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tv   Kulturzeit  Deutsche Welle  March 12, 2021 11:30am-12:00pm CET

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stonemasons builders get checks compete with each other. this is how massive churches are created. a. contest of the. stars. on t.w. . spending your way out of the pandemic president joe biden has assigned his $1.00 trillion dollar relief package into law but experts are warning throwing money at the battered economies could lead countries into debt. also coming to more than 6000 migrant workers have reportedly died building stadiums for the 2022 world cup in qatar now if the company meant to provide the turf for the tournament has backed out of the contract. and chris colfer welcome to the program u.s.
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president joe biden talks about historic legislation when he signed the long awaited rescue package for pandemic should americans and all. that work legislation . is with. this country and given the people of this nation workers people middle class. people below the country a fighting chance that's what the essence of. well one thing is certain about this legislation the bottom line that is truly historic after a huge amount of argument in congress the final figure is $1.00 trillion dollars that is the biggest similitude package of all time and go towards everything from child support to business relief to coronavirus vaccinations but republicans and others are concerned about the size of the package the u.s. national debt currently at around $28.00 stroller dollars. the rising by the end of
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the year it is expected to exceed the size of the us economy having a national debt that is bigger than your g.d.p. as something that many european countries already accept italy's that is 154 percent the size of its economy france is also bigger germany's as is 70 percent of its g.d.p. but even that is above the 60 percent maximum expected e.u. member countries now that has many economists concerned including claimants fused of the 4 institute here in germany and i asked him why. yes i think it's justified to try and stimulate the economy but we shouldn't forget in the pandemic pot of households also if you have u.s. households have a save quite a lot and they will spend this money while the once the pandemic is over at the same time low income also do have problems so i think it's justified to support low
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income households in the u.s. this could have been done. on the basis of a lower level of overall debt or on the basis of a lower level of overall deficit so as we move up the income ladder households need us apart we shouldn't forget this is 8.5 percent of u.s. g.d.p. . and that makes us debt levels rise significantly and this will lead to a situation where consolidation measures will be needed at some point so i think there is a risk that this is too much now as we look at approach the problem here as a whole internationally do you see another debt crisis looming with countries trying to spend their way out of the pandemic. well i think it's maybe not because of trump countries or countries trying to spend their way out of the pandemic if we get a new net debt crisis it may be triggered by higher interest rates because the us
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package will drop interest rates and this will trigger capital outflow from imagine economies in particular they will have a hard time. financing this at the same time most of them have flexible exchange rates so that makes it a little easier now the organization for economic cooperation and development was the latest institution to highlight the importance of fiscal support during this time of crisis the e.c.b. signaling so far they are not concerned about rising bond yields and an uptick in inflation you see it differently than. well i think it would be healthy to have a bit more balance in this so a smaller stimulus in the u.s. and maybe a larger stimulus in the rest of the world it's true in europe overall we do have high debt levels at the same time i think in the current situation it will be justified to do more fiscally of course some countries as you said like italy
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already have very high debt levels. in that having lost interest in the crisis in other countries will be playing what we see at the moment is a very unbalanced package a lot of stimulus in the united states although the united states is already. 'd quite far ahead in vaccines and will recover more quickly so i think we should have a bit more for instance in europe and a bit less in the us how long do you believe a countries have to grapple with the additional debt that they might have taken up during this time of crisis. that will depend on fiscal policy and growth policies up to the crisis so all will dip it will depend on how quickly countries are able to grow out of this but it's clear we will have elevated debt levels for a long time at least for a decade maybe more. came as host president of the evil institute as usual thank you for the thoughts thank you and now to some of the other global business stories
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making news india looks on course to ban telecoms companies from using equipment made by following reports suggest it will be part of new procurement rules due to come into force in june as well as having security concerns of the chinese company india is keen to encourage its old firms to produce more for meanwhile the united states government has placed further restrictions on companies supplying huawei to biden administration is making it harder for u.s. companies to provide equipment for 5 g. devices to the chinese tech giant fall way had been added to a trade blacklist by the trump white house if hired tesla's factory in fremont california has been brought under control the fire was caused by hydraulic fluid coming in contact with molten iron and a minion in part of a factory that was under construction there were no injuries but it is unclear whether tesla's production was in fact yes or seneca has further reduced the amount
