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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  March 17, 2021 9:00am-9:30am CET

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this is deja vu news coming to you live from berlin the medical regulator tells governments to keep using astra zeneca as coronavirus vaccine the head of the european medicines agency says the benefits outweigh the risks of side effects as an investigation continues into reports that the vaccine is linked to blood clots also coming out u.s. secretary of state paul anthony blinken arrives in south korea as washington tries to get asian allies on side in the face of growing chinese influence. that israeli
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archaeologists find new fragments of the dead sea scrolls they're calling it the most significant discovery in decades. plus changing times in switzerland one of its best former soccer players is putting his perception skills to use in a different field these days the renowned swedish watchmaking industry. terry martin good to have you with us the european union's medicines regulator has urged governments not to stop using the astra zeneca corona virus vaccine while the pandemic is still going on it says the benefits of the vaccine outweigh the risk of any possible side effects number of eve member states suspended use of the shot earlier this week due to reports of a rare form of cerebral blood clot here in germany the move has shaken confidence
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in an already sluggish backs a nation campaign. every adult in germany has been promised a vaccine shot before the end of september without astra zeneca that will be hard to achieve the immunization program is about to be expanded including 3 general practitioners like dr saw me in berlin he was getting ready to give the jab to hundreds of his patients every week now he's been put on hold as. we were prepared to start vaccinating we wanted to get going early we've spoken to the medical bodies set everything up here in the practice and alerted many of the patients. and then came this big surprise. the government says if it is asking people to get the vaccine it has a duty to inform about potential risks but many doctors say the cautious approach will cause delays. i think they've not done the vaccination campaign any favors but
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safety 1st i think it was important to put patient safety at the center of things so it was the right decision but then you need to publish the information behind it immediately. the european medicines agency is to give its verdict about fears that astra zeneca causes blood clots on thursday but even if the vaccine is given the go ahead for a 2nd time confidence in it has been dented from the information that we get is that the value of astra zeneca is greater than the risks but of course having any risk is not a nice feeling for this country. actually the risk of getting other people taking the time is worth it or not because we were not being very clear about this situation if i have to choice i would take my own tech but if i have no choice take astra zeneca. doctor for he me hopes downs will not
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get the upper hand with the 3rd wave of covert infections approaching he says that would be bad news coming. as i can only say from what i hear many people are still willing to take it. germany has a shortage of vaccines a problem that will be much worse if hundreds of thousands of astra zeneca doses stay in the box. for more we're joined by you to cola she's a licensed pharmacist and a member of the european parliament for the green party has told us many countries including germany have suspended use of the astra zeneca vaccine you've described that decision as madness why. well it has been said in in the country mission we just watched the benefits do outweigh the risks a lot and in my opinion of course it's important to know about the risks of oneself
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the vaccinated that. as we have a 3rd way which is just in its exponential face and backs and ating is not only about protecting the backs and ate it also protected the number x. in the act because back as far as we know of vaccinated people are less prone to pass on the virus i think those really thousands of potentially thousands of dead people outweigh the risks of a very small number of c.d.'s ministry poses now astra zeneca was declared safe by medical regulators around the world europe's medicines agency b.m.a. has said there is no indication the vaccine is the cause of the reported blood clots yet numerous countries are not convinced what did they know that doesn't. well we must we must know that the specialists that are working or that are in the
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url of and. body at the other specialists are the member states assisted by additional experts so for example politic would take who is the head of the public energy institute in germany who are responsible for monitoring vaccination judging and if it procedure. safety he is part of the relevant body at the m 8 so it's not the end against the member states it's run of the e m a saying ok no number of countries have experienced issues they are taking the safe side it's our job now to collect all the data from all the member states and also we're looking at other data for example from the u.k. where we have millions of vaccinations with astra zeneca being administered and then put together the pieces in order to have a scientific assessment of what's happening. assuming as
