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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  March 13, 2021 8:00am-8:16am CET

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this is news live from berlin a show of defiance 5 protesters in me and more as they face down security forces ready to open fire on the. back of thousands ignore a nighttime curfew to hold a candle lit vigil in yemen gone the u.n. says the army has killed more than 70 people in the crackdown so far also coming out a multimillion dollar payout for the killing of george flowing. this is not just a no for america to say. we have to show that.
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the minneapolis city council unanimously approved a settlement in a case that sparked a national reckoning on racial justice. and we report from israel where the government has vowed to international pressure and begun a campaign to vaccinate palestinian workers against the coronavirus. spicer welcome to the program demonstrators have returned to the streets of me in mar cities after police shot 2 people dead in night time protests against military rule. several people in mandalay were injured as security forces cracked down on their demonstration overnight people defied a curfew to hold
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a candlelight vigil in the biggest city yang gone more than 70 protesters have been killed since the military took control last month. and journalist andrew not comes and joins us from yank on. leaders from the u.s. india australia and japan have vowed to work together to restore democracy there how is that going to help it is a pretty significant development because it's been quite isolated since it took power it's not really receiving support from anybody and if they can't even rely on constraints like india and japan which have been willing to overlook human rights abuses in the past then it's going to be going down to happen increasing isolation even more than it already is. and saturday also marks the anniversary as you know of the 1988 killing of a student that sparked widespread protests the 888 movement and led to the
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emergence of functioning suchi as a democracy icon and she still play a role in all this so we have seen the protest movement move a little bit past the need to be completely dependent on some sushi which i think is a good thing any movement that relies weakly on one person can be problematic but she still plays a massive massive role ringback if anything you know bad were to happen to her while she was in custody that would change the dynamics a lot it would rage a lot of people if she were to be released that would probably inspire people a lot so she still does have an enormous role to play in this. and even her you know refusal to condemn the army when there was investigation into the repression against the region just doesn't seem to have much of a sway in public opinion in the country is that right. well i think part of the reason that she didn't condemn the military at that time was because public opinion
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supported the military's campaign against the rangers so i think that that was part of the calculation of her decision not to condemn it ok well it does come back to the international reaction and if you don't mind the united kingdom calling on its citizens to leave the country on friday how are other countries reacting to the situation. so singapore and actually previously said the same thing advised its students. citizens to leave the country the united states has also been kind of public with the planning and organizing relief flights out of the country and recently granted. temporary status for me and our people in the states to be allowed to stay in america for i think 18 months so there's definitely a clear recognition by not just the u.k. but a few other countries that the situation in myanmar could get increasingly dangerous
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even for foreigners. ok thank you journalist andrew not comes and wrote reporting for us in that yang gone thank you. let's take a look now at some of the other stories making news around the world news thing i think we are actually on a different story apologize for that for looking at george floyd a black man who's choking death by a white police officer was caught on camera and the images sparked massive protests around the world on friday the city of minneapolis agreed to pay his family $27000000.00 to settle a civil lawsuit for wrongful death the officer in question faces trial for his murder for george floyd's relatives say that the settlement is an important step towards justice. held hands raised up in victory this is how george floyd's brother and the family lawyer entered the news conference this is
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moments after the city of minneapolis agreed to pay the family $27000000.00. i thank the state of minnesota for getting this settlement taken care. but even know my brother is not here and. he's here with me in my heart 'd because if i could get him back i would give all of this back. floyd was declared dead may last year after a white minneapolis police officer derrick shogun pressed his knee against floyd's neck about 9 minutes. you'll remember. the family filed a lawsuit against the city in july among other things it alleged that minneapolis allowed a culture of excessive force bases and and impunity and on this police force where . we need to be unrelenting we need to be unapologetic in our pursuit of
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a more equitable local government and more just approach to community safety in our city and we will be it's the largest pretrial settlement ever for a civil rights claim said lawyer ben crump. it's not just enough for america to say that george floor life matters we have to show that george troy life matters by actions is not just a no for america to say they're black labs america we have to show that black labs matter but actions. the settlement in favor of the family comes only a few days after the beginning of the trial of derek show than when he faces charges of murder and manslaughter with a 3rd degree murder charge only recently reinstated originally charged now many are
