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tv   Nahaufnahme  Deutsche Welle  March 17, 2021 12:03pm-12:30pm CET

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i think they've not done the vaccination campaign any favors but safety 1st i think it was important to put patient safety at the center of things so it was the right decision but then you need to publish the information behind it immediately. the european medicines agency is to give its verdict about fears that astra zeneca causes blood clots on thursday but even if the vaccine is given the go ahead for a 2nd time confidence in it has been dented from information that we get is that the value of astra zeneca is greater than the risks but of course having any risk is not a nice feeling for this country i don't know. actually the risk of getting other people taking this my time is worth it or not because it's people are not being very clear about this situation if i had a choice i would take by on tech but if i had no choice it would take astra zeneca . doctor for he me hopes downs will not get the upper hand with the 3rd wave of
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covert infections approaching he says that would be bad news coming. as i can only say from what i hear many people are still willing to take it. germany has a shortage of vaccines a problem that will be much worse if hundreds of thousands of astra zeneca doses stay in the box and we are joined by qatar in a ballet she's a member of germany's social democrats and also vice president of the european parliament this is bali this is just the latest setback in a whole series of setbacks is it time to admit that the use vaccination strategy is failing. well that's it this is not e.u. phenomenon because there are also countries outside the european union who are now abandoning this 1st time that's an issue that's resident for example norway or
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iceland and there are countries within the european union who don't so it is not something that has to do with the european union although i must admit i would have liked this to be to have a european approach to be a get together also to put together your expertise of the different member states i think that could have been an added european value so if we look at if you are an average e.u. citizen. looking at the you how it's done to protect its people and if you then look at the u.k. the u.s. and especially israel isn't there a massive crisis coming in terms of confidence in the u.n. it's organs. well we'll have to see how it turns out in the end i mean there's no doubt that for example israel is doing an excellent job but israel is a country that is kind of constantly under threat so they have they have
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a really good logistics when it comes to you know now acting hands on quickly very good infrastructure and they are giving away the patients data. completely to to to the companies so you have to say ok do you want this to do you not you see the u.s. who are doing very well what they have done better than the you e.u. is to invest into production that i think you can say you has not done sufficiently but on the other hand the u.s. is acting very egoistically they keep everything to themselves if everyone does it certainly should be you should shouldn't be you have done the same to protect its citizens for example not exporting millions and millions and millions of doses outside of the you. this is a very very clear stick approach isn't it i mean if you do that you have certain regions of the world who will not have that nation at all so the e.u.
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has secured many more doses of vaccination and we will meet so so we do have enough it's just not coming quickly enough so what we would have to do is to invest and this is something that you can say you has not done enough but i don't think that this egoistic a cause that we have seen in the beginning or a pandemic i keep all my masters than myself all the interdict is to myself even if you have other reasons well too much more effective or within the european union we need solidarity within the european union and outside. the earlier you said that you admire israel for being so are prompt with it and being able to defend itself against a massive threat the u.s. under a massive threat and now you say we should we shouldn't be going to stick how does that go together. well what we need is do the right things and what we have what we lack of is that seem so it's there's no use it everybody grabbing more for
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himself what we need is is. raising production and this is what the u.s. did better the e.u. invested 3000000000 euros in in raising production capacity use and the u.s. invested more than 800000000 so this is something where you could say yes we could have done better there but then there is also this other aspect that i really want to stress even if it is a bit technical the e.u. does not have confidence in health policy so maybe the member states should get together and see we do not have too much you here we have 2 little so if we had more coordination more competence is concentrated and acting better together and i think this is really what we should covering about a vice president of the e.u. parliament thank you very much for your time in the spring holidays just weeks away european union officials are meeting today to discuss how to get people traveling
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again covered 19 restrictions mean non-essential travel is still limited for most europeans they use looking at introducing a so-called green pass as a digital document showing the travelers current covert vaccination backs a nation status of critics raising ethical concerns saying it could lead to special privileges and discrimination against those who have been vaccinated. call it a certificate a pass or a passport some kind of documentation is in the works for people to show they're safe to travel the european union is calling their proposal a digital green pass vaccination status would be a key piece of information but officials have stressed it wouldn't be the only it's not the bus fault it's a real suck to get laid you said but it's not only about vaccination it's about the recovery for the people who have had the sickness direction ation all the tests to avoid any discrimination between different citizens covered 1000 vaccination is not
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required in the e.u. critics worry that a so-called green pass could become a slippery slope to a vaccine passport thus discriminating against the unvaccinated data protection is also a concern the world health organization is against making vaccination a travel requirement and so is the i.c.a.o. the united nations aviation body tourism dependent e.u. members such as greece cyprus spain and portugal are eager to throw open their doors to travelers from places where vaccination is going quickly like the united kingdom and israel negative tests or proof of covert 1000 anti-bodies are also acceptable to many in the travel industry who. news today hundreds of thousands of jobs in austria depend on getting to travel normally again for business and vacation. think of it as mentioned you know. that's why i'm fighting to
