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tv   Der Tag  Deutsche Welle  March 13, 2021 2:00am-2:31am CET

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this is t w news live from berlin a multimillion dollar settlement as agreed in the case of george floyd the minneapolis city council says it has been fundamentally changed by the national reckoning on of race following his death more from washington also on the program. there is a lot of it i think straight to. the un's repertoire on myanmar and tells why he's calling for urgent action against the
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country's military junta. and nigeria suffers another mass abduction as gunmen kidnapped teenagers from a college in the country's north west police say they're working with the army to track them down. on the call for the who will come to the show we begin in the us where the city of minneapolis has agreed to pay the family of the late george floyd $27000000.00 to settle a civil lawsuit over his wrongful death floyd was brutally killed by a white police officer in may of last year sparking global protest about racial injustice the officer in question is currently on trial for floyd's murder the victim's families lawyer described the civil settlement as a positive step. it's not just
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a no for america to say george floor life matters we have to show that george floor life matters by actions is not just a no for america to say that black lives matter we have to show that black lives matter but actions. so the family of george florida and our legal team are very grateful to mir from. the city council for not just saying you care about george bush. but showing you care about george floor not just saying. show him to the world black. telling a washington correspondent all of us talent has more all over this is one of the
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largest civil rights compensation payments and u.s. history how did it come about. you're perfectly right nicole $27000000.00 u.s. $1.01 of the largest settlements in u.s. history the city council voted on anonymously in favor of some and it was really a big case if you think back what did what it looked like in summer here in the united states and around the world killing of george for that triggered protests in several countries around the world with millions taking to the street also to an extent really within the united states is death as you remember it recorded on video some really drastic and almost undeniable moments there when officer or ex officer i should say when was kneeling 4 minutes on the neck of george floyd until he was killed so certainly a very high sum that is paid here leaves lawyers and the families contend one of
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the family attorneys today said it is this is a proof that black lives do really matter meanwhile as separate criminal cases under way against this police officer that you just talked about he's accused of murdering george floyd by kneeling on his neck for nearly 9 minutes that horrifying video that well i think everybody saw what's the latest on his trial. so the trial began on monday with the jury selection that is the 1st step leading into the actual trial and the opening statements are expected for the end of march the 20 ninth's in fact so a little bit until 'd that takes place when the police officer there is charged with 3 counts and one is 2nd degree unintentional murder 2nd degree manslaughter and then on thursday a 3rd count was added and that is 3rd degree murder. pleaded not guilty in all of these counts about if you look at the video material that was shot by
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a bystander with the smartphone it's very calm demming of course however in the history of police violence here in the united states officers have very often not been convicted. similar events and the concern of course is that if history repeats in this case that this could lead to another flare up of violent protests here in the united states and all eyes of course on this case right now is the u.s. beginning to turn a corner regarding answer record on police and race relations or is this just a prominent case and then we'll go back to normal after this. well certainly raised awareness right all these protests not only here in the u.s. but around the world and there is a political will to fight police police violence but it really also then depends on the case that if you look at the case of briana tale of the young woman who was shot in her boyfriend's apartment in louisville kentucky north charges were made
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against the police officers there can osha was constant jacob blake who was shot while sitting in his car no charges so the george floyd case of course hasn't begun yet and it's unclear of course how all this will play out but there is still a lot of frustration among the matter community community. and therefore. especially the could happen a any time soon again. and washington thank you very much pro-democracy protesters and myanmar have to find a nighttime band to again take to the streets as they continue to resist a military coup by alliance committed against protesters so far has led a u.n. special investigator to accuse the myanmar military of crimes against humanity and it's driving some police officers to flee the country rather than continue to be part of the crackdown against their own people. this is me and my
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rising death tolls and increased military violence. brutal crackdown on preschool protestors in myanmar has abuse citizens who are marching for democracy and it has shattered the spirits of a growing number of police who are siding with didn't strangers. citizens' lives are under threat and the police can't help. is one of nearly $200.00 police officers who fled the chaos and found refuge across the border in india. first i came here because i don't want to serve under the military junta and 2nd if i quit and join with the people i believe we can win the fight against them not to charge. the despite international condemnation the who to appears undeterred continuing to beat and kill citizens who can't defend themselves the united nations
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says the widespread systematic violence likely crosses the threshold for crimes against humanity people are being. true to change. in these. wars and again these are being committed against being committed against peaceful protesters he's pushing for a more forceful response from the international community one that includes targeted sanctions on individual members and on the financial institutions that fund the violence. get you up to speed on some other stories making headlines around the world at this hour and the u.k.'s irving police officer has been charged with the kidnapping and murder of a 33 year old woman sarah everts body was found him more than a week after she went missing the case has sparked an outpouring of anger online about the safety of women and around the. explosions from mount etna
