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if i would have gone on a trip you know i would not have put myself and my harrison about danger to the part of the game that the going to get a flavor for. that one little bit to give them i had serious problems on a personal level and i was unable to live there but what i'm going to. want to know their story in full migrants terrified and reliable information for margaret's. vama a recent widow 3 daughters live here in this county. i've never had a birthday party like other kids become courtney than if you'd seen a city like that i'm turning 14 soon and once again we won't celebrate so missy go
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because our mom doesn't have any money. i've never blown out candles on a cake so. 5 years ago 26 year old lawyer. decided to radically transform his life and help the poor in albania. i would you come to our experience on a dog i've learned a lot of the past 5 years there. are 2 pieces of advice for young people who want to start a church he hires is to get buy in for transparency above all just for fun and stay way from politics this summer dark but if you go. and she did that for us. the foundation for the show which translates to
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a different weekend a sense 7 of his 12000 volunteers deep into the countryside there they'll meet a woman and her children who fear for their lives. the belmore know you will refer to the womanish. a real name must be kept confidential 103 children were beaten so badly by her husband that he was sentenced to 18 months in prison he said to be released next week to. meet those new ways threatened that when he got out he'd find me wherever i was and kill me me and the children or me or the school disco i said fine kill me but please let the children live there you have to protect them they good kids and deserve a better life. isn't
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used to anyone listening to her she spends hours telling the young women from the foundation how life in unfathomable poverty. a different weekend his building the 1st women's shelter in albania but it's not ready yet and sure to needs immediate assistance. from now on should go to will receive support from a lawyer and psychologist and most importantly she and her children will be brought to safety they'll leave behind this rundown place. here ana albania's capital has changed dramatically in recent years a small middle class is slowly emerging but not everyone is keeping up with this rapid shift nearly 40 percent of all albanians live on less than 5 euros
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a day. our book is often asked to explain where he got the young usual name for his foundation . for the under the unit tourism if there were a different weekend developed organically he says and then as a student i wanted to help per person and even securing a vacation i spent a weekend or fallen tiering with orphans i did this and it says the birds it was a national holiday and everyone was celebrating everyone except the fur. i packed up some groceries and toys and headed to the poorest parts of toronto where i spent a happy and different kind of weekend. abba meets with his staff every morning at 9 o'clock a different weekend is a highly efficient operation together the team decides on the day's tasks and crucially whom they will prioritize helping.
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in the background or awards the harbor and his foundation of one. quoting the mother theresa metal helping is highest civilian honor. after 5 years a different weekend is now fully established but it had trouble getting off the ground the 1st meek uninsured at least parents both had difficult childhoods and came from very poor families or all need. for my father grew up as an orphan and for that reason alone my parents really supported me and the 1st words of my recommended book on phones are arkin you've got the rule so certainly moments when they asked what my end goal is always in disguise your door special the foundation started out very small knots like what it is today for back then they were skeptical of marriage they completely have my back and help me wherever they can.
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in this room young volunteers field nonstop calls from people in need of help they follow a standardized procedure making their way through a 2 page questionnaire with the colas how much government data they are receiving other any problems with drugs or alcohol when was the last time the children had nothing to eat. and sylvana just received a shocking call the widow advantage and her 3 daughters were kicked out of the home of her late husband's relatives are now living in a cow shed with no heating refrigerator or food and here. are the 5 years their case is given top priority the foundation's large headquarters are located outside tirana city center the government offered them the property for a symbolic price. the grounds used to be
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a military base that housed tongues now the only battle waged here is the one against poverty. 20 year old rest chato law is studying law it's become a public prosecutor and a miss to one day combine the widespread corruption and how playing. today she's packing a car with supplies for the widow ivana and her daughters living in the cowsheds. i left she has been with the foundation homeless from the start. for druce or so but she only in accord with the new poor my work at
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a different weekend is not just some job it's my passion. i've been here for 4 and a half years now and never seen it as workforce pretty and fresh needs a real opportunity we can help change albania and make our country a better place oh because you are them from isn't emotional we have the chance not just to help feed impoverished albanians wife in years to but to integrate them and give them the chance for personal development distilling vidanta to it. in addition to groceries a different weekend this received the equivalent of nearly 21000000 euros in donations over the past 5 years. in the open you countryside he even the smallest villages have new mosques. was were. the only war are
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the. gulf countries and turkey have been outdoing each other to fund the construction of new places of worship. orthodox and catholic churches are also seeing a strong influx of support after all poverty is much more visible in the albanian countryside than in the cities the foundation is working its way tirelessly through many thousands of cases of poor farming families. the aim is not just to fill up these families refrigerators but to modernize their world fees. the widow advantage barly also lives in the countryside where abu and his employ farah bring her food clothes and above all hope. to get foreigners husband died a few months ago from epilepsy which was left untreated they couldn't afford the medical care. immediately following the traditional 40 days of mourning her
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husband's brothers throughout ivana and her daughters calling them useless. since then the family of 4 been living in this cow shed every month they receive the equivalent of $9000.00 euros $0.95 in government paid. these photographs of the only reminder of better times and of the father 14 who sudden death traumatized his daughter's child. there he cry and said i'm dying we were terrified and completely exhausted at this point my never thought he would really die over me i said dad you have to hold on and stay alive for us so. that's my little sister watched it all and asked what was going on. is that you lose all hope once you see your father dying so i miss him day and night i will never forget him go and go.
