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tv   Storfall Corona  Deutsche Welle  March 18, 2021 4:15am-5:01am CET

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we have to hold hands up and apologize for the mistakes of the past make sure we don't repeat them but that's not to say that football is. it is some abuse victims say the report on the football association could have been stronger in tone but the f.a. will be watched at every step by those who suffered over the years. next up as are coping 1000 special coverage don't forget you can always get the latest on our website that's dot com i'm in the use of thanks for joining. the fight against the corona virus pandemic. has the rate of infection in developing what does the latest research. information and contacts the coronavirus update 19. on d w. pass to the drama
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competition marketing numbers here by the time intuition hates my. stance runs fast and in fact. because we. go off on you tube joining us. this hospital in the colombian coastal town to michael wasn't prepared for the pandemic. the intensive care unit was only built up to cope at 19 had reached the city and infected thousands. from the capital. the population here has never been the focus of government decisions. no it's
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pain for the lack of health infrastructure like many other remote parts of the country. coronaviruses riskier for indigenous communities lack of health services and clean water poverty keeping variants out of rural canada has been difficult but adults in remote parts are getting priority access to the vaccine aboriginal and torres strait islander people prevented widespread infections in australia with their own travel restrictions they have actually rollout is getting underway indigenous groups are also among the 1st to be getting the job in new zealand the us canada and brazil but things don't look so good in colombia. andres rojas has been working for here in the intensive care unit of the st andrews hospital into. it's the only hospital in the far southwest of colombia a year ago the clinic didn't have any intensive care beds things changed quickly when the kopechne 1000 pandemic began. at the start of the 1st outbreak
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we had more than 2500 patients 21 of them died and 17 were transferred to another hospital. what was. to mark a hospital is one of many provincial clinics in colombia that opened up intensive care units for the 1st time during the pandemic. it was only after the pandemic hit that we could even think about setting up an intensive care station at the moment it provides 13 units with monitors breathing devices electric beds and step we train ourselves. according to dr of us some funding came from the government but most of it came from private initiatives local businesses were especially generous with their donations to moscow is dependent on the tourist industry this is an advertisement from better times the location is the pacific coast next to. border
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around 1000 kilometers from the capital of bogota tourists come here from around the world despite the locations popularity medical infrastructure was largely ignored by politicians in the capital of bogota. before the hospital had 38 oxygen tanks imagine that trying to get through a pandemic with 38 tanks of oxygen thanks to donations from local business totaling 400000 pesos we could set up the hospital with a liquid oxygen tank. this helps a little but the 2nd wave of infections is now bringing a shortage of medicine no one here can think about vaccines against cope at 19 the staff are approaching burnout. you can feel they're tired some staff members have fainted from exhaustion their
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working hours are very very long. at the beginning of march 117000 facts in doses were delivered to bogota these were meant to reach 50000000 colombians but nobody in to moscow believes that they will get a single dose. on mario the us is a research fellow in the department of politics and international relations at the university of sheffield why is the situation so difficult in some of colombia's modularized communities. well drawn to understand the tradition of the image in the last communities is important to take into consideration what the form of government called the historical depth of columbia the state level rural areas which basically can be summarized in 4 aspects the 1st one of the. developing god which refers to rural areas not in basic services they want electricity to brought
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hospitals or schools the 2nd refers to a social inequality among concentration according to poke fun 66 percent of reductive live. long be a youth in the hands of 0.4 percent of the total population the 3rd one is the brawling of the lack of states presence in some areas of sonnabend out of still under control of illegal groups and their 4th having their most warring is that the big themes of the question. the question became sort of which according to all the . report of the center of study committee it indicates that more than 200000 people were killed in the last 15 years and more than 5000000 of colombians were these plays in rural areas all of these are a preacher of that indicates why this situation is so complicated for these communities of climate or can you tell me what happened to the peace process that