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a result of those get the green light from the a.m.a. as expected on thursday do you think that will be enough to restore public confidence in the vaccine. i truly hope so i mean i have had several of conversations in the last day with people who said before you leave that sitting on the shelf i'll take it because a lot of people really want to get vaccinated as soon as possible but it's not their turn yet because we take the risk based approach which it's perfectly fine but i don't think that we have problems of really getting astra zeneca into people's arms it was published thank you very much for talking with us this morning that was you to publish an m.e.p. with the green party thank you. with the spring holidays just weeks away in this part of the world european union officials are meeting today to discuss how to get people traveling again covert 9000 restrictions mean
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non-essential travel is still limited for many they use looking at introducing a so-called green pass digital document showing a traveler's covert status but critics fear any kind of vaccine for it could lead to discrimination call it a certificate a pass or a passport some kind of documentation is in the works for people to show their safe to travel the european union is calling their proposal a digital green pass vaccination status would be a key piece of information but officials have stressed it wouldn't be the only it's not the bus pulled so real such a ticket later said but it's not only about the vaccination it's about the recovery for the people who have had the sickness direction ation all the tests to avoid any discrimination between different citizens covered 1000 vaccination is not required in the e.u. critics worry that a so-called green pass could become
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a slippery slope to a vaccine passport thus discriminating against the unvaccinated data protection is also a concern the world health organization is against making vaccination a travel requirement and so is the i.c.a.o. the united nations aviation body. tourism dependent e.u. members such as greece cyprus spain and portugal are eager to throw open their doors to travelers from places where vaccination is going quickly like the united kingdom and israel negative tests or proof of covert 1000 antibodies are also acceptable to many in the travel industry whom the pulse and its bits in news today hang hundreds of thousands of jobs in austria depend on getting to travel normally again for business and vacation. and couldn't as mentioned you know if. you came that's why i'm fighting to make this happen as soon as possible the green pass is one possibility for reopening borders reducing border controls and getting our
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economy going again that's. not all fun and e.u. officials say testing inquire and teen will remain central to safe travel a little more than 10 percent of the blocks 448000000 people have received at least one shot of an approved 1000 vaccine meaning herd immunity is likely farther away than the summer travel season. is a look at a few other developments in the pandemic worldwide the philippines has temporarily banned the entry of foreigners the number of nationals who can return daily is also limited australia is boosting vaccination support for its nearest neighbor the new guinea it's sending some 8000 doses and other medical equipment to help contain a new wave of cases there and south korea has widened the scope of efforts to test x. pottery and so in the capital seoul it now includes all foreign workers in the city
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. here's some other stories making headlines around the world today the new shares government says gunman have killed at least 58 people near the border with mali the attacks car targeted a convoy returning from a market in a nearby village no group has claimed responsibility but several armed groups are active in the region linked to the so-called islamic state in al qaeda. at least 8 people have been killed in a shooting spree at several massage parlors in the u.s. city of at the atlanta a 21 year old male suspect was taken into custody most of the victims are reportedly of asian descent and polls a recent wave of attacks on asian americans. an american intelligence report just released says russian president vladimir putin authorized efforts to try to help donald trump win last november's presidential election but intelligence officials found no indication that foreign actors tampered with the votes
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themselves. well u.s. secretary of state anthony blinken has landed in south korea on the 2nd stop of a tour to reset relations with asian allies lincoln arrived in seoul from japan pushing the biden ministrations agenda to keep a lid on the growing power of china he also reaffirmed washington's commitment to the complete denuclearization of the korean peninsula but ahead of his trip the powerful sister of north korean leader kim jong un warned washington not to interfere in the region. let's get more now from correspondent frank smyth he's standing outside the defense ministry in seoul and is covering blinken visit frank what can we expect from this meeting today. well they're going to talk about a few things 1st of all the just concluded 10 days of military exercises these were
