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tv   Menschenhandel  Deutsche Welle  March 18, 2021 3:00am-3:46am CET

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you know for the. captain. and young people have the same mission this. is 77 percent and now it really came on. this is news and these are our top stories. president john michael fully has died from a heart condition aged 61 he had not appeared in public for 2 weeks leading to speculation he had contracted covert 19 had denied that coronavirus was a problem and told tanzanians not to wear masks.
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in the netherlands prime minister mark rutte as almost certain to win a 4th term in office exit polls put his center right freedom and democracy party ahead with just under a quarter of the vote he'll need to form a coalition with at least 2 other parties. the european union has plans for a vaccine passed to allow people to travel during the pandemic the green certificate would show proof of vaccination or recovery from covert 19 the digital document would be shown at airports and border crossings most member states are still in forcing strict controls. this is news from berlin you can find much more news analysis by heading to our website. dot com.
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the. spring is just beginning but already europeans are thinking of summer and summer holidays the european union today announced plans for a coronavirus passport a ticket to travel despite the pandemic and how is that supposed to fly most people have not been vaccinated and months of poor planning supply shortages and one too many vaccine scares have left the europeans running short on time and even shorter on confidence that the vaccines will help more than they will hurt gulf in berlin this is the day. it is getting worse we see the crest of a 3rd wave forming in member states a move to the about to be astra zeneca vaccine suspension doesn't mean mistrust on
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the contrary has been sent to those who talk decision could actually increase trust increase trust that the facts since we are using are good. and we know that we need to accelerate the vaccination rates so anybody who is offered vaccine should take whatever is being offered by the program it will certainly be altered astra zeneca but i would be happy. also coming up a new u.s. intelligence report says russia trying to sway the outcome of the 2020 alexion in favor of donald trump it didn't work for the new u.s. president there is unfinished business now between him and the man in the kremlin you know vladimir putin you think he's a killer. and do so what price must he pay the price is going to pay well you'll see shortly. to our viewers on p.b.s.
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in the united states and to all of you around the world welcome we begin the day still wait. to be vaccinated most europeans were expecting to be vaccinated with the astra zeneca coronavirus shot that is until half of all e.u. countries suspended use of the vaccine on fears of blood clots tomorrow the european medicines agency will meet and is expected to again say there is no risk of blood clots and that the vaccine remains safe precious time to inoculate the public has been lost and governments in germany france and italy have provided no evidence supporting their decision to halt the vaccine the european commission president today provided little clarity either when she once again pointed the finger at astra zeneca for not delivering the vaccine doses on time even if vaccinations across the e.u. resumed this week on friday the damage has already been done more people are now hesitating saying they have less trust in any of the vaccines europe is now in the
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3rd wave of the pandemic the chances tonight better than ever for a 4th wave. vaccinations with astra zeneca were starved in mid operation in germany on monday some facilities had to close even earlier like this one in the state of thuringia unfortunately we've had to cancel all of our appointments at the vaccination center in ghana and we can't get any more out earlier this year just resenting the vaccine had been praised for its cost effectiveness and its easy to store features many hoped a new drug would give much needed impetus to the global vaccine program the 1st shot outside trials was given in the u.k. and the beginning of generally 2021 but the much anticipated british swedish vaccine started to lose support early on in mid january came the announcement of supply shortages and production problems that affect the re in belgium that would
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delay deliveries to european union countries there were also concerns over the vaccines a fact of nurse 76 percent compared to the 90 plus percent sufficiency of the modern and biotech pfizer fixie shortly after the european medicines agency approved astra zeneca on the 29th of january germany together with several other european union countries advised against use of the vaccine for people over 65 those restrictions were later relaxed now more than a dozen countries have suspended or pause the use of the vaccine over fears that the drug can cause blood clots. towing in stuff to keep up confidence in this vaccine we now have to give our experts in germany and the european union time to review these recent cases they must also clarify the question of whether the benefits of vaccination continue to outweigh possible risks says at some of.
