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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  March 15, 2021 8:00am-8:31am CET

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this is news coming to you live from berlin international condemnation as military imposes martial law in young following another day of army. dozens of protesters are killed in one of the deadliest days since the military coup but. more democracy. also coming up support for a chance for a miracle see the use slumps in 2 state elections in the wake of a corruption scandal we take
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a look at how the results national elections later this year. he won or lost this. prominent figure in syria's democracy movement disappeared more than 7 years ago and is still missing investigative unit retraces her steps. good to have you with us it's been a weekend of violence and killing in myanmar as protests continue against the military coup shots were fired protestors in the where dozens of people were killed by security forces more deaths were reported in other parts of the country brings the death toll to more than $100.00 since the end. began. state media rip. warning that martial law has been declared in some areas despite threats
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protesters say they will continue their resistance. a group of protesters charged the well armed military jointer on the streets of young gone armed with just sticks and knives the result tragic sunday saw one of the bloodiest days of protests in me and since the military coup began reports suggest dozens of protesters died state run media said a police officer was also killed in the clashes and announce of the military was declaring martial law in 2 young gone townships are now in a state administrative council gives the young gone regional command administratively and judicial martial law power over the 2 towns ships and young gone region this will enable the young on military command to enforce security in force the rule of law and ensure tranquility more effectively. the move came after
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china called on me and mine to protect chinese interests and people in the country after reports to chinese financed businesses were set on fire by unknown attackers many protesters believe china is giving support to the me and my military. off to 6 weeks of demonstrations protest is refused to give up despite the obvious threat to their own safety and many feel like a wit to those who have already died. but. i saw the fallen heroes give their lives i don't want them to think that i am afraid and just want to stay at home i'm going out on the streets as a citizen and as a woman so that i can stand on the side of justice. i'm here. to put the death toll drastically rising it's hard to say how long these protesters will be able to hold out. let's get the latest from journalist andrew not
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concern he is in young gone andrew security forces are using lethal force they are more and more around 40 people were reported killed in the latest crackdown what do you impact is this having on the protest movement well 'd yesterday was the deadliest day of crackdowns so far and these increasing massacres are kind of having that dual effect yes they're making protesters more scared to go out on the street but they're also making people angry or greer we're increasingly seeing protesters are with swords and other weapons so i think these lethal crackdowns are going to be effective turning what was peaceful protests into people actually starting to fight back. ok the ousted civilian leader aung song she she was pushed out by this she's due in court today what can we expect there. these hearings aren't. super trains barry but the last time she was in court she
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got hit with 2 new charges and i think that that's definitely a distinct possibility today she's been accused of corruption but not formally charged so i think a big thing to watch for today is whether or not the court introduces new charges for corruption. ok and china is a player here china is myanmar's neighbor to the north hugely influential in the country what were ole is china playing in this conflict so there are a lot of protesters who believe that china directly supported the coup i think that's very unlikely just because china like stability there their business interests are threatened by the political chaos gripping the country right now but certainly i think the protesters are right to believe that china should be doing more to put pressure on them into they've basically said you know this is an internal affair and kind of taken
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a step back and i think if china were to apply more pressure it probably could be productive in solving the political crisis andrew thank you very much that was journalist andrew not in young thank you now here to germany to regional elections victories for the greens in the social democrats but everyone is talking about the losers not the winners chancel i mean americans christian democrats suffered significant poll losses in 2 southwestern states on sunday the ballots take off a year of voting in germany culminating in national elections in september chancel machall is not running again now her party is worried that sunday's results are a bad omen of things to come we'll speak to our chief political editor in a moment but 1st a look at how sunday's voting unfolded. top officials in the c.d.u. didn't tiny to their disappointment. to put it bluntly this is not a good election evening for the c.d.u.