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command post exercises which took place endures largely computer simulated although they did utilize a number of troops both korea and the u.s. they want to get probably some more training odors now those lore skill 02 or exercises the would involve 'd aircraft and heavy munitions and and tens of thousands of troops on each side had been particularly thorning in in an acre bidding north korea and that's why they've largely been toned down they're also going to talk about what's called the opcw on transfer which would give so korea control over its own troops during war time but that's been held up because of the ongoing tension here on the korean peninsula ok so it sounds like there's a lot of focus on defense issues so the u.s. is also urging its allies in the region to help it push back against china or the interests of america and its allies there particularly south korea fully aligned in
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this regard we. know they're not exactly on the same teach sos korea's largest trading partner is china 54 and it doesn't want to and take a nice b. cheney i mean will jeopardize that trade back 201620170 great deployed american anti ballistic missile system sat terminal high altitude area defense and in place go it songs you in the middle of the peninsula. react with unofficial sanctions against south korea's a. intertainment and tourism industry and certainly 'd president moon and here in south korea doesn't want to see that kind of retaliation repeated if it was to put more pressure on beaching over issues that have is more important to washington. and this is the by the ministrations 1st cabinet level visit to the korean
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peninsula told us for turbulent years of the trump presidency during which trump tried to engage with north korea where do things stand now between washington and pyongyang well you know recently just a day or so ago kim jong il the ruler north korea his sister. is sister kim you know john. told the u.s. to not make a stink regarding any activity by north korea or military exercises by north korea. indicating a thaw it sort of any potential for talks in fact the biden administration early on reached out to north korea to try to bring them to the negotiating table but because of the downfall in terms of this you know this so-called love affair between kim jong il and its former u.s. president donald trump the failure of the noise summit in vietnam is to really
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breaks through the ongoing sanctions against north korea pyongyang doesn't seem to really interested in talking. frank thank you very much that was correspondent frank smyth at the defense ministry in seoul. well today is 3rd and final day polls for the dutch voters a survey published just before the last day of voting showed the lead for prime minister marc rich's conservative party shrinking the election has been spread out over 3 days to avoid voting in normally crowded polling stations one way that's being achieved is allowing dutch voters to cycle to a voting station and bring their bikes in with them all the way to the ballot box and it's part of a unique backdrop to these elections which follow some of the worst violence seen in the netherlands for more than a decade alexander phenomenon reports from the hague where it's the youth that are
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being hard hardest hit by the pandemic. playing table so quick to kill time board that's how many young people feel right now says rudy founded baek this student who works for a foundation in the hague that aims to prevent cold it's dropout rates every day he deals with youth as they struggle with the fallout of that pandemic he says it feels like the state's everything plan is criminalized go ahead of nights in a possible. meeting with more friends not possible sitting not possible being class not possible that's and the local perspective these 2 generations of us trade it's. people it also led to anger and violence in the past month the nation saw its worst riots in decades with young people taking to the streets to protest against a nationwide curfew funded big says he doesn't condone the violence but things
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politicians should listen to what young people have to say there are many people who see themselves. i mean i wouldn't do it of course but it's too easy to just. sort of way a large population of your citizens as criminals. there is a lack of moral leadership in the neverland good if i may be commands he hopes for political change however that doesn't seem to be the general mood in the country with cover at 19 on top of the political agenda prime minister mark who ted he's party have a large lead in the polls mark of course to win a 4th term in office despite massive protests against coronavirus measures and major scandals that have rocketed his government it seems that many doubts people have little appetite for experiments in times of crisis. pick up bormann is the manager of fruits restaurant in the center of the hague she
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hasn't decided who to vote for yet but things stay true to his government has done a good job handling the crisis even though her restaurant has been closed since october we do get help from the government and the local government gave us the opportunity to sell of beers and wines are no friend like osho but furthermore it's it's insane because normally we would have around $250.00 guests every friday saturday if they stay more months warry the pandemic could further polarize the dutch society and strengthen the extreme political forces on the right or left fringes a record 37. different parties vying for votes in this election that means forming a government could be a tricky top rudy funded beak would like to see more young people get involved in politics he thinks that's the only way to achieve real representation if not this
