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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  March 20, 2021 9:00am-9:16am CET

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this is being hotly debated on both continents. schoolin small storage people 13 w. . this is news lot from berlin germany faces the prospect of a new lock down. chancellor angela merkel says her country could soon introduce emergency measures to combat rising infection numbers but there's growing anger at the sluggish pace of vaccination also coming up. germany honors the scientists who brought hope to the world by developing the 1st widely used codeine team vaccine
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biotech founders. and to get the german order of merit. and american president joe biden says violence is growing in the us details asian american leaders in atlanta the country cannot remain silent as they warn the victims of tuesday's deadly gun attacks on massage parlors. spicer welcome to the program german chancellor angela merkel says her country could again go into lockdown if corona base coronavirus case numbers continue to rise a decision could come as soon as monday she was speaking after a virtual summit on the country's troubled vaccination program. national and
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regional leaders agreed to measures to speed things up but anger is growing. another rebirth for german i call on balance temple healthy airport was used to bring in food to the city's west during the cold war after closure it has refugees during the 25th crisis and now it's being used as a massive vaccination center. those who he had to get a shot have to should prove they're eligible. and i received an invitation to die i've been waiting for this that i came here immediately. but until now that teacher is one of relatively few germans to be vaccinated the country's been facing vaccine shortages since it launched its program in december. and the priority groups such as the elderly have received a jab but the government says it is expecting vaccine supplies to increase from my
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prolonged allowing mess to begin. to vaccinate as many people as we can as quickly and flexibly as possible in the 2nd quarter of 2021 in germany now slogan that's night vacs night and then vaccinate some more info. under the plans family doctors will be sent vaccine doses. and allowed to decide which of their patients a most in need of protection against 19 and areas along the country's borders with france and the czech republic were receive more doses case dumbass they have been especially high because of the infection numbers in germany's now because. that's a huge we've received more doses than planned from the a year. and they go into border areas which have a lot of cases of specific me. but even as the german chancellor promised relief to come she warned that the situation in the countries covered wards is worsening
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since german leaders decided to partially relax lockdown measures in early march infections have been rising shop lee experts are warning tougher measures are inevitable merkel agrees. with seeing exponential growth and an odd number far above why would we great to stop these relaxations if infection rates get too high well unfortunately have to do so. in recent weeks some german high streets of reopen juta that relaxed lock down soon they could again be forced to close and with widespread vaccination still a government promise it's uncertain when the country will be back to normal. and for more on this joined now by the time you correspondent thomas sparrow tell us let's start with that 3rd way that germany is facing why are we facing such a rapid rise in corona virus infection when it seemed just a few weeks ago the numbers are falling. it's not only
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a rapid rise in it it's an exponential growth of this particularly concerning for german authorities we heard on the stress just how difficult a situation nowadays is and why probably germany will go back to strict lockdown in fact for german cities that the city of have booked already reversed some of those opening steps that we saw in the last few weeks when we look at the reasons one of the key reasons is the presence of those more contagious variants here in germany in particular that the 117 variant which was 1st found in the united kingdom and which now accounts for over 70 percent of tested samples here in germany to give you a bit of context at the beginning of february that percentage was around 6 percent so this gives you a clear idea of why the patriots are a particular concern a 2nd issue with germany's border regions we also saw that in that report but the fact is that many of germany's neighbors are also badly affected by the coronavirus
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or at least regions of some of those neighboring countries the french region of moselle for example or to roll in out in austria or the czech republic it's the 2nd reason and a 3rd reason is obviously the opening steps that we've already discussed opening steps come with more contacts more contacts no money come with more infections so this gives you an idea of why the situation in germany is now so difficult not only the general situation but also for for authorities to decide what the next steps will be sure it's ok worsening situation obviously one of the solutions very close putting forward is to allow family doctors to begin giving the vaccines but with only a 1000000 doses available to general practitioners in the 1st week that makes around 20 doses per doctor how does that change anything. well if if you're expecting a very rapid change then probably you'll be disappointed but the g.p.s. of family doctors will play a very important role when it comes for example to gaining more flexibility in the
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process that something that was stressed by angela merkel and which is an important point to for example go beyond that very strict guidelines should be vaccinated when so certainly one element which is important here is the flexibility another element which plays an important role when it comes to family doctors or g.p.'s is trust trust has been affected in the call vaccination program which has been very slow and you know the g.p.'s have very good relationships normally with their own patients so they will hopefully be able to increase trust in the vaccine in particular the astra zeneca vaccine so it's not only about speed and it's also about increasing trust it's also about increasing flexibility in a vaccination program which has been criticised since it began last year in december and just really quickly thomas german generally are quite frustrated with the back and forth and lockdowns the slow rollout they are frustrated that's something that we saw this week also in a poll most germans are actually very critical of germany's current management and
