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tv   Kulturzeit  Deutsche Welle  March 18, 2021 11:30am-12:01pm CET

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going. to be. subscribed to. documentary. and unexpected resignation and china's high flying tech sector shares in its biggest e-commerce platform at pinball door tumble as its founder steps down this comes after the death of 2 employees raised questions about the company's work culture. also coming up. a stock exchange takes
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a bite out of london's business after a break and you're an expert now has its sights set on other right. to. walk up to details of your business on what he could jones and berlin very good to have you with us and we're starting with an unexpected resignation the billionaire founder of high flying chinese e-commerce firm pinboard or haas stepped down the move comes as a surprise that the company shares to plummet khaled said he was leaving to pursue research in food and life science his departure comes as the company's annual use of basis of past is that of rival ali baba. work culture has also been criticised following the death of 2 employees. and that's what i'd like to talk about now with cliff a coup now and. very old china expert who joins me in the studio not everybody is familiar with the in china very popular. compass. what do we need to know about it
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well it's a giant e-commerce company in some ways very similar to what differentiates it is that it takes a lot of group borders so people get discounts for group orders and it's also very focused on live projects so it has it's trying to become china's biggest grocery company as well so it's another one of these monster sized chinese check companies . what's interesting now is that these tech companies are very much in the sights of the government exactly we've seen in recent last month can do a was was hit with a fine for and you trust behavior very similar to the kind of pressure that's been put on ali baba and i think with column one today resigning i think this is assigned up to the age of the tycoon a short as it was in china i mean this company was only founded in 2015 is probably over and the party is seeking to bring back the perceived control that they may have so you think that a. decision to step down is related to beijing cracking down on tech companies or is it related to those reports about 2 of his employees dying of exhaustion
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basically i think i think is there's elements of both because a lot of the pressure on the giant tech companies is. there they want to they want to introduce better labor practices in china. because it's part of this thing about trying to raise the the level of manufacturing to move away from the old school to more modern forms of manufacturing so i think what we've seen with them with the 2 cases of a person who dropped out on the way walking home at 1 30 am. and then the other cases well you know it's just these it's brought focus on what jack ma used to call 996 culture which is you work from 9 am to 9 pm 6 days a week so. you know clearly this is this is not sustainable. there's been a lot of pressure from the government to stop this because it's not good for stability of people are committing suicide because they're working very long so i think a combination between. the fact that. the crackdown on tech companies generally is
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probably what contributed to recall and ones departure alright but as you also say there could be a huge shift when it comes to the air are all for chinese tycoons very interesting their clip and couldn't thank you so much. and now to some of the other global business stories making news folks is now germany's most valuable company that's off to a huge rally pushed the automaker shares up more than 20 percent this week as it lays out aggressive plans for electric vehicles b.w. said it will spend big to the tune of 46000000000 euros to expand its range of electric costs. the u.s. government has announced it will expand the export restrictions imposed on russia earlier this month as punishment for the poisoning of opposition leader alexander of ali the new measures block exports including some technology and software. frank foods is again among the world's top 10 financial hops thanks to grex it and
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the ranking of the global financial centers index frankfurt is in 9th place ahead of zurich paris and luxembourg and other brics it winna if you like at least in the financial sector is amsterdam did obvious bubble habeas of reports. amsterdam's new business district so he does he's doing enough to fit to companies started relocating from the u.k. last year trade is now following in their wake. fortunately the united kingdom has left the european union and therefore is not able to to to continue business on the same way out of the european market as they were before and now and is taking over the parts that are specifically related to 2 trading this is the oldest stucky change in the world through a number of mergers over the last years that turned into europe next it has now taken the 1st phrase share trading from the city of london in december 2020
