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the boys proudly reenact their full father's legendary prowess as head hunters. back in the days you go to war. and fight up your offer to score bring them back or you can be a. battle shoulder. moreas that is the main. the main hunter and you know. one is actively seeking to fulfill a leadership role in st paul's following in his own father's footsteps has been really inspired me to be a leader of the common community one way he knows what people want to simulate before the people. i love being
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a quarter on the bottom of my identity from. what i do for my people my community and the younger generation. another huge influence on contemporary life in the torres strait is religion. christianity came to the region by arab danley island in 871 element is a bend the locals refer to as the coming of the light. bulb to louis a born and baptized arab down the island is the church warden here. he is the grandson of the region's 1st ordained priest joseph who appears in the stained glass window as a babe in arms. today walter and members of his congregation are busy preparing their church full all saints day and major restoration including the removal of asbestos from the building forced the closure
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of the church for 6 years but on the 1st of november it will throw open its doors to celebrate the popular christian festival. i have a local church you. know we. we church in the community. even though it's other churches in that committed always believe this is the mother and you will see everyone will come worship it will be a very emotional thing especially the language the congregation will be in t. . with preparations inside the church under control mostly returns to his regular day keeping the islanders and his region up to date and. he. states he will take another track here and i for one are 6 point one this is review for you falsely taking the sort of. he's been in the community radio game
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for 25 of the networks 330. 0 used to be a debate at one time you know we're back taught myself how to play the music we grew up back in the sixty's where you grew up with the beatles and the rolling stone fats domino and all those guys you love music if you do get the balance right on the radio you can get everyone dancing on the floor. his passion maybe rock'n'roll but right now well to his priming his audience for the imminent reopening of his church. in this is all saints church mama it's. that consistent on and pull the tooth and it's doing the rounds with. the head of
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the hospital's maternity ward be it baby. how to cairo. to fly. the matriarch of the amateur into you know she's one of the breed tar stripe on there and what about here we would really be able to develop the strong relations that ships that we have we don't want that very much of it that was obviously the lightning rod. i'm currently we're providing 1st time parenting indications that's kind of built from a liar of trust from a foundation of trust. developing a trusting relationship with here is probably the most important when she begins to trust herself more than she's ever trust herself before diane 17 from body island had a little baby girl in the early hours of the morning. congratulations. i
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had you need to enforce yeah a last minute follow up. over the next morning diane's husband couldn't get time off work to be with his wife on t i while she waited for the birth of their baby so i haven't seen my husband in 4 weeks the longest that we've been potus for days so. just kept telling me that the whole time you know just think about it in the end you have a beautiful little girl but i'm so grateful that you stayed strong for the both of us and. you know what a beautiful little granddaughter they were and i would be proud that i was. you know i'm very excited to take you back to. how exciting we came here it's true and now i'm going back it's 3. diane has been dreaming of a homecoming for weeks and finally that day has dawned. new
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dad tony is waiting anxiously by the extra. real baby girl. i don't. really think. she's been. through. yet she is going to sing on the cake why does it just stare at her i can't do that ok now i just sit there i'm staring at him but if he. once told me and diane have cut their moment to reconnect or it's time for the baby to miss her other grandmother. according to tradition the little girl is also a member of all the families in tory's straight. to.
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tony and and have soon found a new crew for us parents. to let her know it looks like i'm got this it took me a while to get like this. back on the open ocean the crew on the m.v. tyson are nearing the end of their own 4 week separation from family captain matt smith is counting down the days and eager to see his kids but lucky that dickey is staying on board filling in for a coworker who's called in sick. this is a fact that's often senates right i'm a so let's find out which is given my. new socks that's going to go on my. and some local beef jerky and it's like kind of funny mix.
