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tv   Markus Lanz  Deutsche Welle  March 19, 2021 9:30pm-10:31pm CET

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this is how massive churches with towers that pierce the clouds like skyscrapers are created the. contest of the cathedrals starts to fall 12th on t w. the 1st meeting between china and the new white house different ascertaining got off to a decidedly undiplomatic start us secretary of state on to the blank and laid out his charge sheet including china's treatment of weaker muslims for its parts china told the us to stay out of its business i reminded the hosts of the us is long history of slaughtering black americans but the world needs these giants to work together so can beijing and washington cooperate and compete i'm phil gale in berlin and this is the day.
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our intent is to be direct about our concerns direct about our priorities including . hong kong taiwan. a family opposed to united states interfering in china's internal affairs. a confident country is able to look hard at its own shortcomings. on the issue of human rights. we think we not just states can do better. it's the opportunity for us to explain where we are coming from here where you are coming from they may ground us attacks and accusations that is not hospitality. also on the very man miles minute show authorities continue their crackdown against anti protesters journalists are also in the firing line but i haven't yet been
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silenced. you know one of the local media outlets have stopped publication for now but the impression that i am getting that people are going to reporters are just continue reporting. welcomes of the day u.s. and chinese diplomats have clashed of their 1st meeting since president biden took office for. the face talks in alaska got off to an icy stuff with each side attacking the other amongst the issues with human rights the coronavirus pandemic in china's military buildup in the south china sea the u.s. accuses china of threatening global stability china accuses the us of hypocrisy. it was supposed to be a traditional photo op between 2 economic and military superpowers but instead a backroom brawl exploded on to the world stage as both sides launched scathing indictments also discuss our deep concerns with actions by china including actions
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wrong hong kong taiwan cyber attacks on the united states economic coercion toward our allies each of these actions threaten the rules based order that maintains will stability that's why they're not merely internal matters and why we feel an obligation to raise these issues here today chinese communist party foreign affairs chief yang a chief fired back by questioning america's status as a leader. so we hope that when talking about universal values or international public opinion on the part of the united states we hope the u.s. side will think about whether it feels reassured saying these things because the u.s. does not represent the world it only represents the government of the united states with the u.s. secretary of state reasserted america's leadership role i have to tell you what i'm hearing is very different from what you describe. i'm hearing deep satisfaction
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that the united states is back there were reengage with our allies and partners i'm also hearing deep concern about some of the actions your government is taking but with the mutually agreed diplomatic protocol scrafton china's foreign affairs chief deflected criticism of its own human rights record by pointing back at the u.s. world. in regard to human rights let me see what we hope the u.s. can do a little better in this aspect i mean it was us as human rights issues are deeply rooted it didn't just exist during the past 10 years slaughter of african-americans has always been a problem. so if you think that who went. with a chilly start to the new normal for relations between china and the u.s. the rest of the world is watching closely to understand where they fit in in this new balance between global powers let's say farai gomez can help
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us to understand he's director of defense policy studies at the cato institute that's a libertarian think tank in washington welcome to d.w. at the can we start with this opening which was publicly natured what is achieved by either side by starting such a way. well i think both sides really previewed this right i don't think this is coming as a surprise to anyone in beijing or in washington that the relationship is getting off to a very rocky start. it wasn't a very good place when the truck administration ended this is both due to what a lot of things that china has done but also u.s. perceptions of it and the united states is all in on a competitive strategy with china and biden has said so as much very many times so far in his presidency so i think this is just going to be the opening round of
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a new normal in the u.s. china relationship that unfortunately will probably get worse before it gets better try to see if that was taking us anywhere you're might say ok fair enough but is there any evidence that recent u.s. actions against china trade was diplomatic expulsions even in name calling of a covert has any of this had any effect on chinese policy. i haven't seen any i don't think that the u.s. approach has yet to witness any kind of change you know when they talk about issues in hong kong and changing for example understandably the u.s. is very upset about those things and they are grave violations of human rights and i think i would also agree and the qualification of it as a genocide but when it comes to stopping china from doing the things it is doing i'm not sure how much coercive leverage the u.s.
