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tv   Menschenhandel  Deutsche Welle  March 18, 2021 3:15pm-4:00pm CET

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and rights groups say violence is part of a surge in anti asian hate crimes have used was so hard to york. every day esther also gets sun makes her way from her workplace to the post office to the west village indoor manhattan usually considered a safe area in new york city but one day about a year ago she experienced something that she hasn't been able to forget. right about here as i was on the phone someone was so close from behind me. came from here and then just started spinning at will at the time cases of cold 19 were surging in new york city then president donald trump was pushing and asian rhetoric calling it the china virus making people of asian descent people like esther a target for racist attackers and just kept telling them why would you do this why would you do this right at this time and he yelled at me because you're sick. for weeks she says she couldn't walk the streets without constantly looking over her
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shoulder and even now there are some scars from that day that haven't healed. it's the feeling of violence being violated that that feeling of. not being alone. and the feeling of disgust those 3 things are kind of hard to. erase i guess from my memory and asian hate crimes have surged all over the united states in the past year in new york city alone their number has increased more than 8 fold activists say that's just the tip of the iceberg many victims often don't want to come forward don't want to speak to the police new york police department has set up a specific task force to reach out to the asian american community. a lot of them don't speak the language a lot of them are undocumented afraid of coming to the police a lot of the want to cooperate is they don't want to miss work they also fear retaliation this task. goes
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a bridge to that career victims we convince someone we get one game a cooperation we tell them the benefits of cooperating we have officers who speak their language of similar heritage a step in the right direction for many new york's asian american community not nearly enough to tackle a problem that's plagued them since the very beginning manhattan's chinatown is one of the oldest chinese ethnic enclaves the 1st chinese migrants settled down here back in the $850.00 s. and the recent increase in anti asian hate crimes is just the latest flare up in a long history of anti asian sentiment which is just as old as the migration from asia to the united states itself especially in times of national crisis like now during the pandemic americans of asian descent have repeatedly been made the scapegoat for their country's plight you are known as a warmers rep permanent or you can be here for many many generations and there's always an option because you know. where you are probably where you live right and
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then we. want to believe you so i think it's easy to. get victimized or what you want that you don't want in that's i don't like. the race. despite what she's experienced as to but also your son still considers the us her home she's been here for more than 20 years and she hasn't given up hope that things will one day get better if people who educate themselves they end up being more informed than the being kinder. helping them hatred against other races would eventually stop but for now many asian americans remain vigilant as every new attack further fans the fear among their community. spain is set to become one only the 6th country in the world to legalize euthanasia and
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assisted suicide the catholic church has opposed the move but according to polls the majority of spaniards approve of the right to die if a person is suffering gravely or is terminally ill. this is the bust of the man who fought for his right to die but i'm on some pedal and this is the woman who helped him get his wish. she risked imprisonment and only admitted her role after the statute of limitations ran out and i'm on became paralyzed from the neck down following an accident in 1988 when he dove into shallow water near his home and broke his neck it left him a bedridden quadriplegic he then fought an unsuccessful legal battle to be allowed to end his life with dignity so in 1998 ramona decided to help her friend die the story has been published in a book and made into an oscar winning spanish film the sea inside. he decided to end it and i was the person who told him that yes i would help and when
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the time came and not much more was needed i was helping him to do what he couldn't do i did it for him. she put a glass of water mixed with cyanide with a straw in front of ramon so he could sip it while a video camera recorded his final moments and his explanation for wanting to die come on steph that each $55.00 stirred a national debate over assisted suicide and fueled calls for it to be legalized and now that it's finally happening it may give peace of mind to others who are also facing a long debilitating demise 88 year old his was blasko said he wanted to end it all after he underwent throat cancer surgery for 5 months in hospital he was fed through a chub and doctors predicted a life without being able to eat or drink again he ignored their advice and began to eat but says he would reconsider euthanasia if his health worsened and if he is allowed under the new law. in his case if. it seems that they will only authorize
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euthanasia when the pain is unbearable and over 3 hour day. i ask myself in kebab who's going to measure whether my pain is unbearable or not me or no. priest and pop the pope the politicians you know critical can find the only one who will decide romona at least can have some satisfaction that euthanasia will now be allowed and that she was involved in bringing about the chancery spite for the long suffering. and then a pennant report by the catholic church has uncovered hundreds of allegations of child sex abuse in germany's largest diaries sees cologne the study found more than 300 victims going back to 1975 or more than half were under 14 on