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sent a 4 kilometer high plume of smoke into this guy europe's largest active volcano located on the island of sicily has been back in action multiple times in the past 3 weeks giving off an impressive demonstration of nature's fire our. children have to be able to learn without fear of violence or kidnapping those were the words u.n. secretary general antonio good terrorists found after reports of emerged of yet another 5 mass abduction at a school in nigeria this one in the northwestern state of could do no in a standoff with the attackers the military was able to rescue most people and staff but not all of them could be brought to safety. another nigerian school bearing the scars of a kidnapping. a large group of gunmen who carried out the abduction on thursday night that these forestry college in the state of could. students and staff were
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taken hostage 180 people were rescued after the military 4th with the kidnappers but 30 people are still unaccounted for. some of the rescued students suffered injuries and have been taken to hospital. this attack is the 4th of its kind since december in nigeria where bandits use it as a way to make money or push for the release of jailed members from their groups security forces say they are conducting an operation to find their missing students. correspondent in nigeria told us why he thinks these kidnappings keep happening. it
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is similar to the problems at the top on it is the growth in security does. is security has taken pole over that in nigeria and secondly is from the government's side the government is seen not to be doing enough because this is a defense time we have in this kind of kid not supposed to be protected by a no intense who's in the curia because when you see a problem and this tactic dad is need for you to take it kind of precaution that action to be more or less a pro active in terms of protecting the schools and we're not seeing dad in them but that he does to like human boy are we going to use complete force to bring an end to this and bundy create do we give them an amnesty some governance i say yes we are going to get them on this team like this and said go for new but it continues to govern the is in the forefront where i'm going to keep us in move we
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should use force to fight this. and finally did i say in that dead been neglected did but governance didn't do enough for them so that is it. interest their sports now preparations for the football world cup to be held in qatar and 2022 are in full swing but allegations of human rights abuses have dogged organizers with media reports claiming that more 6500 migrant workers have died in construction projects that's prompted one dutch company which has traditionally supplied the pitch for a big tournaments to boycott they have at. france grown in the netherlands is used in football stadiums around the world. and organizers of the 2022 world cup hope to play on saad from hendrix could have sold him but the company has pulled out of
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negotiations pointing to the staggering number of fatalities among workers in the run up to the tournament. the reason a report in the guardian newspaper shows more than 6500 migrant workers have died in qatar over the last 10 years most of them from south asia but the death toll could be higher reports from the philippines in kenya work included in the guardian's report. officials claim there were only a handful of deaths are world cup construction sites which include stadiums and airport roads and public transportation projects there are around $2000000.00 ford workers in qatar most of them come from south asian countries but some hail from african nations like kenya. human rights organizations have repeatedly criticized the working conditions and despite new laws and they say that the conditions are still poor. and the one is like a glove or looking to get their ambitions for european qualification back on track
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as they travel to out spoke to open match day of 25 but the hosts proved too strong for winning 31. and sealed the victory with the best of the goals in 89 minutes. now look safe from relegation while glad you are without a bonus link when since january. and i'll leave you now with some new works by french artist save who uses sand and grass as a canvas and the last 2 years he has taken his biodegradable paint to 3 continents painting these giant laying hands here's his latest from bunny.
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we. got some tips for your bucket list. going to. school for some insight. into some great cultural memorials to boot. double trouble. it was 26 famous like a bunch of the clique because i wanted to see if gemini was the name the last few years have been quite o'brien getting firmly in touch with the devil and i've
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learned that muhammad when it comes to jumping is on the whole so with the crowd in the us bridge is perhaps the biggest on the new all the of blood i'm going all the way for it i love to be in the news there are pros and there are a punk but when you feel them all together they realize it cope with of the way of living they are you ready to meet the dr and then voted me right just do it. this is the news africa coming up on the program will the fees finally fall south africa's government bans to student pressure and knocks on university to asian costs but will this come the protests also coming up. another school abduction in nigeria gunmen seize a group of students in the north of the country we also correspondent why do these attacks keep happening. plus the new boss for african football's governing body will this mining believe that he's successful in turning around the beautiful games
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fortunes. as south africa's largest ethnic group loses its influential monarch kings when he dies after an illness. i'm told me all about it boy it's good to have you with us south africa's government has given in to pressure to increase financial aid given to university students now this follows days of protests in which one person was killed in nationwide marches students have been demanding the scrapping of fee debts complaining that university education is an affordable. was at one of these protests in cape town. more and more students in south africa throughout the country have joined the protest trying to fight for one key thing financial inclusion of everybody and making universities accessible also for
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the poor part of the population 1st year students. among those who still don't know if they will be able to start classes because the application for financial support is still pending we do not need financial stress the students because i mean education's a he says i says but if you don't have to stress about getting the education then what motivation do you have to get it. at this point i'm feeling hopeless i don't want to live at this point i don't actually see myself furthering my studies this year i do not know i'm at a standstill i i. see the protesters now enter the building where the fees office is many say they cannot afford to pay their fees and the national student financial aid scheme is overwhelms despite promises by the government to put more money in the scheme it is not enough to support everyone at the university of woodson drama school or about $6000.00
