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tv   Kulturzeit  Deutsche Welle  March 17, 2021 5:30pm-6:01pm CET

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the united nations development program is listening and working with communities to protect forests for the future we want if you're hearing what we're hearing find out. what secrets lie behind. discover new adventures in 360 degree. and explore fascinating world heritage sites. w world heritage 360. now. this is the good news is coming up today china in the crosshairs. of the united states slammed china for its court caution in the interest of big reach and actions reflect the strong words. muslims in sri lanka pushed back against government plans to ban face coverings and closed islamic schools.
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welcome to news asia that you could join us the united states and japan say they are committed to opposing china's cult coersion and destabilizing behavior towards countries in the in the pacific region the commitment comes after a joint meeting between u.s. secretary of state antony blinken and defense secretary lloyd austin with their japanese counterparts in tokyo lincoln and austin other 1st members of president joe biden's cabinet to travel up to asia to shore up alliances in the region at a time of growing chinese assertiveness. the decades long friendship between the u.s. and japan was rattled by donald trump's turbulent america 1st policy but now after a high level visit by america's top diplomats and its defense chief things are back on track sectarian austin and i are the 1st members for president biden's cabinet
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to make an overseas trip and for that trip we come to japan because for more than 60 years our lives has been a cornerstone of peace security and prosperity not only for our 2 countries but for the region and indeed for the world president biden's decision to send key ministers to tokyo as their 1st overseas visit means a lot for japan which sees its alliance with the u.s. is the cornerstone of its diplomatic and security policies equally given an increasingly assertive china the u.s. faces growing tensions in asia and it needs like minded allies the talks produced some pointedly sharp rhetoric aimed at beijing were united in the vision of a free and open into a pacific region where countries follow the rules cooperate whenever they can and resolve their differences peacefully and in particular we will push back of
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necessary when china uses coercion or aggression to get its way the discussions cut the diplomatic efforts to resume talks with north korea about its development of nuclear weapons. china's crackdown on democracy and human rights in hong kong. and china's treatment of the muslim we go minority rights groups believe at least 1000000 weak as have been incarcerated in camps in the vast northwestern changing region. and then there's china's territorial claims in the east china sea japan opposes china's claim to the japanese controlled send cockle islands they called the i.u. in china in the east china sea and china's increased activity in the disputed area . finally blinken also reaffirmed the importance of the 3 way partnership between the u.s.
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japan and south korea which is where he headed to after leaving tokyo. for more i'm joined by jeff thanks them here director of asian studies at temple university in tokyo professor kingston what was looking fall from this visit and didn't get it. well absolutely you know they are very pleased that the biden ministration made tokyo their 1st stop overseas the symbolism cannot be overstated i mean it's so important or japan to strengthen this alliance to show china to north korea that the allies are standing shoulder to shoulder so bleak in austin visit here very welcome and i think that they like the tone now there are a prius strong statements made against china in relation to its core washroom and
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destabilizing behavior in the region but japan is also trying to as a 3rd largest trading partner with japan balance these trade ties with its security concerns. well that is very good question clearly japan is very worried about china's regional hedger monic ambitions on the other hand it is doing very well by the rise of china so during the private trump administration the big concern here was the collateral damage caused by trump's trade war and so biden their hope he will maintain some sort of more stable diplomacy and enable japan to sort of have it both ways they want to maintain a very hot economic relationship but they also think that there are good reasons why they have
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a chilly political diplomatic relationship japan totally agrees with secretary states blink in accusations that japan china has been very aggressive and assertive overseas and japan is happy to hear that strong rhetoric it's not as comfortable with the rhetoric on human rights blake in mention that china is very repressive. mentioned the recent developments in hong kong democracy without democrat repression of the leaders and to bet on those issues japan tends to maintain a very low profile and it's not in favor of st john's for example on myanmar south korea has yet taken a much stronger stance in line with washington's strong pressure against that and the bloody crackdown in myanmar japan pretty much opposes that. stress on the
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free and the pacific in their joint statement off of the meetings. or greater cooperation between the u.s. and japanese navy is to keep syrians open. well i mean they are allies longstanding allies so the establishment of the quad which is the security element of the free and open indo-pacific. basically hasn't necessarily changed that much in terms of bilateral mabel cooperation what does do is bring in australia and india but india you know really is not inclined to project its naval power beyond the indian ocean so much that's much of a game changer so the idea here is the quad in the free and open in the pacific is about containing china and countering its rise and beijing i think