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the european union's drug regulator will release its findings on thursday its results will have implications for the entire edu flexi nation strategy. well my 1st guest tonight has been on the frontline of reporting on this pandemic the public health policies and the research behind the vaccines i'm happy to welcome back to the program science journalist cooper schmitz kite's good to see you again the picture that people have on the outside looking at this situation is that people are not getting shots and they don't know when they will get their shots the european union can't seem to fix that but it can issue passports for summer travel does that seem odd to you well i think it's difficult to look at all of these things together right what i find surprising is that some countries have to fight it to relax restrictions in a situation where we have rising cases and we're not really managing to vaccinate
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enough people i think the question of what happens during the summer and you know what happens in the summer holidays is a different one and i think thinking about how to deal with vaccinated people for the future is something that should be done i don't think that that immediately kind of. tells me that there's something going on or let me ask you then what do you expect the european medicines agency to announce after its meeting tomorrow. well i mean i can tell you of course what they will do i can tell you what i what i hope they will do which is that they will give a you know a clear decision and that they will very clearly lay out the evidence on which that that fission is based. and i mean i can't know what exactly the decision will be because i haven't seen the evidence that they have but the communication has been so crucial in all of this and i think it's been handled pretty badly in film cases and so i think what we really need on thursday you know whether whether it is a warning whether it is you know just getting back to vaccinating people maybe with
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some additional information about possible side effects anyway it will only work if the communication is very clear and if the evidence that they don't i think yeah you bring up a good point there the european medicines agency the world health organization and even astra zeneca itself they've all said that the astra zeneca vaccine is safe and that it's not linked to blood clots do we know why then the public health authorities in these 12 or 13 e.u. countries including germany why they decided to suspend use of the vaccine. i think we are gaining a much clearer picture of why that happened and i mean we should have had a much clearer picture from the beginning again that goes back to communication but we're not simply talking about blood flow we're talking about a very specific type of luck cloth which is called a cerebral venous thrombosis it's a fairly rare type of from both those that happens in the in the vein that drains
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the brain that drains the blood from the brain basically and that can often be fatal and it's fairly rare and what happened in germany i can i can speak to germany i talked yesterday to the head of the german regulatory agency the the pi and what happened here was that we had on friday i have cases had been reported to 2 that agency of the cerebral venous thrombosis which already seemed quite a lot but didn't yet trigger quite the alarm and then on monday they had a report of another 2 such cases by people who had been vaccinated which brought the number to 7 and then what they do is something called an observer is expected analysis which means they look at normally in a certain amount of people in a certain amount of time how many of these particular forum posts would you expect and they came up with a number one so you know in 1600000 people which is how many people were vaccinated with astra zeneca in the space of 14 days you would expect one person normally to
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have such a proposal and now they've got 7 which is why they then brought in outside experts and asked whether that was a pattern here whether a link to the vaccine was at all plausible and the experts i am told were unanimous in their in their view that there seemed to be some kind of pattern here that should be looked at and that led to the recommendation to suspend vaccinations for the moment i have to say personally you know you can make that decision either way i think you know even if you see a safety signal you can still decide that we are in the middle of a pandemic and you will keep vaccinating while you look into it exactly it is a hard decision. yeah i mean also what's interesting is on monday when we had these announcements coming from germany for example you know immediately after the announcements came we heard from astra zeneca but also from the w.h.o. saying that the vaccine is safe so what was going on there i mean are they working with 2 different sets of data or are they just not communicating with each other i
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think i think you have to be very careful there in that of course this information takes the certain time to be aggregated into travel so you would expect the national of parties to be the 1st to kind of like have some kind of idea of how many cases and what exactly they're seeing in their country. owes you know committee on the safety of vaccines got to get that yesterday looked at the data they haven't actually come up with their announcement yet so the position of the w.h.o. for the moment is the position from data from from older data in a sense so you know i'm not saying that that will change but you have to accept that as the data kind of trickles upwards almost some people might come to different conclusions if indeed they evaluate the data the same way cut kind of just isn't it it just it appears irresponsible though if an organization let's say the w.h.o. in this case if they're working with odor data to come out immediately and
