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tv   Quarks  Deutsche Welle  March 17, 2021 4:30pm-5:15pm CET

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you know for this shutdown we're not afraid to touch on delicate topic. because population is growing. and young people clearly have the solution the future. is going to be 70 percent now. on d.w.m. . soldiering on that's pretty much all we can do until the world's been vaccinated the pandemic continues to pound economies companies and individuals at the moment
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coronaviruses to winning the race but taking it one hurdle at a time a lot of patience and perseverance and a dash of creativity could just get you to the finish line a topic today on made confronting the crisis i've been fizzling great to have you along. it all really depends upon where you're sitting on your perspective because in the regular business world you're told success doesn't come without failure any successful entrepreneur will have gone bankrupt or flopped in their 1st attempts to get a company up and running in this special case the great lock down i hate of old folding at the same time it's unprecedented but it means that everyone's in the same boat and it will be the business people who can pick themselves back up again. does this is one of the places we used to work in before the pandemic. we used to clean my tent venue's you go up to the tower lots of conferences and concerts here
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and because of the kind of damage there's nothing going on now it hit my company hard but my didn't just clean venues but offices as well i knew of highness on arts much to be was. people started working from home offices didn't have to be cleaned from one day to the next 100 of mom. it's not like i did anything wrong. my business was going well i had a good team good staff so in the beginning there were times it felt like a bitter pill to swallow. and in the beginning i didn't feel i had the energy to do much about it and. you know. but i'm not someone to give up easily i refer to get up and fight especially as everything had been going so well. and then suddenly you're confronted with
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something like that even height. you have to seize the initiative so i decided to concentrate on industrial climbing and think the advice offered boss mom it's fun a cool job done you work in the open air in a team with one or 2 others and we could still do it without restrictions. my job because you work with the same team on a regular basis. and then you hang out with them after work as well as it's not like any other job it's a different kind of relationship where you depend on your colleagues and just leave much of your life is in their hands it's just the most important thing is to make sure nobody and none of the equipment takes a fall and act like a fool to. do a partner check your totally concentrated and the adrenaline surges it's all part
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of the job it's amazing fun it's incredibly intense that stops your headphones and if possible with just one feed. this year is all about mobile phone masts we have lots of work the mobile phone industry is going to be a major issue in the next few years what with 5 g. and all the areas in germany that still don't have fast internet i see of lot of potential here and a great future. going. does each if you put into our interests. we were in north east germany and we're building a 45 meter mast. or. my team of industrial. climbers are assembling the segments and bolting them together all. my.
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peers we're at a video shoot for the musician junkie cat and we're involved in ensuring safety we're up really high income. and he's going to position himself on the corner he's going to sit there it's a dangerous place to be so he definitely has to wear safety harness and be secured by us industrial climbers so that it all goes well. will stay here until it's around and we've all come down from the roof in one piece . and the object of my dreams is the berlin t.v. tower i think every climber would like
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a gig on the television tower it must be amazing to work at such a great height maybe one day i will. everyone can turn a disaster into something amazing but it doesn't help when you're up against the maze of bureaucracy in some countries it's next young businesswoman accuses the german government of a shoddy job handing out financial aid during the crisis she says has been wholly organized and slow to arrive i've stopped counting the number of places that are simply out of pocket and i've had to shut up their shops germany's association of young entrepreneurs is calling on the government to set out a clear exit strategy from the current restrictions on doing business. on february the 16th during germany's 2nd lockdown young entrepreneurs gathered outside the economics ministry in berlin to demonstrate not your typical protesters
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but they're worried that finance minister is putting their family business is at risk is this tent city if you're in home you know lots of family businesses are truly a breaking point and mr schultz promised swift financial aid with minimal paperwork which. has utterly failed to materialize and it is just to walk. i mean at any moment you know i encourage a lot of family businesses have used up their capital reserves and are still waiting for financial aid. down given all the uncertainty about how the government is dealing with the crisis and all the arbitrary decisions that are being made the association of young entrepreneurs decided it was time to take to the streets and demonstrate. you shot it in missing which is. during the lockdown city centers across germany have been deserted all kinds of businesses are hurting and feel that