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of corona virus vaccines have plans to supply to the european union disc water the british swedish company expects deliver $30000000.00 doses a quarter less than the already reduced figure it promised last month that's a 3rd of the amount that you urging you signed up for it comes as another blow to the blocks vaccine rollout. now supplying the grass for the fifo world cup pitch a dream job for those in the sports and recreational turf industry but dutch company hendrick scouse has canceled their deal for the upcoming event in qatar that's following media reports of over 6 and a half 1000 deaths of migrant workers on construction sites there. grass grown in the netherlands is used in football stadiums around the world the 2022 world cup was set to be played on sod from hendricks grass oden but the
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company has cancelled the deal there pointing to the staggering number of fatalities among workers building up the cups infrastructure. a report in the guardian newspaper startled the company it stated that more than 65100 guest workers have died since the cup was awarded to qatar 10 years ago most of them from india nepal and bangladesh qatar denies the report. officials say there were just a few deaths on the construction sites of the world cup the cities and infrastructure there has been a construction boom to support the event 7 stadiums an airport roads and public transport. these workers mostly come from south asian countries and also in kenya human rights organizations have repeatedly criticized the working conditions and despite new laws in qatar they say the poor conditions have not
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significantly improved. my colleague robots' has been following the story for us and he joins me now in the studio rob reports about the palling working conditions for these migrant workers in qatar have been out there for quite some time do you know what exactly has led to the company's decision to terminate the contract now yes so what has proven the final straw company is the reports that we heard last month from the guardian newspaper about the 6500 deaths among migrant workers who've been working on the various enormous infrastructure projects that are taking place in qatar the moment in preparation for this world cup but hendricks has also been out to cattle multiple times since it won the contract back in 2020 back in 2010 even and it hasn't liked what it seen when it's been it hasn't felt that the safety standards are up to those that it expects in europe it feels like the migrant workers when wearing the right safety equipment to keep them safe but also
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it was struck by the difference between normal cars hari's and the migrant workers that there was a the way they described it was it was less. dignified the way that they were being treated in the normal qatar is even just the way that they would dressed so all of that combined has led them to say no we're pulling out of this one now you mentioned the article in the guardian highlighting the plight of fate of these workers this article also claims that the death toll is actually higher than 6 and a half 1000 why and is that claim credible the the claim is credible because the way the guardian has compiled fee's figures is by asking governments from which for from the countries from which these migrants have come out he said he had responses from 5 of those governments which is india pakistan nepal bangladesh and sri lanka and that's how they've come to this 6500 figure but there are workers from many
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other countries working in qatar on all of these projects and particularly from the philippines are from kenya who either haven't been gathering these figures or they haven't provided them to the guardian but you have to be pretty certain that the figure would be higher if those numbers have been taken into account as well so hendrick's crouse pulling out of their contract with qatar quite a name actually in when it comes to recreational grass and turf there in the industry are there any indications that other companies might be backing out as well from their engagements with qatar in the world cup well there is a certain amount of momentum building behind this idea particularly in europe and particularly in northern europe actually denmark is a country where there's a real discussion going on about whether or not the national football team should pull out of this world cup the same happening in norway as well but actually the sponsors of the danish training bank in denmark have said they don't want to be involved in the world cup this time around so they don't want then name associated
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with the with the kids how the world cup they don't want their name on the kits that they used while there that amnesty international is aging and you want to use in a position to boycott the world cup to do so. describes the world cup of shame it's like in the conditions the work is there to slavery so there is momentum be on the idea of pulling out having said that we've had a similar situation with with soft chief for the winter olympics with the world cups in south africa and in rio and those major scale boycotts never really materialized robots from did every business thank you. and a quick reminder of the top story we're following for you at the sour u.s. prison biden aside the long awaited covert 19 relief bill that clocks in at $1.00 trillion dollars and provide shelter workers families and businesses while also paying for coronavirus fax machines. but for now if you
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want more go ahead and check out our website at v.w. dot com slash business or simply check out our social media site. thanks for watching. the fight against the corona virus pandemic. has the rate of infection been developing what does the latest research say. information and context the coronavirus update 19 specials. on t w. y 2050 more than half the world will be living with limited water resources we haven't had to think about our war or worry about. i think that
