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misspent victims of violence. take part and send us your story we are trying always to understand this new culture. not a visitor. you want to become a citizen. in for migrants your platform for reliable information. this is the news africa coming up on the program young innocent lives cut short in gruesome killings a new report on was and weeks kabul delgado province has found that children are being rooted in matters in the ongoing conflict also coming out. come roun says it will not lead its people with astra zeneca vaccine as the base continually how about the possible side effects.
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i imagine michael welcome to the program a report just out by the global energy you save the children sas children as young as 11 are being killed in was a province of kabul delgado as a conflict that continues to displace thousands families report horrifying scenes of marriage on loved ones disappearing it's been very difficult to get any information out of the area due to the government's restrictive information policy bought after months of waiting. at the inn chris was accredited and has now sent us some rec insights into the brutal situation. we are traveling to cuba island where the united nations world food program is planning a food distribution program. but our boats journey ends
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at the halfway point the tide is going out so we have to continue on foot the area is dangerous on the clothes by mail and they are still regular attacks by islamist insurgents. that's because. we've been on the road for 3 hours through the sea and the main groves then we meet the 1st locals and finally we reach the remote island which was attacked by terrorists last year. they looted the village and murdered 2 people when we reached the food distribution venue the local hadifa ministration tells us the terrorists also kidnapped 30 children. all of you have a 16 year old daughter one of our boys one of the missing children she disappeared without a trace. these people are just evil they come from far away take away our children
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and don't even tell us why what they want i am sad i'm angry i just don't understand. he was there when he was kidnapped he almost ended up in the same situation themself. they said we are taking you with us to our camp we will train you and to teach you to shoot and make you a soldier but 5 boys 2 girls and myself managed to escape on the way there. after they said they wanted to make the boys into soldiers what did they say to the girls. who will make them our wives. so far there has been no international outcry because the news still hasn't got out of the island without electricity or telephone network almost one year on many residents live in fear of another attack not
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a single soldier has been stationed here to protect them up to now. joining me now is chance vic's he's country director and was on be quick to save the children international welcome to the program so you just released a very disturbing reports from mozambique particularly bother killing of children in such gruesome mana what are your major findings yes well thank you micah we're finding that children in their families are being chased from their compounds chased from their villages and in many cases it's quite violent and in some cases even children are being killed and there are even reports beheadings of children as young as 1112 years old is really disturbing it sickens us to our core because of course children have no role in a conflict their innocence these stories just bring us to tears. i. almost brought me to tears when i was their reports but why do you think children are
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being targeted in such a manner. well listen it isn't very very poor countries the poorest country in the world and couple delgado the northern most province is the poorest province in the country and yet there are tremendous resources there and it's been perhaps underdeveloped for years and so there is a sense that some drivers of the conflicts are about development but why target children we're just not sure certainly in other conflicts we've seen that children are trying to pull children can be obedient children are easier to control and so in some cases maybe children are being targeted to join the forces and we know the stories of when they refuse they are killed we know stories of 10 children being killed altogether because they refuse to join the insurgents so well you see that all parties to disco inflict must ensure that children not have a target that's not fortunately the case because this is an insurgency and jadakiss
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don't play by the rules how else can children be protected well we're never going to abandon our community international humanitarian law and what's happening here is a tragedy and it's just inconceivable so we are calling on all parties just stop the war on children whether it's mozambique or again internet year we must stop the war on children across the world having said that we do believe that peace is possible and peace is what will protect the children the muslim beacon government has demonstrated in the past a willingness and ability to negotiate with enemies and with opponents sign peace deals and treaties and we believe that that should be possible in this conflict as well you also talk about how there's hardly enough resources available to support that is faced children how is that we are on that. well donor governments such as the german government can and should provide more resources to help address the needs of 670000 people who've been displaced and
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that's one 3rd of the province the population of the problems there's a tremendous need for food for shelter for schooling and even for just basic needs like female menstrual i jean and soap and toothpaste so there's a real need for funding and we believe that even with all the pressures of 19 that the world can and should do more ok now right before i let you go is that any thing positive out of all that's been happening so far thank you well many families are escaping to safety and we had other n.g.o.s are able to provide them with services where engaged in cycle such social care because they've gone through tremendous trauma where helping build classrooms to make sure children can go back to school or providing food and other resources but also sometimes when children are fleeing the villages is it night and they get off track and they get lost and so we have many instances of children being separated from their families for days
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and days on end and coming to 2 towns and not knowing how to find their parents and we have a process for finding the separated children and for reuniting them with their families and i'd like to tell you we recently helped you avoid him sarah's you know 11 years old he was separated from the entire family but he could describe his mother and we managed to find his mother's neighbor's phone number and through that we found the mother just 3 months of being apart were able to get this family hopefully more families can be reunited sounds bricks concert there are in was a meek with save the children international thanks for your insights. thanks so much. stories making news across the continent police in tanzania have arrested at least 3 people the accused of spreading false rumors president john michael fully is seriously ill the president has not been seen in public for more than 2 weeks