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has improved the situation in some way. well the baseball is something bigger than a lot mark in colombia he's 30 initially was portrayed as a way of bringing to one in 50 years of war which is was an iraqi of the die really strongly appealed to the international community and this is why this process was surrounded by international organizations but what is interesting you've been in colombia doing therefore you are. the conversations in covena or could. as serious of national and regional forums where convened by negotiating parties which allow people to discuss the points of the peace agenda basically people get the import being discussed in iraq and reform political parties the question of big things. transitional and just is this institutional for illegal crops we
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gave of the sense of colombians that the peace process was a great opportunity to transform peacefully all of these social problems that we have historically have in the quantity so it does bring a lot of hope but at the same time. there are no referent of the big big body over there not competent there for a friend when they lack of implementation of the process is a matter of concern as we see all the high hopes of the national population being met. with no compliance and delusion and ok so many social problems remain especially for african lobbying groups i believe how how is the pandemic affecting the best situation. i think. many more current structural problems in the us if you caused some growth areas. just to give your an idea before the fund the 40 percent of bobby post beatles were
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closed. and saw their form of government declare a state of social emergency i went over me and came. hospitals here earlier were completely unprepared to the without. basically the lack of resources lack of. a community where yes. they have really struggled to live with. what is more concerning for these communities of the bible but also their reemergence of bio lists which allow us to see their faults you question not seen demeo which is there can be mission of their. elam is in peach on a dream given solutions to people and to dealing with the problem effectively. so what's the best way to tackle the big divide in colombia and ensure these people
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get treated old vaccinated. i think the 1st thing we need to think about is hard to bully to 5. their weight up on him yet her present economy we've got nothing to be some political problem but that's a social problem as i have probably saw the government need to listen as well the more people the same from the territory from what the local. the local administration zorra is messages that the local administrations are sending to the to the local to the central government in order to get better results in the way that the columbia zillion with these. people have to leave their one body or diaz thank you very much for being on the show today. thank you very much if you've got a question about the corona virus feel free to get in contact with our science correspondent. you are
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a symptomatic and don't know you have 19 is it dangerous to be vaccinated. the short answer to this appears to be no but it's a pretty complicated question so of course there's a little more to it than that current advice from the u.s. centers for disease control focuses mostly on whether or not people who've had the disease and recovered can be safely backs unaided after all it's the answer to that is a clear yes however the c.d.c. is far less clear about people who might have an active asymptomatic infection at the moment they get a shot the implication though is certainly that there's no reason to think that vaccination would pose a danger that's because the guidelines do say there's no need to test negative for infection before you're vaccinated they also say that even if you've been exposed and have been tested and are awaiting results if you live somewhere like
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a rest home you should go ahead and be vaccinated as long as you don't have any symptoms i'm sure the guidelines wouldn't say either one of those things if there were suspected dangers for people with asymptomatic infections being given the shot and that the c.d.c. would adopt a much more cautious approach but it's important also to remember something else at the same time if you know you've been exposed and are in quarantine but aren't showing any symptoms don't go get vaccinated and tell your quarantine period has passed because you might be an asymptomatic carrier and even though we've established the vaccine doesn't pose a threat to you in that case you can still pose a potential threat to people who are vaccinated you so wait out your couple of weeks just in case to protect them.
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and just briefly the world health organization says the astra zeneca vaccine rollout should continue for now some countries have stopped over reports of blood clots finally we leave you with images from sao paulo brazil's biggest city now more of a ghost town they usually bustling mega city of 21000000 people went into curfew this week to try to stop the corona virus from spreading several brazilian cities are running out of hospital beds as cases rise and the crisis worsens. as for one chick. into the conflict zone got a 4th truly live publican party in the us donald trump lost the last throes of those 2 election floodgates this week from washington can still call the republican new make it fun show the loisa why do so many new footy team to a bad loser mean big lie and what kind of policy is the g.o.p.