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oh oh yeah we go on for another 2 weeks. the daily d.c.'s have ships life help keep lucky and the rest of the crew from missing home while they're at sea. trying to function as a family they share the bond like it's a regular job. or 10 minutes. if it's also in the kitchen and it is rocking anything on the surface slaw adds i remember one not at my feet but i'll play like that and just trying to like calm it all down take. some of the other fellow's small family and you can see it like you know and i duck out for a quick face time with the mrs and kids and you could call of imagine how i want feel you know specially at the end of the 4th way could spain i do is and all i
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want to do is. push in italy the trip out to every dunny has been smooth sailing all the way. arriving at head of schedule just at daybreak on the 31st of all ted. has seen is the envy tightened. like he and his crewmates begin under doating the ship. inside a special kid the fragile sculpture is delivered to the church. wooden
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bowl to louis and his coble wooden deck pilot carefully and rev the skull to from can find day. the precious art where it will be placed on display in the church true to ken's wishes he can sit with his congregation in spirit. there is an intense sense of family and community here in this humble old church held together with moves him made from limestone and rocks collected from the. it was built by the grandfathers and great grandfathers of the elders who now filled the building. they sing the old hymns they full fathers once helped missionaries translate to their mother tongue. was the. was.
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the gas round of oh god we give you finance footballers who have started to refurbish the sprites. took i'm quoting this respirators. mary always quotes a welcome log. from mary the beauty of this place. was found the. emotions are strong today as the islanders reflect on the deep connections they share not only to god and their church but to their ancestors and each other. they reaffirm barns that have endured for centuries and friendships that will last a lifetime. they pay their respects to absent family some of whom have returned to
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the fold via modern technology paolo family i love the door very much i could see you and you could see me share with 3 my love and crime i love your dog. there 2 you. go this is then. contemporary life and the torres strait islands is anything but straightforward full of challenges brought by isolation in the vast wilderness of the ira for the
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rest see. but whatever the future holds for these proud resilient people greatest strength lies in remaining state fastly moving to the past and kid in the safe harbor of culture and family. the by the book. on. what's technologically possible is also fun. but it comes out of. the red. 13 minutes on d w. good shape. getting rid of wrinkles tightening
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up the body people use a variety of methods to improve their looks. to embellish once appearances are sold and. which methods are most effective. and what are the potential. good. 60 minutes w. . what secrets lie behind. discover new adventures in 360 degree. and explore fascinating world heritage sites the. world heritage 316 get me out now.
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this is the news line from birth in poland into it's a new lockdown as coronavirus cases spiral up puts public what shuts down for 3 weeks as in fiction rates near record highs soaring number of new cases threaten a system also on the show thousands protested in istanbul after turkish president at a one pulls out of an international treaty to protect women who can spot one supporters say the pact damages traditional values. and the great closing in on.
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in the bundesliga and keep scoring goals at his club i keep on winning. a match and held welcome covenanted in fiction rights are rising across europe as the continent battles a 3rd wife of the virus poland is one of the hardest hit and new lockdown restrictions come into force on saturday much of public life will shut down for at least the next 3 weeks in an effort to bring the virus under control paul and has experienced an exponential growth in cases of the last month the growing numbers of people are putting severe a burden on the health care system and hospitals a struggling to cope with new admissions. well so 1st responders at
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their limits one in every 3 course i get is a cut of the damage and see. more and more younger people are coming down with the virus like these 45 year old mother of 3. she's been sick with the virus for 11 days the condition is deteriorating polson have breathing and now irregular . almost to collecting that patient the 1st responders have found a hospital that will take her it's becoming ever more difficult no problem going to bed in the hospital wards of filling up as the infection numbers rise. more than 26000 new infections were reported in poland on saturday as many as during november is paid. the big 117 mutation is spreading the news bubbled and estimated 60 to 80 percent of cases could be traced to the british variant it's extremely aggressive. sharp of you to saw. the health system is under intense pressure
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including the hospital in plot scouts out of warsaw there are 35 beds because of it patients and 50 patients with the virus what. would be easier for a hospital if we had more doctors we specially need more evidence they just is not a well also lacking stop you know my favorite department. to fight the 3rd wave the hospital in plots is trying to vaccinate as many people as it can as quickly as it can. poland's rollout is amongst the most rapid in the a you. that news about it's really important to be here today i'm caring for my disabled son and i don't want to infect him i want to get vaccinated i haven't been sick with covered but my wife died of it. the government is now titans locked down museums screws and shopping centers nationwide will close for at least 3 weeks