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aba tries to give the family hope the for now his vanity struggling just to get by unable to escape or misery. yet one other selfish woman who would hire me like trouble i work in a greenhouse the rats are my girls collect flowers the sow they started with poppies now it's come a mile and i don't know i just don't know a means of the look of it the cow shed is barely habitable at night rats and snakes crawl through the holes in the walls scaring that alarmingly so much she can hardly sleep. there's no refrigerator or electricity so the little food they do have spoils quickly.
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or give me speedy thinking i so badly want a home made with just the basics. good when you go out to enjoy a bed to sleep in the face of american art a closet for close to the mat over them you. and a bathroom for washing up do you bar you just. abba remains optimistic his foundation has bought or rented 420 houses and apartments for impoverished families so far just in this area here of course you know we have done 35 houses till now and i really hope for the next house to be for this family very some when i say so and i mean marks in 20 days to complete the. new house for them near the city near the life near
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hospital. a different weekend produces short films to share the stories of people in need donors can watch the videos on the foundation's website and choose where their money goes. so far 600000 people have made contributions to many a native albanians living abroad it's the foundation mainly supports women who often treated as worthless in rural albania. the contents of these boxes will help it van hunter girls make it through the coming weeks but just really hasn't been this happy in weeks the sisters say later oh yeah ever if they are going back. today come with the necessities but that's not enough until a says the next step will be finding a suitable apartment for the family. did you did you have them up on the very
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1st me the basics clothes food and especially shoes agrees but it is equally important for them to feel hurt because these people have simply been forgotten by the government and society the word on must they be up on the giving them our attention does them good. and that is ultimately our job to make them feel good to be mugging the enemy or. finally it vanna has a reason to start a fire in the stove again it's been a while since she and her daughters had a hot meal. ivana is still in shock from being thrown out by her brother in law. so much not great for ski shackleford things went from bad to worse sheriff i couldn't pay rent so we ended up here but it's terrible for the girls they keep saying mom weskit were cold what made them make great use the. arbor is
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approached regularly by political parties with their on the left or right these politicians want to exploit the national stauffer their own purposes. the from now it sounds like their efforts are in vain. and the issue previously were you systemic of or were i believe that a totally wrong system has been created in albania with a real chain of corruptions organising your going to war it is a 35 years this country has been held hostage by corrupt people transfer political power back and forth hours no word of all those they've read it yet they have virtually abolished electoral freedom and shifted the rule of law freedom of speech and this whole system toward absolute power although no one is very handsome we're now in a situation where individual votes are worthless in an election to go forward and i
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know you have it so i think the system is fundamentally flawed although i give you the receiving. arborists shielded by the popularity of a different weekend not everyone in albania could be so critical of the political elite without facing consequences. meanwhile volunteers from the foundation of preparing for a child's birthday by packing gifts and blowing up balloons. in the beginning volunteers only helped out on weekends but now there's much to do every day of the week. like. this are. nearing the end of the hour long drive to their destination ref jay stops to pick up a birthday cake she wants to make sure it doesn't melt in the summer heat. every
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day this warm blanket has to dry out in the sun the dish a family sleeps on it in a damp room next to the structure of the house construction is lagging behind as the family simply co-managed to pay off the $240.00 euros of debt that is going to tell you. directly what it is not her this is the young volunteers bring along bags of donated food often times to children who are starving today is no different. after this lady who is turning 70 and receiving the 1st birthday presents his life . and his 3 year old sister a $100.00 is overwhelmed the 1st. review and thank you so much.
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you know what is yours survivor for contrast to stock for the children just this morning they were starving with absolutely nothing left to eat in the house now it's only can they fill up their bellies with sugary drinks and cake when they receive another red gift attention. that's how. it started children in the albanian countryside and not traditionally in the spotlight and girls have an even harder time and they're. not going to. you has never been the center of attention to give them. a. head. yet. hair. or you or me.
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or. the young volunteers want to police the children self-confidence after the 2 hour long party rest change draws a bold conclusion over so forth shop i should have been solved i am fully convinced that we will succeed even this visit might appear on important but it shows hearts and inner morals it will have a resoundingly positive impact on this child and his siblings it about the now they know they're not alone should this child will receive an education and we will lift him out of poverty. and then of course this won't happen overnight it will take some time and we don't have a magic wand or anything. lydia's grandparents watch the party from a distance grandma quinn grisel is worried about her son and his family.