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up until now remains undeterred and not particularly impressed by the korean nuclear issue offer came up for discussion during the talks from us talked about a trilateral approach involving south korea how will this move forward given the significant differences between japan and south korea. yes by letter relations between tokyo and seoul are the worst i've ever seen. and so the united states before it came over here who issued a documents saying that the south korean japanese relationship is the most important but is also the most troubled and so washington wants the 2 allies to get over their shared past stop fighting over their history and concentrate on the looming problems of north korea and china and so in the visit to south korea what's going to happen or what can blink in do i don't think really there are any
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encouraging signs of an easy bilateral relations and that means it can be very difficult to leverage the triad lateral alliance the way that washington prefers. reliever there for the timing but thank you so much for joining us jeff kingston and korea continues to remain in focus when secretaries blinken and austin in south korea today to meet their opposite numbers of course bitter portering on those meetings which continue until tomorrow but these trips to japan and south korea are meant to get a coalition of like minded nations on board ahead of the biden administration's 1st high level meeting with chinese officials in alaska on thursday china's treatment of its muslim weaker population its actions in the south china sea and its crackdown in hong kong are expected to be discussed in fact the united states has now signed an additional 24 officials in mainland china and hong kong or of a variable in beijing is cracked in the city and if there was any doubt as to how
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the u.s. views china's activities in the region the following statement by a senior pentagon official makes it quite. china is the greatest long terms to treat strategic threat to the security in the 21st century the chinese communist party insidious and corrosive and corrupt influences that were globally and in this region some examples include their pursuit of multiple port deals loans for political leverage backs in diplomacy that undermine sovereignty state surveillance i-t. and the exploitation of resources such as illegal and regulated unreported fishing . focus on china will remain through this week as the u.s. seeks to energise in the pacific alliances ahead of a meeting with chinese officials in alaska. advocates for muslim community have condemned the government plans to ban religious
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face coverings and close islamic schools in the country a cabinet minister announced the plans last weekend saying the move was needed for national security government has taken a tough security line after suicide bomb attacks in april 29000 that killed hundreds of people. muslim face coverings already not allowed in some shops in sri lanka a relatively rare sight in public but a government minister in the majority buddhist country has announced plans to ban them altogether. yesterday i signed a cabinet paper to ban the burka it affects our national security directly. and the old days muslim women and girls never wore the burka it is a sign of religious extremism that came about recently we are definitely going to ban it. and he said sri lankan muslims who make up about 9 percent of the population feel the ban as an attack on their community. i myself
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and often advocate for this case i read it myself but i do at the cape like obviously. the she mostly modern life to be able to be a what she wants the government trying to enforce a dress code on the meaning if any plea. in this on the rights of women they are watching laws being the short dress that she wants to or even if she wants to cover her face the sri lankan government has a strained relationship with its muslim citizens in a practice that only ended last month hundreds of muslims who died of cope at 19 were forcibly cremated despite their family's pleas to give them a proper burial. this. continuation of the government's opposition they use the muslims. they forcibly could need to do with 3 under them
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50 muslims know they have come up with this burn on face cover the proposal is still pending cabinet approval no timeline for the decision has been given to the public. that's it for today be sure to check out the other stories on our web site good upper dot com forward slash their show on facebook and twitter are back tomorrow with 2 of them apart. every day is for us and for our planet. global ideas is on its way to bring you more conservation. how do we make cities scream or how can we protect animals and their habitats to deal with
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all our waste. we can make a difference by choosing reforestation over the forest should be cycling for disposable smart new solutions suitable for staying said in our ways earth is truly unique and we know that uniqueness is what allows us to live and survive global ideas the environmental issues to global 3000 on g.w. and on more. coming up on arts and culture the cold war is back in a new spy fell starring benedict cumberbatch and later on the show. shots and fancy footwork the irish dancers taking over tick-tock. well also go to the new banksy exhibition at banksy doesn't want you to go to.