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but online lockdown opponents have been organizing it gets the measures hotel and restaurant owners from the group we're open defying the rules even though they could be fined. if we shut now that. i've put years of my life into this place and i will close. but the authorities aren't giving in to community opposition in fiction numbers are rising too fast but that. well tens of thousands of people in several european cities have held protests against pandemic restrictions in the german city of castle demonstrators clashed with police who then used pepper spray and water cannons to disperse the crowds similar scenes unfolded in london with thousands turned out to protest ongoing restrictions place made more than 30 arrests for breaching months old virus regulations that leaving hon except for a limited number of reasons. and have been is
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a look at some of the other developments in the pandemic now in a huge chief on the line has threatened to halt exports of astra zeneca is covered not in vaccines if the block does not receive its promised deliveries 1st in the u.s. officials they have imposed in the merge and see not time curfew for miami beach that's after thousands of spring breakers without masks gathered without social distancing trashing restaurants and fighting in the streets and pakistan's prime minister imran khan has become the lead this world leader to test positive for the corona virus 2 days after receiving china's cinephile vaccine. well women in turkey have taken to the streets to parse it part of the government's decision to pull out of an international accord protecting women from violence conservatives say the 2011 istanbul convention threatens family values and promote a sexual i think women's rights groups called
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a maybe at least for demonstrations against the move germany's foreign ministry has condemned to take his withdrawal from the treaty i. i. thousands of demonstrators took to it stumble streets in response to president one's actions i. stumble convention is a means of protection for us women and now the government paved the way for more violence against women and that's the reason we're here now. and then i heard about the withdraw decision in the morning and i got very angry i told myself i purposely can't change it and all of us here we can't change it but at least i wanted to shout out my anger toward a piker much good work. when i heard about the decision i thought it was a joke it fast i could not believe it there had been discussions about this but i
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thought they would not do it i think this is a political decision and they are ignoring the rights of women and children for the sake of their own political benefits. will play a lot better than has been under pressure from members of his party who say the convention undermines the traditional family structure they also say its principle of nondiscrimination on the basis of sexual orientation amounts to promoting homosexuality. but activists say gender inequality is still a major issue in turkey last year women's rights groups reported over $300.00 women women across the country and they say turkey's withdrawal from the convention. comes at a time when violence against women is on the rise. yes well earlier we spoke to de dibley correspondent yulia hahn and asked her why president had decided to withdraw from the convention well you have to understand that the whole discourse surrounding this is general convention has dramatically changed 10 years
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ago when it was signed it was hailed as a breakthrough for gender equality here in turkey and then last year members also present ones conservative islamist rooted a.k.p. started to suggest the government should withdraw from the from the treaty arguing as you mentioned that aid threatens traditional muslim family structures or encourages homosexuality then women took to the streets in protest but still we saw prison edwin's decision now so why is that observers argue that it only shows how much influence hardliners gained in his ruling party and ruling party coalition and that turkey has been experiencing an economic downturn or downturn for quite some while now and they're saying this is a bad one and his party trying to energize and mobilize their base so the move has domestic reasons that's what observers say and from yulia in istanbul
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let's take a look now at some of the other stories making news elsewhere in the world a demonstration in the ukrainian capital kiev escalated those protesters trashed the facade of the presidential administration spying slogans on the story they're outraged of a perceived judicial corruption and the interior minister quit police by the least want to arrest the. tanzanians have bid farewell to the country's late president john mcafee he died suddenly on wednesday the opposition says he was ill with coded 19 though the government says it's a heart condition that caused instead. i go fully had led the country for over 5 years he was known internationally for his skepticism of the virus. where crews have begun taking down fencing surrounding the u.s. capitol in washington d.c. it was put up after rioters stormed the building on january 6th and were trying to
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stop the assembly confirming president joe biden's election victory more than $300.00 have since been arrested over the right including prominent members of far right groups. to say a volcano which are up to me are signs capital on friday appears to be subsiding us land is the most active volcanic region in europe with an eruption every 5 years on average seismologists say the eruption was small and is not expected to cause major disruption it's the 1st time the volcano has erupted in the area and some i think it's. spilled through the cracks of this are slim volcano fountains of red tented the sky. onlookers watched the rare event from a distance and experts say it will soon be over. if this will continue as we've seen no i think it's most likely that this is action will.
