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tv   Gesprach - Talkshow  Deutsche Welle  March 13, 2021 7:00pm-7:31pm CET

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this is to give you news live from berlin more bad news for the corona virus vaccine roll out british swedish drug maker astra zeneca says it will now deliver 15000000 fewer doses of its corona virus shots of the e.u. and the green as the boss inoculation program fails to pick up steam. and taking a hard look at women's safety in public after a london police officer is charged with the murder of
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a 33 year old woman she disappeared while walking home. for demonstrators are killed and injured by security forces a 1000000 mark of the mounting death toll is not deterring opposition to the military that seized power last month. a 1000000 books welcome to the program the european union's relationship with vaccine maker astra zeneca has hit another bump the british swedish pharmaceutical giant says it once again won't meet delivery commitments for its covert 1000 shot astra zeneca is blaming the shortfall on production problems and export restrictions the news comes as some countries have halted asked for seneca vaccinations due to blood clotting fears although the e.u. is medicines agency says there is so far no evidence to suggest that the vaccine
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causes them overall the e.u. is facing criticism for its handling of vaccine contracts to get enough supply to its 27 member stay. let's. get more on all with our brussels correspondent max than there max the hope that this vaccination program would be a boost for unity across the block but instead it's led to divisions and criticism so just what are the political consequences of a vaccination rollout that appears slow and uneven. well william the vaccination rollout here in the us going quite slow and this is naturally leading to some tensions here across the bloc which is what is causing concerns right now at this moment as claims by austrian chances of us in quotes that that scene is destroyed distributed unequally and namely because of side deals now the e.u. distribution mechanism says all $27.00 member states by vaccine together and then it's distributed across the block per capita could snow is claiming that then mark
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and the netherlands have acquired additional doses inside deals which would give them an unfair and unsold and unfair advantage over other e.u. countries in fighting the pandemic though the e.u. contracts say that countries can renounce their share of fx scenes and others are then allowed to acquire those doses so this is not a question of this being illegal or not illegal or going against the context it's a matter of solidarity and this gives you an example for what the situation is now at the moment with additional tensions at a time where vaccinations are vaccines are desperately needed so that's tension within the e.u. there's also tension more internationally a transatlantic aspect and you know the u.s. is holding on to millions of unused astra zeneca vaccine that it could in effect donate to the e.u. at a time that president joe biden is talking about renewed relations with the e.u. and yet it's not doing that so how is the u.s. response to this development. that's right the u.s.
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vaccination campaign is very fast compared to what's what's happening here in the u. right now quite successful so naturally the e.u. is eyeing very closely what's happening in the u.s. and it's a big question right now whether or not the e.u. can expect any support from the u.s. at the moment the u.s. is sitting on 30000000 doses of astra zeneca that has not been approved yet in the u.s. has been approved in the u.n. is desperately needed here at the moment but the white house made clear that that brussels or the entire e.u. the entire block cannot expect that any of these vaccines at anytime soon this is also raising concerns regarding another vaccine the johnson and johnson dexie in which is was approved 2 days ago here in brussels or here and here in the u. and was is being produced in the u.s. well but the finishing steps take place in the u.s. and now there are concerns questions will these vaccines once they do the the finishing and filling process in the u.s. make their way back to the e.u.