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actually has to do that and maybe it's a matter of you know we put on the leverage now and wait a bit and see what happens but like we saw in alaska it doesn't seem to be producing anything except for us delivery but there's also a question of well if that's if that's what's happening do not see what kind of engagement strategy or some other approach might work and at least in the united states i don't think there's much political appetite internally for any kind of bigger change in u.s. china policy that is less confrontational i think the confrontation is with us over time sometimes but it brings me back around the sort of the background noise to what else is going on around the world except that it's we need the united states and china to work together if we ought to conquer some of the world's biggest problems like climate change so can the u.s.
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and china compete and cooperate at the same time i think so and you know i think in the cold war and and the that reference always makes people little nervous right because things got pretty bad between the u.s. and soviet union and a lot of people around the world during the cold war but. it shows that you can have because the u.s. and soviet union were able to work together on some things and i think that if we want to start figuring out where those areas of overlap are and where the areas of positive some cooperation are the 1st step is going to have to be putting some kind of floor on the downgrade of relations and i think that in the u.s. soviet case that was nuclear arms control i'm hopeful that the biden administration will be able to engage china on nuclear issues as well because i think that despite the trump administration's failure in that regard there might be some space for the u.s. and china to improve their nuclear relationship and create those kind of guardrails to the competition the other area is no terry confidence building measures as the
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united states is thinking about this competition and thinking about an increased military presence in east asia the likelihood of some kind of incident spiralling out of control i think necessarily increases because the u.s. is just going to be more active and so in that situation you want to be able to have very clear lines of communication open to the other side to make sure that you can you know do things without spiralling out of control so i think those should be some of the areas where the might bite into ms ration moves to put that floor and prevent the relationship from souring even further and the back down to face of course is that america see said china expanding its power and its influence in all sorts of directions all over the world i wonder now if china on the front foot economically militarily even technologically it's china is rising i mean for 6 percent economic growth the way the west is still struggling with that sort of post
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kovan told. yeah i totally agree and i think that when it comes to figuring out. just how did how to live with this right that not everything that china does abroad in terms of its economic presence in terms of its military presence is going to be a threat to the united states and i i think that for many years the perception was cooperation is really good and now it kind of stuff pendulum has swung to the other way which is cooperation is terrible and we need to compete and i think the truth is somewhere in the middle right i think that in some aspects the u.s. china relationship should become a bit more competitive but on a vast majority of things we have to take a deeper stock of what is it that china's doing that's actually a problem to the united states and then what can we do about it i think right now there's a tendency to overinflate just how many problems there are and i worry that the
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u.s. is going to try and overreact too harshly and we're not going to be able to actually do the things that we want and it's going to make everything worse so i would hope that the biden ministration things about that right things about what is it specifically that is the problem and where are the areas that aren't and we can actually you know it or not care about it or we can work with china to solve common issues thank you for that and to go mess from the cato institute thank you. a 1000000 miles military coups and subsequent crackdown have affected protesters and the country's media as the general seek to control not just the protests but also information who would interview have the general survey revoked the licenses of at least 5 local news outlets more than 30 journalists have been taken into custody sometimes under the threat of death this is one of them a k.
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zone now members of the foreign press have been targeted as well and this is time for a photographer for the associated press fears believe that many jailed journalists are awaiting trial to present a facility notorious for human rights abuses they could be jailed for up to 3 years charges of spreading false information so let's take a closer look at what these journalists are facing as they try to give us in the outside world a fuller picture of what's going on inside me. these police offices in yangon charging after anti military demonstrators and a journalist taking photos of it all several police around ten's or as he tries to get away one puts him in a charcoaled he's then handcuffed and dragged off this happened in late february 10 zorn's pictures were to be sent to his employer the global news agency i paid
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outlets like a t w then by this material so journalists like him are critical for international media to be able to report on me and mom instead tens or is now behind bars he and a growing number of journalists and media workers in myanmar and facing up to 3 years in jail under vague charges of violating a public order law. the wristed while he was performing his work according to the video recording and pictures published in the new. he was arrested while doing his job this is not related at all to the public order law he has been charged with but that's what they are accusing him of. the one on one as. it's estimated that over 200 people have been killed in myanmar in a brutal crackdown on largely peaceful protests since the military's tank over on february the 1st getting information is becoming trickier to the military
