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tv   Australiens unbekanntes Paradies  Deutsche Welle  March 19, 2021 3:15pm-3:59pm CET

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he suffers from chronic muscle weakness so he has to be artificially ventilated when he sleeps his mother looks after him around the clock every night is the night shift she tells us. so how is it sleeping with the ventilator is that all right. and mostly it's difficult for him to fall asleep if he gets to sleep then it's not a problem. for the past year felix has taken all of his classes online his parents would like to have been vaccinated so he can go back to school once the lockdown is eased it would be a so-called off label vaccination because the vaccine has not been approved for children but says they can't find any support for that either. as give me one day there's no one out there who says please contact us now we will take care of it for
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you you have been in the safe my dear hunt. and he also hopes that the needs of people with disabilities be put in focus. around her i hope this interview will make us be more visible to everyone. who treated. until that happens the family will continue their struggle. germany is honoring. a sigh and as slim to richie the founders of violent tick a pharmaceutical company based in mines that developed the 1st ever vaccine against covert 19 the couple were presented the order of merit by german president frank while fish die my at a ceremony at the presidential palace bellevue palace it's one of the highest honors conferred by the state and the 1st prize to be awarded by the german president in person this year. in his speech praise science and to retching for
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their far sightedness and called for the development of the vaccine that is now being used around the world a great service to humanity. come because you recognized the possibility before it was apparent and developed the desperately needed vaccine with nothing less than the speed of light viewed the english realities and spoke gently we know of the weight this protection against infection in decent. groundbreaking discovery is saving lives in life the hoods. it's ensuring our social economic and cultural survival. in germany has all of the scientists who won the race to develop the world's 1st covert 19 vax same the married founders of the drug makers biotech have been awarded the order of merit germany's president says the couple made a groundbreaking discovery which is saving lives. there the dream team behind the
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biotech success story as lem to the chief and. physicians immunologists pioneer us here at their company's headquarters in minds they've been working on the next generation cancer treatment for more than a decade using m r n 8 knowledge. that was until news from china emerged about doctors discovering a mysterious new virus spreading rapidly in the city of han at 1st the world didn't pay much attention to design and did. i still remember the day we were having breakfast on january 24th when we made the decision that we needed to get started. we diverted all of our resources into developing a vaccine. and the whole company and all of our partners behind.
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those indeed. so even before the world health organization issued its 1st major warning the biotech team started working around the clock less than a year later they haven't seen was approved in many countries around the world. it's an achievement that's won them praise from the highest levels. didn't make the story and the german government extremely proud to have such scientists here in our country. isn't over the past year the couple are fed a huge amount of media attention many outlets focused on their turkish heritage or portray them as scientific superheroes but. never bask in the glory. we have scientists and and super hero it just means that that the science that we did is important but we were not alone developing the science so i think the whole
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scientific community is a superhero like the rest of the world both are now looking forward to the time when the pandemic is over and they can return to normal life for truancy and in that means getting back to work on their original mission developing that new treatment for cancer. reports from man mass a security forces have shot dead 8 people during a confrontation with opponents of the military coup. local news outlet man man now says police in the central town of only open fire as they moved in to clear protesters barricades this is mobile phone footage from the say way of people were also wounded news outlets said protesters were back out on the streets around the country including in the largest city in yangon. or.
