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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  March 14, 2021 10:00am-10:16am CET

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intuition. money. thing. spams and found. on you tube joining us. this is a news live from berlin london police are under fire after clashes at a vigil for the murdered english woman sarah ever. there have been calls to investigate the officers response after politicians described it as an acceptable and deeply disturbing tensions run high at the memorial being held for the woman's murder is himself a member of the police force also coming up. voters in 2 german states go to the
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polls in the 1st test of a national mood ahead of this year's general election chancellor merkel's conservatives face blowback over their handling of the coronavirus crisis and the scandal over pandemic profiteering. and in buddhist league of football buyers munich show they're still the ones to beat they travel to bring it on saturday and it easily took down the home team coming away with a 31 victory. welcome to the program there is anger in the united kingdom over the police handling of a vigil in honor of sara ever art the 33 year old woman was kidnapped and murdered allegedly by a police officer while walking home in london on march the 3rd on saturday
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a gathering to honor her and other victims of male violence was broken up by police citing coronavirus restrictions officers arrested 4 people. i rage at one police officer becomes anger towards many arrests turned ugly as police attempted to enforce pandemic controls at a banned vigil the offices response drew criticism from london's mayor who said they were not appropriate or proportionate britain his home secretary has demanded an explanation from scotland yard london's metropolitan police said the event had become a public danger we absolutely did not want to be in a position where for some touching was necessary. but we were placed in this position because of the overriding needs to protect people's safety. earlier crowds had turned clapham common from a place of fear into one of defiance reclaiming the park close to where sarah ever
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rod went missing. i think it's important for all of us to as especially as women unit see with sara and pay our respects as well and that. away instead and think is important for us to all have this presence we could all be sarah. the 48 year old policeman charged with every rods kidnapping and murder appeared in court. searches continued at the accused murderess home and the site where everard's body was found press police collect evidence against one of their own the incident has shaken trust in the police and raised concern about women's safety everywhere. here in germany polls have opened in 2 state elections they're being seen as the 1st major major political test ahead of a general election later this year that will determine who succeeds chancellor angela
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merkel. it's the 1st major vote since the start of the pandemic with merkel's government facing increasing criticism for its handling of the crisis and for a corruption scandal involving deals for facemasks voters in the southwestern state of baton votes and book will decide whether the country's only green party state premier can stay in power for a 3rd term in neighboring rhineland plot and polls suggest a close contest between the governing social democrats and merkel's conservative christian democrats with me now in the studio as our political correspondent has brett hats thanks for being here looking forward to the outcome then your analysis 6 months away from the big federal race what with these to regional races tell us well as you just said i'm leaving she will no longer be the chancellor in germany by the end of this year and the big question is how would her conservatives perform in the polls running up to the general election in september at the moment the conservatives are struggling there on the back foot and in these 2 regions with the
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elections are taking place today they are not in government they're both pot in both both regions they are part of a coalition government but they're not the leaders here and the question is whether they can make gains there it doesn't really look like that at the moment as i say they've been on the defensive so the question is how did that perform and what will the other parties do the greens for instance about invoking back who are leading the election who are leading the government there and is part of the defensiveness come from what's happening with this pandemic profiteering scandal that merkel's party yes indeed that's been that's a fairly recent scandal has happened it's become clear over the last couple of weeks that 2 at least 2 members of the of the central german parliament of the consulate. made hundreds of thousands of euros in deals involving hygienic mosques in the past year and the party has regarded that as
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a catastrophe that's the wood that they've been using it's a catastrophe big. those it calls into question the integrity of politicians in general of that party in general that comes on top of the fact that. initially was regarded as having handled the pandemic very well and that have giving a boost to the party in recent months has been quite a lot of chaos about the vaccination campaign about testing strategies and so on and that has really damaged reputation the reputation of the party as well and from the results came in later today what will be will be looking for in terms of understanding how voters intentions may have changed or remain the same the big question really is where will the protest votes go if people protest against the conservatives where will they put. and there's a possibility that the far right alternative for germany could profit from that it is pushing to gain those votes there's a possibility that people will simply stay away from the polls partly out of
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protest partly because there might be concerned about the corona conditions inverting areas and then there's the question how do the greens form because they have pushed the social democrats into 3rd place and if they continue their run if they continue staying in 2nd place we're likely to have a. coalition government between the conservatives and the greens as we have in bob in britain back where the voting is happening today so those are the aspects that we'll be looking right and just a quick last question you mentioned the pandemic may be causing people to stay home this is i think our 1st set of elections during the pandemic we're in a year into it is going to change things in any other way or has a change a campaign any other influence not from the protest votes there are problems obviously the voting is going to be controlled in a. kind of pandemic way the voting is going to be a lot more difficult all complex and one is expecting that there will be