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regularly shuts the internet down and it's blocked some social media sites it's also withdrawn the licenses of 5 major media outlets no one is safe under military government especially these days you know at the nighttime reagan no media. and media buzz in it that's where one of my candidates got right at that time at his house already prepared for. our independence mean that there would be no no more press freedom. a decade after the end of the one to in myanmar the military is back in charge it's a major setback for press freedom and for journalists on the ground it means facing censorship threats and intimidation once again when you take a closer look at the dangers these journalists are facing with or him i don't move on who's editor in chief and head of publications are reporters without borders and
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welcome to day w there are reports of reporters being dragged away by unidentified men are there any that you're particularly concerned about. good evening and thank you for welcoming ass and giving me the opportunity to talk about the situation in the country we are concerned with the news of the of these 2 reporters b.b.c. world and the local media meets that where her esteemed the sefton are still missing. we called on the road to riches the sefton to reveal their whereabouts and to stop the security at least it's an increasing of the attacks on children east after having been beaten they have been arrested and no they are disappearing so the situation is really deteriorating and it's extremely worrying and it's possible to the journalists or the media workers who are being detained nationality the tone
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of their reporting for instance. not really and we've seen an increase of the number of john the least being detained there are arrested it's important to recall the facts as for us today since the 1st of generic february the beginning of the crew that was in 6 weeks 39 june the east had been arrested 17 are still detained today 22 were freed and many of them are working either for international to vacation or local media have been arris to or in difficult situation so our main concern today is really to. see that new media terri jentz the new military dictatorship we resort to same theory will methods that they have used to. getting journalists in the past from
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the 1967 to 2011 and of course. they all journalist are concerns and that the situation is more and more difficult on the ground as you're intimating we have this isn't me i'm asked 1st military coup and once it happened in february we pretty much knew what to expect a crackdown on process than dissent crackdowns on the media i'm not so harassed so give a vast well why did so many reporters choose to continue to report and to take their chances. it is true they face densher but the desire to cover what's happening right now is even though exposing a dilemma for many children east one of them was telling us a few weeks ago that they need to cover this story called moment. even though it's always a great deal of fear they they want to continue to cover the news as it happens because it's so important to provide reader reporting from the future for the
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future generation and for the world to know they see a real need to provide information what's happening and to complete the case of the 2 wretches journeys to where detain. until 2 years ago for more than $5500.00 days in myanmar for korea covering the taboo the shoe with the earring set over there has also drawn more attention on the situation over there and probably that junot east feeling very concerned to i lead the world i love the public opinion on what's happening on the field but given of the countries in such a terrible mess and samus loss of democracy we're seeing detentions without trial of a spurious reasons on deaths on the streets why does it matter that a few reporters have been arrested. for reporters without borders anywhere that in young man as well it's very crucial that reporters should be able to cover the
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dramatic moment ing and massy story the generals who to now were 6 weeks ago to realize that the world these looking at them and it's very important that junot east continue to report so that they will notice that some people of dozens of people are being killed that also joining the star being beaten and prevented to do that jokes on the ground thank you for joining us some point in that as an event from reporters without borders. journalists dissidents and lawyers often rely on private communications to do their work and stay safe now a series of police operations targeting so-called crip to phone systems has got civil liberties defenders worried well police say they have shut down major drug dealing networks across europe some lawyers say the surveillance operations are eroding our right to privacy reporter joel gold right here to explain oh well joe
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1st off let's start with the basics what's a crypt a food a crypto phone looks like a regular handset but it's been modified to run a hidden operating system that connects through an encrypted communication network now you access the hidden operating system by pushing a series of buttons or entering a pos code into the calculator and then you can send encrypted messages across the network well one such script of our network was called skype e.c.c. and it called itself the most secure messaging platform of vailable and even offered a 1000000 euro reward to anyone who could hack the system well somebody did just a few weeks ago dutch and belgium police announce that they have managed to hack into sky's the sky system and have been monitoring messages which they say contain communications about major drug deals and even murder plots and as a result the belgian police have launched in recent weeks the biggest operation