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in manama the party of the ousted leader aung san suu chase says its principal spokesman has been detained by the military regime more than 200 people are known to have been killed as security forces crack down on opponents of last month's. local media outlets say they're increasingly being targeted by all thora taste and want to stop world the world from witnessing the rip. question in manama. these police offices in yang gone charging after anti military demonstrators and a journalist tanking photos of it all several police around ten's or as he tries to get away one puts him in a charge called he's then handcuffed and dragged off this happened in late february tens all the pictures were to be sent to his employer the global news agency a.p. outlets like a d w then by this material so journalists like him are critical for international media to be able to report on me and my instead tens or is now behind bars he and
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a growing number of journalists and media workers in myanmar and facing up to 3 years in jail under vague charges of violating a public order law. or one of the. tens or was arrested while he was performing his work according to the video recording and pictures published in the news he was arrested while doing his job this is not related at all to the public order law he has been charged with but that's what they are accusing him off at the end of the one on one of them as italy. it's estimated that over 200 people have been killed in myanmar in a brutal crackdown on largely peaceful protests since the military's takeover on february the 1st getting information is becoming trickier to the military regularly shuts the internet down and it's blocked some social media sites it's
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also withdrawn the licenses of 5 major media outlets. no one is safe and the military government especially these days you know at the nighttime the reagan no media. and media buzz and that's where one of my genitals got right at that time at his house already prepared that there. are indeed ben as me. there will be no no more press freedom. a decade after the end of the one to in myanmar the military is back in charge it's a major setback for press freedom and for journalists on the ground it means facing censorship threats and intimidation once again i'm now joined by. the executive director of the international press institute the i.p.i. in vienna thanks so much for joining us how dangerous would you describe the situation for journalists in myanmar right now. it's extremely dangerous jointly
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some we receive reports of joint is being arrested all the time and many are being also held in prison for extended sentences. and additionally to that you know joint talese are out in the field trying to convert a protest which is per se already very dangerous because there is a lot of violence going on and and recently they have also been facing exactly the risk of being targeted by the police specifically just recently just today a b.b.c. burmese service jaunt to this. dura was taken away by these supposed by militant the military forces but the fact that we don't know his whereabouts so it is extremely dangerous to be a journalist these days in today in our as well as of course the individual journalist being attacked 5 local news outlets have had their licenses revoked and
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where already having to rely on mobile phone footage of incidents like today's shooting now we heading towards a news blackout in which the mount military can operate with impunity. well we are definitely getting the year i mean at the beginning when i write off the big who are on the 1st of february the media wasn't targeted so brutally from the beginning on but recently what has happened in the past week or 10 days has been the increased targeting of new independent news art that specifically to date although there is no single news outlet to that hasn't been banned or so there is this impossible today by story there is no single independent news out there that hasn't been banned these impossible to buy an independent newspaper in myanmar of course they operate online they operate on social media but as we know they're also internet shut down every night the internet has been off so it's also difficult for the people to access the news in
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a very precarious situation and day all right barbara executive director of the vienna based international press institute thanks very much for your time thank you . some football now and the draw for the quarter finals of the champions league has been made and holders by munich faced tough opposition as they look to retain their crown the varians drew big spending paris sunshine in a repeat of last season's final event as late as other representatives for aussie at dortmund also face a financial powerhouse they play manchester city with the 1st leg to be played in england and the other times rael madrid play liverpool and porto take on chelsea the quarter finals began on april 6th. you're watching data but a news coming up next in data but in news asia i get the view from beijing on who came out the winner and then us china talks. and wanted taiwan is urging people to aid high not pull as an act of resistance against china. i'm stories
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and more coming up next on do you know many news asia with burish vanity that's made that's it from me i'm a news james i'm rebecca riches imbalance thanks very much for watching. to.
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india. the market economy reduces. district need so sistine and don't depend on big company designer thames in this taking a stance against the cheap garment cranes such a nice fabric you don't get in the market. it's nice to have an interesting
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background from culture. in 60 minutes on d w. how does a virus spread. why do we panic and when will all this. just 3 of the topics covered and the weekly radio. if you would like any information on the crown of virus or any other science topic you should really check out our podcast you can get it wherever you get your podcast you can also find us at. ford slash science. more than a 1000 years ago europe witnesses a huge construction boom. christianity from established itself. both religious and secular leaders or an eager to display their power.
