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tv   Tagesschau in 100 Sekunden  Deutsche Welle  March 17, 2021 2:00pm-2:04pm CET

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this is the news live from berlin pressure grows on global health authorities to answer questions over the safety of the astra zeneca vaccine be used medical regulator has told governments to keep using it while an investigation continues into reported links to red blood clots also coming up u.s. secretary of state anthony blinken arrives in south korea as washington tries to
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get asian allies on side in the face of growing chinese influence. and living under the threat of deportation are germany's immigration rules mean families like this one are being sent back to countries where they say they face persecution. and starts paying minimum wage holiday pay and pensions to its drivers in britain the change comes after a long legal battle over the right hailing companies treatment of its workers. and 1st of all come to the program european union's medicines regulator has urged governments not to stop using the astra zeneca vaccine while the coronavirus pandemic is still in full swing it says the benefits outweigh the risk of possible side effects but pressure is growing on global health experts to answer questions
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about the vaccine safety results from an investigation into incidence of a rare form of block claud argue on thursday but the decision to pause the use of the astra zeneca shot has shaken confidence. every adult in germany has been promised a vaccine shot before the end of september without astra zeneca that will be hard to achieve the immunization program is about to be expanded including 3 general practitioners like dr saurabh for heaney in berlin he was getting ready to give the jab to hundreds of his patients every week now he's been put on hold as. we were prepared to start vaccinating we wanted to get going early we've spoken to the medical bodies set everything up here in the practice and alerted many of the patients. and then came this big surprise. the government says if it is asking people to get the vaccine it has
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a duty to inform about potential risks but many doctors say the cautious approach will cause delays. i think they've not done the vaccination campaign any favors but safety 1st i think it was important to put patient safety at the center of things so it was the right decision but then you need to publish the information behind it immediately. the european medicines agency has to give its verdict about fears that astra zeneca causes blood clots on thursday but even if the vaccine is given the go ahead for a 2nd time confidence in it has been dented from what information that we get is that the value of astra zeneca is greater than the risks but of course having any risk is not a nice feeling for this country i don't know. actually the risk of getting other people taking this my time is worth it or not because it's people are not being very clear about this situation if i had the choice i would take by
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on tech but if i had no choice it would take astra zeneca. doctor for heaney home.


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