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make this happen as soon as possible the green pass is one possibility for reopening borders reducing border controls and getting our economy going again this . e.u. officials say testing and quarantine will remain central to safe travel a little more than 10 percent of the blocks 448000000 people have received at least one shot of an approved in 1000 vaccine meaning herd immunity is likely farther away than the summer travel season. my colleague marina strauss is standing by in brussels where the u. commission is about to present plans for e.u. health says that if it's not me that what do we know so far. what i know is that possible if you watch it if it could could coupler meant this little book i brought mine here and it proves that i'm vaccinated against many things not to covert 19 so
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far but as you can see it's paper it's not digital so it's not comparable l e u y it and that's words that you commission wants to tench with that this possible new digital certificate that you once to make it easier for people to travel across borders again because we know freedom of movement is essential for the e.u. idea of idea of the european union and the idea is we heard it already but i repeat that because it's important the is that this certificate will prove if somebody is vaccinated it will prove if somebody has recovered from covert 19 or if somebody has a negative test result and what is different from like in comparison to other measures we've seen taken by that you commission so far is that it is actually a lot proposal because the e.u. commission has realized it does not account go far enough with recommendations because then you states just say ok that's nice it was but would still go our way
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for example when it comes to a common approach to shoot to go to border closures so on and the member states agree and what's the hold up what is still being debated. countries that are relying heavily on tourism for example agrees cyprus can't wait for such an e.u. why is it if it has to be to be put in place but other countries say it's not to do yet what kind of rights will be attached to such a statistic as critics fear that introducing it could be discriminatory against the unvaccinated and responsible commissioner toward the german media this morning he warns this it if a kid should be introduced by june 1st that means comes summer comes to certificate but that's really optimistic because not only e.u. countries have to create a common approach but also that your parliament and usually that takes
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a lot longer than just 3 months or even straws in brussels there for us thank you more in. a cycle of some other developments in the pandemic the philippines has temporarily banned the entry of foreigners the number of nationals who can return per day is also limited australia is boosting a vaccination support for its nearest neighbor pump when you guinea it's sending some 8000 doses there and other medical equipment to help contain a new wave of cases and south korea has widened the scope of efforts to test expansion in the capital seoul it now includes all foreign workers in the city. take a look at some of the other stories making headlines around the world today is the final day of voting in the general election in the netherlands polling has been spread out over 3 days to avoid crowds one tactic to help boost social distancing voters who cycle to polling stations can bring their bikes right up to the ballot
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box. a court in japan has ruled the country's ban on same sex marriages is unconstitutional a landmark decision said the failure to recognize gay unions denies couples that their right to equality japan is the only country in the g. 7 group of developed nations that does not permit same sex marriages. as government says gunman have killed at least 58 people near the border with mali the attacks targeted a convoy returning from a market in a nearby village no group has claimed responsibility but several armed groups are active in the region lynch to the so-called islamic state and al-qaeda. human rights groups are sounding the alarm about germany's deportation of refugees back to places they say are unsafe on like several other western nations germany regards pakistan as a safe country of origin. for liftoff met one family from the arm of the religious
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minority and they say they face persecution in pakistan. every time an osama does the odd time here in leipsic it feels like a small victory in pakistan the call for prayer would land him in jail ahmed and his family are members of the ahmadiyya community and islamic minority which faces persecution back home 2 years ago they fled to germany. we live in freedom since we came we've been able to wear whatever clothes we want and when we want to veil ourselves no one tries to harm us my husband goes to the mosque and prays there and we don't have to ask ourselves whether he will come home or whether someone will come to the mosque and hurt us. the family only has tolerated immigration status here which means they have few rights and it anytime can be arrested and deported back to a life in fear they have heard that
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a mass deportation is due to take place soon. sania it is not easy to leave your country and now that we have done this that we are here we're being told that we can't stay so where do we go. to use believe the movements founder was the messiah they are considered heretics in pakistan there persecution is well documented muhammad's shows a school books which tell children to fight the infidels signs at the shop entrances that prohibit entry for mahdi's photos from attacks on the mosques still unlike the u.k. in the us germany considers pakistan a safe country of origin malique says that the government has stepped up deportations. i believe that there is a lack of knowledge or a political will. but unfortunately this is to the detriment of the many persecuted people who live here and who are now being deported in large numbers or are still
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in custody awaiting deportation. for these people it is a matter of life and death to. escape leaving. knows this well he says a mob killed his uncle when he returned to pakistan from the u.k. . achmad in costume are desperate to protect their family but they have exhausted all the eagle remedies for now there is little they can do just wait and hope they won't be on the next plane. oh it's been a loser from what i saw from the reporter who filed that report luisa we understand a plane carrying deportees left germany for pakistan today without the family you've been in touch with them doesn't mean they can stay well exactly as you said the age left. by this time period 3 people who were deported from the
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family over could wake up in their own beds say has just landed a few hours. but what a family it's just another round of weights in. the states it's bases in germany is still only tolerated it means they don't have this item here and they can get the cord and tie and that's the situation that many of these faces year around 550. from your research how likely is it that the ahmadi or deportees or those from other minority religions will experience serious home upon their return to pakistan. only when you research the topic to the front it doesn't take to it so long to realize it and it's like being persecuted in pakistan according to amnesty 'd international they say and it's part of this and franchise and targets of killing cyber malton on hate speech and the u.n.h.c.r.
