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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  March 15, 2021 10:00am-10:16am CET

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this is g.w. news coming to you live from berlin international condemnation as myanmar's military junta imposes martial law in yangon following another day of army. dozens of protesters are killed in one of the deadliest days since the military coup but activists plan more democracy rallies also coming up support for transforming america will see the use slips into state elections in the wake of a coronavirus corruption scandal we take a look at how the results might affect national elections later this year plus
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mining. from tell us those. in syria's democracy movement tonight was kidnapped by armed men 7 years ago and is still missing the investigative unit retraces her steps. hello i'm terry martin good to have you with us it's been a weekend of violence and killing in myanmar as protests continue against the military coup shots were fired at protesters in yemen gong or dozens of people were killed by security forces more deaths were reported in other parts of the country brings the death toll to more than $100.00 since the n.t. coup demonstrations began. state media are reporting that more. law has been
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declared in some areas despite threats protesters say they'll continue their resistance. a group of protesters charged the well armed military jointer on the streets of young gone armed with just sticks and knives the result tragic sunday saw one of the bloodiest days of protest in me and since the military coup began reports suggest dozens of protesters died state run media said a police officer was also killed in the clashes and announced that the military was declaring martial law into young dawn townships are now in a state administrative council gives the younger one regional command it mistreated and judicial martial law power over the 2 towns ships and young gone region this will enable the younger military command to enforce security in force the rule of law and ensure tranquility more effectively. the move came after china called on me
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and mine to protect chinese interests and people in the country after reports to chinese financed businesses were set on fire by unknown attackers many protesters believe china is giving support to the me and my military. off to 6 weeks of demonstrations protest has refused to give up despite the obvious threat to their own safety and many feel they owe it to those who have already died. but. i saw the fallen heroes give their lives i don't want them to think that i'm afraid and just want to stay at home i'm going on the streets as a citizen and as a woman so that i can stand on the side of justice. when i was there. with the death toll drastically rising it's hard to say how long these protest is will be able to hold out oh. well for an update let's cross over to journalist andrew not hymns and any young gone andrew police are using lethal force more and
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more frequently they're around 40 per round portie people were reported killed in the latest crackdown on the demonstrators what impact is this having on the protest movement so yesterday was the largest day of bloodshed since the protests began and violent crackdowns are becoming increasingly common that used to be kind of spread out we're seeing it almost every single day it's it's definitely making the protests smaller and making people more scared but it's also making people a lot angrier and we're hearing increasingly that protesters are prepared to start fighting back we're seeing more protesters are things like swords and molotov cocktails so the violence from security forces because they're the ones who started the violence really has the potential to escalate things even further out of control now the hearing of the civilian leader on song sochi the was supposed to
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happen today has been cancelled what's going on there. so they said it was due to technical difficulties it seems to be technical difficulties that they're going to create if they cut all mobile data today it's not entirely clear why it couldn't have been done over wife i i'm talking to you over wife i right now but it's also important to remember that this trial is kind of a side show the charges against some suchi are pretty slim pretty flimsy if. outcome it's not going to be decided by the objective judge but by the roots of i'm close doors and or thank you very much that was journalist and are not in young girl thanks. now to germany to regional elections because victories for the greens and the social democrats but everyone is talking about the losers not the winners
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christian democrats suffered significant poll losses in 2 southwestern states the ballots kick off a year of voting in germany culminating in national elections in september chancellor merkel's not running again now her party is concerned that these election results could be a vat omen i'll speak to one see the lawmaker in a moment but 1st this look at how the party is reacting to sunday's defeat. there's no pretending it was not a bad outcome for angle america's conservatives. to put it bluntly this is not a good election evening for the c.d.u. we would have wished for different and better results in the bottom one run pullouts in the states elections coverage in run and that's in it home of the code 19 vaccine develop a bio tech the governing sense in left s.p.d. retains the lead with more than a 3rd of the votes in the medical c.d.u. ranks 2nd with over a quarter but down 4 percent on the last election and regional partners the greens
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have just under 10 percent. budden vuitton bag best known for carmakers porsche and miss avies sees the greens the main governing party increase their vote share to just under a 3rd their coalition partners the c.d.u. again lose votes but retain nearly a quarter share. so it was a good night for the greens. this is true and this is a super start to this major election year and we will hopefully be able to capitalize on this momentum going forward of. the s.p.d. the main coalition partners in the federal government the senate bracing that outright when enron collapse in it and 3rd place in bottom. with an eye on germany's autumn federal elections to get from by divine both results give a clear indication that a governing coalition could be formed in germany without the c.d.u.