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welcome to arts and culture and it's a true story you may never have heard out in 1962 businessman gravel when delivered secret information that would force moscow to remove its missiles from cuba avoiding what many feared would become nuclear war when story is now a movie the courier by director dominic cooke. sometimes like last telly monday night chat. yes he's just. an ordinary businessman caught up in the drama of the cold war benedict cumberbatch plays the somewhat reluctant spy and gravel when just be in korea just to prepare for russian chic. but being just a curiae is dangerous enough and needless to say it does eventually go wrong and the movie is based on a real life story as cumberbatch explains gravel when there was
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a businessman couric on a mission particular market in eastern europe spreading from east jerusalem to hungary and then. you know version that's one of my 6 trapping which means something like approach to work for them and. they want to go to russia. you want to go to moscow and. do business. the marvelous mrs may's all star great show brosnahan is enjoyable as a cia agent. jesse buckley plays when his wife who suspects an affair when her husband starts behaving suspiciously. and. the military intelligence officer who dares to leak soviet nuclear secrets.
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to people. but this is how things change. it over your reporter adrian candidate is here with more on this movie the courier adrian big movie big stars and it's not just online that's right just in time for this just in time for this movie cinemas in los angeles have really opened this weekend and just in case you've forgotten this is what a cinema ticket looks like coming up there it is this is posted on facebook by the movie soundtrack composer abel cause in the your ski and he was very excited to get a ticket social distancing moves their requests all around in directions. of hope for the movie industry how are the reviews so far on this movie the movies have been mixed basically there are 2 kinds of spine movies as james bond license to kill has many can't help do just that or there's the ordinary joe citizen
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spy whose main job is to not get noticed now come about just trying to kind of spy in this movie so some of us have found it a little bit. but mainly favorable refuse and it is a very. real life true story true story so how free 4 is a true story ok pretty faithful can take a look at the real gravel when there he is and some spoilers here of course. here he is with soviet spy or lake ping culture ski he's a little right. specially for the soviet spy when was eventually released a spy exchange nice useful. the story exciting stuff great to hear that it can be seen in real cinemas not just online
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it's exciting news and. kennedy thanks so much thank you more culture news now the world's top award for architecture to pritzker prize has gone to french architects. and. the duo don't design any flashy skyscrapers instead they transform structures that already exists including housing projects and museums they say they've never torn down a building and they don't even believe in ripping out a row of flowers. a mural by the elusive artist banksy has been vandalised the stencil painting of and escaping prisoner on england's historic reading jail had featured the image of a typewriter overnight that part of the mural was covered with red paint and the words team now the street artist robert was a long time rival of bank fees until his death in 2014 and yet the battle
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continues well the anonymous street artist banksy has some other enemies too or are they just fans a group of italian curators have been showing bank scenes work internationally with a popular traveling exhibition one the artist wants nothing to do with so is it commercial exploitation or a celebration of an artist whose own work is often technically illegal. rats are his trademark motif an animal similar to banksy in many ways. they're playful. know how to stay hidden. they're active under cover of darkness and are apparently pretty laid back. rats poor reputation apparently inspired banksy in naming his company pest control it takes care of authenticating be anonymous artists works the curators of this exhibition
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and basel say they are showing original works with a certificate of authenticity from pest control go when it comes to banksy what does original even mean. that's the question we put to art historian say in private interviews that in earlier interviews he said that his street art pieces are the original it works and what is sold as a print is effectively a souvenir dive it's not the eiffel tower itself but a postcard of the eiffel tower the actual artwork is what's out on the street. the banksy exhibitions held around the world to take place without any involvement from the artist pest control makes it very clear that they are unauthorized with the street art so like street art thanks art should also cost nothing to see when it's displayed indoors on his website banksy has started a kind of product recall for these unauthorized exhibitions and called them fake shows which are mounted without his consent of genuine banksy exhibitions over the