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that they've ever run resulting in many arrests and shutting down major drive me works like line of i'm guessing they didn't claim the the reward but this wasn't the 1st crypto network that police have bridge was it known only one was called encourage chat which was operated in a similar way it was an encrypted phone network it cost around 1000 euros for a handset and it had around 60000 euros road users right across europe up until june last year when encouraged that sent out a panic message to its users saying destroy your phones because french police have managed to hack into the server. and implant malware on the devices that have been monitoring messages and as a result they have been carrying out a series of raids right across europe in the netherlands for example they say that they found a drug operation complete with a torture chamber inside a shipping container in the u.k. they've been more than a thousands of arrests here in germany also a wave of arrests where drugs have been seized weapons have been seized and many people have been arrested and police say that this is going to keep going because
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they get to keep working through that mountain of messages that they have found and accessed by hacking into these encrypted phones but this still sounds like a splendid news that the police are catching the bad guys so isn't that a good thing well there's nothing wrong or illegal about using encrypted communication in fact you probably do it every day if you used what's app for example what's out has end to end in christian and defense lawyers say that the way that these particular crypto phone raids were carried out breaches the normal protocols and rules the police have to abide by while they're collecting evidence and they say that they are writing our right to privacy at the same time well i spoke to one defense lawyer whose name is all over it so much and he says that he's representing people who are arrested in these raids and he says that all of our rights are private communication are at risk. no one criticised the police when they went off to encroach out then they continued with sky yesterday was encroaching today was sky tomorrow it's what's up is what i'm after that it's
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a whole phone network i'm really appalled about the impact on society and how the whole media has ignored the threat to freedom created by these cases. instead they're celebrating the police success. this needs to change or it will just be another scandal we may be writing off another part of our fundamental rights. well rick some also points out the dissidents rely on private communications when they're trying to evade all thora tarion regimes and that's not just a hypothetical for example there are numerous cases of high profile human rights activists from pakistan who've been tracked down and killed in exile in sweden and in canada as well there are exiles from chechnya who have been traced and killed right across europe including here in bolin and in the belgian raids
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a several of the people have been picked up a lawyer who say that they were using crypto authorities to communicate privately with their clients which they are entitled to do so while these crypto phone raids have got drug dealers running scared they've also got people worried who are worried about our civil liberties to hold all right or thank you so much through. on the pandemic means zoos around the world have been closed to visitors with no humans around apparently some animals the stuff to get bored so zookeepers in the czech republic of come up with a novel way of detecting that killed his chimpanzees. things were getting a bit slow for the local chimpanzees at the safari park to work in the north of the czech republic. zoo staff set up the online streaming service with another zoo located in about 170 kilometers away. break the
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project that was created here is one of the elements of how to extend enrichment for these animals to offer them a greater source of entertainment and keep them occupied. large screens were set up at both gardens of the chimps at the 2 locations who are crowd and bruno connecting the 2 groups of chimpanzees now both groups spend a lot of time watching. each other see. the to the slot about they started watching it just like we watch t.v. or when we were in the cinema even with the same behavior with the details they sit in front of the screen take some goodies nuts or something like that they sit down and really watch it like people at the movies the similarity there is obvious but overall i met them as a model. the streaming service might
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not make up for the lack of crowds but at least it keeps the primates out of monkey business. will be absolutely well the day is almost done the conversation continues online into prison i. felt kind of good back.
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to the. point strong opinions clear positions international perspectives. the arctic ice cap is melting away making it easier to exploit the region's huge reserves of natural resources 3 major powers the us china and russia vying for the biggest possible share of the cake so how explosive is their rivalry. to the point . of even the 10 minutes on d w. 6 to go beyond just.
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a man. as we take on the world. we're all about the stories that matter to you. whatever it takes the fun fun. to be on fire made for minds. to children to come to it's. one giant problem and when you're in it in a limo to see a picture you. need. a few times to think. how will climate change affect us and our children. and e.w. dot com slash water. when we take steps to
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restore a forest we play a vote in something much bigger. when making a better world for our health and for how future generations. by replanting and managing our forests to strengthen we create new spaces where plants and animals comprise become an economic activity that brings well look at employees lives we make a real impact on climate change improve the quality of the air we breathe the food we eat and luto we try to create a healthy environment for our children to grow it's never too late to take action let's restore the forests and create a better future. the
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but. the end. there's a bit of me in your life from bad bad judgment sets out plans to boost its stalled vaccination and roll out the radical promises to fascinate vaccinated oxalate until add flexibility to traditional german start. german also almost the scientists report hope for the world by developing the 1st covert 19 vaccine project fountains of those leverett to read she and more shocking go down in history.
