 months sounds increasingly worried by what's been dubbed the mosque scandal. skeete neil i am focused on modernization over the next few years i don't want to allow this major project to be scuppered by individual members of parliament think about nothing but making money. before modernization could take off the conservatives popular for so long and angela merkel will need to show they retain the voters trust 1st chance to do that will come at tea state elections this sunday and we are
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joined now by florian tung carr he is a member of the german parliament for the opposition f.t.p. party he is also the deputy chair of the bundestag parliamentary committee for the scrutiny of elections immunity and rules of procedure welcome to the program thanks for joining us as we've heard 3 members of parliament from governing party is facing corruption allegations what's your reaction to that. and i mean in fact it's also there's also a 4th case that are sufficient to use the geisha is on and the context of receiving benefits far from potentially from john so it's even a fall case but he has not so far to resign and i think this is the really annoying and say you can't call the. cases anymore. in that short period of time so many cases that emerge and i mean the party is shipped off the conservatives is not yet sure whether the list is already released if there are
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cases will emerge and i do think i do see a big moral have to fall before the whole of parliament people are suspicious of course whether their representatives are acting in line with 'd ethical and legal standards and so there's a big damage in particular for the christian democrats also but appalling as a whole and we have to react decisively to regain confidence and to avoid further cases ok so what could that decisive action look like because i mean as you've highlighted there are these scandals they've given new urgency for example to a lot to set up lobby registry a lobby registry for companies trying to influence the german parliament critics are saying that the draft however so far is nowhere near as tough as compared to other countries what's your opinion. yes i mean this is a striking ad because it's better if christian democrats in particular who opposed troops for along the road history they argue that it should occur near the top of
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the pot i thought not got all mental institutions so this is an issue of coverage of the registry and we are now discussing this for several years and i've talked to mystic about this scandal now a nonces the pressure to adopt the registry still and that and then in the period of this which means till summer about we also need further steps to america to increase the and also strengthen the rules of the political to of the members of parliament in south we have seen in the full in the cases off newsline and little for instance but apparently members of parliament sometimes found or established companies which are one person companies owned and yes directed only by themselves with no further employee with no further business and apparently. an
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ethical or even legal business around after their payments their receipts companies and there's a lack of transparency i think we have to work to work on companies by members of parliament should be more transparent to talk about this to see what they are in fact doing ok we have to leave it there chairman opposition lawmaker florian tounkara from the f.t.p. party thank you for talking with us on talk of the unions. it watching the news i'm sarah kelly in for lamp it is so much for joining us. from. more than half the world will be living with limited water resources we haven't had to think about our war i think that era is over it's a financial problem like any other financial the world is changing to most important commodity futures can't be free for all for mississippi or commodity
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