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this gives momentum for the federal election and potentially for getting into the chancellor's office and national government without medical c.d.u. would be a massive political shift the party was already under pressure following a corruption scandal involving conservative politicians profiting from face must be cumin deals merkel has said she will stand down at the end of her current term popularity has helped the c.d.u. wind power in the last 4 federal elections but the conservatives have yet to decide on who will be their candidate for chancellor in september as catch up on some of the other stories making headlines today people in the netherlands are voting in 3 days of general elections which are seen as a test of the country's coronavirus as a nation is under tight restrictions which is fueling public anger police broke up protests in the hague over the weekend prime minister mark ritter is to to win
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another term. and another one is has become the latest country to suspend its rollout of the astra zeneca coated 19 vaccine well gary of denmark ireland and norway of stop giving the shot following reports of an increased risk of blood clots and astra zeneca and the world health organization insists there is no risk. thousands of people rallying in australian cities calling for an end to violence against women the march for justice movement is demanding a public investigation into sexual misconduct within australia as parliament follows a series of rape allegations against politicians and staffers. and there have been more demonstrations in london against violence toward women this time in front of the police headquarters anger has sparked or was sparked by the heavy handed police response to an earlier vigil in memory of sarah everard a police officer has been accused of kidnapping and killing the 33 year old after she disappeared while walking home at night. 10 years ago
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today the arab spring erupted in syria in the city of daraa people took to the streets with high hopes for human rights and democracy but the regime of bashar al assad responded with a brutal crackdown triggering a war that has cost tens of thousands of lives today we are shining a light on one of the most prominent figures of syria's pro-democracy movement human rights lawyer and activist rozen today she was kidnapped and armed by armed men in 2013 and her fate remains unresolved w.'s investigative unit has been retracing her steps. my name is. you heard this from the oscars thanks. when protests erupted across syria in march 28th level rights activists residents said to me was on the frontline she was key to russian area efforts across the country beside her also close friend martin del wish. we need the
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human rights lawyer in paris is. because. for me the most important aspect of resonance personality is a rejection of injustice and willingness to do anything to fight injustice. when the assad regime responded with a bloody crackdown arresting thousands of activists resumé true the world would know. she became a key source she had this sort of softness almost frailty to her when you matter of the beginning and you like how she doing this very dangerous job and then as soon as you spoke to her you immediately discovered the sort of steely courage and principles. in 2013 the present slate regime had to mask for duma a town that would later be dominated by the hardline militant group jaish and islam
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. present launched women's initiatives forth for the rule of law and documented human rights abuses including those committed by our troubles. all that made her credit her for jaish al islam to its control to its ideology and its desire to establish an emirate or caliphate. rather than was targeted several times the bullet left at her doorstep and none of this letter obtained by the w. threatening her life the words i would kill you repeated 5 times i trusted confidant not him who are asked to leave too much she responded the next day saying i am not going to move we did not do a revolution lose thousands of souls so that such monsters can come and repeat the same in just history. these people need to be held to account just like the regime
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on december 9th 20 so teen armed men stormed the office they abducted resign to. her husband and 2 fellow activists after years of investigation human rights lawyer and his team are confident that jaish al islam are responsible they gave us exclusive access to their findings to. the edition of the witness statements we collected in syria and turkey corroborate that reson was held by the islamists before the trail goes cold. we've confronted high ranking members but they strongly denied any involvement in the abduction however the judicial investigation is underway by the french war crimes unit here in paris and a former top official of the group has already been arrested in connection with the case martin the wish hopes that the investigation of the finally bring clarity for him presence absence is reminiscent of the pro-democracy movement in syria.
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the fate of resign and her colleagues resembles that of the civil peaceful movement to try to create a moral eternity for syria. they were crushed between the regime and these islamist groups that in the end terry and as well. this to me how you 8 years after iran and her colleagues disappeared their fate remains one of the great mysteries of the revolution but friends and relatives have not given up hope that one day they will know the truth. and d.-w. continues to investigate the disappearance of rosa. colleagues if you have any information regarding their whereabouts or the circumstances of their abduction you can contact us securely d.w. dot tips proton mail dot call for just reminder of our top story this hour myanmar democracy activists continue to demonstrate on monday despite
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a weekend of military violence that left dozens of protesters dead state media reporting. if martial law has been declared in some areas of young girl. you're watching news i'm sorry martin thanks for being with us. in mexico many portions post-launch us right now from the moment climate change because very often stores this is my place to bring from just one week. what's going to really guess. we still have time to. i'm going.


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