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tv   Business - News  Deutsche Welle  March 15, 2021 9:30am-9:46am CET

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in stories before it is what is the heart of the story why does it matter who live in. poverty focus if you want. to cut through the noise to get to the truth. by this era kelly and i want you to double. what troubles for astra zeneca 19 vaccine as a number a growing number of european countries whole to use of the job due to safety concerns at the same time the drug maker has announced further deliberate delay. also coming up folks 5 follows tesla's example with v.w. powered day the german car makers focusing on the need for home grown battery cell production we get more from our business correspondent hyundai. and pick
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farmers are forced to deal with an epidemic of their own as african swine fever spreads rapidly. hello everyone welcome to you business our morning cajones of berlin good to have you with us the netherlands and ireland are joining a growing list of countries poor seeing the distribution of the astra zeneca vaccine the spider reassurances from the w h o the e.u.'s met since regulator and the maker of the job that it is safe the move to slow the british swedish vaccine is due to reports of blood clots in the some patients the pause is largely a precautionary measure in the netherlands the vaccines users on hold until the 29th of march but the dutch government had 290000 of the injections scheduled in the next 2 weeks the netherlands had preordered 12000000 astra zeneca doses. so astra zeneca again making the headlines for all the wrong reasons and for more
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let's bring in a cloud listener who joins us in frankfurt 1st of all how is the company responding to all those safety concerns that some countries are having for money statement to the press astra zeneca has said analysis of the safety data of more than 10000000 records has shown no evidence of an increased risk of palm unary embolism or deep vein thrombosis in any defined age group batch or any of the countries where the vaccination has happened this is backed by the health authorities both the w age or the world health organization or so the european authority him are saying that they don't see any connection between the vaccinations and the blood clots no direct connection no causal connection but of course on the other hand everyone wants to be super careful and that's why they put the application on hold off this
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vaccination in those countries that you told us about right and i mean what happens then to the astra zeneca vaccines that are not being used are they eventually flushed down the toilet i mean this is also very costly. it is and you know in many other parts of europe authorities will be happy to hear that wall doses of the s. was a mecca that scene are now available let's not forget astra zeneca did not manage to deliver all of those is it had promised at the beginning you know last year in the contract between the company and the e.u. there was talk about $300000000.00 doses to be delivered during the 1st 6 months of this year now all s.s.n. across says it's only going to be able to deliver $100000000.00 doses so it's very likely that those and that because those is will be anxiously awaited in
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other parts of europe yeah this seems to be the paradox the anxiously awaited but then they're not being used in the last let's stick to the actually awaited i mean why is astra zeneca failing its obligations they just reduced or the number of deliveries and again what's wrong. well they haven't managed to produce the numbers that they had promised they they were a lot of lapses lot of glitches you know in the way how the are far to use and astra zeneca communicated. you know given that s was an acoa is a company in the u.k. and you know there were political discussions between the authorities here in europe and between the company. now of course this is something that is very. that's making many people here in europe nervous let's not forget the number of infections is on the rise exactly colaba wasn't in frankfurt
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to take care and thanks for that. and now to some of the other global business stories making news. china's economic rebound has kept going official data shows industrial production spiked more than 35 percent on year on year the biggest bounce in decades while we tail sales also beat expectations with almost 34 percent growth well strong numbers are distorted however because they are compared to 2020 when most of the chinese vaccines or when it was when there was a lockdown. a. new report by the stockholm international peace research. institute says the united states accounted for more than a 3rd of the global arms sales in the past 5 years or saudi arabia was the number one import a german weapons exports grew by over 20 percent in the 2nd half of the past decade . you may remember tesla had its battery day last autumn well
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today it's fox of our turn to present its power day dedicated to the growing hunger for battery cells and why because as the market for electric cars is growing rapidly so is the demand for batteries at present though production is largely centered on asia of china's biggest battery producer c a t l is the leader with a market share of 24 percent south korea's l.g. energy solution is not far behind and japan's panasonic comes in 3rd that's left the european union trying to pay catch up it's hoping to grow its share of the electric battery market to around 30 percent in the next decade about 3 makes to 40 percent of the value of the finished car so whoever controls that part controls a big slice of this new creative industry let's talk a little bit more about that now with ashutosh hyundai who joins me now. bashes fox
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let's talk about this power day 1st of all because folks like is that it can a whole day to battery sales do you think this is just a p r stunt or is there more to it. serious business folks are going to is looking forward to an all electric future and it can really become an oil electric automaker if it does not talk about the battery and you mentioned how important a component is battery there's a lot of innovation that needs to be done there prices needs to need to go down to make it cost bad at the with the existing cars so that's the reason why it needs to start talking about seeing test lot talk about it for years now and people are really interested in it's very day and the kind of innovation it comes out with and that's that's the kind of. thing that even folks bargain is looking forward to 35 to 45 percent of the cost is batteries so if that goes down then you know how cheap electric cars become so today we can actually hear about future strategies or we