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i'm phil gayle welcome to the program germany's federal and state leaders of held a virtual summit to discuss the country's stalled coronavirus vaccination drive like other european countries germany is dealing with the 3rd wave of infections following the summit chance of i'm going to announce measures to speed up the vaccination process is included learning the family doctors to inoculate patients and possibly even ordering russia's sputnik vaccine so far fewer than 10 less than 10 percent of germans of the vaccinated far fewer than in the u.s. or the new k is a chance for talking about the vaccination drive be avoided we want to plan from a great way will become faster and more flexible and the voice we want to demonstrate the proverbial and try it and trust a german fair and as well complementary that with more german flexibility against
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let's go for b.w. chief political correspondent i'm linda craig welcome so part of this part of the way of speeding up this process is to bring in family doctors how will that change things. well the idea is to try to make the logistics a little bit bit less centralized and a little bit. more adaptable but the fact is logistics is only part of the problem in germany certainly there have been some regions where the vaccination centers have not moved as quickly as people had hoped but the absolute central difficulty here and the reason why germany is far behind many other countries in terms of the share of the population that has been vaccinated is quantity of available vaccine and here's an example even once the family doctors are allowed to begin administering the vaccine after the 1st week in april after
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about 15 april the fact is that there will only be a 1000000 vaccine doses a week available for these family doctors and that may sound like a lot but the fact is per medical practice that's going to be 20 doses so that's like one hour a week that the family doctors could actually be administering vaccines that will change a little bit after 3 or 4 weeks but the fact is that this move toward greater flexibility isn't going to make a rapid difference in in the number of people vaccinated or how fast we can contain this new wave and what happens in 3 or 4 weeks but that will change the actual supply about things. then according to plan a lot more vaccine will become available in germany so just for example those family doctors they will then get up to 3000000 doses
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a week that would allow significantly more vaccination by them there will also be more vaccine available to the vaccine centers and by the way today the the regional leaders meeting with the chancellor also decided that regions that have are near hotspots that are on the border to other european countries that have the very rapid rise in infection they will also be allocated more vaccine going forward briefly member better plans to talk about germany's lock down next week but it doesn't look like it's going to be used soon does it definitely not we heard the health minister saying this morning look we need to put rules back in place we simply are moving into a rate of exponential infection increases and the chancellor saying this evenings that she believes that on monday the government will impose the so-called
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emergency brake that something that the locally regional leaders agreed on with the chancellor e about 2 weeks ago in which if the infection rate goes up above a certain level then in fact all of the measures to begin opening would be halted and we would go back into tighter restrictions including on the number of people people are permitted to me chief political correspondent linda crane thank you so much. well germany is one of several european countries to resume inoculations using the astra zeneca vaccine after the e.u. used medicines regulator on the world health organization concluded that it is safe and effective in preventing coverage 19 of the european medicines agency is also continuing to monitor rare cases of blood clotting that might be linked to that scene in a team of german scientists say they found out more about claw perhaps how to treat them. well sophia wagner from d.w.
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science told us what those german researchers had uncovered so scientists from the university of cairo side which is in northern germany got 6 blood samples from the palace institute which is the german federal agency for their prove effect scenes and they say that they studied these blood samples in great detail and that they were able to connect the vaccine that shows any comic scene to a special form of immune response which leads to the formation of the blood clots that have been observed in these patients we have to keep in mind that they only looked at a very small number of samples only 6 that samples and that their results have not been approved by other scientists and they have not even been reviewed by the alec institute we do know that in general young women and middle aged young to middle aged women are at the highest christe of developing this kind of from bose's but we don't even really know if astra zeneca vaccine actually heightens the likelihood of