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we would have wished for different and better results in the bad important burke and ryan and the last minute state election. coverage. in contrast the greens were celebrating their victory in baton burton. this is just a super start to this major election year and we will hopefully be able to capitalize on this momentum from baton virgin birth and rhineland platen it's going forward. with 3rd in barton vote in berg and secured a convincing win in rhinelander a lot in it something the party leadership thinks has clear implications for germany's upcoming federal elections the traditional results give a clear indication of governing coalition could be formed in germany without the c.d.u. launched this gives us momentum says a federal election and potentially so getting into the chancellor's office and subsequent a national government without the c.d.u. that would be a massive political shift the party was already under pressure following
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a corruption scandal involving conservative politicians profiting from facemask procurement deals i'm since a daughter of the chancellor angela merkel has said she will step down at the end of her current term her popularity has helped the c.d.u. wind power in the last 4 federal elections but the conservatives have yet to decide on who will be their candidate for chancellor in september. sprinted over his chief political editor make it a cause to hear mckillop polls have pointed to trouble from our party so how big of a shock were last night's results for the c.d.u. . well it still was a big shock they did see it coming that they would suffer yet another setback for taking the state of by looking back which where they were in government for a very long time before the greens took over but then to come out with the worst results since the off the wall the modern german republic really was
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quite a defeat and we're still to hear from the party leader i mean the last year or 2 still sees him self in pole position to take over from machall to become tonsil a candidate in those federal elections but to go into this election year with such setbacks and to also see the greens now have more options then what is to be the most likely option which is a coalition with angela merkel's party that is quite something and these elections also show that a government a postmark a government without a party which was previously unthinkable may actually become a bitter reality for the c.d.u. to say they're very much on the defensive right now a bitter reality while merkel is not running again as we've mentioned big conservative her conservatives are yet to name a chance your candidate for september's general election how do you think yesterday's vote white impact their thinking. well it will
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get the seed you thinking a lot more now who could actually score in the popularity ratings in their last it who stands for continuity who seem very much as angle americans man to succeed her is really very much on the defensive marco 3rd as a state premier of the varia he has been riding high in the opinion polls are though he too suffered a bit of a setback recently over the corona performance but he looks so much more likely contender right now and the c.d.u. itself has to face up to a lot of questions over their own credibility after m.p.'s had to sign a documents last week basically guaranteeing that they didn't percy enrich themselves through the corona crisis this after 3 m.p.'s had to stand down 2 over alleged links making profits from tradings with masks those clinical masks that
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are so much needed in this crisis so really a credibility crisis for under the magical c.d.u. at the worst possible time and the man who has to fix it last it what about the greens they're the big winners last night any chance they could maybe overtake the conservatives at the national level well that's how they like to see it they are already dreaming of having being able to pick who they go into a coalition with from several options not just potential younger machall c.d.u. party but what also became very much clear is that the state premier catch man in biden vote back that personality is the man who secured this victory he's a lot more conservative than the greens at the central level so these general elections also will be a lot more about personality than simple party profile. we came to thank you very
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much as always to chief political editor mechanic. now let's take a look at some of the stories making headlines around the world today thousands of people are rallying in australian cities calling for an end to violence against women the march for justice movement is demanding a public investigation into sexual misconduct within australia's parliament follows a series of rape allegations against politicians and staffers. people in the netherlands are voting in 3 days of general elections which are seen as a test of the country's perenna virus policies the nation is under tight restrictions which is fueling public anger police broke up and he locked down protests in the hague on the weekend prime minister mark ritter is tipped to win another term. spanish police have found 600 kilograms of cocaine in a nighttime raid in the capital madrid and 2 other cities officials also
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confiscated cash luxury vehicles and weapons 12 people were arrested including a lawyer who allegedly gave advice on how did launder the money from selling the drops. 10 years ago today the arab spring erupted in syria and people took to the streets with human hopes with high hopes rather for human rights and democracy but the regime of bashar al assad responded with a brutal crackdown triggering a war that has cost thousands of lives today we're shining a light on one of the most prominent figures of syria's pro-democracy movement human rights activist rozen as i today she was kidnapped by armed men in 2013 and her fate remains unresolved the investigative unit has been retracing her steps. my name is as. you heard this from the oscars thanks thanks when protests erupted across syria in march 28th level rights activists residents said