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a few tricks began to. create the tallest biggest and the most beautiful structures this is how massive churches are created. consciousness this is the drills starts april 12th on d. w. . this is the w.c. sure coming up today bilateral tensions on full display. top u.s. and chinese diplomats exchanged toast bobs of the past high level meetings between both sides the u.s. face china isn't following international rules while china accuses the u.s. of suppressant other countries i'll get the view from beijing. on what china wants from the u.s. . from prickly problems to public relations cool how taiwan turned the pineapple into a symbol of resistance against china. i'm
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going to spend a day welcome to news asia glad you could join us an acrimonious exchange has marked the 1st high level meeting between the new u.s. administration and chinese officials u.s. secretary of state antony blinken accused china of threatening global stability while china's top diplomat young deity accused the u.s. of inciting countries to attack china the testy exchange came as blinken and national security advisor jake sullivan met chinese foreign minister whiny and young in alaska and this is a glimpse of how it went today we'll have an opportunity to discuss key priorities both domestic and global also discuss our deep concerns with actions by china including. hong kong taiwan cyber attacks on the united states.
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on cyber attacks let me say that whether it's the launch cyber attacks or the technologies that could be deployed the united states is the champion in this regard. me would be secretary bring lincoln laid out many of the areas of concern from economic and military coersion to assaults on basic values these are the concerns that are on the minds of the american people but it goes beyond that we've heard each of these concerns were from around the world. the u.s. does not represent international public opinion i have to tell you what i'm hearing is very different from what you describe i'm also hearing deep concern about some of the actions your government is taking a confident country is able to look hard at its own shortcomings and constantly seek to improve and that is the secret sauce of america well known by the mission to tie i think we've sought to well in the united states we thought it would follow
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the necessary diplomatic protocols meal us does not have the qualification to say that it wants to be to china from a position of strength you are not even qualified to say such things 20 or 30 years back because this is not the way to deal with the chinese people if you want to deal with us properly let's have some mutual respect and do things the right way. and for more i'm joined from beijing by government advisor and president of the think tank center for china and globalization wang where you know mr wong welcome are you surprised by how this 1st meeting between the u.s. and china has been. well i'm actually surprised though no surprise because i think they sexually. you know a series of events actually leading to this conference is not really that encouraging for example you as a suctioning started the sanctions on the chinese government officials but also
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sanction chinese companies a day before 'd a conference that has taken place so i think this is a reading. a friendly gesture you know off to all chinese a taluk as i traveled all the way to the to the terrors of united states supposed to be thick but they have read your maps it was. very open it could use as a mayor and a tax so i think they have to defend none so doubts or i think that it's got to stop it what does china expect from this meeting. why i think that beautiful on the phone this very important by lots of beauty having lisa 1st beauty high level beats and a face to face after vitamin station took office so it's a very very important and i think what we you know probably chinese expect is that let's have a stop of this dialogue under normal discussion let's khandaan let's sit down let's cuddle face bruised face to face meeting right let's talk to each other and let us
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solve all the you know you know whatever differences let's know about where you're coming from how we can you know you know accommodate each other and then the but find out sick underground i mean in my eyes the differences that's i think what chinese want probably not a spot of minimizing the differences i'd like to bring in what young did he said in his statement he said the chinese values are the same as common values of humanity namely peace development fairness justice freedom and democracy so i'd like to know from you how is the hong kong national security in all democratic house thing tom and of up to a 1000000 we goes in changing just is and how are you not true chinese actions in the south china sea peace well i think that you know i think you know do you direct a young was why didn't he talk about trade peace and development and democracy which i think you know he has different forms on the phone that we cannot
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expect everybody come to one form of us of our for social one form of prospect i think what having hong kong hong kong stephanie good morning prosperity and all small piece on one has more to follow but so what is not in my view are you calling what someone who is going to modesty. why i think it's a it's a democracy it's a consultative democracy a lot of being that to be exact it was it was elected by without them. you know thought and so on the delegates and the thought in total delegates were composed of they were elected by different you know functions and stiction and distrait so it's a it's a it's a concept of democracy it's a different form of democracy so it doesn't take a lot of democracy when i'm interrupting you so but it's also a selective democracy isn't it because the people of hong kong well asking for universal suffrage and what you have been hong kong is definitely not universal suffrage something that is the basis for democracies around the world. necessarily i think that you know you have you know they survive on style but china has this