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willing speculation about his health. so the international community to mediate in its lingering dispute alongside egypt with if you. get sudan on egypt. supply will be compromised. the africa. that is reviewing its guidelines on the. scene after several countries suspended its use of a block. in. africa will convene an emergency meeting of experts to assess the data. one african country to has been raising. is coming last week health minister. she addressed this on twitter saying the side effects of the. continued to be debated i would like to make it clear that i have submitted them to decide to fit
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console. the expectation is that we will not use this vaccine. about its effects. let's cross. in calmer and. bring us up to speed well coming. in the country this week. i thought it's a parent's health minister he spoke during that we can also count really nice not all come of being not used absolutely does that seem because of concerns in all the country who's really got in the effects that it vaccines have for people who are sick in the back seeing before how long before another temper was very happy to get vaccine in fact help me decide in chorus people to take this vaccine. that was in the month of february but we don't recycle send extensionally with a man all the parts of europe the missiles are saying that he may soon and i want
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let's be clear that we're not going to be i'm in a sense that if we if we continue to have these new the same principle up and says ok we'll cameroon be conduct and fresh research to confirm whether or not to deceive to deploy the vaccine yet speaking on state media to help me as i said carry insight and help or they need this vaccine for county unspent see i don't know you've been to college good in terms of developing the passive before that i'm not sure but i think what can i say it's a it's well be doing well be it's a look i've been back seat and see if carolinians and move fork i'm going to take this exit ok briefly days our communions reacting to all this. rant before but since we've developed county and some of them did not believe. 90
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nexis we don't love stories and you don't know waco indians are very skeptical about the virus and now with the vaccine some people feel like the scene was similar to a creek so the vaccine not being using pemberley the next weeks or months is not a big deal out comments because before how many of them were novice at what they can do that's it. ok lazy young encounter and thank you. that's where we draw a keratin from all of our stories go to d.w. dot com africa or you can visit our facebook and twitter pages we leave you with pictures from the scene in bend in where the out is the only growth house for have been said giant interleaved hands dedicated to friendship and togetherness he's doing this in different parts of the world to create a human chain of hands around the globe by for now but see you soon.
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and i need to. go for over gretchen home the 4th time for the most news in the deadly. and he's at the nasa dragon that's what i call the hard truth. on. komi push home lunch are sold out in the morning right now climate change event top story. faces much less
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the way from just one week. how much work and really do. we still have time to ask i'm going to. be such a. good subscriber is like this. coming up on arts and culture a chat with nobel prize winning author kazuo ishiguro and later on the show between fantasy and nightmare the dark giant works of artists your last forgot. and a little later on the show shifting shapes by the 2nd a stunning natural phenomenon turned into art. when kazuo
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ishiguro won the 2017 nobel prize in literature he was already known to readers for titles like the remains of the day and never let me go now in his 1st novel since the award is a group takes a new turn as novel klara and the son takes us into the life of an ai machine go to provide selfless friendship to humans. clara is the perfect companion friendly and helpful and she's always there when you need. connor his so has no need to tone because clara is an. artificial friend an android . clone is the narrator in consumer and she'd lose latest novel klara in the sun he's 8 she is fascinated by the idea of artificial intelligence he tells us what makes his literally heroine teac klara is somebody who comes into the world almost
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empty at the beginning and just learns at a huge rate and one of the advantages advantages of for me what was exciting about cora was that she could at the same time. i become very sophisticated about some things about the human world and be very childlike about other things this could co-exist in the same person very easily to protectionist in ishiguro is best no novel the remains of the day is stephen's an english partner who realizes tonight that he's been serving the wrong master wristed track who in $1000.00 self but the nazis the film adaptation of the booker prize winning novel was also a huge success both stevens and the artificial friend clara a subordinate to the systems in which they live why don't she gurus heroes ever rebel. the truth of it is that is that we are very good at rebelling. what we are what we often tend to do and and there is a kind of a heroism about this too is that we try and find some. some
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way. of retaining our dignity. on our sense of ourselves watt accepting that we are powerless and that we have to just get on with it. and it's tragic and you know i don't necessarily say that's a good way to be but that's what i often observe human life to be like in 2017 she could do was awarded the nobel prize in literature they can be described as a writer of great integrity who tackles complex in engineering scenes of memory time and self-delusion. as well as his novels and plays she is also a passionate songwriter writing lyrics he just stands he can't. be a nobel prize with it but i mean you could be a poem i can tell you what it's about i mean often the title is my main clue but i realize it's about a funeral or something otherwise to me i just don't understand it whereas some
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lyrics i have felt that's something i've always felt to share which for me with. the realities. it's just is. by being. sort. to watch our whole interview with nobel prize winning author and songwriter kazuo ishiguro visit our you tube channel d.w. books on now to some art news france has promised to return a painting looted by the nazis to its rightful heirs rosebushes under the trees by gustav clipped once belonged to a jewish austrian woman named nor us to me but in 1038 the nazis forced me to sell
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it for a pittance before she was later deported and murdered france's culture minister always a didn't know said institutions across europe still have a lot of work to do in returning not seem a bit arts. well artist. is used to thinking big huge in fact but how do imagine his giant canvases in a space he can't even visit right now is planning a solo show of his works at the long museum in shanghai and to decide which painting should go where he's built a model of the galleries at his studio in berlin. at home with. the painter takes a break from working on his exhibition for some play time with his young son who's getting familiar with the tools of his father's.
