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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  March 19, 2021 9:00am-9:30am CET

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this is d.w. news live from berlin and tempers flare at a meeting between the united states and china the 2 sides clash at their 1st get together since president joe biden took office the u.s. calls beijing a threat to global stability china accuses the u.s. the property also please be safe and effective vaccine expended fit in protecting people from covert 19 with the. deputy post to life a shoot out wait for the past to build risks. several european countries plan to
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start vaccinating astra zeneca again now governments face the challenge of restoring public confidence in the backseat. as protests continue in myanmar we look at how the country's military leaders are trying to prevent the rest of the world from seen what is going on. and these chimpanzees in the czech republic were getting bored and lonely during the pandemic now those who was found in an unusual way of sharing the money. i. was gonna get to have you with us top u.s. and chinese officials have met face to face for the 1st time since president joe biden took office the customary diplomatic pleasantries were quickly thrown aside the 2 powers launched into scathing indictments calling each side's national character into question among the issues brought up in the. alaska meetings were
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human rights record of our spend on mic and china's military buildup in the south china sea and from the very start us secretary of state anthony blinken wasted no time in calling out the chinese delegation will also discuss our deep concerns with actions by china including actions wrong hong kong taiwan cyber attacks on the united states economic coercion toward our allies each of these actions threaten the rules based order that maintains local stability that's why they're not merely internal matters and why we feel an obligation to raise these issues here today but china wasn't having any of it chinese communist party foreign affairs chief yang g.h.a. fired back by questioning america status as a leader on the global stage. when talking about universal values or international public opinion on the part of the united states we hope the u.s.
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side will think about whether it feels reassured saying those things because the us does not represent the world it only represents the government of the united states . or adults get more on this need and now we have just the berlin with us she's a us political analyst based here in germany and we also have correspondent 5 encroachment in beijing welcome to you both jessica let's start with you this wasn't exactly a promising start in this 1st face to face meeting was it. no sumi not at all the biting ministration has really come out swinging here and as you said the chinese are having none of it i would say that this was not an accident we might call it and in a suspicious start but i think the by did ministration is trying to redraw the lines and really show china that america is back is aiming to lead and is going to reset this relationship starting from day one right fabien let's come to you as we said there has been strong pushback here from china so what do you think this tells
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us about beijing's view on this relationship well beijing perceives perceives itself as a rising global power. i found it quite interesting they don't only counter the text by the u.s. but they were left out really pretty aggressively for example. sure the top diplomats criticize the u.s. human rights record of the u.s. that's pretty new and it was really very aggressive see it as a paradigm shift they. want to be also self-sufficient independent from which government the u.s. is right now governing they sink in much longer terms they recently published a 5 year plan which basically says we want to be as independent from geopolitical tensions from sanctions as possible jessica you said that the by an administration is looking to redraw the lines here so what did this meeting tell us about how the administration is going to approach dealing with china moving forward. yes this
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aggressive aggressive statement was also to show china that they know they're watching and they're drawing the line looking at 2 major topics taiwan and north korea right now what's happening in what already happens in hong kong territorial disputes in the south china seas the united states for 4 years during the trumpet ministration has let these issues go out of control and china was able to really reassert itself and gain confidence and stature as a regional power but of course as falcon mentioned china sees itself as a global power on equal footing with the united states and that's really where china is standing up and saying hey takes one to know one by an administration if you can use your economic power and military might throughout the world to advance your interests why have you get to then also tell us not to so really it's an
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investigating exchange the likes of which we have not seen probably ever to really see these 2 global powers face to face calling each other out very populous come back to you in beijing now given that situation with these 2 rival powers facing off here how much cooperation do you think is going to be possible between the u.s. and china. i think not much i mean politically they're drifting apart as much as ever economically. only i see conflicts for example the u.s. accuses china of cyprus of unfair economic practices the list is endless but this one big topic where they actually share common interests and that's the thing of climate change i mean and i remember the policies. yeah i think those 2 big countries they are the biggest polluters they can come together on the table and create some environmental policy i mean at least something that's not so sense that