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the investigation cleared colognes archbishop brian or maria belka well kate rather a breach of duty he's under pressure to resign accused of hushing up the allegations in this report that you're about to see we meet a victim who has spent years seeking justice. it can make a good. nation i remember sitting in a cell and the bathroom area next to the sleeping quarters overlooking the courtyard lick of of the enclosed i was crying to myself and calling for my mother or i was just 11. i kept crying i can't anyone hear me. you're my. home hurt me guy now carl how cool was a boarder at a catholic school where a priest abused him for years how could still haunted by terrible memories several years ago he felt so overwhelmed that he tried to kill himself it was only later
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that he realised that he wasn't alone what had happened to him had happened to others but the church state silent. on. the list of the 2 to instruct on arms a church is an institution that speaks and acts from a highly moral standpoint. sort of meeting wrongdoing like this is very difficult anyone can see that. but our accusation is that the burden of the church silence or falls on the victims. these are fresh of course in there but often a good time not just for your for for. how could any other survivors to cope earlier this year when the cologne archdiocese announced that it would publish a report naming those responsible for abuse but things turned out differently the archdiocese changed its mind it told the victims that the report was unreliable and
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poorly done survivors felt browbeaten into accepting that the finding stay secret door that. they needed us as a kind of seal of approval to justify this decision to suppress the results to use especially losses that were called for no g.p.s. and no one from the archdiocese wanted to go on camera to comment meanwhile feels traumatized all over again the suffering both physically and emotionally but often avoid annoyed or not mention the victims have been exploited once again people who were damaged in the past by priests have been damaged again to protect the institution or when i finally understood what was going on all the crimes that happened thanks then came back to me. to fort that i must start to see and much focus says that he's lost his faith and the church once and for all.
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the english football association is being blamed for failing to protect hundreds of young players from sexual abuse by coaches report identify significant shortcomings even after the governing body knew about the abuse dating back to the 1970 s. among those singled out top tier clubs like chelsea and manchester city. it was a former youth player at the football club crewe alexandra who put the spotlight on the sexual abuse of young players police reopened investigations and charges were filed but this was years decades after the fact. that a player was andy woodward who in 2016 inspired dozens and dozens of others to finally speak out as well that was the year attorney clive sheldon was commissioned to independently report on the f.a.a. the football association there was an institutional failing by the f.a.a.
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they acted for too slowly in developing their child protection of rangelands once they were aware of child protection being a problem within the school and they should have done more to keep children safe this man barry but now was among the predators he coached young people for clubs like crewe alexandra stoke and manchester city from the 1980 s. he's in prison now but wasn't banned from football after his 1st conviction and release from prison it took until former players like andy woodward spoke out against him the football association and clubs from the lowest tier to the top have since then worked to make amends and protect the youth. we have to hold hands up and apologize for the mistakes of the posse make sure we don't repeat them but that's not to say that football is not an unsafe environment today it is some abuse victims say the report on the football association could have been stronger in tone but the f.a. will be watched at every step by those who suffered over the years. you're
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watching it every news coming up next in the news asia the u.s. and south korea insist they will stop the north's nuclear weapons program that pyongyang refuses to talk and that a whole lot more coming up in just a moment indeed every news asia with russia barrichello is watching.
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are trying always to understand this new culture. are not even written i think yes you want to become citizens. in full migrants your platform for reliable information. this is the darfur news asia coming up to the north korea's nuclear weapons program in focus. the u.s. and south korea say they want to result north korea's nuclear and ballistic missile issues but with north through the other through center talk what denuclearization is there. for answers plus. another massage minister's comments followed by another high profile resignation to talk your little pigs creative chief resigns after making derogatory comments about a female comedian he's the 2nd official to resign from the think offensive comments
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towards women. i'm british manager welcome to news asia that you could join us north korea has accused the united states of adopting a neurotic theory towards it with rhetoric about complete denuclearization the country's 1st vice foreign minister joel song. we said that was the reason it would ignore any overtures from the us or negotiations has statement comes as u.s. secretary of state antony blinken and defense secretary lloyd austin met their opposite numbers in seoul and discussed north korea's nuclear weapons program they can also called for china to use its economic leverage do with the country to quote convince north korea to pursue do you need. i'll be speaking to an expert in seoul about the visit but 1st this report south korea's president meets the u.s.