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basically contradict what public health authorities in germany for example have decided that seems incredibly irresponsible. well i mean everybody has been very clear that they are working with the data that they have and i mean the you may as well can only say based on the date of the we have we think this vaccine is safe. and vista ignobly now need to evaluate that they they are getting data from you know more than a dozen different countries and they have to put all of that together and then look at it i think the most likely scenario is still that we're going to get back to vaccinating with respect. possibly with some kind of safety signal just stop to look out for in very rare occasion the side effects i mean you have to realize that the risk of the virus is so big that even if there is you know significant side effect it might still be worth that but the question here is just in when you see a safety signal do you you know do you stop for the moment or not and i can see i
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would have decided to just let it go for the moment but i can see why people felt you know they had an obligation at this point to say ok let's wait a few days and evaluate yeah it's a it's a tough situation to be and either way you go coopersmith science journalist here in berlin kinds always good talking with you with sharing your insights with us thank you thank you. he was president joe biden says russia will soon pay a price biden strong words follow a u.s. intelligence report on foreign interference in last november's elections the report says russian president vladimir putin approved a campaign of misinformation aimed at sowing discord among the voters moscow has denied any involvement just as it has also denied meddling in the 2016 vote which saw a victory for donald trump on a.b.c.'s good morning america the host asked president
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biden if he thinks his russian counterpart is a killer take a listen. you know vladimir putin you think he's a killer. or do so what price must he pay the price she's going to pay well you'll see shortly. you'll see shortly ok we've got team coverage here with our correspondent in really sure when he's in moscow all over selling on the other side of the atlantic in washington to both of you good evening emily let me start with you and says he considers putin to be a killer strong words there in the reaction from the kremlin well as you might imagine that hasn't gone down too well here in moscow the russian foreign ministry has now recall the ambassador to the u.s. the russian ambassador to the u.s. for consultations about the future of the u.s. russian relations and we saw a rather sober statement from the the spokesperson of the foreign ministry who usually has a bent towards kind of dramatic statements she said that the reason why
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u.s. relations are in such a bad way is that the u.s. has boxed them into a dead end and she also warned about the fact that worsening relations could be a risk perhaps a hint at the fact that both countries are nuclear power so kind of a sober but also a bit of a threatening statement there you have to imagine that this is a personal insult against putin in a country where putin is kind of letting their position is kind of considered untouchable on the political landscape even his critics usually just level accusations at the kremlin or at the government but not at pushing himself really when joe biden says that is a killer what exactly is the u.s. president referring to. well during the near putin's time in power there has been
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a fairly long list of deaths or assassination attempts of kremlin critics that of course his critics blamed on vladimir putin himself or at least on the system that he created just a few examples are for example the murder of opposition journalist on the put it cost in 2006 the murder of opposition politician buddies himself in 2015 and the failed assassination attempts of russian spy. in the u.k. and last year of opposition politician aleksey now finding that out those are all attempted murders or murders that were blame squarely on the kremlin the kremlin has always denied that and investigations have always have never found a direct link of course to vladimir putin himself but biden could be talking about those over due in washington to this poor just published blames moscow for meddling in us to what extent did russia trying to sway the vote.
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well certainly not a very flattering report brendan alleges that vladimir putin the russian president directed at ford's to help donald trump win the 2020 election particularly the report tackles cold war operations to influence people that were close to donald trump so some analysts believe that one of the persons they targeted there could have been a rudy giuliani doll charms personal lawyer out the timing was not mentioned but if you remember giuliani during the election campaign pushed those baseless claims off corruption of all joe biden and his son hunter biden involving the ukraine and that narrative also was pushed by russian intelligence that if that sounds familiar to you then yes of course it does because just as a reminder of the same happened or a similar happened in 2016 special counsel robert mahler then concluded that putin was behind a very similar effort so very much looks like history repeating itself yeah
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a lot of repeating going on here going to leave you know we expected the kremlin to reject accusations of election interference this time just like you did after the 2016 election and has there been more of a reaction that they have repeated their rejections of election match laying both 420162020 the kremlin spokesperson called this new report wrong baseless and unsubstantiated today and kind of pointed again to the fact that the west is constantly hitting russia with sanctions there is very much a narrative here that that is part of a rus the phobic campaign on the part of the west and president biden he's threatening russia with consequences and how serious these consequences be considering that he also says he wants to continue working with run sure were necessary i think he said you know we can walk and chew gum at the same time.