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becoming. conflicts of. thought next on w. m c i'm getting vaccinated. elderly caretaker christina read requests uses online videos to encourage people to get vaccinated. due to fake news on social media many belgian care workers are refusing corona vaccines. can the fight against the virus be one online. focus on your. 60 minutes on d w. more than a 1000 years ago europe witnesses a huge construction boom. christianity for the established
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itself. both religious and secular leaders or to display their power. a huge race began to. create the tallest biggest and the most beautiful structures to us is how massive churches are created. consciousness such as the drills starts april 12th on d w. the republican party absolutely has the nasty january 6th violence your party never used to be that forgiving of loses that they won and they played by the rules dividing one out of place to spare a thought for the republican party in the us donald trump lost the last presidential election but he refuses to go quietly or even a thought in fact he still claims against all the evidence the teeth of one of my
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guest this week from washington jack kingston former republican lawmaker uncomfortable why do so many in his party to cling to a bad loser think life and what kind of party is the g.o.p. becoming. jack kingston welcome to conflict zone thank you it's great to be with you who won the presidential election last november and i'm asking you because donald trump still says he won you part of this fantasy no joe biden was afraid to say. what else fashion. people to the polls you know i do think that the court system along the way help them cope and help them and change but they won and they played by the rules that were there at the time and i did not like the outcome of it but
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he did it when it's one thing for you to say he didn't win and it's quite another thing for him to say it but also large numbers in your party a buying into this enormous loan i are you happy about that. no i do think anywhere that there is fraud or you know maybe not necessarily fraud but should mannequins are irregularities i think that you want to investigate them i've been very frustrated in my political life any time i hear somebody about somebody who voted who should not have voted our poll that stayed open longer than it should have or any kind of irregularity and i think you know looking at those charges is a healthy thing and which neither party should be afraid of but at the court we threw them out the court threw them out 6 the courts through throughout the objections didn't make. going to take your word on the number but that sounds probably right i
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will say you know given your example there is one contested congressional election in iowa right now that looks like it's going to be decided by a handful of there was another one in new york just in the last couple of weeks people agree that the outcome was the outcome in both cases republicans won but democrats were given it all they got to challenge those results so it is not the 1st time results have been challenged at all but either party yeah but it's the 1st time they've spent a lot of time over in the candidate himself even after the courts and have been say refuses to buy into it but tell me about the party because what does it say about so many members of your party that they're buying into this. well i think our base has bought into it perhaps out of a suspicion of big big media biased reporting and so forth and they have
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had this kind of maybe instinctive reaction that could be unfounded it could be 100 percent emotional there were enough irregularities to give this thing some traction and then you have the precedent of people like jimmy carter and clinton alcohol and donald trump an illegitimate candidate i mean for instance for crying out well the democrat party bought into this russian hoax for 2 years and brought the american people through their drama which was a fake drama but they believe that so you know unfortunately that's the state of suspicion that we both have we 2 parties have towards each other these and then i think it's this is a man donald trump lost the white house he lost the senate he lost the house of representatives your party never used to be that forgiving of losers that it why is the so few senior republicans have the courage to actually say to his face you lost
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it's time to bring down the curtain there seem to be a lot of gutless people in senior positions in your party is that fair. group with a completely cinema think there are a lot of people who have concerns and they're reacting to those concerns and they're etan to the base but again i can't emphasize enough the democrat party hillary clinton jimmy carter himself both the night donald trump they called him an illegitimate president the democrat party insisted he won because of russian collusion spent millions is a long time ago jack kingston this is a long time ago you're going i'm talking about the state of your party now i'm trying to to get a handle on why the party is the way it is and why it's clinging to what everybody knows is a big lie in. you might not like my answer but i'm giving it to you we are still very mindful of what the democrats did to donald trump they did not accept his presidency i'd say maybe
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a dozen members of congress would not even go to your right and that's a densely other way i did joe biden's inauguration i did not have to go i thought it was an important for republicans to go in accept it but that parents got the truth of the matter is that there is a lot of suspicion between the parties and bitterness mr kingston this this nonsense story about the election being stolen this is what happens when so many people in your party tried to finesse 4 years of incessant lying by donald trump isn't it you never called out his lies on the contrary or tried to claim that they were just hyperbole they weren't hyperbole were they a good number of them were flat out lies but people in your party wouldn't call them out what they say well it's a little bit like joe biden the other day saying there were no vat when he came to office even though he himself had received a cult with that thing and december he still had on national t.v.