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so they can work together they share common interests on that field all right so there is some common ground there jessica do you think we're starting to see a biden doctrine take shape here. yes so it's been an interesting week in the biden state departments between president biden calling out president putin of russia as a killer now this exchange with secretary blinken and the chinese delegation well it's certainly even within these 1st 100 days too soon to call it a biden doctrine i might call it a corn pop doctrine where joe biden is well known as not abiding bullies and he is going after and calling out the bullies that he sees a quote unquote on the global playground however this could turn out to be a difficult difficult position to hold onto in the long term because let's also remember the by an administration very recently had an opportunity to call out
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saudi arabia and to sanction leading members of the saudi government and b.s. for the show he killings and this of course did not happen so is the biden ministration is the corn pop doctrine going to only go after bullies when it's in the interest of united states and if so is that any difference to how u.s. foreign policy has always operated so it's been a very very interesting couple of weeks in what is sure to be a very eventful year in this phase ok if it's going to be an eventful year in the space fabienne one more question for you in beijing what is the biggest priority for china in this relationship with the u.s. . i think i mean trump. implement a lot of tariffs on chinese goods i think that china is mostly concerned on all the restrictions also for technological imports for example semiconductors i think they want to get rid of the terrorists but i don't see that happening any time soon very
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interesting course one of 5 in question are there in beijing jessica berlin here in germany thank you both very much. thank you. let's take a look now at some other headlines from around the world a canadian business man accused of espionage has gone on trial in china michael spann for ciena here in 24 team who eating n.b.a. star dennis rodman has spent over 2 years in custody canadian diplomats say they were not permitted to attend the opening of the trial they call the charges politically motivated. demonstrators have rallied in the u.s. city of atlanta to show solidarity with the asian american community this after a gunman killed 8 people including 6 women of asian descent in shootings believed to have been at least partially motivated by racism many u.s. cities are stepping up their police presence in areas with large asian american populations. surging covert infections of force some of france's most populous
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areas into a limited lockdown starting this weekend paris in the north of france have been the worst affected in the country's 3rd ways france recorded nearly 40000 new cases on thursday the government has ordered stores to close for a month. germany france and several other european union countries say they are resuming astra zeneca vaccinations after the european medicines agency may said the vaccine is safe and effective after reviewing the e m a concluded that the vaccine was not associated with an overall increase in the risk of blood clots more than a dozen european countries had suspended astra zeneca vaccinations after some recipients developed clots. and here in germany the government and public health authorities have been under fire now for weeks over the sluggish vaccination rollout less than one in 10 people in germany has received the 1st dose of the vaccine and some say the delays are damaging germany's reputation for efficiency. a
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widespread sigh of relief after the european medicines agency the clear the astra zeneca vaccine safe and effective german health minister yen spahn called it good news and then ounce the country would be resuming vaccinations with astra zeneca. this is our joint goal of the federal government and all 16 states is to start vaccinating again in germany with astra zeneca during the course of the day and begun and we haven't come sponsors of the e m a's assessment confirms that the german government was right to press pause on astra zeneca vaccines and await the outcome of the agency's investigations doctors will now have to inform patients about the possibility of rare blood clotting disorder has said the head of germany's institute for vaccines this week. that committee has found that the risk to benefit ratio is still favorable and therefore
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vaccinations can continue. and then vote on however there will be a warning and it is important to us that it is a warning that draws attention to the far to consider symptoms that can occur in very rare case. the s resent it is essential for the success of germany's vaccination plan the rollout has so far been sluggish especially compared to countries such as israel and the u.k. only 3.7 percent of germany's population has been fully vaccinated and the around 8.4 percent has received a 1st shot. the government's strategy relies on the uptake of astra zeneca deliveries expected over the next few months up to almost $17000000.00 doses in the 2nd quarter of the year germany also wants to start vaccinating in doctors' offices by mid april a plan that is highly reliant on the astra zeneca shot being available the government will now also have to work to ensure that germans don't lose trust in
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the safety of the resent vaccine a loss in trust could endanger chancellor angela merkel's pledge to have given all adults in germany the chance to get vaccinated by the end of summer. but germany has faced criticism for being slow to vaccinate even before the astra zeneca shot was paused to be used chief international editor richard walker spoke with foreign minister says it is crucial to get more people vaccinated quickly. because it's important that we step off the pace of vaccinations are over the next few weeks because otherwise the trust relation. that's the most important point for me. of course we would have hoped by now to have vaccinated many more people in germany but in april and may well have such large amounts of that scene that the numbers will go up significantly. it's also crucial to fight