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students about to be excluded from university because they are not supported and they're not able to pay their fees it's really bad but i hope that the government will pull through keep their promises and 1st of all just be transparent about matters stop. lying because that is basically what they do these must what's been coming on for quite some time now the government has had ample time to implement something especially during last year with kobe this it could have also been one of their priorities it's a distance learning so they have failed i protest i remind of the massive fees must fall protests in 20152006. in fact then the former president promised free tertiary education but it was never really meant because of the pandemic the government now even has begun financial issues which will make finding
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a solution even more complicated the protesters you know ever say they will continue to fight for financial inclusion where everyone who wants to attend university. let's take a look now at some other stories making news across the continent. rwanda's president paul kagame a has become the 1st east african leader to get the covert 1000 vaccine together with his wife jean at rundle plans to vaccinate about a 3rd of its 12000000 citizens this year the same number by the end of 2022. morocco's government has approved a draft law legalizing cannabis for medical and therapeutic use recreate the use will remain illegal already the world's largest producer of unleash illicit hashish and a change with position the north african country to exploit the rapidly growing market for medical marijuana. in nigeria there's been another mass school abduction this time in mondo in north west and kaduna state authorities say gunmen seized
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a group of students in a raid on a forestry college around 30 students on missing is the 4th mass kidnapping from a school in nigeria since december. and with a series of attacks on schools in nigeria or stories of promised us children are secure yet the abductions continue os correspondent address ways to in a why this keeps happening. well it is an indication of the growing insecurity in nigeria that is number one they could not in is an identification of blood governance on their elected to pull back to because those who are doing these headsmen complained that they have been neglected for long but it is a reality of a lot of so many things because this is not the 1st time a school has been attacked right from 2014 when it happens in chibok we still have
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been even more was more frequent so the concern is that what is the government doing in the government just yesterday heidi a press conference by the advice seeing that we in some to no one in need even coming out to say that there are some caution on what is happening on the kidnappings in nigeria. african football's governing body has a new boss south african billionaire treatment sampai was the sole candidate for the presidency of the confederation of african football what's that they've built his fortune in gold mining with other successes in other sectors you know face of the massive task of turning around an organization riddled with dysfunction and corruption but does he stand a chance of success in african football. let's speak to sports journalist thomas quinn i say he is in johannesburg so much is going to have you on the program for
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years football is administration has been plagued with mismanagement and corruption both in africa and even on the global stage so why would they want to take on such a murky world. well you know also i asked myself that question but i think that is was approved by a number of people both here because it is awful that it's up and. i guess if it. is this is a process 48 countries president clinton did maybe you did friday. that you ended up. and hence he decided to say. can he be the man to reform african football leadership i think i'm really positive that you care
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a lot of kids who are going through or simply because you get to. the last visited with judy where you over have had it in there this is how it if we didn't do it was going to us by the tree here it's my right. to i just didn't seem eager. to accept. that my view is it was decided it didn't go and did you hear. because you know what's up if you should try going to sleep and the consideration. to this shit for the last 3 years you have that africa cup of nations you have i think our vision if you don't look out to the ship companies whatsoever seize their potential i mean like that it was just
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a contribution to kind of. you kind of get it. he said to me. who will go into that. look to like his focus because he doesn't need you the. viewer it you need to go in there. or it is through. very quickly thomas what should. prioritize when he gets when he begins his job gomez 1st. couple of 23 years we saw the president of kerry we see so you can point to. we're going to stay alive who isn't. for you. know you him you have. air force british
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crush it and. it's just so i think guards i think. used to soft serve people and passion. and want to try to figure. out their organs certainly huge task ahead sports journalist thomas quinn i say thank you for your insights. towards the better the traditional leader of south africa's people has died at the age of 72 after more than a month in hospital king goodwill when he teenie did not officially hold political office but will did great influence among the south africa's largest ethnic group reports and local media say he had health problems related to diabetes. i
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think goodwill's very teeny was seen as safeguarding the zulu people's connection with their history his job was mainly ceremonial. but he was the leader of south africa's largest ethnic group the zulus that make up about 20 percent of the population. we've lost allan to laugh this last alligator this life and someone who was sold culturally away seminal is bringing all the pieces together and he's a great loss given the fact that he's dirty a magnitude of a muslim name leading a muslim through difficult times during a bout of the the king's conservative attitudes to words women's rights and l g b t people raised eyebrows but he also spoke out against femicide and on the a.t.v. epidemic. he rang for more than 50 years making him the longest serving zulu
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monarch south africa's president said he'd be remembered as a visionary leader who made an important contribution to cultural identity national unity and the development of south africa as a whole. all bad is it for now be sure to check out our other stories on the dot com was last africa on facebook and twitter and tell us what you think about the stories we're covering we'll leave you with these images of the league's looking meeting of regional and world leaders see you next time ivan.
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like see. everything seems possible here. 19 as you. might think is where the peaceful revolution began. today it's a creative and frightening the truffle this. post just writes on for a trip into the city's past present changing.
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literature invites us to see people in particular that i like to see some as the kids. growing up her. might. work afraid. to give me books on you to. today my destination is like the former east german city where the peaceful revolution began in the autumn of.


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