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and said there were no black things when he came to office now that you know we have much comparison is that i mean donald trump was accused of more than 30000 false and misleading statements over the time he was in office you know i lied from day one didn't he line from day one in the office i think there's a lot of hyperbole if you cite for example where the best president say there ever is one you know by a c.n.n. type camera they might say that's a lie but most people would say well that's political hyperbole it's not really a lie it's an opinion and that's an exaggeration but remember many let if we're going to count up the lies let's look at all the lies thrown at donald trump in the russian hoax a main you know we're in a situation right now where. adult behavior is not encouraged by politicians and it would be great for example if the other night last week of joe biden in his state of the union type speech which is acknowledged does not trump an operation works
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the got a hold of that saying to the marketplace in 11 months when all his credit for saying it was going to take 5 years he got it done in the 11 months and mr unity president joe biden refused to even acknowledge that so you know the words i mean right now what you're talking about the president who said the virus was a democratic hoax and who played it down consistently and said it was just as bad a no worse than flu and anyway it was under control mr kinston the lies came home to roost on capitol hill on january the 6th 7th day when one by one trump an evacuee lights whipped up the crowd into a frenzy and told them to go fight to reverse the stolen election in other words to fight for a lie that was what they were being asked to do wasn't that fight for a big fat blatant lie isn't that shameful for the party. i think that
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a lot of their has been misconstrued donald trump should have been more forceful when he said go to the capital peacefully but he did say there was a careful peaceful way to absolute truth which the media has trouble acknowledging by the way under the category of lies. i think that what these people did was absolutely outrageous the republican party condemned it immediately as we did the riots in portland and seattle and chicago and all over america all summer long but there was a still waiting on the democrats to denounce any of that violence including joe biden himself and so there were plenty of occasions when when joe biden criticize the violence you know that of any kid i'm not going to ask you to name one. but you know what he did very tepid lady is saying you know we need to look at causes but i don't hear him to now that unequivocal that the republican party absolutely has
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been out to january sets violence and you know i think it's a port abs you know you said that you say they've denounced it mr king he said have been i was impressed one of the most shocking aspects of january of the 6 was that the you gov poll and they later showed a plurality of your party members supported the attack on the u.s. capitol 45 percent of republicans strongly or somewhat strongly supported it as opposed to 43 percent who strongly or somewhat opposed the violence the point is this if close to half your members tell you can't use the polls seriously tell me that wasn't the after today among your party members and they got it completely wrong it's a narrative of the media and i understand why the need the media wants that narrative but republicans have always been the answer violence whether it then well whether it's the l a m whether it's trump supporters storming the capitol were very very consistent on that and i was absolutely appalled by the people who broke the law to go to jail
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whether it was a washington d.c. or seattle or portland oregon and it's just there's no gray area to answer and i don't know tom sponte don't jr his son says it's not donald trump's party to go along with that i don't believe that it is i think we're in a kind of a big tent situation and he's absolutely one of the tiny amec leaders of the party . case in point 10 of the house republicans who voted for him to h. but now have multiple candidates running that gets them somewhat as a reflection of their but just in the same way a democrat stay at step out of line with their party leaders you know and say that the russian hopes was absolutely a hoax they would be opposed as well but even if it is trump's pontin you saying. the dynamic leader then is going to be a pretty aggressive and vindictive organization isn't it you remember what don jr said on january the 6th he told the crowds of cheering supporters that if they
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weren't going to fight to change the election results then he was coming after them if you're going to be the 0 and not the hero he said we're coming for you and we're gonna have a good time doing it in other words do is we say or you regret it this isn't politics this is open unashamed thuggery isn't it well i don't want to rock obama says the telecoms after us with their knives we're going to come after them with our guns i say that's really not burglary it's political rhetoric all politicians use the word fired if you watch the most recent share and the trump defender lawyers show time and time again where from chuck schumer and their policy to joe biden everybody in between is the word fight and that frankly is politicians in europe are ignored by the probably i can relate it it's just something people want you to know when you get off but they'll fire at these threats jack kingston that we had there weren't empty threats we saw in your state georgia what they meant
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when the election officials that to suggest might have lost the state they were threatened with violence their families were threatened and some did nothing to condemn such blatant intimidation remember gabriel sterling implementation manager of georgia's election system directly addressing trump and telling him all of you who have not said a damn word about these threats are complicit stop inspiring people to commit potential acts of violence someone is going to get hurt someone's going to get shot someone's going to get killed and so they did on january the 6th you like that kind of vigilante is them that he was talking about trump supporters targeting election officials trolling them harris sing them at their homes because they didn't engineer the results from wanted is that the way you want your. party to behave well let me ask you this tim were you that upset when the democrats were getting in the face of sarah sanders and maxine waters was saying get in their face disrupt