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secretary of state and the pentagon chief during their asian tour. the diplomats are the 1st members of the new u.s. administration to make foreign visits and their stop and so has a clear focus postering and united front against nuclear armed north korea we are committed to the differentiation through reducing the broader threat that if you're a key part of the united states our allies and improving the lives of all koreans including the people of north korea the high profile visit comes as the north says it will ignore any u.s. attempts at dialogue on state media casey and officials playing to washington's purported push to intensify sanctions and recent u.s. south korean military drills those hit a nerve in north korea prompting the leaders influential sister kim your junk to one the u.s. new administration against further provocations if it wants to quote sleep in peace
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for the next 4 years. one country that could possibly change pyongyang stance china washington says the north's closest ally has a critical role to play. because it has an interest. a clear self-interest and helping to pursue the denuclearization of. b.t.r. came because it is a source of instability it's a source of a lot of danger and obviously a threat. to our 2 us and our partners partners like south korea agree the ties between china and the us haven't been agreeable for some time. for the u.s. faced with increasing challenges in the pacific reaffirming alliances at a time of uncertainty seem to be even more indispensable. and for more on this visit i'm joined by dr young he's a research fellow at the youngster institute for north korean studies and joins me
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from seoul provides a bong secretaries blinken and austin began their asia tour in japan determined to shore up u.s. alliances in the region what did south korea want from their visit and did it get it. or software and government have to meet your goals to share in this 2 plus 2 meaning which is a 1st time in 5 years with the united states one is the us promise to precipitate a process to transfer the one time operational control the 2nd one is to give south korean government kind of were breathing spell or leadership role to engage north korea including some kind of partial relief of chronicling sanctions on north korea but south korean government did not care instead south korean government get some support from the united states in terms of not including not include anything that
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would be considered too provocative whether to china and north korea 2 words are missing in the joint statement between south korea and the united states compeer to the joint statement are signed by japan and the united states which are the words china and the word completely nucleation on those korean and that is something that i did want to speak to you about specially on the issue of complete denuclearization now the joint statement to did refer to the north korean nuclear missile and ballistic program but secretary blinken in the lead up to the meeting the 2 plus 2 meeting kept talking about denuclearization of north korea whether the south koreans have been using the freezing denuclearization of the korean peninsula i'm just wondering if you think this is a significant difference and it potentially indicates a difference of opinion between the americans and south koreans. actually the
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very question was raised by one of the reporters during the press conference after the 2 plus the meeting and the foreign minister of south korea mr chong yong try to explain that based up under 991 you know agreement basic agreement signed between the 2 governments of the north korean south korea that the term denuclearization on the korean peninsula is equivalent to the denuclearization of north korea because south korea maintains no nuclear weapons at all but that does not really satisfy the united states size so secretary plink can to create opportunity is outside yet all visual time of the 2 plus the meeting or there are signs the wording of the joint statement to pinpoint the word that we want complete the nuclear genially nation of north korea now whatever the wording the american side as you correctly
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point out demands consistent in its demand that north korea abandon its nuclear weapons completely complete do nuclearization while north korea isn't hearing any of it given these differences and the reality of north korea's nuclear arsenal do you think it is time to potentially drop the demand for complete denuclearization. well that's a no for human sources day by the south korean government who prefers to be far more pragmatic in terms of engaging with north korea the argument is that the more pressure the united states and other countries put on north korea the more strongly or test north korean regime remain to its own nuclear warheads or an interplanetary missile so we have to relax the existing coming sanctions and demand of complete unverifiable in collegian of north korea which in his career we got as a basically unconditional surrender which is now said to bill to the king john
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regime of north korea but united states he says that it is time for pressure and in the joint statement to south korea and they know so great that it is very important to continuously carry out all that you just economic sanctions especially the united nations security council resolutions on north korea we have about a minute left professor what i wonder what the majority of you insult could hear is how do south koreans view american involvement over the north korean nuclear issue well our current. security situation he specially for the past 4 years hard during the trumpet administration has been quite welcomed by south korea public because south korea doesn't want to be sandwiched between you know hostile north korea an aggressive united states and south korean public doesn't want to be sandwiched bt in the middle of the china u.s.