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diminish in the slowly decrease in power and terminate in only a few days. iceland has seen a spike in seismic activity if in the past few weeks experts said it was only a matter of time before an eruption. it happened in an area that lay dormant for the last 800 lives in 2010 volcanic activity in iceland caused major travel disruption but this relatively small eruption will do little harm. this election will not affect your traffic now the. this is and if you see that option which means that it's moved a petition to the smoke that is coming out of its main a if there's no ash coming from me so that it's no traffic considerations i have to look at the. main threat is pollution from the gases those living nearby
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have been advised to shut their windows. but the locals the volcano has 7 to mostly as a spectacle. sport and football and robert levy dusky scored a 1st half hat trick is by munich cruised to an easy for no win of the stuttgart the polish struck and now needs just 5 goals from his remaining matches this season to wake the record set for the most goals scored in a single bundesliga season and struck a good mother managed 40 almost 5 decades ago now and since then no one has come near that record until now. robert ever does he is closer than ever to the all time goal scoring record he's already 932 times this season and ahead of this clash which took gods barnes afternoon started with a 6 pack when our phones are davies was said to offer this challenge to calls
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wataru endo any hope that guests may have hope bit of a shock result were dealt a blow shortly afterwards though when serge cannot presets leventhal speak for his 1st of the afternoon. after the smooth passing move in the 20 seconds minute can operate himself doubled by ends lead the 3rd goal in the space of 5 minutes then followed when thomas miller crossed flipper dogs who converted with a perfect replaced. by owen's 4th the striker complete a 1st half hat trick with his 35th bundesliga goal of the current campaign with a games left 11 though still looks a safe bet. to equal or even surpass gets more as record of 40 goals in a single season. go but i don't want to think about it too much i need to stay patient and do my job how many goals i need to school that's a secondary concern at the moment there's this invisible man in tight that i.
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acquired 2nd stuttgart accept this fight very stay in 7th place while league leaders boy and maintain their 4 point christian over lights at the top of the table. and while the master live in dusky has been piling on the goals for bind young illing holland is tied for 2nd in the scoring charts for the league and holland added 2 more to his total against cologne on saturday 3 minutes into the match in managed to control the long pass hunt for the early one nil lead but dortmund for behind during them until the 90th minute rather win holland's last gasp slide bed to 2 with that draw dog and remain 50 late. all right let's take a look at all the satellite scores now and as we just saw easily bitch stuttgart leipzig remained 4 points back with a win of a villa filled frankfurt down on young berlin 5 to one and last place while they
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lost again sunday should you includes hopeless head to berlin hosting leverkusen. indep story reporter is next a chain for that following a german woman who gave up her job and opened a funeral home in the midst of a pandemic a man to me how to have more news headlines for you at the top of the. w's crime fighters are back with africa's most successful radio drama series continues all of this odes are available online and of course you can share and discuss on w. africa's facebook page and other social media platforms crime fighter to me and now . he's been robbed of their soul that's what are people experiences when their heritage is taken from them. countless cultural artifacts were.


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