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tv   Radio- Frauen aus dem Regenwald  Deutsche Welle  March 20, 2021 8:30pm-9:00pm CET

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corruption. there is no denying that di impact climate change will have in this region. some ident such as bantu have seawalls to protect low lying areas but others smaller asshole's may disappear entirely as ocean levels rise in time and we need a system on which so many islanders depend culturally and economically is already under pressure strict closeness i need 10 to prevent overfishing the commercial season for fishing spiny lobster known here as crayfish has grown shorter and shorter. we only work like 5 months now away from other people one. journey on it and his friends on party island try not to get t. disheartened about the restrictions controlling their catch. the 250 ton close it
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sounds generous but it's shared by everyone holding the license in the reach of. those with big rigs and plenty of horse power and those working off the back of the dinghy. embracing. being. one driving them one by. the driveway. and you want to be looking out for sharks we want to get a response we're going to die we're going to. fish dive his way past inflate suits to confuse the sharks this standard black neoprene suits can make humans look like foraging seals the prey of choice for hungry tiger sharks and great whites. we've got no other way to make money so we're going to. screw. with the commercial season over. johnny arnett and his friends are
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restricted in the number of crayfish they can take and the method they use to catch them. as dangerous as their job is the main enjoyment it's a nice way to feed the family only taking what you need from the sea. to to. compete. in the pasture restaurants where only ever interested in serving time is the tail of the crayfish but now they prefer the delicacy long live. the good or bad everything all our problems we have a war in town to either go out. to . fish can be spear that crayfish
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are called by hand. to take you to take. their will our car now passed around now on propeller. sound or water mold off and on the crane kicking in with. our. the whole of the torres strait region was once famous for its mother of pearl and pole fishing employing more than a 1000 local and japanese divers who risked and often lost their lives at sea. cemeteries throughout the islands still celebrate the exploits and bravery of the forebears who sought to provide for their families in this way. the grey.
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depression and 2 world wars brought the industry to its knees but the successful development of cultured poles led to a lucrative if short lived revival. today just one phone remains taking advantage of the calm warm waters around it elect friday island a half hour boat ride from t.i. . to tackle me himself a former diver is the sole custody and at this time on a torres strait tradition keeping his business viable despite his advancing years. i can hear the 1973 i was only 18 years old. in 1805 company and i was called on the far side of the car.
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so this is a my 45 ease a little. bring her back in a bit. according to the show we can get you over the phone. to talk to me spelling pontins or crafted from locally sourced bamboo so beams are easily replaced when they crack open the heat the 1000 or so cages that people his seated post shelves and placed are also made by hand. or tied up by stainless steel why it's. not many people can do so i do everything this way back by own. they really are we have to do that. self-reliance is clearly a trait that's widespread throughout the region fast. it's all the more imperative
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in a business way use the last of your kind. backpackers on working visas help with menial tools such as cleaning the frames leaving tackle me to seed and maintain his precious poles as they grow. tommy's self-sufficiency defines the way he runs his business and his everyday life but we have a big property like that 32.5 after. that we have in the back yard we have a sump growing a big visible my horses walk on the red. cards is my home this is our i love this box i don't want anything i just leave on here. cyclons very occasionally play havoc with chalk come his harvest bus an even greater and increasingly alarming threat to his success is temperature if the water gets too
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hot his shells will die. what temperature up here i the only $24.00 is the minimum it will but the bigger issue is the water temperature i think i have a very much sort of serious problem. it was a good day for the fishermen of body island. with an old satellite dish for a barbecue and the finest sinfully in the world on the grill it simply doesn't get any better unless. you want to argue there never work again in a live. good morning talentless street. when looking. a little bit
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windy. while many tourists strait islanders commute to work each day by boat it was told to do since job requires a vehicle with a little more speed. and post nasal clinics are conducted in situ on the outside in this but when it comes time for women to get better they must fly to t. only to the only hospital to return. to her and the tar started has its unique challenges and obviously location is my job this one. is long distances that we can travel by road you know. it's another stifling hot day on. so poorly elects to counsel her clients in the
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shade of a big mag tree. we expect to have this kind of experience and you're going to go home as soon as you can go i know you want to but now we're going to get 2 infants home with one ear out on an airplane just changed my mind a bit because i've got a qualification as a midwife how we've. a sister relationship but what i personally love about being up here is. the fulfillment of what my people he's a big start on boy around him are you look at a white boy. tens of thousands of miles every year travelling from t.i. hospital to the outer islands but other health related services can be to. david on