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preparations are underway for a long journey. large scale artworks full of fantastical scenes and absurd dreamlike images are being packed up for transport to shanghai once there they'll be put on display in the private long museum. as long as it was the long museum is one of those museums where the progressive discourse of contemporary asian art is taking place that's why it's important and the long family who are initiating the whole thing are very important collectors in asia. and they're very open and view this for many different perspectives. on the. under normal circumstances you would have checked out the exhibition space himself but did a cover travel restrictions this time he has to rely on a model. nearly 20 of his pictures will be shown in shanghai their placement demands great attention to detail some of his art works are currently being shown
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in a different museum in china is unusual style is making waves in the chinese art world cup it's got to you are not what i currently have an exhibition running in beijing want the gallery there have told me that visitors are fascinated but also confused because they don't recognize this type of visual language and that's fascinating for me of course figuring out how to communicate on a level that's not verbal but visual that's what really intrigues me and the reason i started in the 1st place it's a hope for me for your novel what's the more. created this painting especially for the exhibition in shanghai which marks the peak of his career so far . when he started out book it's figurative painting stood in stark contrast to the dominant trend of abstract art. but he persevered and managed to break through with his art. he's successful on an international scale
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especially in china. they are his monumental and fantastical works of art are being welcomed with great acclaim. with the large scale great quantities masses and excessiveness in terms of structure are things chinese people are familiar with over there are 1200000000 people living in that country each with their own unique psychology. and if you look behind every window there is its own little world of friends in the inner world and in any case i think that's maybe one of the reasons as this year in fights for life this is. the exhibition is set to open in shanghai on july 23rd book at has a lot of time left before that for his paintings found for relaxing moments. murmur ration is the word for when flocks of birds twists turn and swirl in mid-air
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actually it's one kind of bird in particular the starling this video of starlings was taken by a photographer at cern so care soaker normally photograph famous musicians and movie stars but for his latest project he is looking up to the skies. the magic usually happens when the flock of starlings is attacked by birds of prey . as a defense mechanism they create these very organic shapes like these black waves going through the flag and actually it happens so quickly that you don't even realize sometimes what you've seen. the free sland region in the north of the netherlands photographers' owens ica has traveled here from denmark for his project black sun. i've worked in 6
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different countries so far so i do a lot of research to find out where the birds are. all i can do is research and turn up and then hope for the best. i've been to probably 120 days in the last 4 years and i probably have just between 5 and 10 very good nights. so study memory since when i was a little kid my parents took me to the west coast of when i was 10 that was an image that never left me really. then i did portraits for 25 years. i suddenly it came to me that i wanted to go back to see those starlings and try to photograph them.
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continues to make more trips as well he's taking photos of celebrities like any wind. down. the white stripes. and. has really been my specialty and something that i've been pretty obsessed with i've completed it's 5 different books of portraits of mainly famous people the new product. that i've been. doing that for a while is very different it's nature. it's very humbling in a way it's. not hard to museum of contemporary art in a danish city hanging is now showing his photos in a major exhibition. i haven't moved one single bird in photoshop in this project. its nature.
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and its nature at its most surreal. these magical moments occur by themselves in major. zoom as planned to spend one week with the starlings turned into a 4 year project where every picture is totally different i have not in 4 years experienced this a most have twice. so that gives me a great incentive to keep going i'm there i'm far from done with this project and i think i will keep going for a few more years. keeping go and it's hard these days for dancers with no live audience but some companies like theatre mag the byrds here in germany are debuting new choreographies online i'll leave you now with their latest take care.
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ah. the. company. was 7 come. home 7 was.
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an amount 70 percent of its forests have been cut down for economic reasons. ileana our man is fighting this way with an economic. model her vision of planting new rain forests and using them to generate income for the seeds are growing topical to move against climate change. 3000. and 30 minutes alone t w. it was kind of the thing that's like a budget that clearly because i want to be a gemini was the make the last few years have been quite o'brian really and that's . unrelated a lot higher but when it comes to gemma because on the whole so was look right in the arch bridge is perhaps the biggest on the new job the applied i'm going down
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the river road i love to be in the news there are pros and there are accounts that when you feel them all together they're realizing scope of the noble way of living are you ready to meet the 7 i'm going to be right just do it. more than 1000 years ago europe witnesses a huge construction boom. with christianity firmly established there is a greater demand for houses of worship. and both religious and secular leaders are eager to display their power so churches become palaces. the race begins who can create the tallest biggest most beautiful structure. stone masons builders in the projects compete with each other to build and to
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project. their cities home massive churches with towers that pierce the clouds like skyscrapers are creating. a contest of the cathedral starts people 12th on t w. this is d w news and these are our top stories here pin young in regulators say benefits of astra zeneca karna virus vaccine outweigh the risks of any possible side effects more than a dozen e.u. countries have stopped using its off to isolates of reports of blood clots the european medicines agency is conducting a review and will report.


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