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london had over 17000000000 trades pre-date and amsterdam 2600000000. this picture changed dramatically in generally 21 amsterdam saw a steep rise with a 4 fold increase in trade dealing more than 9000000000 shares but has this huge amount of trade coming from london to state that all depends on equivalence being granted or more at the moments i think that john's is not as i understand it also from regulators that chance very big that that will happen. so yeah in the meantime i think of course we should as the netherlands stay competitive also in our regulatory climate dutch traders fear the introduction of the financial transaction tax and other european regulation and of course the market here might become more fragmented i think we have of quite a good starting position barrister's more focus on banks. i think frankfurt also
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has a good good starting position but let's let's see how that develops but can amsterdam really topple london as the leading financial market amsterdam is good at in specific knishes so for example high frequency trading feynman systems but of course it's much smaller and i think while there's a really important for the financial industry it's a concentration of human capital mind you if bracks it has really a bad effect on the u.k. u.k. economy and that will of course you know that will be a metaphor of yes then you might well see shift or financial industry also amorphous financial industry towards the continent still at the moment the mood and amsterdam's financial markets is altogether rather bullish well from want to spring encountered was not a frankfurt stock exchange the mood in amsterdam is rather bullish i'm saddam
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doesn't even pop up in the global financial center ranking. that's true you know i think still saddam has lots of reasons to be bullish in this ranking that is compiled by research firm in london called together with the china development institute a lot of external data used a lot of a lot of external resources and not all cities worldwide are equally represented in the data that results in you know the well the result of saddam is not part of the ranking at all frankfurt on position but as you said above the paris that is quite remarkable i think. despite breaks it london is still very high on this list it's on position now but to right after new york and so what does what's needed frankly because as i say it is it's just managed to get back into the top 10
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position 9 what's needed to frankly to cement it's a top 10 position or perhaps even improve. what would help frankfurt is definitely the banking union the idea of a more streamlined and common banking market in europe in the european union something that has been talked about for a long time but not much as. in effect happened. frankfurt would benefit from this because it would concentrate more business and acquisitions activity in the centers that are already there. now of course this is a political process which has many obstacles. have to be see where frankfurt is next year in the ranking i know where frankly it is today it is hosting the biggest i.p.o. in germany this year so far and interesting enough it's a british company. it is and it's a bit of
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a blow to london that vodafone chose frankfurt not london as the place to i.p.o. its phone masts subsidiary called vantage towers the i.p.o. happened here today it was not a big party affair because you know the corona restrictions prevented here from having too much happening on the trading floors still the i.p.o. met its 2300000000 euros the valuation of the company overall was 12000000000 why did vodafone chose frankfurt to frankfurt snots london well the regulators of the business here on the continent so it makes eds for the company to be listed here all right. thank you so much. thank you was the best known export tom drove to gas last year the cuban cigar industry struggled on the
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way to the pandemic u.s. sanctions and bad weather but strong demand from abroad helped save it from catastrophe. junkie is tending to back up plans that will be made into cuba's famous cigars the farmer has struggled like the rest of the cuban cigar industry with the economic fallout of the pandemic u.s. sanctions on cuba have also made it hard to secure diesel fuel and fertilizers and unusually wet weather last year didn't help but garcia is hopeful this year will be different. it has been a little hard due to the health situation that the country is going through. the weather has not been favorable but we have to be there working to see if we can achieve a good harvest. so that this year will be as good as last year or even better.