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they have been abandoned by the government. even though the government's financial aid package in response to that had demick looks pretty huge by february it had made 85000000000 euros and winnable to companies isn't that enough yeah i'm human and human for the association of young entrepreneurs represents more than 6 and a half 1000 family businesses in a broad range of sectors a common one i'm constantly taking calls from worried business people who don't know how to keep paying their overheads that it isn't easy to close they've used up the capital reserves. and i think the financial aid just isn't arriving. a lot of businesses are about to go on that was well and it's the government's fault because it's failed to cut the red tape and swiftly. and have. in a survey conducted by the german association for small and medium sized businesses 60 percent of those asked said that they had applying for financial aid from the government but of those 7 out of 10 said the application process involves
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bureaucratic hurdles and there was a consensus that the worst is yet to come. in on the ultimate lease someone is going to have to pay the massive bill that the crisis is bringing up and that will be the next generation needed a new unit will hit our businesses and our employees that's why we need to get our priorities straight and decide how our taxes should be spent on yahoo need to invest in the future and not in the past you want and we have to invest in innovation education infrastructure that's what we need to focus on if we want to avoid saddling coming generations with a mountain of debt. crisis is about masking the weaknesses of free market ideology a key myth of capitalism is that free markets and small government a key to progress and prosperity but as we've seen businesses are collapsing in the
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pandemic and governments the taking center stage so is the political economy in need of a major overhaul it could be time to rethink economics. since the 1970 s. western economic theory has been dominated by the idea that the principle of supply and demand to regulate the market. 18th century scottish economist adam smith used the term invisible hand to describe how beneficial it konami outcomes could be generated by individuals acting out of self-interest. economic noble laureate feeling when hired postulated in 944 that any kind of state interference in a free market economy was the road to serfdom for high it is seen as the godfather of new liberalism. but how's that theory fairing in the real world of the pandemic then the economy isn't in any way self healing it's on life support funded by
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hundreds of billions of state debt there's no more talk of privatization financial survival is all that counts. supply chains have been devastated as borders were closed or travel restricted. toilet paper shortages were followed by shortages of noodles medical facemasks and protective clothing and even the production of vaccines that the world so desperately needs is only gradually being ramped up hospitals are short of intensive care beds and there are too few i.c.u. staff even in which countries and why because it was all only ever about profit efficiency and cost cutting self-regulation all self healing no longer possible because rotavirus has also exacerbated inequality worldwide within 9 months the world's 1000 richest billionaires recoup the losses they made as a result of the pandemic the world's poorest will need over a decade to return to prepare demick levels so how can economies recover from
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covert 19 there are plenty of ideas regionalization instead of globalization cooperation instead of competence. and universal basic income rather than performance related pay. can the state replace free markets well extremes are never healthy competition does well with things like shoes champagne or luxury watches but not so much when it comes to universal health care. it takes a healthy balance between state and market like the dualism of yin and yang the best medicine full sick economies. one of the best things during this crisis is having moved so much of our work lives online are having to commute every day being able to access everything at the touch of a button taking calls and joining meetings from my bicycle while doing the gardening or baking a cake i hold the task of but not everyone around the globe is connected to the net
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40 percent of the population is still offline that's a lot. waiting waiting and waiting jack mahinda my humber has a really lousy internet connection he lives in soc a in the democratic republic of the congo. sometime you can sense. it much more and go but it's going to give him a did. the documentary filmmaker doesn't have time for this his european clients need his files now but jack has to cross over into the neighboring country to send them through wonders digital infrastructure is much better it's a 4 hour journey just to upload a few photos or to cross the border to move. just to move into. the soup of the world economic forum's global risks
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report warns that countries with patchy internet access could fall behind economically the internet is a necessity to any place you know it never was and it was communities to top into whether it is education systems that they did not have access to or healthcare systems that they would otherwise have no access to. cultural markets to produce that they have no access to but the digital divide is enormous and if you're on the wrong side of it he'll be denied its opportunities the key element in the digital divide is internet access 40 percent of the world's population is still offline in some african countries it's up to 80 percent. in other places it's less about access to technology it's about knowledge of technology and there's a kind of concept especially in a lot of technological the district's the technology driven industry is