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wondering if the settlement will affect the trial the jury is now being seated in the case which is likely to send a strong signal to its police impunity. let's take a look now at some of the other stories making news around the world new zealand has marked the 2nd anniversary of the christ church terror attack from minister just into arder and said new zealanders had a duty to support their muslim community 51 people were killed when a heavily armed white supremacist attacks 2 mosques. authorities in nigeria say gunmen have kidnapped dozens of students from a school in northwestern could do not state security forces were able to rescue 180 students and staff but 39 students are still missing it's the 4th mass kidnapping from a nigerian school since december. in britain a serving police officer has been charged with kidnapping and murder in the case of a 3033 year old woman sarah ever hours body was found hidden in
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a woodland more than a week after she went missing the case has sparked an outpouring of anger about the safety of women in britain around the globe. italy will impose a nationwide lockdown over the easter weekend prime minister mary draggy said parts of the country will shut down starting monday including the capital rome and financial center milan italy saw corona virus infections rise 10 percent in the last week. israel has been making swift progress in its covert vaccination campaign it currently has the highest vaccination rate in the world but that's only for its own population and not palestinians living in the occupied west bank and the gaza strip this week though the government bowed to international criticism and began immunizing palestinian laborers who work in israel did a 10 year kaymer filed this report. a vaccination center at an israeli checkpoint
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between the west bank town of bethlehem and hussein and hear only palestinians holding a permit to work in israel or in settlements of vaccinated by israeli authorities. as a young person and. i can take the vaccine but at the same time i think of my father and mother who didn't get it yet i feel better when all my family members have been vaccinated it. is one aims to vaccinate about a 100000 workers who cross over from the occupied west bank to israel every day the country has faced criticism abroad and at home for not providing that seems to more of the palestinian population maybe not the interest it's clear in order to open the economy and return to normal we need everyone who is moving around inside israeli borders to be vaccinated and safe. but in the israeli occupied west bank
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ordinary people are still waiting for broader vaccination. in the home alone the tough has only a few vials to administer to have fellow medical colleagues. the modena vaccines were part of a one time delivery by israel a small amount but still seen as a relief for those having to deal closely with patients at the bottom and that the real when we as doctors and nurses are on the front line i wish that everybody would get vaccinated like this so we will be protected and have to capability to move on and fight the disease had a lot of the palestinian authority says it has procured vaccines from different companies but it has come under public criticism for delays delivery in february 10000 doses of the sputnik vaccine arrived from the russian government that seen through the kovacs program providing vaccines for no income countries are also expected. situation here is deteriorating in palestine but also as in several
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countries around the world as a result of the later driver of the vaccines that feed a discrepancy in administering the vaccines does not bode well in bringing the end of the pandemic and a closer in. about 2000 doses of the sputnik vaccines were sent from the hamas controlled gaza strip after israel approved to transfer the blockade to territory also received about 60000 vaccine doses from the united arab emirates for a population of 2000000 and its crucial infection rates in the west bank have soared in recent weeks and this private hospital on the outskirts of from a medical staff has seen a sharp influx of serious cold it 19 cases attribute to 2 virus variants more pressure until 15 days ago the corona ward was half empty and we were emptying
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the department suddenly huge numbers started coming to the hospital all of a sudden the hospital became phone 4 restrictions were tightened once again. and the west bank recently a curfew on weekends and night was already in place to connect depend and make plans to wait for more that scenes continues. lockdowns around the world have sent cities into an eerie silence as the start of the pandemic a year ago and new york is one of them has yet to regain its buzz one member of the city's filler monic orchestra has brought solace to his neighbors with solos on his rooftop. the mournful sound of a trumpet solos drifting over the rooftops of new york. and burns doth place to the spirits of his neighbors and his own to. the 1st night it came up was april 4th.
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and every night after that i played a different tune for the neighbors and every night more and more people taps coming out on their balconies the rooftops in their windows was. the trumpeter is you stood biggest stage ethan is a member of the new york from the morning he ocus turns home has been doc phonied yeah yeah. this should have been a fan's 13th season with the fin the money no one knows when things might get back to normal the audiences the people that make music for is you know a very you are the people that really make what we do worth it and music communicates and and speaks right here i mean you hear the silence of applause.
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ethan is a true new yorker and as the song almost says if you can make it through the crisis then you can make it anywhere. you're watching news live from berlin david levine's is up next with arts and culture alec spicer thanks for watching. i'm scared that the a war that's hard and in the end it's a me you're not allowed to stay here anymore we wasn't that. are you familiar with this. in a smuggler's with lions and. what's your story. 'd 'd on when i was a women especially in victims of violence and. take part and see.


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