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but walang also. exports have been keeping the industry afloat cuba sells around $100000000.00 cigars called poor abroad each year demand from overseas held up last year as smokers bought premium cigars with the money saved on travel and entertainment the particle cigar factory in havana kept running even during the worst days of the pandemic. almost the going but going to we're not going to say that it is a negative impact we are simply a little limited but an impact that will cause unemployment lack of cigar exports this is not been the case we have continued to export. does things the worst is now behind the industry partick os for its part hopes to boost production to almost 5000000 cigars this year. from targeting game stop stocks pushing them to all time highs to monkey business but wall street bets reddit community are turning
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their attention to endangered mountain gorillas it began when one user posted a donation to a charity protecting the apes in 6 days more dense 3 and a half 1000 guerrillas have been adopted by fellow users who refer to themselves as apes the dian fossey charity thank to the group for the more than 350 $1000.00 they've received praising the guerrilla fundraising effort. and there's a business update from me in the team thanks for watching. the fight against the corona virus pandemic. has the rate of infection been developing what does the latest research say. information and context the coronavirus update coming 19 special. on d w. and you hear me now here's here's we're going to hear you and how lousy
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is german sounds that will bring you an angle a man as you've never cartel before surprise yourself with what is possible who is magical really what moves and also who talked to people who followed her along the way admirers and critics alike how is the world's most powerful woman shaping her ticket joining us from echols last august. to this hospital in the colombian coastal town to mark who was unprepared for the pandemic. the intensive care unit was only built after coke at $9000.00 had reached the city and infected thousands. far from the capital the population here has never been the focus of government decisions. now it's
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paying for the lack of health infrastructure like many other remote parts of the country. coronaviruses riskier for indigenous communities lack of health services and clean water poverty keeping variants out of rural canada has been difficult but adults in remote parts are getting priority access to the vaccine aboriginal and torres strait islander people prevented widespread infections in australia with the. or on travel restrictions that actually roll out is getting underway indigenous groups are also among the 1st to be getting the job in new zealand the u.s. canada and brazil but things don't look so good in colombia. andres rojas has been working for here in the intensive care unit of the st andrews hospital into moscow it's the only hospital in the far southwest of colombia a year ago the clinic didn't have any intensive care beds things changed quickly when the covert 19 pandemic began in means that at the start of the 1st outbreak
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we had more than 2500 patients 21 of them died and 17 were transferred to another hospital. what was in. thing for me to mark a hospital is one of many provincial clinics in colombia that opened up intensive care units for the 1st time during the pandemic. knows how it was only after the pandemic hit that we could even think about setting up an intensive care station at the moment it provides 13 units with monitors breathing devices electric beds and staff who we train ourselves. according to dr of us some funding came from the government but most of it came from private initiatives local businesses were especially generous with their donations to moscow is dependent on the tourist industry this is an advertisement from better times the location is the pacific
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coast next to ecuador us border around 1000 kilometers from the capital of bogota tourists come here from around the world despite the locations popularity medical infrastructure was largely ignored by politicians in the capital of bogota. before the hospital had 38 oxygen tanks imagine that trying to get through a pandemic with 38 tanks of oxygen thanks to donations from local business totaling 400000. pesos we could set up the hospital with our liquid oxygen tank. this helps a little but the 2nd wave of infections is now bringing a shortage of medicine no one here can think about vaccines against cope at 19 the staff are approaching burnout. you can feel their tiredness and some staff members have fainted from exhaustion
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their working hours are very very long. at the beginning of march 117000 facts seem doses were delivered to bogota these were meant to reach 50000000 colombians but nobody in to moscow believes that they will get a single dose. on mario diaz is a research fellow in the department of politics and international relations at the university of sheffield why is the situation so difficult in some of colombia's modularized communities. well i don't understand the situation of these marginalized communities is important to take into consideration what the form of government called the historical depth of colombia the state level rural areas which basically can be summarized in 4 aspects the 1st one is the. development guff which it refers to rural areas not having basic services they want electricity to roles hospitals or schools the 2nd refers to a social inequality
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a long concentration according to poke fun 66 percent of reductive live airline think along in the hands of 0.4 percent of the total population the 3rd one is the brawling of the lack of states presence in some areas of software not of still under control of illegal groups and their 4th having the most warring is that the big themes of the question a question became sort of which according to all the. report of the center of study committee if he paid more than 200000 people were killed in the last 15 years and more than 5000000 of colombians were these plays from rural areas all these are a feature of that indicates why this situation is so complicated for these communities why mario can you tell me what happened to the peace process that has
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improved the situation in some way. well the base because it's so important a lot mark in colombia he study initially was portrayed us as a way of bringing to one in 50 years of war which is was an iraqi of the dark really strongly appealed to the international community and this is why it also was surrounded by international organizations but what is interesting you've been in colombia during their 4 g. or. their conversations think obama or could. as serious of national and regional forums where convened by negotiating parties which allow people to discuss the points of the peace legenda basically people get employed being discussed in agrarian reform political parties the question of big things. and just is this institutional for illegal crops which they gave of the sense of
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colombians that the peace process was a great opportunity to transform peacefully all of these social problems that we have historically have been the contrary so they'll bring a lot of hope but at the same time. there is no referent of the big big daddy over there no conflict there offending a lot of implementation of the process is a matter of concern as we see all the high hopes that enough of the population be met. when the compliance. ok so many social problems remain especially for african lumbee and groups i believe how how is the pandemic affecting their situation. i think. many more upper end structural problems in the pacific coast. areas. just to give your an idea before the plan b.