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line. st paul's is on the remote outer ident of moma today little kenny my my has come to the local health clinic with a to thank. god to rabbi those that are young can you mind my been complaining is god so truth. about the back when you know the 7576. commune often one wide open there is no regular dentist on mo island to that one but the fact. that new technology means dr tom means who stationed at the clinic on t i can examine his young patient from afar using an intra oral camera so that's actually his i don't say it's a bit the come through the gum so. you can let his parents know that that's not a real big issue i think personally that is far better than just having
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a phone call because you can actually see them of this and talk women all he had was some issues with the stupor up things are all completely normal and he can communicate that to his mother. just reassure that there's nothing wrong. with you clear and achieve on him and to relieve the pain kenny my my hands to school just in time for the singing of the torres strait. was. was. was. was was. is dream was to learn how to help it's family that an i stream from and had a healthy family. each community in the region has its own school but only for
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children in primary grades once they graduate high school they have no choice but to leave home so a rock solid connection to culture is imperative if islanders are to retain their sense of identity and place once they head off to boarding school. this is something policeman wiley chris knows only too well he grew up in st paul's and attended the community school here now he returns to his old stomping ground every week to share his knowledge of and deep respect for tradition with the next generation. painting this back in the days 20 years ago. where it seemed so. when he gives the mining is no way we get these ones for. the ships the young ones that. the young should in the middle class this one.
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what else do we use it as. to go over there downs costumes the train. tailor made for an afternoon performance for parents and l.d.s. . they practice it properly when a prop me so that as they grow they know how good it is to be like a torch and their identity so that they can be proud proud of who they are. going to be walking out a way that a lot. of. the traditional ways tell us when we are. really inspired me to keep it going and pass it on to the next generation of kids. those whose main
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tradition for us opera speaks to us about anything can sing about tied to sing about those whose main tradition for us opera speaks to us about anything can sing about tied to sing about. traveling you know about opening. up so you can make like that dance about. the older girls around with wooden knives a form of reteam that on is their traditional role as garden is. ok. and. the boys proudly reenact their full father's legendary prowess as head hunted is.
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back in the days your man will go to war. and fight up here often to score bring him back over colby and. that'll show we are warriors. he's the main. and main hunter and you know. what he is actively seeking to fulfill a leadership role in st paul's following in his own father's footsteps and has been really inspired me to be a leader for the common community one day he knows what people one son will bear for the people. i love being a quarter of. my identity our love for my family what i do for my people my community and the younger generation. another huge
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influence on contemporary life in the torres strait is religion. christianity came to the region by arab danley island in $871.00 and the mentors event the locals refer to as the coming of the light. you. want to louis a born and baptized arab down the island is the church warden here. he is the grandson of the region's 1st ordained priest joseph who appears in the stained glass window as a babe in arms. today well to and members of his congregation are busy preparing their church full all saints day. and major restoration including the removal of asbestos from the building forced the closure of the church for 6 years but on the 1st of november it will throw open its doors to celebrate the popular christian festival. i will look at the church to you.
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knowing. the history of the church in the community. even those of the church is committed always believe this is the mother and you will see it everyone will come worship it will be a very emotional thing especially the language the congregation will be in tea. with preparations inside the church under control most holy returns to his regular day child keeping the islanders and his region up to date. among the. states he will take another track from one a 6 point one this is really you for your falsely taking it sort of. he's been in the community radio game for 25 of the networks 33 years is. to be
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debated one time we're back and they taught myself how to play the music we grew up back in the sixty's where i grew up with the beatles and the rolling stone fats domino and all those those guys. love music if you do get the balance right on the radio you can get everyone dancing on the floor. his passion may be rock n roll but right now well to me it's priming his audience for the imminent reopening of his church we often hear this is all saints church. it's how. you hear back on thursday on and all the tools and he's doing the rounds with. the head of the hospital's maternity ward big baby. how did you kyra this.