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stands as well that pakistan is not safe well it's my distant turn. so it's not only what they say it's also been documented by international organizations that was not his face their situation upon return no i've witnessed so what i've heard from the family. is that many of their family members are actually inches into the new ground and that's basically being the court of fact by its line makes you very visible in the community it's in the spotlight here the while in the village that was was a drugs are coming back and that's for says or what they say here they don't want to be in the spotlight they wants to see this city they've won no one to know that he's what do you see any signs of germany my to change and stomp on this issue. it's this article to say there's definitely been an outcry not all of these this is
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the british who had to go though that took place this morning the pipes and sonic christian was due to be on the plane and asked if there was a public outcry it was noted by the link that the that's true in party and saxony it was actually released yesterday. but then it's difficult to see how germany or when germany would change that stance if in the vast amount of information about persecution that is available given the stance of the u.n.h.c.r. that i just mentioned living the way that the country is not treating of my views that means or other countries actually not deporting them back to fight or. in a mess and so forth but germany is still doing that so the only. solution that's left for the unity they've sent this to place public awareness about their persecution and all but. did i hear about to lose a family too often than thank you ladies. starting today right
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hailing company will treat its $70000.00 drivers in britain as work because instead of contract is minimum wage and paid holidays include if the decision follows the education and recent loss for the company in the british supreme court. it was the day baseness model came to a sudden stop driver celebrating victory over the right hailing platform at the u.k. top court last month after judges ruled that bar must provide workers' rights to thousands of drivers. i'm just so delighted thrilled and relieved that the state has arrived and we've got the right judgment. no one has implemented that ruling offering to pay minimum wage holiday pay and pension contributions today is an important day for all drivers in the u.k.
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and the reason for that is because from today any driver who earns on the platform and that's over $70000.00 drivers in total will be able to be paid for holiday time they'll be enrolled in a pension and they'll be able to earn at least a national living wage as a floor and not a ceiling. critics however see the benefits are based on tying driver spend paired with a customer not time spent waiting for work despite this from the court the judge would also owns the funding of employing the truck but the purpose is the legislation claimants working turn was not limited. to periods when they were actually driving passengers but estimates. it also included any period when the group would look at interview. on a list say the ruling could have huge ramifications for the exploding gag economy
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not just drivers but cyclists. not just the u.k. but farther afield as governments wrestle with the distinction between workers and contractors. for now though it could be taking a trip back to court soon over claims its new changes still don't comply with employment law. in israel archaeologists afters covered new fragments of the dead sea scrolls a collection of functions jewish texts found in the west bank in the 940 s. and fifty's experts are calling it the most important discovery of its kind in decades. rice against antiquity thieves and these aki all just see through caves and looking for signs of ancient life. scrolls and parchment have been turning up on the black market which led the antiquities authority to intensify their operations in the judean desert. this is known as the cave of
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horror named after 40 skeletons were found here 60 years ago. and there are signs robbers have already paid a visit but they didn't dig deep enough. parking ologist discovered fragments of 2000 year old biblical texts. what we've found is new fragments of a scroll that we have known before that had been discovered in 1000 fifties and early 1960 s. but what we found is new parts of the puzzle of this rather large manuscript the manuscript is of a translation into greek of the. 12 minor prophets. and from the bible the fragments are believed to have been hidden during the bar kochba revolt and armed jewish uprising against rome. they weren't the only
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discovery researchers found a 6000 year old mummified skeleton of a child coins clones and remarkably a 10000 year old basket thought to be the oldest ever found well this is by far the 1st place it's the most amazing thing guy in kalak that i found they seem and my life it's kind of huge it contains between 90 to 100 leaders and it's all intact this is as far as we know the most biggest intact back of the oldest intact basket that we know of archaeologists hope the findings will lead to more understanding of the beliefs of a little understood jewish sect. you're watching the news here is a reminder of all top story this hour. the european met since agency has urged governments to continue using the astra zeneca coronavirus vaccine the agency says
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the vaccines benefits outweigh the risks of side effects is to publish its findings on the reports that the vaccine is linked to red blood clots on thursday. that's it from me and the missing don't go away up next made in germany with a look at innovator innovative entrepreneurs defying the corona box fans for. the food.
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and. to cough. or not to own. the data sharing economy instead. of. a change in thinking is changing the economy to create something new. economics magazine in germany. next on.
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the gun. under siege. some kenyans comes disappearing in the morning rain to marine conservationists are trying to stay ahead of the decay and preserve what's left. they are counting on the support of local fishermen. africa. in 60 minutes d.w. . every day counts for us and for our planet. is on its way to bring you more conservation. how do we make see this remark how can we protect habitats what to do with all our waste.
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we can make a difference by choosing small solutions overstrained said in a way. good morning to those limits a series of moves from. soldiering on that's pretty much all we can do until the well it's being vaccinated the bad demick continues to pound economies companies and individuals at the moment.


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