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well certainly a typical biden approach number one of course he stands for the return of diplomacy that's something that he has reiterated many times since he took office at the same time he promised a tougher stance on russia in part because of course he wants to distance himself from donald trump who benefited a lot from russian support throughout his presidency and now you see the 1st steps if you will off a tougher stance against just expanded export restrictions on russia that are from last month as a result of the poisoning all fell opposition leader election of on the they are reportedly the u.s. is just preparing some new sanctions that could be put in place as soon as next week so a very different stance a very different rochelle policy under joe biden donald trump refused to talk negatively of old russian public and now you have biden calling putin a killer so on of course he is it looks at least like he is very serious there is
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zones there where we know that this white house is certainly not the trump white house it's not the obama white house there's no reset being sought after here by president biden is moscow hunkering down for tough times to come. well i think actually moscow kind of had dashed hopes when it comes to the donald trump administration surprisingly enough they expected more from trump and as a result they didn't have high hopes at all for the biden and administration and in a way today's statement kind of confirms that but i did do think that they did hope that the u.s. and russia could have a kind of barebones working relationship on certain issues for example on arms control on the iran nuclear deal which both want to work on and i think
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this statement today kind of does come as somewhat of a blow and not sense this personal insult certainly isn't a good start for those relations which are already at a pretty low point yeah i think there will be more reasons for us 3 so you get together and talk again in the future and really sure when you must go over sell it in washington to both of you thank you. there are many words to describe them and what they do the men and women in the gig economy the people burning the candle at both ends in the hustle economy they all describe people who work but these people have never been cold workers until now starting today the 70000 drivers for the ride healing company in britain must be treated as workers instead of contractors now that means. a minimum wage and paid holidays it is a major new turn for her made possible only by
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a ruling in the british supreme court. it was the day this model came to a sudden stop driver celebrating victory over the right hailing platform at the u.k.'s top court last month after judges ruled that bar must provide workers' rights to thousands of drivers. i'm just so delighted thrilled and relieved that this day has arrived and we've got the right judgment. no one has implemented that ruling offering to pay minimum wage holiday pay and pension contributions today is an important day for all drivers in the u.k. and the reason for that is because from today any driver who on the platform and that's over $70000.00 drivers in total will be able to be paid for holiday
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time they'll be enrolled in a pension and they'll be able to earn at least a national living wage as a floor and not a ceiling. critics however see the benefits are based on time driver spend paired with a customer not time spent waiting for work despite this from the court the judge would also owns the funding of employment but for the purposes the legislation the claimants working turn was not limited. to periods when they were actually driving passengers but estimates it also included any period when the driver was logged into the in the room of the church or. analysts say the ruling could have huge ramifications for the exploding gag economy not just drivers but cyclists too not just the u.k. but farther afield as governments wrestle with the distinction between workers and contractors. for now though it could be taking
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a trip back to court soon over claims its new changes still don't comply with employment law. a damning report in the u.k. has blamed the english football association for failing to protect hundreds of young players from sexual abuse by pedophile coaches the report says there were significant institutional failings by the governing body once it became aware of decades of abuse dating back to the 1970 s. among those listed as failing in their duties top tier clubs such as chelsea and manchester city. it was a former youth player at the football club crewe alexandra who put the spotlight on the sexual abuse of young players police reopened investigations and charges were filed but this was years decades after the fact. that a player was andy woodward who in 2016 inspired dozens and dozens of others to
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finally speak out as well that was the year attorney clive sheldon was commissioned to independently report on the f.a. the football association it was an institutional failing by the f.a. they acted far too slowly in developing that child protection of rangelands once they were aware of child protection being a problem within the school and they should have done more to keep children safe this man barry but now was among the predators he coached young people for clubs like crewe alexandra stoke and manchester city from the 1980 s. he's in prison now but wasn't banned from football after his 1st conviction and release from prison it took until former players like andy woodward spoke out against him the football association and clubs from the lowest tier to the top have since then worked to make amends and protect the youth. we have to hold hands up and apologize for the mistakes of the poss make sure we don't repeat them but
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that's not to say that. it is some abuse victims say the report on the football association could have been stronger in tone but the f.a. will be watched at every step by those who suffered over the years. well i hope you are wearing green today it is st patrick's day the cheer of this day muted this year in ireland centerpiece of the festivities despite the pandemic has been a big tackler draw on display in the skies over the capital a swarm of 500 unmanned aircraft traced some of its history and pageantry traditional green of course naturally the brightest color in the show the walk down the course continues just as it did one year ago today. the day's almost done the cover say she continues online we will see you tomorrow.
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to own. or not to open the polls. because what about assuring the economy instead. of. a change in thinking is changing the economy to create something the.