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can hear about any new initiative that is that folks are going to come up with and also future partnerships it needs to actually increase production and it is in partnership with some startups in europe and it needs to do more there ok so this could make electric vehicles certainly more attractive also for consumers and that is also what the e.u. wants by also boosting battery cell production in order to become self-sufficient but how realistic is that. the analysts concurred that that is realistic if the 30 percent dog is not way off given the kind of investments that have been made in europe there are 15 company plans that are coming up in different stages of growth in poland in hungary in germany effort so there are not many projects that are happening so we're actually talking about 6000000 cars electric cars and enough to there should be enough back these to cater to them and so european union is confident that they will be stuck said sufficient by 2025 and to cater to these
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$6000000.00 or 2 cars and also perhaps have export capabilities but this could be even more than what 6000000 they're targeting and that's the reason why more investment should be coming in this area and just in terms of dependence on asia will this end europe's dependence or is there still some something we have to be aware off i think european union would be taking more the merrier i mean you're looking at indigo what of the factories to be made over the next 1015 years so you can't really defend on the startups in europe to do that you need the expertise of these asian battery makers and they come with a lot of skills and experience and it's also the same at the same time back to make us cannot just sit back and watch they need to participate in this there is a ready market waiting for them to tap and if they didn't take the bus now they will really miss it for ever because once you're in the business that's when you
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can keep innovating and you can really start from scratch after 10 years as it has pandey there thank you so much for that. the coronavirus keeps us humans on our toes for pigs it's african swine fever an outbreak into eastern german states has caused a dramatic drop in pork exports to asia some pig farmers a barely able to make ends meet. these pigs are destined for the slaughter house after spending for months fattening them up farmer peters a says are next to nothing for them pork sales are down because of the corona virus and an outbreak of african swine fever has led to a collapse in exports to asia. current market prices are not enough to sustain his farm long term. gets more in the last few
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months things got dramatically worse we were getting one euro $2110.00 for a kilogram of live weight that just about covers the cost of feed but nothing else . because in kinds of eyes. since last fall authorities have been discovering infected wild boars in the eastern german states of saxony and brandenburg the animals died from african swine flu the virus which cannot be passed on to humans entered the country from poland the outbreak prompted authorities to install a series of electric fences on the border in order to stop wild boars from entering kilometers of additional wire mesh fencing were then added hunters are killing more wild boars to thanks to these measures the disease has not yet spread beyond saxony and brandenburg. the result has led to regional differences among
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pig farmers in germany. large scale operations in western states have been largely unaffected by african swine flu and have been able to sell their produce to countries like vietnam singapore and thailand. doesn't exist this is really important for germany because in asian countries they consume the part of the pig that we don't like to eat my ears knuckles cheek awful and fat buttons. that will sit. back to pay does a guy's farm well the price of pork is rising slightly again he says he's done he's reducing the number of pigs he holds and he wants to read out the freed up space and storage was the college english news as my colleagues tell me that you can actually earn more renting your style out than by keeping things in it that really stings. at the same time he cannot imagine giving
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up pig farming entirely frank now he still has 2500 pigs to take care of. and that's your business update at this hour here in d w for me and the team in the land thanks for watching the folks. more than half the world will be living with limited water resources we haven't had to think about our war i think that era is over it's a financial product like any other financial. change the most important commodity jump is called be treated. her mississippi or commodity starts march 22nd on d. w. . the fight against the corona virus pandemic. how has the rate of infection been developing. what measures are being taken.
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what does the latest research say. information and context. the coronavirus up to the code that special monday to friday on. paris the city of love that especially during the penn demick it's become the city of loneliness luckily there are people like john and con tom they work for the initiatives. it's kiosks have taken on the road and once performed by coos yes. that's the nice do more than that. should it be often we help those who are the most vulnerable of all food and who have come to realise that if it won for all
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those people. not just with her away from the real the only. was 6 . 2 christian montana he lives in the heart of paris all on her. she's 90 but still going strong during the lockdown the lose has been her anchor. you know that the solitude is hard to take can many older people not isolated and don't go out so of course they feel lonely that they're out there all alone week give us your thoughts and that's also why it's so important to have young people in your life who are said that both all that i really like having them around. oh it's.


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