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cause sided democracy and then you know they have a they have a they basically it's they have a representative to from different walks of life composed of the selection committee and the next committee select a chief executive so i think that's the way that so they have a more unity taking physics kitchen off the couch or history back edition so so you know that works in hong kong and oculus for china so i mean that's where we can expect continue to help the prosperity and development mr wong if for a moment we view this meeting as what both countries china and the us off of the one of the u.s. position is essentially that it's in favor of rules based international order what is china opening the way. what of china all over the world after you know china offered over over one 3rd of a go but you to be close you know you know normally you're actually doing up and
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down your china often over 50 percent of what you can cross china is the largest trading partner of 130 conscious around the war china has never occupied any any territory never send a soldier to other countries but you have all of my sister i'm sorry sayed i'm interrupting you but you have occupied that if you're in the south china sea and you need that to me about and this is they're going to go to us was relieved. no i don't think so sauciness see you know historically tradition has always been a chinese territory if there is a dispute china has solved it was the country in the region in all doesn't have to us to come so far to come and and intervene so so and also there is no there is no conflict there is no consciously little basic your logic peaceful i mean is not iraq iran was sure to follow afghanistan i mean china is basically a very peaceful country when i saw your country why did the philippines go to the international court and bring an order which had the chinese actions out genesee an illegal don't they to be have it's only right of course they can do that but china
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has its own rights can do so they can they can they can discuss they can you know have meetings the last say on china has this code of conduct of some china meetings i mean they they always have meetings on the south by by themselves i don't think they need any foreigner intervention on that and you know the confidant or nation they can't do you know whatever they agreed upon so i'm sure this is an internal matter between china and contras in the region one sure they're going to soft i just want to keep interrupting you some of them permit me what you keep calling china's internal affairs do you know think it impinges on a rules based international order which dictates that countries do not take action specially when there are disputes involved why do you think they take unilateral action that the chinese keep having meetings or they have a regular meeting was aussie only have a china processor on the one pos one tempah story there's always in dialogue there always in the meetings and there is a. funny thing is actually a friend of
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a country was trying to i mean they just you know that's a larger your economic activities going on the president really being afraid to china many times i don't think that's a country as a very serious problem one final question so do you think that there is a way in which china on the united states can work together heading into the future . absolutely i think that it's really i'm very sad to say that you know what the word is facing and i mean i mean. you know we have climate change are you sure that these. older people in the world and we have a lot of developing countries are also plagued by the stat you should even everybody's leaving on the deficit or days into recession after the old days upon time because. sponsibility to work together solving those common sense rather than you know attack each other and i think all those differences i do not really what they should focus on the common strength for the mycon and stop the
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response you should and the should shoulder responsibility for that particular u.s. that you go over to google. you know are you going to it's beginning right or wrong way i'll relieve it there for the timing but thank you so much for joining us from a moving car in beijing thank you thank you sorry but thank you. and john as relations have been just saw with the us earlier this month china banned the import of taiwanese pineapples citing prest problems on the island feared catastrophic losses as china buys around 90 percent of taiwan's pineapple exports instead the feud has seeded a resistance movement aimed to challenge china's growing dominance across asia with freedom pineapples. the harvest is finally here but just 3 weeks ago it was just 4 impost from the island for us over the past 10 years we have expanded our farmland 3 times to meet
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the rising demand from the chinese market i never thought they would impose a pan of a star on the pineapples have nowhere to go. the bank came right before harvest time many kind of post already right packaging and. china. but their markets do container trucks now come to the phone 4 times a week each time carrying $9000.00 fresh pineapple to hong kong. and set interest from hong kong wholesalers come a right after china announced a back. ever stop praying since that day i didn't expect such enthusiasm i'm shocked i hope it gives farmers more confidence. has been pouring in from japan korea singapore and australia. and this is was that the man from the . last from the chinese market with crisis comes opportunity.