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time around then in the long run. in other news. if starting today ride healing company will treat its $70000.00 drivers in britain as workers instead of contractors that means the drivers can now receive a minimum wage paid holiday leave and intelligible even pension plans his move follows litigation and a recent loss for the company in the british supreme court. pro-democracy protesters have defied a curfew in myanmar to hold a vigil for those killed by security forces the u.n. says $149.00 demonstrators have been killed since the military seized power last month many have been detained or gone missing the ruling military junta declared martial law in myanmar's largest city young girl. president us vice president cottle harris has vowed to fight to improve democracy and women's rights the pledge
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came in her 1st speech to the united nations in new york america's 1st female vice president said democracy could be strengthened by involving more women in decision making. is really archaeologists have discovered new fragments of the dead sea scrolls a collection of ancient jewish texts found originally in the west bank in the 1940 s. and fifty's experts are calling it the most important discovery of its kind in decades . a race against antiquity thieves and these akio does see through and looking for signs of ancient life. old scrolls and parchment have been turning up on the black market which led the israel antiquities authority to intensify their operations in the g.d. desert. this is known as the cave of horror named after 40 skeletons were found here 60 years ago. and there are signs robbers have already paid
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a visit but they didn't dig deep enough. knowledge is discovered fragments of 2000 year old biblical texts. what we've found is new fragments of a scroll that we have known before that had been discovered in 1000 fifties and early 1960 s. but what we found is new parts of the puzzle of this rather large manuscript manuscript is a translation into greek of the. 12 minor prophets. and from the bible. the fragments are believed to have been hidden during the bar kochba revolt and armed jewish uprising against rome. they weren't the only discovery researchers found a 6000 year old mummified skeleton of a child coins clones and remarkably
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a 10000 year old basket thought to be the oldest ever found well this is by far the 1st place it's the most amazing thing guy and coward that i found a scene in my life it's kind of huge it's it contains between 200 leaders and it's all intact this is as far as we know the most the biggest intact back of the oldest intact basket that we know of archaeologist the findings will lead to more understanding of the beliefs of a little understood jewish sect. it's in champions league football now and the final set of matches in the round of 16 title holders by in munich will play wednesday but tuesday night's match ups included german club matching thought back against the best club in the premier league manchester city and city had benched with a 2 nil win and for an ill overall in the 2 match series meanwhile real madrid also
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moved to the quarterfinals by finishing off italian side. and staying with sports an expert baller who's starting a new chapter in his working life he's not just any footballer stefan leashed on it once played for top tier european clubs like eventis arsenal and lots you know now he's trying out other talents off the pitch in a tiny watchmaking shop in switzerland. he's made his millions now stefan lynx diner is making time for himself after years of success on the football pitch leeks diner is learning how to be a watchmaker in a workspace that could fit into a football goal. for all my life i put full. new experience and. a very good team. for life to see the new team to see how you do to watch him go
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through some seamlessly with the food bowl. teams perfect. weeks diner only just called time on the world of international football and top flight european club competition he set records for the swiss national team and earned over 100 caps on the way. he enjoyed a glorious 7 year run with powerhouse event among other clubs finally ending his football career last august after a season with the bundesliga has spurred. steiner doesn't rule out a return to football but for now it's the quiet cerebral setting of a zurich watchmaker shop he was chosen for a traineeship over other applicants because of his enthusiasm can that translate to success as a watchmaker only you know what will tow. in sailing team new zealand retain the america's cup after beating italian side luna
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rossa 73 in the best of 13 series and they did it in dominant fashion finishing 46 seconds ahead of their challenger in race 10 marking new zealand's 4th america's cup triumph the team savored the victory in front of an exciting home crowd tens of thousands of fans gathered off the coast of auckland and what a treat it was for the locals the city only emerged from a coveted 19 lock down 2 weeks ago. just a reminder of the top story we're following for you today on the news the european medicines agency says there is no indication that the astra zeneca is coronavirus vaccine causes blood clots several countries have suspended the shot amid concerns the agency says the back scenes benefits outweigh the risks.
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