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but the vaccine nationalism there with max and here in brussels thanks very much. to brazil now where health services are approaching breaking point as infection rates continue to rise rapidly the country is also dealing with high death rates but some of south america's biggest country say young people aren't taking the payment seriously and are continuing to party like it's 2019 it's not a quick look. patients just keep arriving at hospitals in sao paulo public and private clinics are stretched to the limits. where in the middle of an emergency and young brazilians are still going to parties they don't understand how serious the situation is. in many parts of brazil the health system is overloaded and close to breaking point there have been delays in setting up new emergency hospitals people furious. people are dying in here
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this is not a game about graves that being dug across the country currently more than 2000 people a day dying with corona virus but experts believe the worst is yet to come. also both that brazil will soon be recording around $3000.00 victims per day that is acceptable. the country's vaccination campaign has been sluggish with frequent interruptions many say the brazilian government waited too long to order vaccine doses as the number of victims grows so does criticism of president john abell sonando who repeatedly downplayed the threat posed by the virus. and let's take a look now at some other developments in the pandemic hong kong has ordered compulsory coronavirus testing at several law firms and banks in the city's financial district that's after a new cluster of infections was a link to
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a gym used by their staff italy's government has approved plans to put half the country into total lockdown because of a surge in cases schools shops and restaurants will close for monday and jordan's health minister has resigned after a hospital ran out of oxygen supplies leading to the deaths of at least 7 coronavirus patients. the kidnapping and murder of a woman in london and the arrest of a police officer suspected of committing those crimes a shake in the u.k. with sadness the anger women there in around the world are speaking out about the dangers they face in public places that should be safe for everyone but all too often are not especially for women remembering sarah ever hard mourners late flowers and console each other in a london park near sarah's home to pay their respects she vanished on march 3rd walking home from a friend's apartment but then a gruesome discovery the 33 year old marketing executives body was found in this
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wooded area in kent dental records confirmed it was her the suspect in the kidnapping and murder is an officer in london's metropolitan police 48 year old wayne cousins had his 1st appearance in court on saturday he only spoke to confirm his identity investigators say his main job was to patrol diplomatic buildings and scotland yard and that he was not on duty at the time of sarah's disappearance the crime has brought international attention to the abuses women face at the hands of men and women walking alone at night no through fear sarah must have felt they want justice for her and better protections for themselves cope with concerns have forced organizers to cancel vigils but some mourners say they will be out anyway to draw attention to sarah's murder and to women's safety in britain and beyond. let's get more now from alice for us why they're here in the studio she's been
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covering the story this crime is tragic and horrifying enough but it goes so much more beyond just this one woman that's right and many women have been taking to social media to share what's been happening to them with whether they've been abused walking down the streets or even attacked many of them just out in the streets particularly in the dark and if we look at one tweet from a british journalist she writes what happened to sarah everett has hit home. many women because we may kill ations she did if we day too we take the longer better route amend to have been showing this support with money just a united football player marcus rush tweeting men we have a role to play to listen to protect and to allow women to feel safe so this is very much become a vocal campaign across the whole of the u.k. and it starts happening on social media there's actually right now we have i think live pictures of a vigil that is taking place it was called off maybe it's helpful but what about
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the insufficient canceled with the police saying it wasn't allowed to go ahead at the memorial site in south london because they said that it was against restrictions but it appears people are gathering they are defying that and officially this supposed to be an online video with these people being encouraged to put out lights all night doorsteps but i think it's very clear that people want to be seen in person saying that they are not prepared to accept these kind of attacks on women and email. all right alex force wiring here in the studio live pictures of a vigil there in london thanks very much. now there's been no let up in the anti to demonstrations and me in mar nor in the brutal response from government security forces after several protesters were shot dead by police overnight or people have been. killed on saturday had rallies more than 70 people have died in the unrest that started when the army seized power last
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month. in the louis city poll of me and mar are in mourning the one year the only although he joined as a volunteer cart every night asked him to take a rest as he was sick i couldn't stop him. he said he needs to take care of people because the military were attacking them with heavy weapons then they shot and killed him he can't fight back anymore was a new model in the belief that a lot of. the soldiers shot at us during our sit in last night and arrested 3 people they beat them. a group of us went to the police station to request their release then they fired live right after us. no one died over there and another one died here are my. daughter i.