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developing this form of from those at all on the other hand the good news is that because the scientists were able to study the mechanism in such detail they're also pretty convinced that they'll now be able to treat it very well if symptoms are kewl. germany is also all of the scientists who developed the world's 1st covered 19 vaccine the married founders of the drug company back in order have been awarded the order of merit they achieve their lifesaving breakthrough largely by starting work on a vaccine before their rivals. it's an award for services to the nation and yet this couple's extraordinary achievement has global dimensions. you groundbreaking discovery is saving lives in life and hurts. it's ensuring our social economic and cultural survival. that you didn't get time a person is fascinated in and we take
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a small step back towards normal life and towards the life we miss and the people we love so then mention the really. of this i'm certain seldom has a scientific achievement of such a sexist tension important spin grech you can see in this palace. was shining founded by on take in 2008 at their company's headquarters in mines they and their team had been working on the next generation cancer treatment for more than a decade using m r n a technology that was until news from china emerged about doctors discovering a mysterious new virus spreading rapidly in the city of. at 1st the world didn't pay much attention. to it did even before the world health organization issued its 1st major warning the biotech team started working around the clock less than a year later there vaccine was approved in many countries around the world. that
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not only earned them one of germany's tire on earth but also thank you letters from around the globe. we have of course we saw grandparents reunited with their grandchildren doctors and nurses that no longer needed to be worried about their relatives and when i read messages like these i can say the light at the end of the tunnel is getting brighter don't cling to tella but to end the pandemic shine emphasizes one last big concerted effort is necessary he appealed to people to remain cautious. side 2 thirds of the way are already behind us one 3rd is ahead and i'm absolutely sure that if we can do this we will get the pandemic under control and. like everyone else shine and surety will then be able to return to normal everyday life and for them that means getting back to work on their own regional mission of developing a new treatment for cancer. or take
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a look at some of the other stories making news around the world will start in turkey where police have raided the homes of members of the kurdish people's democratic party 2 days after starting legal action to ban the group or than 30 people were arrested in this latest in a series of crackdowns against the pro kurdish party. tanzania has its 1st female president sami sunu who i took the oath as the head of state following the sudden death of john mica for any. of the remaining 3 terms of his office. young environmental activists have staged protests in cities around the world as part of the 1st a global climate strike of 2021 swedish activists got a torn bed led a demonstration in her hometown of stockholm criticizing world leaders for failing to treat climate change as a crisis. senior u.s. and chinese officials have concluded what washington described as serious talks in
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alaska this is the 1st high level and counter since president biden took office and the gloves were off as the 2 countries and their differences u.s. secretary of state anthony blinken described the talks as candid we we certainly know and knew going in that there are a number of areas where we are fundamentally at odds including china's actions and . with regards to work to hong kong tibet on crucially taiwan as well as actions that it's taking in cyberspace and. it's no surprise that when we raise those issues clearly and directly we got a defensive response. but we were also able to have a very candid conversation over over these many hours on an expansive agenda.
10:12 pm
on. iran on north korea on afghanistan on climate our interests intersect. on economics on trade on technology we told our counterparts that we are reviewing these issues with close consultation with congress with our allies and partners and we will move forward on them in a way to fully protect and advance the interests of our workers and our businesses . and to me blinken well i asked u.s. policy analyst alyssa shoko why this meeting had started with such public and diplomatic acrimony. both folks that came to the table china and us have a lot of us has to say ok the last 4 years we didn't run things the way we traditionally do we're back you notice that. they've mentioned that you know america is back it has been said several times already and i think presidency china is well they want
10:13 pm
to be considered an equal global power to the u.s. so both parties kind of came to the table already with their guards as well as kind of get his a paid what the other one was going to be doing and there was a lot to prove here and so i think they both wanted to come to the table start with hate can't push me around and it doesn't start off the great cooperate of conversation and so i think they just kind of approach the situation already aggressive from the start of the story of an italian volleyball player who sparked outrage in its leader after losing her job for getting pregnant i mean found it was legal someone needed to ignite a spark volleyball athlete lara luly was that someone it took her about 2 years after the fact though the fact that she was let go for being pregnant. on international women's day earlier this month louis announced that when she asked