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me 40 percent of the post beatles were closed. and saw the former government declare a state of social emergency. went over me and came. hospitals here earlier were completely unprepared to the without. basically the lack of resources sunday lack of. a community where yes. something that they have really struggled to live with. what is more concerning for these communities is the joy of the bible but also their reemergence of violence which allow us to see their policy positions not seen demeo which is that can be mission of the. elam is the. peach on a green good solutions to people and to dealing with the problem effectively. so what's the best way to tackle the big divide in colombia and ensure these people
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get treated all vaccinated. i think the 1st thing we need to think about is how to fully decide if. their wake up i mean yes had recently gone to be a week i don't think this is a political problem but as a social problem as i have probably saw i dream big government needs to listen as well the more people the same from the territory from what the local. but the local administration zora is messages that the local organizations are sending to the to the local to the central government in order to get better results in the way that the problem is even with these. people have to leave it there one how do you know if he has thank you very much for being on the show today. thank you to much if you've got a question about the corona virus feel free to get in contact with our science correspondent. if you are a symptomatic and don't know you have 19 is it dangerous to be vaccinated. the
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short answer to this appears to be no but it's a pretty complicated question so of course there's a little more to it than that current advice from the u.s. centers for disease control focuses mostly on whether or not people who've had the disease and recovered can be safely backs unaided afterwards the answer to that is a clear yes however the c.d.c. is far less clear about people who might have an active asymptomatic infection at the moment they get a shot the implication though is certainly that there's no reason to think that bax a nation would pose a danger that's because the guidelines do say there's no need to test negative for infection before you're vaccinated they also say that even if you've been exposed and have been tested and are awaiting results if you live somewhere like
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a rest home you should go ahead and be vaccinated as long as you don't have any symptoms i'm sure the guidelines wouldn't say either one of those things if there were suspected dangers for people with asymptomatic infections being given the shot and that the c.d.c. would adopt a much more cautious approach but it's important also to remember something else at the same time if you know you've been exposed and are in quarantine but aren't showing any symptoms don't go get vaccinated and tell your quarantine period has passed because you might be an asymptomatic carrier and even though we've established the vaccine doesn't pose a threat to you in that case you could still pose a potential threat to people who are vaccinated you so wait out your couple of weeks just in case to protect them.
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and just briefly the world health organization says the astra zeneca vaccine rollout should continue for now some countries have stopped over reports of blood clots finally we leave you with images from sao paulo brazil's biggest city now more of a ghost town they usually bustling mega city of 21000000 people went into curfew this week to try to stop the corona virus from spreading several brazilian cities are running out of hospital beds as cases rise and the crisis worsens. as for what you.
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see i'm getting vaccinated. elderly caretaker christina red requires users of online videos to encourage people to get vaccinated and. due to fake news on social media many belgian care workers are refusing corona vaccines. can the
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fight against the virus be one online. focus on your. 30 minutes on d w. into the conflict so go forth to lean republican party in the us normal job loss the last presidential election floyd businessweek force your dad can still call a republican to make a fun show belongs up why do so many new 40 came to a bomb looming big along i know what kind of coffee for the g.o.p. becoming. conflicts on. the box like 90 minutes on. more than a 1000 years ago europe witness is a huge construction boom. christianity firmly established itself.
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both religious and secular leaders aren't eager to display their power. to trace began. who can create the tallest biggest and most beautiful structure substandard basements builders and architects compete with each other. the space how massive churches are created the be. a contest of the cathedrals flame the 12th on g.w. .
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play. the ball. the be the be . this is for lent. to the us after remarks by joe biden inflame tensions. could you think is a killer. so what. approach is going to play will you will surely. also coming out. as germany reports the biggest number of daily new cold infections
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and to mom's health experts warn against any further easing of lockdown prescription. tanzania's president dies out.


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