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is my. my triac over i'm going to need to you know she's born and bred horror story on there and what they are we really be up to develop the strong relations the ship that we have we don't want that very much of it that was obviously the lightning rod. i think directly we're providing. parenting indications that's kind of. a liar of trust from a foundation of traffic. developing a trusting relationship with here is probably the most important we actually begins to trust herself more than she even trust the south or diane 17 from body island had a little baby girl in the early hours of the morning. come gretchen naish. had you need to enforce the follow up. over this morning diane's husband couldn't get time off work to be with his wife on
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t i while she waited for the birth of their baby so i haven't seen my husband in 4 weeks the longest that was hot it's 4 days so mom just kept telling me that the whole time you know you just think about it in the end you have a beautiful little girl but i'm so grateful that you stayed strong for the bike for months and. what a beautiful being a grand daughter 8. and i'm very proud that i was. you know i'm very excited to take it back to. how exciting we came here it's 2 and now i'm going back it's 3. dianne has been dreaming of a homecoming for weeks and finally that day has dawned. dad tony is waiting anxiously by the.
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maybe go. down. she's going. yes she is going to sing on the cake but i know is it to stare at her i can't do that ok now i just sit there i'm staring at him repeating it. once tony and diane have a moment to reconnect and it's time for the baby to meet her and other grandmother . according to tradition the little pill is also a member of all the families interest rate. tony and i and have soon found a new crew for us parents. it may not look like i'm on but it took me
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a while to get like me. back on the open ocean the crew on the m.v. tyson on nearing the end of their only 4 week separation from family captain matt smith is counting down the days and eager to see his kids but lucky that jackie is staying on board filling in for a coworker who's called in sick. the misses practice up from sun that's right i'm a so let's find out which is given my. new socks that's going to go on my. son clark all beef jerky and it's like fun a party mix. oh oh yeah we go on for another 2 weeks. the daily dc's of ships life help keep lucky and the rest of the crew from missing home while they're at sea. trying to function as a family they share the bond like it's
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a regular job well maybe. 10 minutes. if it's also in the kitchen and in the rocking anything on the surface slaw adds i remember one of my feet up by a player like that and this trauma like little down his head to. some of the other fellows have small families and you can see it like you know when i duck out for a great price on the mrs and that kid so you could call of imagine how i want feel you know specially at the end of the 4th way could spain i do all i want to do is god.
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push the trip out to ever done he has been smooth sailing all the way. arriving ahead of schedule just at daybreak on the 31st of october. as soon as the empty tightens up like he and his crewmates begin the noting the ship. can find a special gift the fragile sculpture is to give it to the church. churchwarden bolted louis and his coble it in dick pilot carefully and grab the skull to from can find a. the precious will be placed on display in the chance. trita ken's wishes
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he can sit with his congregation inspiring. there is an intense sense of family and community here in this humble old church held together with moves him made from limestone and rocks collected from the ensuring. it was built by the grandfathers and great grandfathers of the elders who now filled the building. they sing the old hymns they full fathers once helped missionaries translate to their mother tongue. was the. was the the was around before god review thanks for those who have
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started to refurbish this graves all sacred for you to complete this respirator work. always sort of welcome. america school right from. the beauty of this place. your people. in. was the. emissions are strong today as the islanders reflect on the deep connections they share not only to god and their church but to their ancestors and each other. they reaffirm bonds that have endured for centuries and friendships that will last a lifetime. they pay their respects to absent family some of whom have returned to the fold via modern technology old family i love the door very much i could see you
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and you could see me. 3 my luggage i love your door. there you. go this is then. contemporary life from the torres strait islands is anything but straightforward full of challenges brought by isolation in the vast wilderness and that i refer to as sea. but whatever the future holds for these crowned resilient people take
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greater strength lies in remaining state fastly moving to the past and kid in the safe harbor of culture and family. going once going twice sold. $69000000.00 for fish this is all part of. what is the artistic truth about this. crypto hard. boiled market. march 20th. 30 minutes on t.w. . board more.
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literature invites us to see people in particular. i like to see myself as the kids find strength growing up her. own objects are going to share with her friends. you know the books on you tube. what out of a people suffering from hunger in the. world food program is fighting over. the fight.
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this is good w. news live from berlin women's rights in turkey are dealt a serious blow 1000 protest in istanbul luxor president and i want holes out of an international treaty to protect women against violence and one supporters say the pact of damages traditional values is also on the show chanting long down protesters come out in force across europe demanding the easing of restrictions while hospitals are filling out the cobra 1000 patients as the continent battles a 3rd wave.


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