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them and congresswoman to leave he said impeach the proudly on inauguration day and time well ask you about the republicans you turn it around to talk about the democrats young asking you about your own party your own party i guess what i'm telling you as i'm not in of the on defense and no that's what this is intended to be but i'm not in a big because you know if you look at the rhetoric of the democrats which led to the violence that killed 50 police officers this summer and injure hundreds of americans why is somehow that rhetoric removed from the result and yet done trump jr says something and he's got blood on his hands that are the democrats about what they do and say i'm talking to you as a republican about what the republicans do and say and these threats these threats clearly had an effect didn't pay in the trolling and the harris mint of local officials in georgia you saw it well it's
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a fact that isn't it let's go back to my home site gave sterling is a friend of mine gave it i've been friends for 25 years i think he and secretary reps and burgers did a very decent job under very tough circumstances i did not like the out of court settlement that they did last spring which led to some any shenanigans on the democrat part but i think given the post-election car they were dealt with they were ok with it however let me say this none of them had physical violence against them i served in congress for 22 years i got death threats as does most do most elected officials get death threats most of them are rhetorical in this case the. quotes that you're citing are. rhetorical nothing has happened early on our reps of birth governor camp or anyone else out of the outrageous and the outrageous threat from jump him self to georgia secretary of state as you mentioned brad
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raffensperger that if he didn't find jump another 11700 votes in overturn his defeat he might find himself facing criminal liability you think that's fine the begging for votes and the implied threat if they wanted being given if they were found. here's something in which we could agree i don't think that phone call was productive at all so i mean it wasn't abuse of power doesn't it wasn't just not productive it was an abuse of power wasn't this and i know the media is obsessed with donald trump hatred but change in the hot seat that this type of discussion this type of rhetoric has been building for years in america it's a sad thing but i'll say this isn't about accountability jack kingston it's not about the media taking positions about accountability for things that you say and do. ok that's what it's about and i have it with you that that phone call is not. so let me go on record on you know let me say this
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the party right now i think is a very. we also are the kind of the trumpet the non trunked heights in the party and i don't mean hardcore not on trial but i think will also work through that just the democrat party has their hardware progressives they deal with the moderates and that's part of being a majority party but histories are saying our side how can you say that how can you say your party is doing well what happened to real diversity in the republican party different opinions your lifelong republicans have lined up to endorse joe biden didn't buy last september 100 former republican lawmakers friends and fellows of yours in those biden more than 70 top republican national security officials went over to biden hugely respected public servants who were the intellectual
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bedrock of your party and now they've gone. can afford to lose those people come on the lincoln project rather $9000000.00 pocketed $45000000.00 in their own consulting company then floated under allegations of sexual harassment is that i'm talking about people like former defense secretary chuck hagel former cia and n.s.a. director michael hayden former director of national intelligence john negroponte william webster former director of the cia and the f.b.i. i'm talking about people like that who wouldn't under any circumstances vote for a republican party led by trump and you're not worried that you're losing people of these caliber this caliber to things i think the media should be worried and doing some soul searching on why did you have. lekan party leadership on your t.v. shows over and over and over again up until it was found out i mean even after the
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election the media built the wonderful people at the lake and parse it again seemingly sexual harassment are harassers end up but it is answering my question you're not answering my question. let me say this in terms of the has been said that you named i understand they're not in 'd the in crowd they were on the outs the trump movement was about populism it's about the working men and women these people were left out because they were washington insiders and i can tell you a seen it over and over again washington insiders don't feel like they're a member of the gang they switched parties because suddenly they can become relevant again you know none of those people particularly hurt us because they never. you insist you're in a good place in the 8 presidential election since 1980 you won the popular vote just once in this last election there were more registered independents than registered republicans not puts you in
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a good place yes let me tell you why 3 reasons number one history shows from bush to trauma to obama to clinton that the party out of power will take back the house and the senate history's on our side number 2 there's joe biden himself i don't know if he makes it 4 years he could not remember the name of his own secretary of defense the other day that by the way scares everybody in our enemies more especially watched it than anybody number 3 look at the democrat party right now klum oh their hero the toast of the town is has his own party saying he needs to resign then look at the other jumbo state in america california gavin newsom's been recall they only need a 1000000 and a cemetery how many come back how many come back to your party come it come by. party jagging tell me because africa i want to get a sense i want to get a sense of what the g.o.p.