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a code and that's about understanding how technology works w a f research is reckoned that by 202550 percent of work will be done by humans and 50 percent by machines in many cases signed by scientists there's also edge to divide in the industrialized world in a lot of. the lockdowns used by the lockdowns which we've had worldwide of unleashed an immense surge of digitalisation which i believe will be a lasting one go with us. this search will continue in the post pandemic era as well and will involve a complete reshuffle distribution and reevaluation of starting work processes for tiger and annoyed with reaction from. our experts says millions of jobs could soon be history research is saying more will be created but they'll be different types of jobs altogether the problem 60 percent of the world's population work in the
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so-called informal sector with no contract or further training opportunities what kind of a future did play have in a digital world. so for example if you work and make economy you may actually not be working for a company you may be working for an application and application that distributes work that you may respond to maybe you're a taxi driver or maybe you're a food delivery service person so so those kind of situations are you being controlled by the it could be or it can work out the people are almost like slaves to the of the of if you don't get up to speed you'll be left behind because the digital divide is widening. the tourism industry is only just starting to pick up again in some parts of the world as case numbers subside and restrictions but the damage has been done spain is a popular holiday destination for europeans but places like the seaside resort of
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benidorm have been turned into ghost towns on the costa blanca tourism normally accounts for a 3rd of economic output and the busy easter season looks set to fail. benidorm on the costa blanca is the stronghold of mass tourism in spain. it used to clock up over 16000000 overnight stays put here in hotels vocation apartments and campsites on a normal summer's day around 40000 visitors would throng the beaches. but these record numbers are now a thing of the past the pandemic has hit spain's largest beach resort with full force. almost all of the nearly 200 hotels in benidorm are closed. for hotel he a fair there who stared business as almost ground to a halt. normally his hotel would have around 75 percent occupancy at this time of year. but recently there were more employees than guests in his hotel he
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can only dream of state aid like in germany. spain is devoting only 3 percent of its g.d.p. to helping businesses that significantly less than the e.u. average but that needs to change because spain can't function without its tourism industry it's the main engine of job creation employing 20 percent of all workers in the country. closed no aid many cafes on the sea front have shut down even though a foreign teams have allowed at least outdoor terraces to open. or going to see it is afraid that she too could lose her job. some 15000 jobs in the region's tourism industry are in jeopardy. tens of thousands have been on short time work for months and can barely survive on it.
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it's out of your wages in the industry a precarious all over spain meaning white stuff on around 1200 euros in. short time walk is only 70 percent of any kind so what's left over and rents here are very expensive about $500.00 to $600.00 euros a month on average. in the center of any of the of the streets of being disinfected normally this is the party mild especially popular with british tourists now there's blue instead of fiesta. most of the stores are closed not because of the lockdown but for lack of customize . tomasetti of us sells ham. he spends
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most of the day alone in his shop. he sells more much and dies online now which is the only thing keeping him afloat. which are quite a few stores bars and restaurants are closing permanently because they can't keep going many people started businesses in benidorm invested 50 or 100000 euros now they're having to give it all up because the landlords aren't willing to reduce the commercial rents. worked his way up from chef to restaurant i don't know. he's had no income for months now and he's worried that benidorm is about to see a wave of bankruptcies. the vulture funds and other affluent people will take advantage of this to buy it knock down prices what we have built with a lot of effort. made the situation is really difficult and the time will come
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when we'll be out on the street watching our life's work become smoke and mirrors. the only ray of hope for. benidorm is that there's been talk of possibly easing travel restrictions from the u.k. in mid may but it will likely take years for the resort to recover from the coronavirus crisis. and of course it's not just in spain hotel and catering industry has been hit hard all over the world here in berlin restaurants and cafes are either being forced to close or are doing takeaway only many businesses are on the verge of collapse we've met a few brace berliners who've actually opened new businesses in the middle of the crisis despite all the wrists. kirillov least the hotel during the pandemic most of have rooms are empty and so no one's checking in today told the henning has just opened a restaurant but he has no guests are sick or crisis brings opportunities and as