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the pandemic in order to make sure that the hospitals don't get so full of intensive care patients that they can treat everyone. with no illusions that the problems that have arisen the mistakes that were made have of course have a constant impact on public confidence in governments. in germany but also in other countries across the european union or your. interest. in that case do you see the e.u. is ultimately responsible for the mistakes that were made during the bachelor and don't feel like i'm off won't it because i live i think everyone knows that mistakes have been made at every level. it's a process that we hadn't been through before i hope that we never ever end up in another situation like we had last year all over the world and of course especially in europe. so yes mistakes were made at every level
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european national right down to the regions of individual member states and we all have to do everything we can to make clear that we have learned from our mistakes. let's bring in our political correspondent thomas sparrow now good morning tom as we hear the foreign minister there saying germany has to vaccinate quickly yet if we look at what happened with the astra zeneca shot that it was suspended and then we had stated how difficult do you think it will be to restore confidence in this vaccine. it will certainly be very difficult to restore confidence not only in that specific back vaccine but also in germany's overall vaccination program which as you mentioned sumi has been very slow indeed one element with which authorities hope to regain at least part of the trustees by presenting more information about possible side effects to those who will be receiving the astra zeneca vaccine
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a 2nd element and i think this is particularly important is by making that vaccine available to g.p.'s to family doctors who can then administer it to it to their own patients you know the family doctors have already a relationship of trust with their patients there's a long standing relationship there so that's in my opinion where the key can be to actually restore trust not only on that specific vaccine the astra zeneca lexeme but in general about germany's vaccination program it is expected that leaders both at the federal level and at the regional level will discuss the exact details of how to make it possible for g.p.'s and family doctors to actually administer those astra zeneca vaccines and other vaccines as well as part of this idea to speed up germany's vaccination program thomas there is a vaccine summit taking place today put this into context for us i mean how big a setback is this entire affair around astra zeneca to the overall world here in germany. well fortunately for german officials it wasn't
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a very long setback it wasn't a very long holt and this is certainly something that will be positive when it comes to the overall development of germany's vaccine rollout but it is indeed a setback it is indeed a problem already german officials have stressed how they plan to move forward specifically in the next few days by for example making sure that people who have appointments can actually go to those appointments today and those who had appointments in the last few days which had to be canceled because of the hold that those appointments can then be followed in the next few days or in the next few weeks again the important element here is that that hold that temporary hold was actually a very short one but it is a question as to what it means for the overall promise that german authorities have made the overall promise of german chancellor angela merkel has stressed that every german adult will receive an offer to get vaccination by the end of the summer so in the next 6 months and astra zeneca as i hope i've already pointed out plays
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a very important role in this overall development and in this very important promise that the german chancellor has made in our political correspondent thomas sparrow thank you so much. but let's take a look now at some other developments in the pandemic infections in india have had a 3 men month high driven by a spike in the state of my roster and its capital number i mexico is restricting non-essential travel across its borders with the least to curb the spread of the virus and russia sputnik the vaccine has been approved for use in the philippines which is battling a surge in cases. now the military in me and maher has waged a brutal campaign of repression since it seized power last month its crackdown on dissent has ensnared protesters and the media the united nations says at least 5 local news outlets have been shut down and 37 journalists have been arrested kase on the way here is just one of the many local reporters and editors taken into
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custody sometimes under threat of death foreign and western press workers have also been targets such as 10 zol here and associated press photographer now in so it's believed that many are being held in send prison awaiting trial the facility near me in mars largest city young gone is notorious for human rights abuses jailed reporters face 3 year sentences on charges of spreading false information the one to has so far ignored calls to release them let's take a look now at what journalists face as they try to give us a fuller picture of what is going on and me and mark. these police offices in young gone charging off to anti military demonstrators and a journalist tanking photos of middle several police around tens or as he tries to get away one puts him in a china cold he's then handcuffed and dragged off this happened in late february 10 zones pictures were to be sent to his employer the global news agency i paid
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outlets like g.w. then by abuse material so journalists like him are critical for international media to be able to report on the young mom insisted teens or is now behind bars. he and a growing number of journalists and media workers in myanmar and facing up to 3 years in jail under vague charges of violating a public order law. or what they wanted but that there was tens or was a wrist and while he was performing his work according to the video recording and pictures published in the news he was arrested while doing his job this is not related at all to the public order law he has been charged but that's what they are accusing him of. the one of them is why. it's estimated that over 200 people have been killed in myanmar in a brutal crackdown on largely peaceful protests since the military's takeover on february the 1st getting information is becoming trickier to the military