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for the house as leaky and rain comes in every way you know our stuff for last night my son told me he wanted to sell one of his kidneys to provide his children with a better life for me here in marina for help because i'm a. guy on friday afternoons volunteers hold a weekly meeting. auburn recce welcome them with just 13 paid employees the foundation relies heavily on volunteers. on their to total of $12000.00 volunteers work at a different weekend. the next morning a group sets off to mansa where a powerful earthquake struck in november 29th teen the residents urgently need help . for 5 years apple
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has been waging a daily battle against poverty. it never ceases to upset him how many politicians don't seem to care regime members either so of course i'm upset it's got on the chart on poverty deprives people of human dignity and decency really has gone you know that you've got are parents supposed to do when they see their child is hungry and they have nothing to give him. on or of all 4 really gets me worked up of the vats in itself doesn't solve anything here. when i'm still good for a new tool there's a look at trying to keep my cool and work one day at a time to resurrect people's lost dignity and decency to get in a war or so although to be more precise per people in albania it didn't actually lose their dignity or decency it was stolen from the ship 3 years the other it did it did in years and ever since this corrupt system was
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a stop list in 1903 people here have been robbed him if he did not leave it there to get. the region around mansur was hit hard by the earthquake killing 51 people and destroying the homes of a least 32000 overnight. engineers spread exactly $11490.00 big red x.'s on the walls of houses marking them for demolition however many people have know it's a god and continue living in the ruins which are at risk of collapsing. i live in mansour many of the earthquake victims are living in workers' accommodations at a nearby pipeline construction site they say they receive only sporadic paid. the albanian state once sent a few boxes of food but is no it's be seen since. the. first
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distributing the food runs smoothly and i was most people recognizable and someone's take photos with him because he is somewhat of a celebrity on our. scene at the moment. he is. the suddenly the mood sours and the distribution turns hectic. everyone wants to know exactly what their neighbors got just because they're linked by hardship doesn't mean they always get along. crammed together and constantly bored they are there with send them a summer. that i haven't ever have i pass whatever they have done or don't you don't have to fix on a good deal of his property no one can live like this there are 5 of us in here and it's like that for others to go to there are always 2 families living in one
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container we just want our houses back we want to know when they will finally be rebuilt if neither of us be here. for cielo makes our way back to her old house that's where she and her children shelter during the earthquake because the front door was jammed today she's returning for the 1st time. that was a horrible night a total nightmare river asleep in bed with our little one when suddenly the walls began to swell and pieces came crashing to the floor and i thought this is it we're all going to die. no one has told for cedar and her family when they can leave their makeshift container. but one thing is for certain they will never be able to return here the house has to be demolished. and that the happiest. fears are. meanwhile there's
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a happy ending feed van and her daughters thanks to numerous donations the foundation manages to provide them with this fully furnished rental apartment. and so will attend school rights around the corner and family can finally go to kindergarten again by the way they are. after months in the cow shed the 4 of them can hardly believe their luck. sylvana joins in on the celebration exactly one month ago she was the one who picked up the thomas call asking for help and there was the rest of us this last segment on the rent is fixed for 5 years and ivana can afford it because a different weekend found her a new job as a caretaker for the elderly. ven other battle has been won against poverty.
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5 years after it was founded a different weekend has helped lift over 50000 elbow knee and families out of poverty. some temporarily and others forever. the infusion of the young volunteers keeps the foundation energized that's a good thing because the walk is far from over. ted
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talks tough out. there. because irish dance crew kota are taking social media by storm. proving that modern choreography and cool phoenix tradition attempts to go by.
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looks pretty mixed w. . its discovery was groundbreaking at the same time it was the beginning of a. unimaginable destruction of. atomic power whenever something goes wrong all these laid down and hostile. stone for the industry to make because whoever has it comes down to energy are french speaking russian. in 75 sponte w. o. o. w's crime fighters are back together with africa's most successful radio drama series continues all of us owns are available online course you can share and
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discuss on t.w. africa's facebook page and other social media platforms for crime fighter to me now . the use. of the morning. can a slew of big personal war news and love the. ngos born smaller. movies oh goodness knows. there's no news no lovable good for the workers who. doesn't. work is read a book or heard the news. oh chancellor.
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merkel and student union her couriers. this is d w news live from for lent police in london are criticised for clashes as a vigil for a murder weapon there have been calls to investigate alster politicians described the response as unacceptable and deeply disturbing tensions remain high not least because the man being held for sarah ever it's murder is himself a serving officer also coming up to brazil's health care system mirrors its
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breaking point to us the country's battles a surge in corona virus infections to get with the president's.


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