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a team we want to seize the moment. and we can keep this up much longer. having her own hotel was a dream come true for here in l.a. and she enjoys chatting to the few guests that come. out despite the pandemic lloyd took the plunge and invested a lot of money. but her hotel's occupancy rate is now just 12 percent. we didn't expect things to be this bad and of course we're unsure we're worried about what the future will bring. 'd life partner patrick went into the business together. is now in the middle of the crisis we will support for each other i think on our own each of us would probably have given up already. had. together they put several 100000 euros into giving the hotel interior
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a make over new store their savings some money from the family to. tonga henning was thrilled when he was able to rent the restaurant he long dreamed of in downtown. and even though he has no guests right now and only takeaway orders are allowed for him it's a huge stroke of luck. this is an opportunity if you look at the place it was just no where else like it in berlin and when you get that chance you have to grab it before you can do anything else. in the kitchen only opens at lunchtime from thursday to sunday the other days they just do what they can yeah i'm just not got to know each other in this time and you know what makes each other take we're also many familiar with the processes involved in the business and the point of sale system accounting etc it's all been
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a slow introduction. they're doing in the basement now parties. are. heading gave up a well paid job as a manager in real estate to pursue his restaurant dream. now he's living off his savings. corner of our from the facts of the corona virus into our calculations we also took it into account during contract negotiations and the owners accommodated this extremely well 300 of line demick clause in our contract. you sign a contract for 10 years of hard work you know things are hard for 23 or maybe 4 months at the beginning that's the blink of an icon had to that 10 year contract i've got to do continue on. is also optimistic for now. the blindness of crack and fire we have no regrets about taking this step by this
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crisis in particular has brought us closer as a team we've grown together and taken the hurdles together is a good start one of their regular guests popped by recently with a surprise and. we were there during a difficult time for his wants now that we're not doing so well with a covert crisis he suddenly appeared at the reception and handed us a box containing little gifts. and a donation of 2000 euros. and 5000. that was really a lot of money for him it was very generous and we were just incredibly touched i was moved to tears that someone could be so kind at a time like this and want to support us 'd. partner say they can hold out until april but after that they may well have to
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give up on their dreams. i think they would have to throw the towel that depends on their own initiative and the support they get that's all for made today.
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more than half the world will be living with limited water resources we haven't had to think about our war i think that era is over it's a financial product like any other financial. the world is changing to the most important commodity justice the be free flaming. necessity for commodity
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starts march 22nd on d. . w. . the finding against the corona virus pandemic. how has the rate of infection been developing. what measures are being taken. what does the latest research say. information and context. the coronavirus and data the coalition special monday to friday on g.w. . more than a 1000 years ago europe witnesses a huge construction boom. christianity from establishing itself. both religious and secular leaders or eager to display their power. to trace began. who can create the tallest biggest and
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most beautiful structures. stone masons builders and the book attempts to keep up with each other. this is how massive churches are created a. contest of the cathedrals flame from 12th on g.w. . last card physically be together shoulder to shoulder the we are together scream scream let me organize because i had to come to my difficult challenge to join me and millions around the world to speak out for nature and show we. can be stupid i'm speaking of the taliban because i shall find it is what fight for joy no sleep
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for the 7th of march 5030 pm for those of. speak up for explain. this is you don't use live from berlin a ticket to travel plans to roll out a vaccine certificate to ease movement in the block over the summer a backer say it is a crucial lifeline for the continent's hard hit tourism industry but critics have raised concerns about discrimination also coming up brazil's deadly day the nation sets a grim new record for daily cope with 19 deaths as the endemic tightens its grip officials say the country's health service is facing a 2 story collapse and it is really archaeologists find new fragments of the did
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see schools there calling it the most significant discovery in decades. on my heart thank you very much for your company the european union has outlined plans for a vaccine pass to realign summer travel and boost tourism on the sectors facing a possible meltdown at what should be its busiest time of the year the so-called green pass would create a digital document showing a traveler has been vaccinated and tested negative or has recovered from covert 19 the past would be shown at airports and border crossings and countries like greece and spain which depend heavily on tourism haven't to say yeah stickley welcomed the plan but it raises some thorny questions critics say the pass could bring in