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regularly shuts the internet down and it's blocked some social media sites it's also withdrawn the licenses of 5 major media outlets no one is safe and the military especially these days you know at the nighttime they are a good way then no media. and media buys in it that's where one of my daughters got raided at that time at his house i'm already there we've. cracked out our independence mean. there will be no no more press freedom. a decade after the end of the hoon to in myanmar the military is back in charge it's a major setback for press freedom and for journalists on the ground it means facing censorship threats and intimidation once again. earlier i spoke to tintin young the managing director of the burma news international media group i asked her
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how dangerous she considers reporting to be and we in mar right now right now is like s.s. to information is one of the most risky and dangerous situation. for the media reporters this times everywhere and. everyone in the interest and that there and that's and that's and media kind of caught the crisis around the country and many of them are already arrested and many more are stepped back at it even now we just got the news from the new man now that you know $22.00 more reporters arrested at one is from the missing map b.d.'s group which is one of our b.m.i. members and i was another one is from b.b.c. so that they were arrested and in it you know so that was in my is one of the media independent media there was then the publishing rights by the by the state coup
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so so since it is like i had very much to get into all of the media groups those would be by devices of the people and those are doing a lot in light streaming stuff the crackdown and most patients so it is very very dangerous situation. or it sports now and the story of an italian volleyball player who sparked a firestorm of outrage in italy she lost her job for getting pregnant the dismissal struck a nerve for female athletes in italy partly because it was within the law someone needed to ignite a spark volleyball athlete lara louis was that someone it took her about 2 years after the fact though the fact that she was let go for being pregnant. on international women's day earlier this month lilly announced that when she asked then sued for her last paycheck on a $24000.00 a year contract the club countered saying the pregnant player it had dismissed
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ruined the season and cost money and sponsors. i'm shocked by what's happened it's been a few days since i received this document i waited a while to make the story known because it's personal stuff but then i thought it was important for everyone for myself above all. what's important to is that literally actually knew that when she got pregnant she get dumped by her club most female athletes in italy sign club deals with a clause that allows the clubs to dismiss them if they get pregnant. again i believe this is a very serious matter and it's time the situation a tele an athlete live in must be taken seriously. a month after she was dismissed lily's pregnancy ended in a miscarriage she's now retired but her story has gained traction picked up by traditional and social media momentum building laura luly hopes for radical change
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well beyond volleyball perhaps well beyond sport in italy. now across the world have been closed to visitors because of the pandemic and with no humans around some animals have actually started to get bored zookeepers in the czech republic came up with a novel idea to keep their curious chimpanzees entertained and 2. things were getting a bit slow for the local chimpanzees at the safari park divorce in the north of the czech republic. zoo staff set up the online streaming service with another zoo located in about 170 kilometers away. that is the project that was created here is one of the elements of how to extend enrichment for these animals to offer them a greater source of entertainment and keep them occupied.
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large screens were set up at both gardens of the chimps at the 2 locations in darfur carlow bay and bruno connecting the 2 groups of chimpanzees now both groups spend a lot of time watching each other see. that tended to float about they started watching it just like we watch t.v. or when we were in the cinema even with the same behavior with the details they sit in front of the screen take some goodies nuts or something like that they sit down and really watch it like people at the movies the similarity there is obvious. the streaming service might not make up for the lack of crowds but at least it keeps the primates out of monkey business. to. its. let's get a reminder now of our top story. diplomats from the u.s.
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and china have traded barbs at their 1st meeting since president took office the u.s. called beijing a threat to global stability. i'm not accusing us of apostasy. coming up next our globalization show global 3000 looks at the resurgence of the taliban in afghanistan stay chipped.
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in amman 70 percent of its forests have been cut down for economic reasons. the 1000000000 army man is fighting this way with an economic. blow her vision of planting the rain forests and using them to generate income for those seeds are growing comparable to him a chance to climate change. 3000. next.
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come to australia paradise torres strait islands. it's an idyllic life for the few 1000 people. who lives here on the vast expanses of the dream islands from the flood of tourists. the only downside it's impossible to get around without a boat. in 45 minutes on d w. by 2050 more than half the world will be living with limited water resources we haven't had to think about our water or worry about. i think that era is over this is the crisis of our time it's a financial product like any other financial we live in
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a competitive world is just cold it's cold it's blue cold water used to be free but the way to change the most important commodity jumpers. b.c.c. . water sitting or commodity starts march 22nd on d w. welcome to global 3000. this week we had to panama to find out how the tropical timber trade can actually protect the rain forests. in south africa.


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