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era is over this is the crisis of our time it's a financial product like any other financial. the world is changing to most important commodities junkers called be free free of. her necessity for commodity starts march 22nd on d w. 19 is causing a spike in relationship breakdowns. with divorce rates soaring they would double the normal rate in during the 1st lockdown. in the us they've surged by a 3rd. the pandemic has shrunk our world into our homes. juggling childcare alongside work. being on top of each other 247 it's all proven too much for many couples. but some say it's actually made their bones
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stronger. how can we make pressure cooker relationships work in these tough times. i'll be talking to his psychology researcher about that in a few minutes 1st crisis aside every 3rd married couple in germany gets divorced separation to be prevented by asking professionals for advice you've got to be open to it. discontinues. podcast hosts with a difference. and they've been married for 10 years and have 3 children together jamila and tino's the show is all about their relationship during the pandemic the highs and lows. and it's really tight for everyone right now for the couples in the home life now
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more than ever we're dependent on the communication as a couple in especially as parents to organize everything so we can work and get through this in good shape. coronavirus lockdowns have good pressure on couples working from home and home schooling have left partners with very little free time constantly living on top of each other can create conflict and even worse an existing relationship problems when couples are at their wit's end professionals can help. they can commission. a strangely we tend to assume relationships are something we're simply able to do and if we can't then we say the other person is to blame and we separate or we're not a good fit i don't believe that relationships always have to be easy i believe that it's possible to get to the stage where you can have a clear relationship with each other and it's no longer difficult to talk about problematic topics. for some couples going to a therapist is
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a big step a 1st aid kit for home life this box contains cards of questions for couples to ask each other developed by a professional therapist. many relationships suffer from a breakdown in communication this method offers a playful way for partners to get back into conversation with each other. pardon part of couples come to therapy feeling under appreciated or a lack of recognition often they're fighting more and more getting stuck in repeat a thought patterns so they come to discuss their everyday lives how they're bearing the burdens of life and equally and now during the coronavirus you also get boredom lack of sexuality or simply that they are just getting on each other's nerves until . demand for their beauty has grown but it's not exactly cheap a session can cost between $80.15 euros. there's no guarantee of
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success. out of this movement and i think we choose our partners ourselves and this offers great growth potential with each other we grow when we overcome conflicts not when everything is easy. and the flood of. couples therapy can give both partners the support they need to get through the pandemic. psychology researcher rico peel joins us from australia now the reporter raquel's said that we grow when we overcome conflicts know when everything's easy but for a lot of us the question is what to do in the 1st place when the challenge facing us is just too overwhelming you know that's right been for couples it can be a really difficult time spending a lot more time together and having to face issues that you have already in your relationship and now they face something that you have front
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what happens there when those issues have become too big when there's been a communication breakdown obviously all the relationships gone toxic how can couples normalize the situation or reestablish some sort of link. absolutely they have to match the basics we have to remember why we are together in the 1st place so it could be little things like learning how to communicate learning that at times when there is conflict in each of the objects preso self it's about how you are feeling as opposed to using your language which can put the other person at the fence of marriage what about something like sex how to reestablish something as intimate as that when you're both fighting and basically hate each other at the end of the day. yes i know you're absolutely right sex is really important and we are intrinsically motivated to seek intimacy and sex is how we are intimate but what i would say is if you're at it conflicts with your pattern then you're not going to
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be able to go straight to sex is special if that is it might be the reason why one conflicts in the 1st place so you might have to start with mall justice attesting to get there on the couch holding hands sitting close touching each other so you might have to again go back to basics and start with gentle touches to then be able to go all the way to sex again so it's the little things that counts and i guess a lot of patience. a lot of patients and learning to walk again in your relationship i've also just like to add sexual health has a direct impact on our general health doesn't absolutely again because we are seeking to be intimate sex is how we do it so it does have a huge impact in how we understand ourselves in how we pray tell selves were any of our patmos so feeling sexy or feeling wanted is a huge part of our relationships and it is something that we actually have to talk