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economics magazine made in germany. next d.w.i. . into the conflict zone the flow of oil through lehman public kentucky in the us normal job loss the loss from those election flight business week or so to get close to call the republican who make up from shown below is a why do so many foresee team to a body losing a lot i know what kind of party is the g.o.p. becoming. conflicts on. the floor in 60 minutes on d w 5. i think it's everything challenging for someone to be a muslim. school much different culture between here and there similar challenge in
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court if. an islamist or something it was worth it for me to come to germany. my grandmother was used to work as a swimming instructor. for an hour to children not to dance to smugglers to just. let your story take part charity on info migrants. soldiering on that's pretty much all we can do until the world's being vaccinated the pandemic continues to pound economies companies and individuals at the moment
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the coronavirus is still winning the race but taking it one hurdle at a time a lot of patience and perseverance and a dash of creativity could just get you to the finish line a topic today on mate confronting the crisis i've been physical and great to have you along with it all really depends upon where you're sitting on your perspective because in the regular business world you're told success doesn't come without failure any successful entrepreneur will have gone bankrupt or flopped in their 1st attempts to get a company up and running in this special case the great lockdown i hate of thugs or old folding at the same time it's unprecedented but it means everyone's in the same boat and it will be the business people who can pick themselves back up again frauds. this is one of the places we used to work in before the pandemic. we used to clean one thing use cups for the tar
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lots of conferences and concerts here and because of the pandemic there's nothing going on now it hit my company hard part i didn't just clean venues but offices as well even when you make a fine and so are not so much to be was. people started working from home offices didn't have to be cleaned from one day to the next 100 of more. it's not like i did anything wrong. my business was going well i had a good team good staff so in the beginning there were times it felt like a bitter pill to swallow. and in the beginning i didn't feel i had the energy to do much about it and. but i'm not someone to give up easily i'm for to get up and fight especially as everything had been going so well. and then suddenly you're confronted with
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something like that even height. you have to seize the initiative so i decided to concentrate on and just real climbing and cynthia by his arch boss mark it's fun a cool job to know you work in the open air in a team with one or 2 others and we could still do it without restrictions. manav if you work with the same team on a regular basis. then you hang out with them after work as well it's not like any other job it's a different kind of relationship where you depend on your colleagues and just leave him out of your life is in their hands it's the most important thing is to make sure nobody and none of the equipment takes a fall and act like afterwards. you do a partner check you're totally concentrated and the adrenaline surges it's all part
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of the job it's amazing fun it's incredibly intense it stops your headphones and it's just possible from just one feed. this year is all about mobile phone masts we have lots of work the mobile phone industry is going to be a major issue in the next few years what with 5 g. and all the areas in germany that still don't have fast internet i see a lot of potential here and a great future. going to. dollars each if we can sell into. this in palm. we are in north east germany and we are building a 45 meter mast. or. my team of industrial climbers are. ments and bolting them together.
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here's a weird kind of video shoot for the musician junky cat and we're involved in ensuring safety we're up really high income. and he's going to position himself on the corner he's going to sit there it's a dangerous place to be so he definitely has to wear safety harness and be secured by us industrial climbers so that it all goes well. we'll stay here until it's around and we've all come down from the roof in one piece. the object of my dreams is the berlin t.v. tower i think every climber would like
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a gig on the television tower it must be amazing to work at such a great height maybe one day i will. well not everyone can turn it into something amazing but it doesn't help when you're up against the maze of bureaucracy in some countries it's nextel business woman accuses the german government of a shoddy job handing out financial aid during a crisis she says has been wholly organized and slow to arrive i've stopped counting the number of places that are simply out of pocket and i've had to shut up the shops germany's association of young entrepreneurs is calling on the government to set out a clear exit strategy for the current restrictions on doing business. on february the 16th during germany's 2nd lockdown young entrepreneurs gathered outside the economics ministry in berlin to demonstrate not your typical protesters
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but they're worried that finance minister is putting their family business is at risk is this ted said to be a few times in a lot of family businesses a truly a breaking point and mr schultz promised swift financial aid with minimal paperwork which. has utterly failed to materialize as well just walk. i mean a new mom you know income because a lot of family businesses have used up their capital reserves and are still waiting for financial aid and being down given all the uncertainty about how the government is dealing with the crisis and all the arbitrary decisions that are being made the association of young entrepreneurs decided it was time to take to the streets and demonstrate. you shot it in missing which is. during the lockdown city centers across germany have been deserted all kinds of businesses are hurting and feel that they have been abandoned by the government. even though the