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still an air of defiance prevails. even in the face of mounting funerals i mean. the. people are determined to keep up the pressure thousands rallied in mandalay many of them teachers and university students oh. oh god but moments later police despair the peaceful protest with tear gas and rubber bullets. amid the escalation of police brutality injuries like these are becoming commonplace. health care workers and volunteers who raced to bring them ice of the line of fire rescue. witness takes from friday in young gun shows police beating 3 men accused of
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breaking a night time curfew they were dragged from their homes and beaten with sticks on the street. 7 in the distance the signs of gunfire. attesting to another episode of violence in the city was turned over to football now it's match day $25.00 in the bonus league so let's take a look at the results so far byron munich stayed in 1st place by beating bradman demolished last place or number leaned down cologne and mine snuck past freiburg friday out bird came out on top of mention god. the hosts proved to shong forgot about winning 31 under a han sealed the victory with the best of the goals in the 89th minute now looks safe from relegation. or without a bonus legal win since january. and still 4
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more games to go under way now it's dortmund versus have to berlin and on sunday labor who is in battle be lift every leipzig face of confort and stuttgart take on hoffenheim in seeing the freestyle world cup aerials crowned a new king in calling in kazakhstan. then to switzerland to clinch top spot in the men's event to claim his 1st world cup medal. and in the women's event canada's mario captured her 1st aerial gold only previous medal was a bronze in january in moscow. and then to not to nasa astronauts have completed a final space walk to finish repairs and odd jobs on the outside of the international space station american astronauts and russian cosmonauts have been working on the i s s exterior for about a week doing various jobs including sealing to air leaks the work took longer than
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expected but it's nearing completion i assess crew just scuppered 2 air leaks in the station in august but sealed them temporarily at that time. you're watching t.v. news live from berlin reporter is up next don't forget you can always get the latest news and information from our website u.w. dot com or follow us on instagram and twitter f.t.w. news. we'll have more for you have top the hour thanks for watching. and there you go for the over that's at home the 4th and the most news in the. on. how does
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a virus spread. why do we panic and when we're. just 3 of the topics covered and weekly radio. if you would like any information on the cloning virus or any other science topic you should really check out our podcast you can get it where. every you get your podcast you can also finance and. paris the city of love but especially during the pandemic it's become the city of loneliness luckily there are people like past johnny and con time they work for the initiative. it's kiosks have taken on the road and once performed by course yes.
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but they lose do more than that. critical food and we help those who are the most vulnerable over the food who have come to realize that if it weren't for all those people not just with or away from the real god. god. was 6. loose in montana he lives in the heart of paris all on her and she's 90 but still going strong jane locked on the loose has been her anchor. you know solitude is hard to take can many older people not isolated in time go out so of course they feel lonely. they roll along give us the scissors and that's also why it's so important to have young people in your life for example though that i
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really like having them around while there's. always come time hallo. yes i can hear you. comped on the regularly helps or with their e-mails today he's brought handyman shani along. follow your new door oh wonderful is it the same as before sin and then. yes it's the same in a way that suits me just fine it's a simple gambia the men are here to change mischance shower door but there's a small problem for sky doesn't have his drill with him. so yes. i have to drill here to fix the new fright i can't attach the new door to the old one. vote.
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over the police here find a solution he's not half bad. you can bring him a gun on you i think. i have never had a bad leader. what this continent to her i think of him my grandson got a 5th. of the preserve them something which makes me happy to help people who got here really need some of the members on its path it's like that it's great when finally the doors in place. pascal in contrast i'm ready to leave but not before taking care of the nicest part of the job the chat with that client. but i dish was made i wanted to among other things i used to be a banking consultant it was what i missed the personal relationships. that are not
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over there the job wasn't too focused on selling work. so why did i thought of it was the sky will come again next week to hang up a picture this time with his drill. maybe you lie looking forward to seeing you both again. if we want to see you next change the. oh oh oh oh oh. that's kind of comes amit up with johnny found a another little at one of the company's kiosks there now 8 of them in paris. it's the perfect place to take a coffee break and get a few things of their chests. i never realized how isolated some appliance especially during lockdown who didn't didn't move. didn't you yes it's
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a sad outcome to be. i say it's quite appalling your. locals directing choir is to the course yeah who runs the kiosk he or she then passes on the work to the self employed lease. this man's internet isn't working anymore you need to have any megan and stored. here with lulu is like the concierge of all it was always there to help out the resident. they always had good advice and i knew the right person to go to when problems arose. today makes these important connections and the kiosks are a meeting place for people in the neighborhood. folks also come here just to talk. it brings back a bit of the old ambiance i've lived in this quarter for 50 years and i think it's
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restored some of the humanity. we call it johnny isn't surprised by comments like these is the train carpenter ranges continuing education for the initiatives 1100 you recently also helps decide who can join the team with one criterion is especially important or one that. blew out a toot. it's about helping people not just about performing the task at hand but we want to give clients more than not the lulu attitude is like a ray of sunshine. and there's the african concept of a boon to i am because we are and that's what lulu in us on that front we're losing because we're part of our parish is one of a part of the population and we're here to help. by paul is
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a bit so it makes sense. pascal lives in a tiny apartment with just 1000 square meters of space he'd rather not show us so we only film one corner of the place over the years the 52 year old has done pretty much everything he's worked as a research a miner and a forklift operator but a few years ago he hit a low point in his life. i work for 96 hours at a time and did that for almost 30 years nonstop with no vacation with. but a some point i just cracked up i quit and became depressed. when i heard about lulu very calm and that was a lifesaver i was back in business again there were 30. when the pandemic began a year ago pascal volunteered to help people who were at high risk for cave at 19.