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rivalry order of competition so south korean public wants to have a was to keep their rice trading balance between the great powers and integrate relations we'll say young should born from the young institute for north korean studies pleasure talking to you and thank you so much for joining us you're very welcome. data today secretary blinken will be in alaska where he a national security advisor jake sullivan need to china's foreign minister whiny and communist party foton affairs chief yang jiechi it's the 1st high profile meeting between the 2 sides since joe biden became u.s. president but ahead of the meeting chinese ambassador to the united states so we 10 k. summed up the chinese you off us diplomatic engagement in the in depends if it were you know it. i think most countries in the world including some american allies in
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asia actually have several questions in their hearts. the 1st one is can the united states really play the role of a responsible stakeholder in international affairs. second is the united states really ready to return to multilateral cooperation and make it to do contribution. another question is the united states really prepared to show due respect for the interests of other countries and listen to their voices. i think these problems exist in the hearts of most countries in the world including the allies of the united states however some countries do not openly say that i hope the u.s. side can understand the concerns of everyone. that i got thank you. well it
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certainly is a chinese concern oughtn't to model. on whether this was addressed at the u.s. china meeting in alaska. the creative head of the tokyo and big games has resigned after he made an offensive comment about a female comedian hiroshi saki to entertain and now. to a pig during a group planning staff members his resignation is the 2nd high profile after organizing committee president your sheetal mori stepped down also for making sexist comments about women. we've just 4 months to go until the opening ceremony the tokyo games have once more been overshadowed by insensitive remarks made towards women this time it was creative director he rushed he says psaki who suggested to a planning group that niamey want to not be could perform as
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a quote elim pig later apologizing and offering his resignation what a nobby is due to perform in the opening ceremony the entertainer has challenge body image norms in japanese media. just last month your ciro mori stepped down from his role as president of the tokyo 2020 organizing committee after he among other things claimed women talk too much the committee then set up a gender equality team and the former prime minister was replaced by athlete turned politician seiko hashimoto who now has to find a new director for the opening and closing ceremonies. i saw the headlines and was really shocked that his remarks were inappropriate and it is very regrettable that. as the committee has been emphasizing gender equality as one of its most important policies we have decided to accept sakis resignation.
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insisted the resignation would not derail olympic preparations the tokyo games have revealed deep rooted issues surrounding gender stereotypes in japanese society. of. the fight against the corona virus pandemic. has the rate of infection developing. information and contacts. official estimates more than 1.2.
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to visit friends i don't think i'd ever go back there to live you know what i live there again i don't know so i'm not sure. bearing witness global news that matters to. minds. when it comes to vaccinating israel is the world champion. no other country has an ocular had more of its people. life can be good once you've got the jap it's. a different story in the israeli occupied palestinian territories the 1st donor shipments have only just arrived from contacts. and infection rates are especially high in the foreign densely populated parts of the west bank and gaza.
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like anywhere in the world this get this is a one official says thousands of gazans have failed to turn up for their vaccine prefer him to wait and see the palestinian laborers who work in israel have been getting a job as the used to your credit reports. the facts a nation center at an israeli checkpoint between the west bank town of bethlehem and jerusalem here only palestinians are holding a permit to work in israel or in settlements are vaccinated by israeli authorities . 50 i think the show has a young person and a palestinian i can take the vaccine but at the same time i think of my father and mother who didn't get it yet i'll feel better when all of my family members have been vaccinated. and about. israel ams to vaccinate about 100000 workers who cross over from the occupied west bank to israel every day the country has faced criticism abroad and at home for not providing vaccines to more of the palestinian population. i'm sure i said maybe not
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this israel's in. it is clear in order to open the economy and return to normal we need everyone who is moving around inside israeli borders to be vaccinated and safe . but in the israeli occupied west bank ordinary people are still waiting for a broader vaccination rollout and ramallah nurse each off as only a few miles could minister to her fellow medical colleagues the mcgurn of vaccines were part of a one time delivery by israel a small amount but still seen as a relief for those having to deal closely with patients. and if. we as doctors and nurses are on the front line i hope that everybody will get vaccinated like this means that we will be protected and have the capability to move on and fight the disease we have a lot of the palestinian authority has received 62000 coronavirus vaccine doses
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through the w h o's kovacs program providing jobs for lower income countries in february 10000 doses of the sputnik vaccine arrived from the russian government however the palestinian authority has come under criticism for the delay in starting a wider vaccination drive. the situation is deteriorating in palestine but also as in several countries around the world as a result of the late arrival of the vaccines the discrepancy in administering the vaccines does not bode well and bringing the end of the pandemic any closer. to. 2000 doses of the sputnik vaccines were sent from ramallah to the hamas controlled gaza strip after israel approved the transfer the blockaded territory also received about 60000 vaccine doses from the united arab emirates for a population of 2000000 and its crucial infection rates in the west bank have
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soared in recent weeks in this private hospital on the outskirts of ramallah * medical staff have seen a sharp influx of serious covered 1000 cases attributed to virus variants. in the. days ago the corona ward was hot and we were at that department suddenly the numbers started to increase huge numbers started coming to the hospital. restrictions were tightened once again in the west bank recently a curfew on weekends and night was already in place to curb the pandemic while the wait for more vaccines continues. palestinian and senior analyst. just how is the situation for palestinians right now. the situation in the west bank and gaza is really really really dire and sections are increasing every day in their thousands the hospitals really are