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that's essentially why german chancellor angela merkel and the leaders met on friday here in berlin why they're actually going again next week because they understand that there's frustration they understand that that's fatty and they need to change the situation as quickly as possible ok thomas sparrow reporting for us on the reaction of the pandemic and vaccine rolled out thanks so much and here's a look at some of the other developments in the pandemic a month long coronavirus lockdown has gone into effect in paris and other french regions as the country tries to beat back a 3rd wave of infections a 3rd senator has died of code 19 in brazil raising questions around precautions taken in the country's congress up to a 3rd of lawmakers may have been infected there. and the philippines has recorded a record daily increase in code 19 infections authorities have tight restrictions in the capital manila the country has approved russia's sputnik vaccine for
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emergency use germany has honored the scientists who developed the world's 1st covered 19 back seeing the founders of drug company biotech have been awarded the order of merit for services to humanity. it's an award for services to the nation and yet this couple's extraordinary achievement has global dimensions it abound groundbreaking discovery is saving lives in life. it's ensuring our social economic and cultural survival. time a person is vaccinated we take a small step back towards normal life towards the life we miss and the people we love so they mention the really. of this i'm certain seldom has a scientific achievement of such extension importance been recognized in the. founded
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by on taken 2008 at their company's headquarters in mines they and their team had been working on the next generation cancer treatment for more than a decade using m r n a technology that was until news from china emerged about doctors discovering a mysterious new virus spreading rapidly in the city of. at 1st the world didn't pay much attention. to it did even before the world health organization issued its 1st major warning the biotech team started working around the clock less than a year later there vaccine was approved in many countries around the world. that not only earned them one of germany's tightest on the us but also thank you letters from around the globe. we saw grandparents reunited with their grandchildren doctors and nurses that no longer needed to be worried about their relatives when i read messages like these i can say the light at the end of the tunnel is getting
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brighter don't cling to ted. but to end the pandemic shine emphasizes one last big concerted effort is necessary he appealed to people to remain cautious. side through this 2 thirds of the way are already behind us one 3rd is ahead and i'm absolutely sure that if we can do this we will get the pandemic under control. like everyone else shine into origi will then be able to return to normal everyday life and for them that means getting back to work on their own original mission developing a new treatment for cancer. so let's take a look now at some of the other stories making news around the world. a dormant volcano in southwestern iceland has erupted for the 1st time in nearly 800 years the eruption came after thousands of smaller earthquakes in the region in recent weeks the area is a seismic hotspot in just 40 kilometers from the capital reykjavik all air traffic
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has been halted. officials in eastern australia have ordered mass evacuations they fear torrential rains and flooding could become deadly authorities are also telling people in sydney to stay at home the rains are some of the worst in years and they are expected to continue. turkish president. has withdrawn his country from the world's 1st binding treaty to prevent and combat violence against women was the 2011 istanbul convention was signed in turkey by 45 countries and the european union. american president joe biden and vice president come along harris have condemned asian violence in the u.s. which they say has spiked since the start of the coronavirus pandemic biden implicitly blamed former president donald trump for stoking a hate by calling covert 19 the china virus biden's comments came during
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a visit to atlanta where a gunman killed 8 people in mississauga parlors on tuesday 6 were of asian descent . america was shaken with these scenes from just a few days ago 8 people were gunned down at 3 different massage parlors in and around atlanta by alleged shooter robert aaron long most of those killed were of asian descent and according to local asian american leaders are just one example of a rising tide of attacks against asian americans the situation has been exacerbated by the corona virus pandemic which started in asia. even though the motive of the alleged killer is not clear u.s. president joe biden who met with local asian american leaders in atlanta on friday said change is needed. but we have to change our hearts hate can have no safe harbor in america it must stop and so on all of us
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all of us together to make it stop police say the suspect denies racism as a motive instead he said he did it to end his sex addiction and attentive ation of massage parlors whatever the motivation we know this too many asian americans have been walking. up and down the streets and we're waking up each morning the past year feeling their safety the safety of their loved ones are at stake they've been attacked. scapegoated harassed they've been verbal assault physically assault and killed. the suspect has confessed to the crimes and has been charged with murder in all 8 deaths. you're watching deja vue news more headlines will be coming up at the top of the hour but we'll leave you now with art from new york and a new show from dutch creator julius horst house it features massive it digital
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projections of fractals or infinitely repeating geometric shapes spicer thanks for watching. more than half the world will be leaving with limited water resources we haven't had to think about our war i think that era is over it's a financial product like any other financial. change the most important commodity soon to be free for all mississippi for commodity starts march
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