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then sued for her last paycheck on a $24000.00 a year contract the club countered saying the pregnant player it had dismissed ruin the season and cost money and sponsors. i'm shocked by what's happened it's been a few days since i received this document i waited a while to make the story known because it's personal stuff but then i thought it was important for everyone for myself above all. the confusing work then what's important to is that literally actually knew that when she got pregnant she'd get dumped by her club. most female athletes in italy sign club deals with a clause that allows the clubs to dismiss them if they get pregnant. again i believe this is a very serious matter and it's time the situation a tele an athlete live in must be taken seriously. a month after she was dismissed lily's pregnancy ended in
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a miscarriage she's now retired but her story has gained traction picked up by traditional and social media momentum building laura luly hopes for radical change well beyond volleyball perhaps well beyond sport in italy. so in business has your day to be business update next to this whole world news of the talk a bit about. where i come from we have to fight for a free press and was born and raised to me telling the painter should put just one to the shadow and if you newspapers when official information as a journeys i have worked on the strength of many cantrips and their problems are almost the same core to social inequality a lack of the freedom of the press and corruption weak on the 4th to stay silent
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when it comes to the fans of the humans and see the microphones who have decided to put their trust in us. my name is johnny carson and current. europe's largest economy looks set to extend its lockdown german shops restaurants and hotels will be hit the hardest trade associations say many are already on the brink. meanwhile the u.s. an altogether different picture theater chain able to open more of its stores in california as americans gradually return to and personal services and shopping. also on the show is one of germany's biggest post-war business scandals now investors and wire card are wondering if they'll ever seen their money again. globe
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welcome to the show i'm seeing and berlin businesses across germany are bracing for a new lock down measures as covert 1000 case numbers rise on the back of new faster spreading variants the mayor of homburg the country's 2nd largest city announced friday the reintroduction. tighter restrictions after 7 day incidence rate stayed above $102.00 infections per 100000 people businesses that had begun to invite customers back inside we're now go to click to click and collect again zoos museums and other attractions were also close german federal and state leaders are meeting monday to discuss further measures around the country. the news especially better for the retail and hospitality sectors their doors have been shuttered since last fall leaving many dependent on federal and state 8 retailers in particular have pushed for openings under strict conditions only to be rejected each time the sector is now sounding the alarm and industry
10:18 pm
representatives saying that around $120000.00 businesses could be lost if new lockdown restrictions do come to pass let's look at the hospitality industry revenue they're plummeting during the lock down from the past year you can see it falling recovering somewhat in the middle of summer but then falling off again in fall a recent survey finding that 72 percent of hotels and restaurants fear that they'll go out of business one in 4 are considering closing up shop for good. now staying in business of course means making adjustments and in some cases even getting very creative for one mexican restaurant neighborhood solidarity is now on the menu through. just a few months ago the line to eat a homemade kisa dia here went out the door the mexican restaurant in berlin noise opened in september 2020. a few weeks later it had to close again due to the 2nd
10:19 pm
lockdown. owner boris skills stuff and his team had to come up with a plan. the restaurant now offers lunch menus had 3 different price levels the customers decide for themselves how much they want to pay. i think the reactions are really exciting ranging from that's entrepreneurial suicide i couldn't do that to an interested small to join his mom's over the. then confused 3 prices can i pick a price now that's weird so i think that's great. but the bottom line is no matter what the reaction is if the majority of people who pay the price that supports us as a restaurant. that support price is the higher $1.00 those who've been affected financially by the coronavirus can mean well choose the lower solidarity price but no matter how much they pay the food is the same for
10:20 pm
everyone. the customers are reacting positively. i think it's good that a person who can afford the higher price supports the other customers will be. very ready to come on from the neighborhood myself and i think it's ideal we're all very thrifty around here. the old kicker team believes in solidarity with berliners. and even after the pandemics over they want to keep charging only with the customers can pay. a clever solution to tough times let's go over to the u.s. where businesses are more optimistic among them theater chain amc which today reopened dozens of cinemas in california that's part of a gradual reopening for the company which had closed hundreds of theaters as the outbreak began and has been a rumor takeover target it's also the latest sign of reopening in the u.s.