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a full capacity and on really able to take any more patients and and so there is a lockdown in an attempt to confront the star situation but what's even more tragic is that even though there is a slope down and everything is closed palestinians are without what they're without possibility of running money being able to pay for basic food and rent or on any sort of social security measures in place so the situation really is as dire as it's been reported i guess that makes it even more important that these vaccines get through to the palestinians what is the problem in your opinion. yeah and so whilst all health systems around the world are struggling you know palestine isn't necessarily an exception in that case what has to be remembered is that the west bank and gaza confronting the pandemic from a reality of israeli military occupation and this has completely weakened the
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ability of the palestinian authorities in the west bank and gaza to respond effectively to the virus and i think it's very important that the context of of minutes iraq patient is is understood what's happened over the decades is that israel has deliberately disrupted palestinian medical capabilities meaning that they don't even meet the basic standards this includes you know tight restrictions on imports meaning that there is a constant shortage in equipment in medications in gaza for example gaza constantly operates up 0 stock meaning that there's less than a month's supply and in addition to that israel places severe restrictions on palestinians so even if they cannot receive medical care within the west bengal gaza and they want to receive medical care elsewhere they really are at the mercy of the israelis regime as to whether they receive permits so this context prepared demick was already incredibly challenging and so you can see that the the added
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disaster of coves it has only made that situation a 100 times worse your what about the palestinian authority taking responsibility for vaccinating its people. so the posting authority is not a representative body it was created after the also because really as a service provider as an interim government in waiting for a palestinian state a palestinian state has never come to fruition and so it's this is it's a sort of a limbo body and they've really not been able to deal with a pandemic effectively not only because of the israeli occupation because but because they completely do not have the resources to do so they are totally out of money they are dealing with an already depleted health care system and so really what they have the strategies that they've been putting in place is on an off lock downs and hoping you know the vaccine will come soon and it hasn't will to
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talking about resources and the vaccine we have seen this week for shipment of comebacks vaccines how significant is that. yes over the last few days there has been this reports of this kovacs shipment coming in. but you know it's a very very small batch it's only about i think about 64000 doses and we're talking with talking about a population of 5000000 so it's really really my new we've had more reports there are supposed to be at least another $100000.00 coming across from china but this is just really these are really to bits for a very very vulnerable population and there is a very stark reality going on that whilst the palestinian population isn't being vaccinated and that the israeli population is now over 50 percent vaccinated
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will israel backtracked on those plans to sell so it's less vaccine abroad what what are things looking like now what's the way ahead do you think. i think the way ahead the only way ahead is for israel to provide the vaccine to the people they occupies the palestinian people and i think the international community has to place a huge amount of pressure on israel to fulfill those obligations because at the end of the day there isn't any way a border between israel and palestine israel subsumes palestine occupies palestine there isn't a border and the virus doesn't recognize the border so at the very least it's in israel's own interests to vaccinate the palestinian population there are worry thank you very much for being on the show today a senior analyst at the palestinian policy network. thank you for having me. and it's that part of the show when derek williams answers your questions on the
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coronavirus. how likely you to catch david 1000 outside for example from someone running by. for me one of the most striking aspects of this pandemic is the amount of research that's gone into trying to answer seemingly simple questions like this which turn out to actually be pretty incredibly complex i mean who would have guessed even a year ago that we have gotten so obsessed with the highly abstract world of parasol distribution physics both in enclosed rooms and outside back to the question though we we now know that while it certainly might be possible to catch covert 19 outdoors it's much much less likely that it is indoors in poorly ventilated spaces where people spend extended periods of time that's because unlike outdoors the air missiles accumulate in an enclosed spaces and increase the chance
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that you might inhale enough of what an infected person has exhaled to catch the disease so though that's an amount i'd like to know by the way that we we still don't know with any certainty and general the consensus seems to be that in addition to the indoors outdoors aspect of the equation and the other factors that play major roles in infection are how long exposure lasts how close an infected person comes to you and the amount of time that you're around them the governor h.-o. only recommends 6 in outdoor settings where physical distancing can be maintained by crowds and not for people doing. intense physical activity that's
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because pretty much all the indicators point to the conclusion that the jogger panting by you in the park just doesn't really present that big of a risk. thanks for watching stay safe and see you again.
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see i'm getting vaccinated. elderly caretaker christina read reports uses online videos to encourage people to get vaccinated and. due to fake news on social media many belgian care workers are refusing corona vaccines. can the fight against the virus be one online. focus on your. in 30 minutes on d w. a
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this is your news live from berlin the moment of truth approaches european regulators are set to rule on whether astra zeneca corona virus vaccine is safe to use a favorable outcome could speed up the use troubled inoculation rollout also coming up against soldiers flying between washington and moscow out. though vladimir putin you think is a killer.


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