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will look like with trump still controlling it as he does now let's take marjorie taylor green newly elected to the house of representatives last november notable statements that barack obama was a secret muslim in june 2800 she said a california wildfire was started by a laser beam from space and controlled by a prominent jewish banking family with connections to democrats trump was so impressed with her racist and anti-semitic views that he tweeted that she was a future republican star marjorie he said he's strong on everything and never gives up a real winner really is that the type of person who achieves star status in today's g.o.p. you happy with. have concerns but no you haven't had the same worries about some of the silly things that. cause your car terraces for example remember last year she said 12 years we're down to 11. that's pretty
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scary where's the baby about that oh it's ok because she's good looking she's a little subtlest darling what about to leave what about tell me about the concerns you have about marjorie 10 agreeing term tell me you said you just brushed it away and said i have some concerns about what concerns my concerns but they wanted to put her on the education committee until the democrats voted are off one of but only education views like that how yes will you saying here's what i know after serving in congress for us for for 22 years that out of 430000 people you're always going to have the variety of people who say do stupid things as i'm but they don't rule jack kings a few people do feel ashamed about the direction in which the g.o.p. is headed but you're not one of them jennifer horn former chair of the new hampshire republican party called its current state. the most open embrace of an anti democracy movement that we've seen in our country in a very long time but these alone voices and they all being swept aside by the
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trumbull jargon on our side outside of america there's huge concern about your party about his attitude to truth to free press to democratic checks and balances do you not understand that 1st of all let's put it in perspective new hampshire. we have 50 states new hampshire is one of the smallest i've never heard of this woman but you guys are over now because she agrees with your narrative that she some kind of thought process i was and then a few people are ashamed i didn't when senator obama is an icon well there's nobody he's ashamed of their vote for for. it's. when they got there our schools are even open energy prices gas is going up about 20 percent of the pipe at the pump because he's already. started messing up the energy policy the crisis on the border where we have 15157 percent increase in migrants
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coming over and they're not migrants or you know invading your legal ladies you know you hate the word illegal alien which is a legal term but that's what's going on on these are these are self-imposed era's i don't see how the democrat party can say oh i love the fact that yes you can go and still why i can't wait ok but we're back on the democrats in the time we have left can we just concentrate on the republican party because so many of your members seem still to want a man who has no interest in the trappings of democracy if you go on eroding people's trust in democratic institutions and trump clearly has its own even best spots in the taters will be glad to see you win doesn't it worry you even trump admitted that he got on best with think taters buds of a feather it's amazing how the media has to get a name column here's one here's one that you look at the states that are run by
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republicans 27 of them the majority of states are run by republicans the ones that have governors like on the santos in florida governor but a texas there reopen the economies are going well people are enjoying their freedom schools are up and so children are losing a year that small businesses 'd are coming back at jobs are being found and created that's what a 1000000 americans are dead because of the actions of a president who said it's all around the control it's all under control yes the republican party is bigger. the media is the media get over to understand you don't like us or you don't like freedom you know i don't like individual responsibility you want california you want new york you want maryland you want the nanny state you want people to be law and you want everybody to drive
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down the street other selves where no man it's silly you know. that. but you know i mean now that grandstand where where where where out of time thanks very much i really appreciate you coming on the program thanks very much thank you ed spar with you brother thank you thank you and thank you and thank you and. thanks. thanks. thanks to the boxes to the banks
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to the beyond the big. the big the better the old. thank you thank. you. seeing as i'm getting vaccinated. elderly caretaker christina rodriguez uses online videos to encourage people to get vaccinated and. due to fake news on social media many belgian care workers are refusing corona vaccines. move. can the
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fight against the virus be one online. focus on the world. in 30 minutes on d w. no come to australia's little known paradise of more strait islands. it's an idyllic life for the few 1000 people who live here on the vast expanses of the stream islands the box from the flood of tourists. the only downside it's impossible to get around without a boat. in 75 minutes on t w. look closely. listen carefully
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rules. there's no use. for it with. gaza. we're using a. cancer. soon. this is news and these are our top stories. times in the in president john michael fully has died from a heart condition aged 61 he had not appeared in public for 2 weeks leading to speculation he had contracted covert 19 go fully had denied that corona virus was a problem and told tanzania and not to wear masks.
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in the netherlands prime minister mark rutte it is almost certain to win a 4th term in office exit polls for.


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