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to our patents about so if for some reason you're not having sex in a relationship and it's making you feel down about you so it is something you have to bring out because it is part of who we are it is terrible so staying. why is sex and private time with a partner or loved one so important in a pandemic but again in a pin demi becomes more obvious because he's spending a lot more time together so old his claim flicks all does little kinks in our relationships become part of us in we have to address it so if that is conflict and you're not able to have sex then it becomes obvious that you have to talk about it in a lot of us actually find it difficult to address the issues it's i want to talk about raquel tell me though how can we avoid getting into this situation in the 1st place within a relationship look it just goes back to communication and finking that even though we think we know our panel think we know how it used to be in
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a relationship it doesn't hurt to stop and i don't like how we could do it better to communicate and in take it step by step sometimes going back to the door important to say how can i do things differently and listen if you are going to your partner with a question how can i be better how can i do things differently what are you expecting to change is actually being able to listen as well very interesting stuff or telling a lot for me to definitely listen to and take on board thank you very much for joining us what help people there from switch illustrated thank you for having me and then it's great solutions there from rico now it's your chance to ask the questions keep sending them into our you tube channel and our science correspondent there williams will do his best to answer them. how likely you to catch 1000 outside for example from someone running by. for me one of the most striking aspects of this pandemic is the amount of research that's gone into trying to
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answer seemingly simple questions like this which turn out to actually be pretty incredibly complex i mean who would have guessed even a year ago that we have gotten so obsessed with the highly abstract world of aerosol distribution physics both in closed rooms and outside but to the question though we we now know that while it certainly might be possible to catch covert 19 outdoors it's much much less likely than it is indoors in poorly ventilated spaces where people spend extended periods of time that's because unlike outdoors aerosols accumulate in enclosed spaces and increase the chance that you might inhale enough of what an infected person has exhaled to catch the disease so though that's an amount i'd like to know by the way that we still don't
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know with any certainty and general the consensus seems to be that in addition to the indoors outdoors aspect of the equation and the other factors that play major roles in infection are how long exposure lasts how close an infected person comes to you and the amount of time that you're around them the w.h.o. only recommends it's an outdoor settings where physical distancing can be maintained like croutons and not for people doing intense physical activity that's because pretty much all the indicator. point to the conclusion that the jogger panting by you in the park just doesn't really present that big of a wrist. there could
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devise as well i would mind going for a job after work briefly in other corona related years though most countries is suspending their rollout of the astra zeneca vaccine following the example of norway and denmark on thursday denmark made the cole after reports of some be a blood clot some of the patients received the shot no definitive link between the japanese and the cloths have yet been proven the danish health and medicines authority says it's issuing a 2 week halt of precaution as of investigate further. the european medicines agency has approved johnson and johnson's vaccine for use in the european union the single bowshot is the 4th to be licensed across the 27 e.u. nations authorities hope that a one dose vaccine will help speed up the stalled rollout of covert jobs here in europe. and fancy a texas t.v. after knocking off work at its. texas has lifted its mosque mandate and capacity
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restrictions on restaurants and other businesses that's despite experts warning the 100 percent relaxation of carbs will exacerbate the spread of watering variants the pandemic has hit the united states the hardest the infection rate has fallen dramatically since january remains high in absolute. thank you for watching stay safe and see you again so.
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true the point. strong opinions severe positions international perspectives. u.s. president joe biden wants to reform america's immigration system to make it more compassionate and to main these are you a cool to the sentiment but it's sticking to its own policy of food trends you are all keeping a difference so who's more to the point. of being 30 minutes on t w. what keeps us in shape what makes us sick and how
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do we stand out from. my name is dr carlson the i talked to medical experts. watch them at work. and they discuss what you can do to improve your head. stay tuned and let's all try to stay. calm minutes w. . a minute homie push muslims us thrown out the window right now climb a tree to fend off the story. faces much less away from just one week. how much work can really do. we still have time to ask i'm going
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to. sort of set. that subscribe and more likely just. how does a virus spread. why do we panic and when we'll all risk. just 3 of the topics covered in a weekly radio program. if you would like and new information on the coronavirus or any other science topic you should really check out our podcast you can get it wherever. your podcast you can also find us and call it science.
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the book. this is the w. news live from berlin the u.n. level serious charges against me and mars military is growing evidence this does shame you in the military led by. many. he says crimes against protesters including murder torture and forced disappearances also coming up a scandal is growing here in germany as senior members of angela merkel's parliamentary party are forced to resign.


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