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a lot more post over some. talking about 50 percent of the votes coming in by mail if that is the case that will delay counting and it's may also mean that the most recent scandals in fact do not have such a big impact on the votes because people voted quite a while ago when they sent them votes in by mail so that would be lucky for merkel the c.d.u. had spread thank you for that insight and analysis we look for talking to you later and it's time now to take a look at some of the other stories making news around the world demonstrators in the united states gathered in louisville kentucky to mark one year since the killing of briana taylor whose death became a focus for black lives matter protests medical technician was shot in her home in a botched police raid no one has been charged direct connection with her death. bolivian police have arrested former interim president jenene and yes' on charges
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of terrorism sedition and conspiracy she succeeded abel morales as interim president for a year and 2019 when he fled the country because of widespread protests against his disputed reelection and yes denounces the move to arrest her as political persecution. in brazil rising corona virus infection rates are close to overwhelming health services it over to india as the 2nd highest coronavirus caseload in the world a year into the pandemic many people there feel the biggest problem is not the virus itself but those who don't take it seriously including the brazilian president. patients just keep arriving at hospitals in sao paulo public and private clinics are stretched to the limits. where in the middle of an emergency and young brazilians are still going to parties they don't understand how serious the situation is. in many parts of brazil the health system is overloaded and
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close to breaking point there have been delays in setting up new emergency hospitals people furious. a lot more people are dying in here this is not a game. graves of being dug across the country currently more than 2000 people a day a dying with corona virus but experts believe the worst is yet to come. that brazil will soon be recording around $3000.00 victims per day that acceptable . the country's vaccination campaign has been sluggish with frequent interruptions many say the brazilian government waited too long to order vaccine doses as the number of victims grows so does criticism of president also nado who repeatedly downplayed the threat posed by the virus. the leader of
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a group of civilian politicians ousted from in mars' government has vowed to support what he called a revolution against the military that seized power last month speaking from hiding for the 1st time since the coup when king towns said that this was quote the darkest moment of the nation at the moment dawn. is close at least 12 protesters have been shot dead by security forces at demonstrations around the country over the weekend. and david who's an activist from mandalay joins us now we're not using his full name to protect his identity david thanks for joining us do people find this address from this civilian leadership is something that can actually change the situation. thank you nic i think it's a really positive message that the president has deliberate and the whole nation is . quite energetic now and also he also what the prioritizing at the
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moment and what to expect in the coming moments and what to prepare. for ourselves and for the coming days. there was a curfew last night david and as you know people still gathered in and young gone is there some way to measure if there is still the same turnout and commitment by demonstrators as before. i would say that not just in yangon because i'm based in mentally and i and your ma people use mostly use facebook and we can see on the news feed that it's it's almost the whole country who turned out last night we had lighted candles and chanting for democracy so now we are shifting hours it seems of expressing ourselves to night time so that the limit the military has limited person now so they cannot krokus tao as figure asli as the has been during daytime so the number of people because the protesters are now are very confortable
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because they are just shouting and conall their homes it's easier to disperse it's easier to. do so many things we can defend ourselves in our neighbor do the military do not easy get into the neighborhoods because it's not the home ground of course so i think that this strategy going to last longer than you know gathering at the public suggests there was an activist david in the man delayed. time for some sports news now in the bundesliga buying munich have been invincible since their surprise last 2 and try transferred in february champions have rattled in 13 goals and 3 games since then allegedly 25 it was very rare brennan's turn to suffer . byron lost to frankfurt just 3 short weeks ago but the notion that the champions are vulnerable now seems quaint indeed. have felt their wrath
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since then it was blame and stern the hosts held out just 22 minutes before. in front. of 30 minutes later it was to know through sense not be. delightful piece of control set up the winger to fire. arrived after the break because 30 seconds of the season moved him closer to the legendary get miller's record before in a single campaign this was a poacher's goal of which miller himself wouldn't be. my. name is nicholas through a little sheen off the scoreline for minutes from tight end. but by and luke rampant as they move into the final straight of the title race. have you ever wished that corona virus could just disappear say you know of smoke well here's
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something that might help a giant wooden castle 24 meters tall has been set ablaze in russia's region north of moscow as part of an end of winter festival wooden effigies are traditionally burned at this time of year in russia but this one has a special name the artist who built it said it was supposed to symbolize the corona virus which the fire should burn away and. think you know how it works. you're watching news live from a berlin i'm exposure thanks for watching. more than a 1000 years ago europe witnesses a huge construction boom. christianity for only established itself. both religious and secular leaders or eager to display their power.


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