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we used to rely so heavily on the chinese market but we shouldn't put it in a basket it's time to step out of a comfort zone and try something new. and death of the baby are back again on monday by. the fight against the corona virus pandemic. has the rate of infection in developing what does the latest research say. information and contacts the coronavirus update 19 special. on t w. children to come to this. one giant trouble i'm. in no mood to see
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a picture you. see fighting. the change in the late fuel economy. how will climate change affect us and our children. and e.w. dot com slash water. the urgency of the coronavirus pandemic has seen an unprecedented surge in scientific innovation one breakthrough originates right beneath us wastewater tells an intriguing tale of a city and the movement of a virus in only its mutations and early warning system. but strangely one that some governments at turning their noses up at. well it does stink no one wants to talk about it or go anywhere near it but monitoring waste water the
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traces of a pathogen can provide a detailed picture of an entire community without the biases and limitations of regular testing methods. this sewage treatment plant in frankfurt may not look very exciting but there's a lot more to waste water than meets the eye. professor says on the lochner allies is it to detect the presence of the nobel coronavirus. the waste water can also give us information about which mutations are to be found in which catchment areas. the environmental scientist on her team at the technical university of darmstadt have developed a method to monitor how much virus is circulating in a particular area and to identify which strains are present to see if say the brazilian or british ones are spreading the method has met with considerable interest in other countries. as well as we see if the method is ready for
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you and it is in fact already being used in the netherlands the united states and spain in cooperation with their health authorities. with. it's not being used in germany even though it could function as an early warning system if it finds the virus in one sewer but not in another but could help public health authorities focus attention and resources on areas where trouble is brewing even if the people there who are shedding the virus have no symptoms that have not been tested. but you can use the data as to make the infection rate in the catchment area around the sewage treatment plant that could help you decide if you need to do more or less testing or whether or not to relax for a stricture and based on the readings you're getting from the water. it's not clear why authorities in germany won't embrace this early warning system the method was developed in cooperation with the frankfurt sanitation department but the city
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hasn't started to use it we asked the health department why that is in a written response it expressed doubts about its practicability at the university of bomb we talked to martin exner a professor of public health who approves of the new method and thinks it should be used this is how we interpret the authorities reticence to deploy it. it's just often the case all this month it appears they are abiding by rigid principles would be one are finding it hard to embrace new ideas such as waste water monitoring. for survival in that often him. i think we need to both demand more courage and offer more encouragement in this area in the eyes of men and. germany's association of towns and municipalities has also which. is basically an accurate. some of thora g.'s argue the system is impractical do you agree. no i
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mean we are already has the most colleges spending we can we can start the analysis and told out of this already. years ago was this the polio virus and there's a much better connection between the actual sector of the water sector already and they seem to have better management us already are also seeing more attention this mission that's why they are. having a must maybe to add on that i hope that in german you will improve because also the european union just posted recommendations to include waste or place a particular g.m. model tory. and will support them and so. long. as i could you explain to us how it actually works your system. what we do is usually take samples from we get samples from us or we're over 24 hours
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they are collected we bring it to them that we do some some preparation and extraction and then we basically go hat was a similar analysis or tools that are used in the medical sector. one this the clintons p.c.r. of the other sequencing and we get this. and the information you get you said is less biased than official figures could you explain that to viewers. yes i mean what we get is basically an unbiased picture of what's happened and happening in the catchment of the treatment because people may not want to get tested and may not feel sick but they will all go to the toilet so that's why. and that sends a better picture of what's going on and even though it's basically a pool sample that we have we can still monitor of a lot of the virus coming in or even now of mutations that are innocent and can the
