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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  March 18, 2021 7:00am-7:16am CET

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this is state of new news coming to you live from berlin tanzania's president after weeks of absence from public life rumors have been swirling that john. had contracted 19 but the vice president says he died of heart failure will go to tanzania for the latest also coming up. put mark roots as conservatives on the path to election victory exit polls show him coasting toward a 4th term as prime minister in a poll overshadowed by the crisis. one year.
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became the epicenter of the pandemic in europe our correspondent hears from locals over about overcoming their trauma and the lessons learned. hello i'm terry martin good to have you with us tanzania's president john lee has died of heart failure at the age of 61 he had not appeared in public for several weeks leading to speculation that he may have contracted in 19 and been flown abroad for treatment by head repeatedly played down the risk of the coronavirus and warned against taking. taking office in 2015 he wasted no time in cleaning up the government firing thousands of officials
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and cutting waste. but he also clamps down on free speech and the opposition when the coronavirus crisis started he flatly denied its risks calling on tanzanians to rely on prayer. let us not allow that to destroy us through the coronavirus and make us forget to worship god this is the right time for us to defeat the devil i strongly believe god is with us in this fight against our enemy coronavirus and i'm sure we will win this war. the virus rampaged across the country but the government stopped reporting infections and deaths and in late february stopped appearing in public which led to speculation about his health. nearly 3 weeks later his vice president
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announced that he had died of a heart condition new moti funeral arrangements are being made. notified. our country shall be in a mourning period of 14 days. and the flags are flying half mast. for many here he's early successes in stamping out corruption overshadowed by his later failures to deal with the coronavirus and his increasingly authoritarian tendencies. we're joined now by journalist. joel fully reportedly died of a heart condition but there had been a lot of speculation that he'd caught. was that ever confirmed. thanks for having me those rumors were not confirmed and they remain.
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rumors according to the government because the government. yesterday on the 17th of march. giving the coals also. president john mccain that it was related to. actually from elation or any regular rhythm of the heart. and stating that this is a condition. he had been battling with for over 10 years and it is no secret that he had been battling some form of ailment this was dispersed this information was public knowledge. or fully had been in charge since 2015 how will he be remembered in tanzania. just judging by the. takes going. in. see him as
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a hero. most people. don't want. people sharing those and expressing heartbreak some of the people that were in. the president. still people in shock and disbelief that their president had passed on. the country in the country he was and. revolutionary leader. was saying that. sweeping changes to how government run was very efficient. you see as the bulldozer getting things. action oriented and so to this indeed to a lot of tanzanians who now see him. now vice president.
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to be sworn in as the country's 1st female president or can you tell us about her. who will some use who has a no was very close. to the president at some point president. who during the elections last year and the reason why he chose. the president goes out. and as i mean for vice president to run is vice president and he told the president and now president that the reason why he was in the position was because i. was a woman and. in the abilities of women in what is. the cause of women obviously 1st in terms and in history a vice president who's a few now. president will now take on the reins as the president of the national
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republicans and yet also. thank you very much that was journalist in dar es salaam. thank you. to the netherlands now where conservative prime minister mark is claiming an overwhelming victory in elections there this will make his 4th term in office exit polls indicate his center right democracy party increased its share of seats winning just under a quarter of the vote in need to form a coalition with at least 2 other parties the election was effectively a referendum on the government's handling of the coronavirus pandemic more than 16000 people have died related to the virus. our correspondent barbara basal is covering that election for us barbara exit polls suggest prime minister mark protests party has won again any surprises in this election. there are some surprises but not the one the big one in this little round
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tower you see here in the back of me that is his office and my crew to as expected doesn't even have to shift his files he can stay just right in place mark routine has made the running once again at the polls indicated that beforehand because in spite of a scandal that brought his government down in generally this last government and it despite his really mediocre handling of the krona crisis in majority of dutch people still has confidence in him if you talk to people here before right before the election on the streets they said yeah he has done ok who would have been wanted to have been in his shoes this is a crisis like we've never had before and he somehow managed to handle it so they didn't really take it against him that vaccinations are really slow in starting and that also the hospitals here in the netherlands where at