10:21 pm
new york is opening outdoor sports and arts been used disneyland in california and its stores at the end of april. are let's go over to our financial correspondent in new york. yes good to see you restaurants hotels movie theaters opening again americans also seem more comfortable going to in person services what's driving this now let's just for one quick 2nd amc as of today it will have 98 percent of all movie theaters within the united states and overall clearly i mean the nation's that's one big topic today we reached a new milestone 100000000 doses of vaccine have been given to americans some so far but then also the hope for milder weather is definitely helping we had to drop in cases sent in some businesses actually business is so strong that
10:22 pm
companies like nike for example are running into a supply chain issues the ports in california are completely overwhelmed and that's why nike and their latest earnings report actually came in lower was the revenue as expected and that was due to those. problems and we should mention that everyone's flush with cash now potentially because the stimulus packages now we also should lose sight of the fact that not all businesses are out of the woods there are sectors that will continue to struggle what are they. yeah clearly i mean the stimulus money you mentioned the $1.00 trillion dollars that's clearly also helping consumption to go up i mean what we shouldn't forget if we talk of all the reopening of disneyland for example it will open at full capacity but at 15 percent or when it will restart in california by the end of april then also if we look at travel guests travel travel has increased but so far we are mostly talking about
10:23 pm
the mystical not necessarily international travel and then also when it comes to dining there are some restrictions and also you have to take certain measures to protect your employees so that also costs money and not every american is facts in a that yet so it is still might be a while before we will see it preplanned demick levels but at least other than in europe things seem to look a bit brighter here in the united states at the moment you know the view over there looks pretty good from here yes court in new york let's go back to germany we're lawmakers investigating the massive wire card scandal grilled a representative of the auditing firm ernst and young on friday that firm signed off for years on wire cards falsified books the witness a director at ernst and young told the panel his company had also been deceived wire card payment service provider was listed on germany's dax index before admitting to
10:24 pm
a massive 1900000000 euro hole in its balance sheets now anxious shareholders don't know whether they'll ever see their money again. kurt is furious he didn't vested several 1000 euros in why a card shares the risk seemed low why account was after all listed on germany's most important share index the dax. the tongue up i watched the share price in the reports on it and also the reports that were now coming from so-called analysts. i didn't bother to let say look any deeper. should i have. what. was true. he would have found a lot if he had as early as 2008 the protection group for small investors asked some uncomfortable questions of why card. if you googled why a card is a payment processor in 20062007 1st 1000 pages you would have found where hits from
10:25 pm
online gaming websites websites with pornographic content and websites that sold steroids cetera on. sites that were prohibited in the operators home countries high risk business by cards books contained corporate acquisitions with opaque ownership structures in tax havens. after why a card became a topic in the media again around 10 years later the german financial services regulator baffin failed to act instead prohibiting so-called short selling or share trades that bet against the company the auditors from young continue to certify that while carts balance sheets were clean. today account is insolvent almost 2000000000 euros is still missing from the books that c.e.o. marcus brown is in custody and asia see young master aleck has gone into hiding
10:26 pm
22000 investors have registered with the small shareholders protection association the damage done around 380000000 euros. i assume that the loss of it by private investors is significantly higher even if i look at the total market capitalization of walk out which until recently was almost $20000000000.00 euros on the. teats represents several clients in the case he assumes that the shareholders will be left with less than 10 percent of the company's insolvency assets. possibilities to assert claims for damages against the auditor or against the auditing company and then against the members of the executive board if necessary. has little hope of seeing any of his money again fortunately it was only part of his retirement savings. that some of the other global business stories making
10:27 pm
headlines a group of 1st year bankers at goldman sachs demanded better working conditions in a slide show presentation that since been leaked the 30 employees reported working 98 hours per week on average and sleeping 5 hours per night the set of conditions that improved they were likely to leave the company within 6 months. 2020 was a struggle for many of us but not for a luxury car maker lamborghini who posted their most profitable year ever despite a covert shutdown that closed its italian factory for 2 months while the total number of cars sold was slightly down from 29000 lamborghini sold more expensive customized super cars. all right after months of pandemic delays and in those 1st ever theme park featuring super mario opened in japan this week the bright blocky surroundings are straight out of the classic super mario brothers game music from mario games plays throughout the entire park visitors can even collect a virtual coins on a smartphone lynx wristband by punching blocks just like the plumber himself and
10:28 pm
augmented reality used in the mario kart ride promises to bring the racing game to life of the park is in line with nintendo's expansion efforts beyond the virtual world. and that looks like a lot of fun as a for me in the business team find us online t w dot com plus business seems beardsley is watching. to the point of strong opinions clear positions international perspectives. the arctic ice cap is melting away making it easier to exploit the region's huge reserves of natural resource 63 major powers the us china and russia vying for the biggest possible shambles of the cake see how explosive is their rivalry. to the point. of being 60 minutes on d w. a little guys this is the 77 percent of the
10:29 pm
platform after this you tube the speech he's used his share i've. heard this said no we're not captioned. africa's population is. and the young people clearly have the solutions. 77 percent. on. closely. carefully. don't go to the least 2 didn't.
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discover the. the i. subscribe to the documentary on you tube. thanks. to this is the news africa coming up on the program the cost of war in ethiopia is to grab a region moms of the fighting began in to drive back continued concerns about human rights abuses mostest police man so people on the go in shortage of food also coming up. some else lulu has been sworn in as the country's best female president i will have policies be any different from head previous s's.


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