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special privileges for some travelers not. terminating against people who have not been vaccinated. let's get more on this proposal marina strauss is standing by in brussels behind her is the european commission which presented its planned plans for that you have certificate good to see a marina what more have you learned what i know is this possible uighurs that if it had would compliment this just a booklet here i've broadminded which proves that i've been vaccinated against many many things but not covered 900 so far unfortunately as you can see it's pet made out of paper it's not digital and what that you commission wants to achieve with this new digital you would so to think it is to improve freedom of movement in the european union so that people can cross borders again which is the core value car european value also interesting this certificate would be free of charge member states can decide themselves which of axioms would be accepted for example they
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could also approve vaccines that have not been approved by the e.u. yet for example russia sputnik vaccine so the vaccine passed what will what will a border patrol for instance be able to tell from the past what's what's in that past. the idea is that they will tell you what if you have been vaccinated against colored 90 or if you have recovered from a covert 19 deceased or simply if you've got a negative test result and that's not to not discriminate against people with not have not had yet the chance to get the vaccine or it's as we know are many people here in europe because vixen rollout has been very slow here and the in the medium term or long term or so so to make this system interoperable so that not only states can access it but also other countries outside of the european union are it
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and next week or understand the leaders e.u. leaders are meeting in brussels where you are for an e.u. summit what are the chances they will reach an agreement on this vaccine pass you have said it already you have mentioned it the states such as great or spain and cyprus cobb waited for such an e.u. why is it if it had to be introduced they rely on travel they rely on the tourism but others say we 1st have to see if people if the vaccinated can really not spread the virus further we are not sure yet on a scientific level the commission's aim is to introduce just a typical by june so come summer comes the certificate but the problem is this is quite optimistic because not only european countries but also the european parliament would have to find a common approach would have to korea on this and they already said they will look
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into this really is specifically because they also want to take a look at how data is protected when it starts reporting from brussels thank you. a sick look now at some other developments in the pandemic poland is imposing a nationwide law down starting saturday while shopping malls and cinemas must close as infections there are surging and meanwhile the philippines has banned foreigners from entering and cut the number of nationals who can return each day australia sending extra vaccines and medical supplies to help a neighboring pup when new guinea fight a new wave of cases and all foreign workers in the south korean capital seoul must now be tested for the virus. to attention now or to brazil which has been especially hard hit by the pandemic the country's leading health agency now says the nation's health service service is facing the worst crisis in its history when
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the warning comes with brazil in the midst of a massive surge in corona virus infections the country just recorded its highest ever daily death toll and hospitals are running out of capacity. for the 1st time covert 19 led to the deaths of more than 2800000000000 in one day . mass graves like these have become a said but necessary reality in brazil where the total number of deaths ranks 2nd in the world and some paulo the governor decreed a 2 week emergency phase. of the you know this maze they don't get it until the end of this month there will be 300000 brazilian deaths 300000 brazilians will be dead by the end of this month. and the president of the republic was having fun joking walking around riding in a jet ski having barbecues at home while we suffer with no vaccine and die across
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brazil. seemed even more pain you know because you. under the emergency rules residents will have to stay at home beginning at 8 in the evening and large gatherings such as sports events have all been canceled some welcome the restrictions others wonder if they're strict enough. film this is that it might not it's necessary but we're doing our part and the others aren't right because there are parties in the neighborhoods and nobody is doing anything about it. whereas you do only thing that hurts brazilians is losing money so they would have to find whoever is not wearing a mask weber's in a crowd or whoever organizes a large group the measures will not be effective if this keeps happening with impunity. others are skeptical that the restrictions are necessary despite the skyrocketing number of cases. it's less compared and people are losing their jobs suffering it going into depression and sadness there is no need to close the stores