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a time really overflowing with the ill is so mark which is education what we did see however and that was the big surprise probably was that the left wing liberal party made a huge jump forward and that is going to make it tilt political shift in his new government because he will very likely incorporate them in his next. well those are not the only parties represented that parliament understand they're going to be 17 parties in parliament what all the future government look like. it's going to be a coalition that has been here like that for years people have become used to it and those can be quite diverse if you know makes a coalition was the left wing liberal to the extreme right she of course is usually left out there being pushed to the side and he can even incorporate the christian democrats and smaller christian party he can have his pick he could take in the
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greens he could take in pretty much anybody because he just needs a handful of votes to sort of make up a majority and he is such a political chameleon that he's capable of really governing governing with more on this in the other party he just sort of puts his finger up in the wind looks way it's blowing from and sort of slightly shifts to politics so a coalition to go she asians will be interesting there the netherlands turmoil in recent weeks we're seeing riots could this election perhaps help bring peace to the country brief we've become. the country has become quite peaceful again they have people have reconciled themselves to what's happening here they're still in lockdown but there is one result from those riots and from those people where you saw a huge numbers of corona denies the extreme far right they have gained quite a number of seats on the back of that because there were a group of people who said corona doesn't even exist open everything up again we
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want to be free and though they gain votes so they're going to be in the next parliament and they will sort of create some disquiet in the next parliament but in the streets of the netherlands it's been as usual very normal barbara thank you very much barbara bass of there in the hague thanks so much. italy is holding its 1st annual day of mourning for victims of the covered 19 pandemic prime minister mario draghi will attend a ceremony in the city of baghdad which became the epicenter of the corona virus outbreak this time last year as the death toll soared beyond anything the world had seen until that point didn't use much sunda visit and sent us this report. don't muddy or cut him enough he shares countless memories with many of the people laid to rest here. he was a member of the parish i was leading in about a minute of your whole almost everyone buried in this section of the cemetery died
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from cove it this is the 1st time don madill has visited it since the pen demick struck the region you know my thought on that heathrow. it's like going back months like reliving the moments of the people who are no longer here to. help you. these harrowing images were seen around the world military trucks loaded with caskets starting in march the bodies of deceased were transported to other cities across italy discriminatory and were overwhelmed by the numbers as part of a mo became the epicenter of the pen demick in europe more than 3000 people died here in baghdad. when the pandemic 1st struck italy found itself alone among european nations confronted with an unknown threat the authorities were slow to react and when the government finally did mandate lockdowns 1st in the region and then in the entire country it was too late for back. this was the frontline in the
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battle against cove it. seems from march last year when doctors and nurses were caught off guard everybody we spoke to here had just one comparison in mind war. remember one night 8 o'clock maybe i was looking for body bags because i finish all but bought the backs were to put to the. body of the people who are dying moments like that are now a thing of the past says dr said joe and set it to the pen demick is far from over but for him and his team there is hope with x. nations on the rise and important lessons learned but we will have a different way sometimes because we have all the mutations of the virus that vantage now is that so we know very more i know you we're not we're not alone are the enemy. these pictures of the trucks leaving town loaded with bodies soon became
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iconic images of a tragedy that ship italy and the whole of europe to its core before their departure don't come to me not to use to give his final blessing to the deceased here at his church which was serving as a makeshift morgue at the time the community suffered this coming out the stood by its side ringing the church bells to notify loved ones under lockdown at home whenever trucks left the compound loaded with the dead and you know that the key if you need that upon the me of and with the with the water that i told my priests that at the end of the pandemic we should be able to look ourselves in the mirror. he should be shepherds and not run away when our flock is in trouble and suffering is on a muslim up we going to be called in and want to grieve from the from the western jail. one year later he feels fear has given way to a sense of solidarity but overcoming the collective trauma will take time not just here at the church but in the region as a whole. you're watching news from berlin coming up next it's business with my
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colleague. of course you know it always always the latest news no permission or on our website at t w dot com i'm terry martin thanks for watching. there was always a soft target. here in the. effects of climate change coming from the forestation in the rain forest carbon dioxide emissions have risen again. you know the people of the world are committed to clear.


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