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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  March 13, 2021 9:00am-9:16am CET

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this is a deja vue news live from berlin anger and sorow and me and maurice protests against the junta continue. families mourn loved ones shot by security forces but their deaths aren't deterring opposition to the military that seize power last month also coming up. a multi-million dollar payout for the killing of george floyd. this is not just a no for america to say they're black labs. we have to show that.
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the minneapolis city council unanimously approved a settlement of a case that sparked a national reckoning on racial justice. and n.t.l. cope's that once housed the world's famous giant batman it's been 20 years since the taliban destroyed the statues in a series of explosions plan to rebuild them are in trouble. i'm nick spicer welcome to the program. demonstrators have returned to the streets of mar cities after police shot 2 people dead a night time protests against military rule several people in mandalay were injured as security forces cracked down on their demonstration overnight people defied a curfew to hold a candlelight vigil in the biggest city yeah gone more than 70 people have been
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killed since the army took control last month. and activists you thought joins us from yang gone thank you for joining us can you tell us what's happening now. exists is very dangerous situation on the ground right now because they are quoting down to people's the shootings they are beating people in the rest of us d.n.i. so this is you're seeing here is very dangerous yes. and have you been taking part in demonstrations yourself 1st. across of call this morning i just came back from the 4th as you called the crackdown our protests we have really protests in stance small means night and then and then we cut down about 2 pm here you got to knowns and and they came in a crew with the cans and she against ok it can and it
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would is it when you say there's a crackdown what happens the military moves in and fires tear gas they arrest people. yes they've been moving they fired guests and smoke and then the i rest people they just grab people and the beat people are so much serious so grossly beating people are ants and this is you know i can't even see this in i go i saw people relating so on the streets this is nice so and so the us will brutally doing this to the people you know are you need 3 times a day how is other magazines known so they are killing their own people now. that's hard to hear and it must be very difficult to go through if i can just ask you about the international community and what hopes you hold out for their kind of leadership here the united states india australia and japan have vowed to work together to and i quote them restore democracy how will that help.
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oh that's going to be a host because now you know that these new 3 terrorists they have guns and well when we don't have guns and when will we only get their hands if they will help us and you know they have that will be a great well we've no right to do that and we are very lucky all our studio today are as neatly as humans yes ok thank you so much so much already all right thank you so much for providing that insight on today's events and what it's like to be in a demonstration in me in mar these days actors see if you thought in yangon thank you george floyd a black man whose choking death by a white police officer was caught on camera and those images sparked massive protests around the world on friday the city of minneapolis agreed to pay his family $27000000.00 to settle
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a civil lawsuit for wrongful death the officer in question faces trial for his murder but george floyd's relatives say the settlement is an important step towards justice. held hands raised up in victory this is how george floyd's brother and the family lawyer entered the news conference this is moments after the city of minneapolis agreed to pay the family $27000000.00. i thank the state of minnesota for getting this settlement taken care of. but. even know my brother is not here and. he's here with me in my heart 'd because if i could get him back i would give all of this back. floyd was declared dead may last year after a white minneapolis police officer derrick shogun pressed his knee against floyd's neck about 9 minutes. you remember. the family filed
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a lawsuit against the city in july among other things the letters that minneapolis allowed a culture of excessive force racism and impunity among its police force where. we need to be unrelenting we need to be unapologetic in our pursuit of a more equitable local government and a more just approach to community safety in our city and we will be it's the largest pretrial settlement ever for a civil rights claim said lawyer ben crump. it's not just enough for america to say george florida life matters we have to show that george troy a life matters by actions is not just a no for america to say they're black labs america we have to show that black labs america actions. the settlement in favor of the family comes only
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a few days after the beginning of the trial of derek so then when he faces charges of murder and manslaughter with a 3rd degree murder charge only recently reinstated as a regionally church. now many are wondering if the settlement will affect the trial the jury is now being seated in the case which is likely to send a strong signal to its police impunity. let's take a look now at some of the other stories making news around the world. new zealand has marked the 2nd anniversary of the christ church terror attack prime minister just into ardern said new zealanders how to do to support their muslim community 51 people were killed when a heavily armed white supremacist attacked 2 mosques. in britain a serving police officer has been charged with the kidnapping and murder of a 33 year old woman sarah everts body was found hidden in a woodland more than a week after she went missing the case has sparked an outpouring of anger about the