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to me i was on the frontline she was key to revolutionary efforts across the country beside her also close friends muslim darwish. we meet the human rights lawyer in paris is. because. for me the most important aspect of president's personality is a rejection of injustice and willingness to do anything to fight injustice. when the assad regime responded with a bloody crackdown arresting thousands of activists resume chewer the world would know. she became a key source she had the sort of softness almost frailty to her when you met her at the beginning and you like how she doing this very dangerous job and then as soon as you spoke to her you immediately discovered the sort of steely courage and principles. in 2013 resins sledge regime had to mask this for duma
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a town that would later be dominated by the hardline militant group jaish and islam . present launched women's initiatives forward for the rule of law and documented human rights abuses including those committed by our troubles. all that made her the competitor for jaish al islam to its control to its ideology and its desire to establish an emirate or caliphate. rather than was targeted several times a bullet left at her doorstep and then the misled her by d.w. threatening her life the words i will kill you repeated 5 times a trusted confidant not even who are asked to leave too much she responded the next day saying i am not going to move we did not do a revolution lose thousands of souls so that such monsters can come and repeat the
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same in just history. these people need to be held to account just like the regime on december 9th 2030 in armed men stormed the office they abducted resign to. heather with her husband and 2 fellow activists after years of investigation human rights lawyer miles and i wish and his team are confident that jaish al islam are responsible they gave us exclusive access to their findings. over the additional witness statements we collected in syria and turkey corroborate that reson was held by the islamists before the trail goes cold. we've confronted high ranking members of jaish al islam but they strongly denied any involvement in the abduction however it's additional investigation is underway by the french war crimes unit here in paris and a former top official of the group has already been arrested in connection with the case martin darwish hopes that the investigation will finally bring clarity for him
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residents absence is reminiscent of the pro-democracy movement in syria. the fate of rozanne and her colleagues resembles that of the civil peaceful movement they try to create a moral eternity for syria. they were crushed between the regime and these islamist groups in the bed in the end of terry and as well as. the. 8 years after resign and her colleagues disappeared their fate remains one of the great mysteries of the revolution but friends and relatives have not given up hope that one day they will know the truth. joining me now from ball is louis sanders from the w.'s investigative unit lois it's been more than 7 years . and her colleagues disappeared have you found any trace of.
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that's a tough question because there are credible credible indications following her abduction that she was held for a number of years held alive and now you know we've collected a lot of information over the past couple weeks and you know part of this process includes the you know there are also false leads and part of our job is to go through and sparse and determine which ones are credible and which ones are relevant to our investigation in determining what happened to resign zaytuna her husband and her colleagues now i would like to mention that one of the crucial moment her abduction happens in a crucial moment it's duma it's 2 and of 2013 there are several armed groups vying for power in this moment and yet one of the strongest is jaish other slum which had which was instrumental in a campaign targeting resins a tuner and so that's all to say that ahead of us we have a lot of work you know to do what made you decide to investigate what happened.
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well tonight is one of the most prolific figures of the syrian revolution and was absolutely crucial to early revolutionary efforts to to you know establish democratic structures in syria and so she's kind of this towering figure you know even in one of our previous investigations her name comes up and in her work that she did at that time continues to inform a criminal cases human rights case she is cases to this day and so finding out what happened to her and her colleagues is absolutely crucial to understanding what happened to the pro-democracy movement in syria which was basically sidelined between you know the assad regime on one hand and some of these more hardline groups on the other and we heard in your report. you know i was up against a group called jaish. you mentioned and that french authorities are investigating the group why france. well it's important to say that
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you know one of their senior ranking figures decided to go study in france received a student visa and as soon as they found out that he was there you know interested parties filed a lawsuit not only against him but also against the group in general and so the fact that he was in france allowed french authorities to arrest this man now it's also worth mentioning that you know that the group. has been accused of international crimes including crimes against humanity and torture of civilian detainees and so this is all part of a kind of larger case in france and the reason why that's a little bit different you know french authorities could have done more without someone you know within their jurisdiction whereas in germany for example you know a court case can happen with crimes against humanity for example that would happen outside of their borders today marks the 10 anniversary of the syrian revolution