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the restaurants and all that to repress the people without jobs just because it's the will of a governor. who saw month day of one president very little of. brazil's health care system has been overrun with hospital beds near capacity nationwide and less than 2 percent of brazilians are fully vaccinated. let's get you caught up now with some of the other stories making news around the world. a court in japan has ruled the country's ban on same sex marriages is unconstitutional on ahmad decisions that the failure to recognize gay unions denies couples their right to equality japan is the only country in the g. 7 group of developed nations that does not allow same sex marriage. the u.s. secretary of states and secretary of defense have met their south korean counterparts in seoul is the 2nd leg of their tour of asia to shore up support for the biden
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ministrations efforts to denuclearize north korea and contain the growing power of china. and u.s. president joe biden says he agrees that his russian counterpart vladimir putin is quote a killer mr biden told a.b.c. news that mr putin would pay a price for allegedly undermining his campaign in last year's u.s. presidential election i asked whether he agreed to mr putin was a killer by replied i do. human rights groups are sounding the alarm about germany's deportation of refugees back to places they say are unsafe on like several other western nations germany regards pakistan as a safe country of origin he wus tovan met one family from the a medea religious minority they say they 1st they face persecution in pakistan oh my every time on osama does the time here in leipsic it feels like
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a small victory in pakistan the call for prayer would land him in jail ahmed and his family are members of the ahmadiyya community and islamic minority which faces persecution back home 2 years ago they fled to germany. we live in freedom since we came we've been able to wear whatever clothes we want and when we want to veil ourselves no one tries to harm us my husband goes to the mosque and prays there and we don't have to ask ourselves whether he will come home or whether someone will come to the mosque and hurt us. the family only has tolerated immigration status here which means they have few rights and it anytime can be arrested and deported back to our life in fear they have heard that a mass deportation is due to take place soon. sania it is not easy to leave your country and now that we've done this that we are here we're being told that we
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can't stay so where do we go. mahdi's believe the movement's founder was the messiah they are considered heretics in pakistan there persecution is well documented well how many leaks shows a school books which tell children to fight the infidels signs at the shop entrances that prohibit entry for mahdi's photos from attacks on a comedy mosques still unlike the u.k. in the us germany considers pakistan a safe country of origin malique says that the government has stepped up deportations. and i believe that there is a lack of knowledge or political will. but unfortunately this is to the detriment of the many persecuted people who live here and who are now being deported in large numbers or are still in custody awaiting deportation. for these people it is a matter of life and death. let's get on. with.
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those ahmad knows this well he says a mob killed his uncle when he returned to pakistan from the u.k. . achmad in costume are desperate to protect their family but they have exhausted all legal remedies for now there is little they can do just wait and hope they won't be on the next plane israeli archaeologists have discovered new fragments of the debt see squirrel's a collection of ancient jewish texts found in the west bank and the 1940 s. and fifty's experts are calling it the most important discovery of its kind and decades. of race against antiquity thieves and these archeologists see through chi eaves looking for signs of change in life. scrolls and parchment thing turning up on the black market which led the israeli antiquities authority to intensify their operations in the judean desert. this is known as the cave of
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horror named after 40 skeletons were found here 60 years ago. and there are signs robbers have already paid a visit but they didn't dig deep enough. marking ologist discovered fragments of 2000 year old biblical texts. what we've found is new fragments of a scroll that we have known before that had been discovered in 1000 fifties and early 1960 s. but what we found is new parts of the puzzle of this rather large manuscript manuscript is low a translation into greek of the. 12 minor prophets. and from the bible. the fragments are believed to have been hidden during the bar kochba revolt and armed jewish uprising against rome. they weren't the only
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discovery researchers found a 6000 year old magnified skeleton of a child coins clones and remarkably a 10000 year old basket thought to be the oldest of a found well this is by far the 1st place it's the most amazing thing guy and coward that i found a scene in my life it's kind of huge it contains between 200 leaders and it's all intact this is as far as we know the most biggest intact back of the oldest intact basta that we know of archaeologists hope the findings will lead to more understanding of the beliefs of a little understood jewish sect. and our minor now of the top story that we're tracking for you this hour the european commission has unveiled plans for a digital vaccine cast
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a prop up the continent's tourism industry summit the pendent acknowledge its proposed allowing e.u. citizens to show a digital certificate to prove that they have been vaccinated have tested negative or have recovered after contracting corona virus. is sick with us up next as business news with stephen barrett slate and i'll see you again at the top of the hour. fake hair and real story. where i come from a lot of women. have fake hair sometimes the hair.


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