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doctor also be used to estimate the actual number of infected people. and from what we've done i would be hasn't time to do that and all colleagues have tried but in that sense i would say we don't know where he must from the from the medical aside how many. how much lyra's of one person actually excretes and. i would i wouldn't do that but i've always question here so maybe people are more capable of doing that. at the end of the day couldn't this also be used to trace the other diseases other infections. definitely i mean i think everything that is somewhat in the water and can be spread by water or through through the waste water can be detected and i mean we are also working on to metropolis distances and that is a big issue and it will will remain
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a big issue and we can also use everything next now and all the concepts that are made for tracking resistance genes or even other pathogens tiriel irises and everything. that goes with water let's hope that the germans can overcome their bureaucratic problems then and take his or her will be nice to see it as an ally great to have you on the show today thank you. over one star side as to my favorite scientist and car spotted there it williams with the questions you guys have been leaving on how you tube channel. explained the difference between a new strain and a new variant. this is tough to do since even viral legist seem to view the differences as fairly fluid but but let's start by maybe going over some of the other biology basics that you've you've probably learned this year already 1st is that although it's technically not considered
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a live virus evolves constantly as it replicates just like living things do its genetic code changes because mistakes happen as the code is copied by a living cell that gives rise to what are commonly known as mutants now for complicated biological reasons not every mutation leads to actual physical changes in the viruses structure but but what it does you can begin thinking of that mutants as a variant now a variant is generally considered a string when it's wandered even farther down that road and acquired characteristics and behaviors based on its new structure that clearly distinguish it from other earlier forms so you could say that although all strains
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are variants not all variants are strains let's maybe make a comparison from the macro world we've been genetically engineering dogs for thousands of years through selective breeding and it's pretty astounding how different they can book but dogs all share common characteristics that are. how you to instantly identify an animal as a dog whether it's a chihuahua or a newfoundland the different breeds can be viewed as variants on the canine genome but go far enough back and split off another evolutionary branch and you end up with the modern wolf which has a common ancestor but some distinct characteristics and behaviors that allowed us to instantly identify as ople so if they were viruses then
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breeds of dogs would be variants while dogs and bowls would be strains now i'm the 1st to admit that the analogy is imperfect but maybe it makes the terms a little easier to grasp. so mutants variance strains thank you dark and in more dog news the pandemic has led to a boom in pitch ownership but that's also seen a rise in animal trafficking german police save these little cuties suffering from diarrhea and exhaustion they were passing from hungary through a german motorway check on their way to belgium $101.00 pops it's believed that papers were fake the illegal trade is booming in europe so be careful what you buy activists say $8000000.00 puppies are trafficked every year you can have a huge impact on the health and welfare of the animals tax evasion is also an issue . thanks for watching stay safe and see you again soon.
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the former. india better market economy producer district souces to join. depends on the big company designer tamzin is taking a stance against the cheap garment craze such a nice dream you don't get in the market. to have an interesting background from culture. to. 30 minutes on d w. little guys this is the sub in the 7 percent stuff up for africa's super tuesday issues and sharing. you know artists i doubt we're not afraid
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to happen delicate topic africa's population is growing. and young people clearly have the solutions to your job. is 77 percent. chance on d w o. by 2050 more than half the world will be living with limited water resources we haven't had to think about our war or worry about. i think that era is over this is the crisis of our time it's a financial product like any other financial could live in a competitive world this cold it's cool it's blue cold war seems to me free but the world is changing the most important for mothers jumpers. be freezing.
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some water a city or commodity starts march 22nd on d w. 2 2. 2 2 2
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faces day japanese life from the end tempers flare as the u.s. and china fights all for the 1st time under joe biden's presidents 810 cold beijing death threat to global security china's intent accuses the u.s. to focus a also coming out as europe response inoculations would be now cleared astra zeneca that same german scientists saying they found out more about the clocks that caused the sky over the shot. than germany on as the scientists who brought hope to the world by developing.


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