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which has been turned into a full blown war of course is there anything left of the arab spring spirit in syria well after 10 years of conflict you know we have spoken to many people within this investigation and you know despite the chaos despite the hundreds of thousands of deaths despite the millions displaced despite the complete destruction of cities you know a lot of the people that we have spoken to say you know we still have hope we still believe in a democratic syria and you know we still believe that even in this dark tunnel there's a light at the end of it was thank you so much that was louis sanders there. investigative unit of course continues to investigate if you have any information regarding the whereabouts or the circumstances of tuna and her colleagues
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about the circumstances of their abduction please do contact us securely at d w dot tips at proton mail dot com. now prizes have been handed out at the us music industry's annual grammy awards performances took place in a mostly empty arena in los angeles with fans watching from outside beyonce broke the record for the most grammy wins by a female artist she appeared on stage alongside megan feast early in to claim their shared prize for best rap song last year's big winner billie eilish picked up another prize for her song everything i wanted. well for more on the grammys i'm joined by k.j. matthews she's an entertainment correspondent based in los angeles k.j. big winners some household names there any surprises you know it was really
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a ladies' night we have taylor swift beyond say big stallion and we even have the musician her so it really was wonderful to see all of these women winning in the top categories tonight as you just stated beyond say one major she is now the most decorated female artist in grammy history she holds 28 grammy awards after tonight and she got an award tonight for best music video featuring her daughter blue ivy caught browns and it was so nice to see her take the stage and congratulate her young daughter on winning her 1st grammy award at the age of 9 can you believe that the grammys mannish to deliver quite a show how much were they affected by the pandemic. oh a lot you know the grammys actually took place at 5 different being use all around united states in nashville in new york and mainly here in los angeles and they were
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all outdoors you know i don't know if you look at the telecast but they had people seated at tables it was spread wide apart it was a 10 outdoors very has been used in some people except at their wards virtually so i think this was the 1st time that they tried that but they're used to it now because so many other awards here in hollywood have done the same thing already they've all been gone they've all gone virtually that is so for the remainder of the year i'm hearing a lot of the award shows will continue this virtual situation but hopefully next year we can get back to having the awards in perth in person but one of the things i loved about this year is that there seems to be a lot more performances because we didn't have all those long acceptance speeches so you really got a chance to hear artists do what they do best which is a more performances fewer speeches but he likes to have jay mathews and los angeles out because they don't. think. some sports and in the bundesliga life say he is the only club with a chance of dying by
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a munich and 9th concert piece of title win leipsic was hoping for a win at home against frankfurt but they only managed a draw and it was their 2nd set in recent days. after they were dumped out of the champions league by liverpool in midweek leipzig were hoping to avoid the dreaded european hangover and rack up yet another been does legal win to keep their title challenge on track have to rahul his 1st half the hosts got off to a flyer in the 2nd annual 4 spec meeting one. the swedes 6th of the season made him the club's joint top scorer of a strangely modest come pain in front of goal. plate 6 title pushes being built on defense that ship the fewest tools of any bindis league aside going into this one put front foot phoned away through. japanese international daiichi come out of meeting $11.00 just after the remark. had the best chance to win the much on 67 minutes but should that frankfurt also do with figure 2 book defending much the use
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of who seems to smi. $11.00 it finished light 6 winning run is over. will hope that their championship chances haven't disappeared with it. in sunday's late game gave their european ambitions a boost with a win over business team hoffenheim the hosts took the lead after 15 minutes as the unfortunate adams turned the ball into his own net. which guaranteed streetcars victory in the 2nd half scoring for his 7th game in a row to equal the club record search gotten now just 4 points away from the european qualification places. a coal wallet is celebrating a milestone birthday earning a spot in guinness world records as the oldest of her species in captivity but not in the country you might expect dory turned 24 years old on sunday as the equivalent of 110 human years of quality birthday was marked in
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a zoo in japan where dory has lived for almost 2 decades despite her age but dory can still climb trees and has a healthy appetite for eucalyptus leaves. you're watching d.w.t. 1st up next hour science vaccines to morrow today i'm sorry martin thanks very much . for.
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this motor home is motorists. it's a practice side for forensics technicians. did the killer enjoy a chocolate. print it is deemed. to. have a printing new technology that can help solve the. world to doing. next .
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i got my license to work as a swimming instructor. in our 2 children often don't just want us to just do. what's your story take part share it on info migrants dot. we've traces everywhere and everything we touch. even when we breathe. most of the time these choices are invisible but they can still reveal a lot about us for example i think a prince and the proceedings are now ahead. since the start of the coronavirus pandemic we've had to contend with the loss of these invisible traces may leave behind. viruses that i excelled into the egg for example. which.


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