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even though he feared contracting the virus himself. rivers mostly depressed it was during the 1st lockdown i only went on foot. i didn't take public transport to toll . info i wanted to keep the risk of infection to a minimum for myself and all of the people who delivered things like avoid. the daily vulnerable people we visited. with. all of the zone that i was walking between 40 and 60 kilometers that i reported it depending on how many people i have to shop for. and now pascal is on his way to do some work for not time going back.
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now tom has just returned to paris after several years in singapore. very little like i explained on the phone pascoe doesn't pictures need hanging up but. most of them are in the living room we put them in the right spots. then these kids in shows need putting up one on top of the other board for. the 1st you have to affix the 2 rails on the sides. of the body. and then come the shelves that fit into the rows. and maybe they go in the other way round. the business consultant lacks the time and skills to do the job himself. gives me access to professionals who are better handyman than all of a b. . they have the right tools and will do the job properly. lose the modern
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equivalent to the neighbor who loaned you his drill and helps you put up the shelves. prescott loves this work though he earns just 30 years an hour before taxes normally a tradesman would get in hourly wage of 100 years it is the hard right few for night time it's perfect. the next day cantars on his way to see in another regular customer 74 year old anita munis. pirlo can. tell you off with you she is like the list and then go wash your hands. for 2 love in my heart. cantars been helping anita with e-mails and correspondence with the authorities
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since her husband died last year now it's about selling his car. oh and. i just got an email from audi. don't you weep about the car about jews card has the man sent me something or scream or were you. sure that this man only says that they can just tell me i don't either document. it right it's just so you know what's up can turn was my savior and now he's a person who's become part of my life. back to the most. of his work on one because both ways i stop by regularly and i always look forward to it also to drinking tea together of not talking about things other than
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computers him until the 1st who could not form i think it's a ritual they wouldn't want to do with out here thanks anita. heart and then yes we are on some rogue no hostility bit then it'll be fine just who is helping here. we lose might rescue people in certain situations but without knowing it they actually give us more than we give them. i've forgotten there was this human aspect to life. it's not just about money. most of all it's about what you can give to others that makes you feel good. and make sure you realize you're not alone with.
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this motor home isn't motorists. it's a practice site for forensic technicians. did the killer enjoy a chocolate. print is going. ready to faint. silver of a friend a new technology can help solve. the world today. its discovery was groundbreaking at the same time it was the beginning of unimaginable destruction. the thomas. whenever something goes wrong always played down and hostile. still in the industry because it never has
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it. and the energy our friends. w. . the ideas is on its way to bring you more conservation. how do we make see the screen or how can we protect have a chance we can make a difference the ideas of mental series again bloated through thousands on a w. at all modern. we've even traces everywhere on everything we touch. even though. we breathe. most of the time these choices are invisible but they can still reveal a lot about us for example i think the prince and the proteins in our head. since the start of the coronavirus pandemic we've had to contend with the loss of these
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invisible traces we leave behind. viruses that are exhaled into the air for example .


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