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government's financial aid package in response to the pandemic looks pretty huge by february it had made 85000000000 euros available to companies isn't that enough. in human and human for the association of young entrepreneurs represents more than 6 and a half 1000 family businesses and a broad range of sectors comment i'm constantly taking calls from worried business people who don't know how to keep paying their overheads that it isn't easy to close they do stop the capital reserves. i think the financial aid just isn't arriving. a lot of businesses are about to go on. and it's the government's fault because it's failed to cut the red tape and swiftly. and had. in a serving conducted by the german association for small and medium sized businesses 60 percent of those asked said that they had applied for financial aid from the
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government but of those 7 out of 10 said the application process involved bureaucratic hurdles and there was a consensus that the worst is yet to come. in normal to me at least someone is going to have to pay the massive bill that the crisis is bringing up and that will be us the next generation needed the new unit will hit our businesses and our employees that's why we need to get our priorities straight and decide how our taxes should be spent. we need to invest in the future and not in the past you want and we have to invest in innovation education infrastructure that's what we need to focus on if we want to avoid saddling coming generations with a mountain of debt. crisis is about masking the weaknesses of free market ideology a key myth of capitalism is that free markets and small government a key to progress and prosperity but as we've seen businesses are collapsing in the
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pandemic and governments the taking center stage so is the political economy in need of a major overhaul it could be time to rethink economics. since the 1970 s. western economic theory has been dominated by the idea that the principle of supply and demand to regulate the market. 18th century scottish economist adam smith used the term invisible hand to describe how beneficial it konami outcomes could be generated by individuals acting out of self interest. in economic and noble laureate feels like one hired postulated in 1944 that any kind of state interference in a free market economy was the road to serfdom for high it is seen as the godfather of new liberalism. but how's that theory fairing in the real world of the pandemic that the economy isn't in any way self healing it's on life support funded by
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hundreds of billions of state debt there's no more talk of privatization financial survival is all that counts. supply chains have been devastated as borders were closed or travel restricted. toilet paper shortages were followed by shortages of noodles medical facemasks and protective clothing and even the production of vaccines that the world so desperately needs is only gradually being ramped up hospitals are short of intensive care beds and there are too few i.c.u. staff even in rich countries and why because it was all only ever about profit efficiency and cost cutting self-regulation all self healing no longer possible the coronavirus has also exacerbated inequality worldwide within 9 months the world's 1000 richest billionaires recoup the losses they made as a result of the pandemic the world's poorest will need over a decade to return to prepare demick levels so how can economies recover from
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covert 19 there are plenty of ideas regionalization instead of globalization cooperation instead of competent. and universal basic income rather than performance related pay. can the state replace free markets well extremes are never healthy competition does well with things like shoes champagne or luxury watches but not so much when it comes to universal health care. it takes a healthy balance between state and markets like the dualism of yin and yang the best medicine for sick economies. or one of the best things during this crisis is having moved so much of our work lives online are having to commute every day being able to access everything at the touch of a button taking calls and joining meetings from my bicycle while doing the gardening or baking a cake. but not everyone around the globe is connected to the net 40 percent of
3:43 am
the population is still offline that's a lot. waiting and waiting jack mahinda my hamburger has a really lousy internet connection he lives in sucking in the democratic republic of the congo. some. concerns. much more. boats can take given they did. the documentary filmmaker doesn't have time for this his european clients need his files now but jack has to cross over into the neighboring country to send them through wonders digital infrastructure is much better it's a 4 hour journey just to upload a few photos or to cross the border to board members going through just through put into. words to save. the world economic forum's
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global risks report warns that countries with patchy internet access could fall behind economically the internet is a necessity to any place you know it and never was and it was communities to tap into whether it's education systems that they did not have access to or healthcare systems that they would otherwise have no access to and cultural markets to produce that they would have no access to but the digital divide is enormous and if you're on the wrong side of it he'll be did night use opportunities the key element in the digital divide is internet access 40 percent of the world's population is still offline in some african countries it's up to 80 percent. in other places it's less about access to technology it's about knowledge of technology and there's a kind of concept especially in a lot of technological industries the technology driven in the streets of the earth
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. and that's about understanding how technology works. really half research is reckoned that by 202550 percent of work will be done by humans and 50 percent by machines in many cases signed by scientists there's also a digital divide in the industrialized world. the lockdowns used by the lockdowns which we've had worldwide of unleashed an immense surge of digitalisation which i believe will be a lasting one. this search will continue in the post pandemic era as well and will involve a complete reshuffle distribution and reevaluation of starting work processes for tiger and annoyed with reaction from. our experts millions of jobs could soon be history research is saying more will be created but they'll be different types of jobs altogether.


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