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past 20 years have usually not charged admission at all kinds of costs that admission to the basel show costs more than $20.00 euros the curators say that's merely to cover costs and that the exhibition is not a profit making venture. but there is a lot of money to be made by selling banks he's motifs the artist has already been successful in taking legal steps against merchandising featuring his work but not always. the flower thrower and iconic image he stencilled in the west bank was reproduced by a greeting card company prompting banksy to trademark the image but he lost that legal battle because trademark protection would require him to be identifiable as the owner of the image and no longer anonymous and banksy certainly doesn't want that. anonymity means he can continue to carry out clint destine actions like when he stencilled coronavirus rats in the carriage of
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a london subway train. the message of the action was if you don't mask you don't get. to the coronavirus means no st patrick's day parades this year instead drones lit up the night sky and dublin to celebrate the feast of ireland's patron saint st patrick's day it is a time of irish cultural celebrations in ireland and around the globe and these days one ensemble of irish dancers in particular is getting a lot of international attention they were virtually unknown and so a few months ago but now they've got about $2000000.00 followers on tech talk they call themselves cordial the irish word for friends. of skilled irish dance with a modern twist and breathtaking location that's the recipe for the success of the
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irish dance company. but there was enough that i. hire stance as part of the national culture purge of choreographed to trending pop songs instead of celtic to us and we're about. outfits instead of tailored uniforms their modern performances are a unique blend of genres. what we're trying to do is fuse jazz dancing kept on thing even hip hop with our own irish dancing to try and elevate and modern life irish dancing and really taken to a whole new level. it may look straightforward and simple to put it in up but it's the result of years of hard training all 7 started dancing at a very young age some have known each other for years from the country's dance competitions they learned the variations and techniques of irish stands almost from day one. they got the group together in 2020 but then the pandemic
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hit and i couldn't perform live so they began producing videos and posting them on the tick tock social media site. yeah we do try to make our videos look as spontaneous and it was possible but really years of work is going to what we do takes up to 15 years. i guess the sooner that we write history it's the other. can often take 2 or 3 days to choreograph just a very short video. the dance company had their breakthrough and aug 2020 with this to talk video it got almost 90000000 views and made a social media sensation overnight. now the company is based in a sleepy little town near galway among their fans are international stars like the colombian singer shapira to make it talent to dancers fairly 20 years old haven't choir's from all corners of the world they have a manager now but for the time being georgia is still unable to accept any
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invitations to perform because of the corona pandemic we have such big dreams for the future we just want to true are the words doing something that we absolutely love doing you know we're making viral videos. out there and if we can show the audience and get their response just from them it would be absolutely amazing. traditional dance with a contemporary look. at the new generation of irish dance. cordial aren't the only ones reshaping irish dance american dancer and take tucker morgan balik says that growing up she doesn't have any irish dancing role models who looks like her she hopes that now she can be that person for others thanks for
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watching arts and culture. thank you.
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it's as if they don't need to keep looking at the evil in the books oh for over gretchen on the force i'm feeling the assault of the most immediate economic well that is the bottom of the valley either the last dragons in this world has called a halt. to the river. in many countries education is still a privilege poverty is one of the main causes some young children working mine shafts instead of going to class induced can attend classes only after they finished looking. at millions of children all over the world who have to go to school. and we ask why. because education makes the world more just. make up
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your own mind. d.w. make for minds. when we. take steps to restore a forest we play a vote in something much because. we're making a better world for our health and for the health for future generations. by replanting and managing forests to stay in we create new spaces where plants and animals comprise become an economic activity that brings work at includes lives we make a real impact on climate change we improve the quality of the air we breathe the food we eat absolutely how we tried to create something environment for our children to grow it's never too late to take action let's we're strong forests and create a better child. in
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. the back. the be. this is you know we're near is light for a girl in a ticket to travel the e.u. plans to roll out a vaccine certificate to ease movement in the flock and save the summer backers say it is a clue shall lifelines for the continent's hard hit tourism industry her critics have raced for insurgents about discrimination also coming up living under the threat of deportation how germany's immigration also means some families are being
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sent back to countries where they say they face persecution and.


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