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safety of women in britain and around the globe italy will impose a nationwide lockdown over the easter weekend prime minister mario draghi said parts of the country will shut down starting monday including the capital rome and the financial center milan italy saw corona virus infections rise 10 percent in the last week. u.n. secretary general antonio terrace has condemned the latest mass school abduction in nigeria he said children should be able to learn without fear of violence or kidnapping gunmen attacked a college in the northwestern state of could do no in a standoff with the assailants the military rescued most of the pupils and staff but not all of them. another nigerian school bearing the scars of a kidnapping. authorities say a large group of gunmen carried out the abduction on thursday night at this forestry college in the state of katrina. students and stuff were taken hostage
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180 people were rescued after the military force with the kidnappers but 30 people are still unaccounted for. some of the rescued students suffered injuries and have been typing to hospital this attack is the 4th of its kind since december in nigeria where bandits use it as a way to make money or push for the release of jailed members from their groups security forces say they are conducting an operation to find the missing students. for centuries to giant bhutto's stood watch over afghanistan's bamyan valley until
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the taliban decided they went against their extreme interpretation of islamic law and order their destruction 20 years ago the world watched in horror as these cultural monuments fell victim to a series of explosions today the valley is a unesco world heritage site and there's a debate over whether to rebuild the statues or leave the giant empty as a reminder of their destruction. mr hussein is a bike mechanic his workshop once boasted a direct view of the famous buddhist statues he was unwillingly involved in that tragic fate. i'm sad and disappointed the toss statues have been destroyed and they still haven't been reconstructed that's hard for people here the statues are part of a unesco world heritage site we want them rebuilt and soon. the taliban forced hussein to drill holes into the rock for the explosives that would destroy the ancient statues the monuments dated from the 6th century they were once the world's
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tallest statues of the standing buddha or inspiring symbols of buddhist philosophy . the islamist taliban destroyed them in march 2001 now the afghan government controls the area abdul hamad also has a special connection to the site he's responsible for the safe keeping of fragments of the figures. but construction work has stopped due to a lack of funds that's the reason the ministry for information and culture and unesco are working to secure donations so that work can restart next year his biggest fear is that the taliban will take control again and put an end to reconstruction efforts preparations for the football world cup to be held in qatar or 2022 are in full swing but allegations of human rights abuses have dogged organizers with media reports claiming that more than $6500.00 migrant workers have
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died in construction projects that's prompted one dutch company which has traditionally supplied the pitch for big tournaments to boycott the event. the grass grown in the netherlands is used in football stadiums around the world. and organizers of the 2022 world cup hope to play on. but the company has pulled out of negotiations pointing to the staggering number of fatalities among workers in the run up to the tournament. and the reason a report in the guardian newspaper shows more than 6500 migrant workers have died in qatar over the last 10 years most of them from south asia but the death toll could be higher reports from the philippines in kenya included in the guardian's report. officials claim there were only a handful of deaths in world cup construction sites which include. an airport roads and public transportation projects and there are around $2000000.00 foreign workers
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in qatar most of them come from south asian countries but some hail from african nations like kenya human rights organizations have repeatedly criticized the working conditions and despite new laws they say that the conditions are still poor . lockdowns around the world have sent cities into an eerie silence since the start of the pandemic a year ago now a new york it's part of the problem as yet to regain its buzz is but there's one member of the city. who has brought solace to his neighbors with solos on his rooftop. the mournful sound of a trumpet soda drifting over the rooftops of new york the fan burns dolph place to lift the spirits of his neighbors and his own to. the 1st night i came up was april 4th. and every night after that i played
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a difference here in for the neighbors and every night more and more people taps coming out on their balconies and the rooftops in their windows. phone was. found the trumpeter is use to it biggest stage ethan is a member of the new york from the money he ocus to his home has been docked for nearly a year. this should have been a fan's 13th season with the finn the money no one knows when things might get back to normal the audiences the people that make music for is you know a very you are the people that really make what we do worth it and music communicates and and speaks and right here i mean you hear the silence of of applause. ethan is a true new yorker and as the song almost says if you can make it through the crisis
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then you can make it anywhere. you're watching news live from berlin up next the documentary venezuela the bitter legacy she could have a make spicer spectacle. imagine how many portions muslims must turn out in the world climate change difficult awful story this is one placing way. one. can really guess. we still have time to. i'm going.


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