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tv   ZDF Bauhaus  Deutsche Welle  March 21, 2021 6:00am-7:01am CET

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this is the news live from berlin poland enters a new lockdown as coronavirus cases spiral puts public law shuts down for 3 weeks says in fiction rights need of record highs the soaring number of new cases threatened and. hope this is also a. spectacular science may iceland's capital as an 800 volcano continues to spew lava saw at the site the eruption doesn't pose a magistrate and is awaiting coming down. from a live in the great closing in on the fabled break in the bundesliga keeps on
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scoring goals and his club behind just keep on winning. american held welcome. in fiction rights are rising across europe as the continent battles a 3rd wave of the farce poland is one of the hardest hit and new lockdown restrictions come into force on saturday much of public life will be shut down for at least the next 3 weeks in an effort to bring the virus under control poland has experienced exponential growth in cases of the last month the growing numbers of people are putting a severe burden on the health care system and hospitals are struggling to cope with new admissions. first responders that there are limits one in every 3 calls for. it is
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a cause that emergency. more and more younger people are coming down with the virus like this 45 year old mother of 3. she's been sick with the virus for 11 days the condition is deteriorating polson have breathing and now irregular. would almost have to collecting their patients the 1st responders have to find a hospital that will take her it's becoming ever more difficult no problem putting up their beds in the hospital wards are filling up as in fiction numbers rise. more than 26000 new infections were reported in poland on saturday as many as during november is paid. the baby 117 mutation is spreading the news spoke with an estimated 60 to 80 percent of cases can be traced to the british variant of its extremely aggressive. stripe of util saw. the health system is under
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intense pressure including the hospital in plot scouts out of warsaw there were 35 beds because patients and over 50 patients with the virus what. would be easy for a hospital if we had more doctors we specially need more added fazio logis is not a well selecting stop in almost every department. to fight the 3rd wave the hospital in plots is trying to vaccinate as many people as it can as quickly as it can. poland's rollout is amongst the most rapid in the a you. me is about it's really important to be here today i'm caring for my disabled son and i don't want to infect him i want to get vaccinated i hadn't been sick with covered but my wife died of it. the government is now tartans lockdown museums screws and shopping centers nationwide will close for at least 3 weeks
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but online lockdown opponents have been organizing it gets the measures hotel and restaurant owners from the group open by defying the rules even though they could be fined. if we shut now that. i've put years of my life into this place i will close. but the authorities aren't giving in to community opposition in fiction numbers are rising too fast but that. tens of thousands of people in several european cities have held protests against pandemic restrictions in the german city of kufa demonstrators clashed with police who then used pepper spray and water cannons to disperse the crowds similar scenes unfolded in london with thousands turned out to protest ongoing lockdown restrictions placed my more than 30 arrests most for breaching months old virus regulations that outlaw leaving home except for a limited number of reasons. and here's
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a look at some of the other developments in the pandemic now and. shun the c.e.o. of a german vaccine manufacturer beyond tick is optimistic that the pandemic will be under control by the end of the summer he says the lead is france of lockdown should be the last and the u.s. officials have imposed an emergency not time curfew for miami beach that's after spring breakers flooded the streets in their thousands without mosques and pakistan's prime minister iran has become the lead this would lead to the test positive for the coronavirus 2 days after receiving china's cinephile vexing. women in turkey have taken to the streets to protest the government's decision to pull out of an international accord protecting women from violence conservative say the 2011 is stamboul convention threatens family values and promotes homosexuality women's rights groups immediately called for demonstrations against the move germany's foreign ministry has condemned to take his withdrawal from the treaty. i
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was seeing their anger. thousands of demonstrators took to in stumbles straits in response to president to one's actions i. was some of the guest on both convention is a means of protection for us women and now the government paved the way for more violence against women and that's the reason we're here now. and then i heard about the withdraw decision in the morning and i got very angry i told myself i purposely can't change it and all of us here we can't change it but at least i wanted to shout out my anger toward the wall i. couldn't watch. the when i heard about the decision i thought it was a joke it fast i could not believe it 2 there had been discussions about this but i thought they would not do it i think this is a political decision and they are ignoring the rights of women and children for the
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sake of their own political benefits. will play a lot better one has been under pressure from members of his party who say the convention undermines the traditional family structure they also say its principle of nondiscrimination on the basis of sexual orientation amounts to promoting homosexuality. but activists say gender inequality is still a major issue in turkey last year women's rights groups reported over $300.00 women women across the country and they say turkey's withdrawal from the convention comes at a time when violence against women is on the rise. or earlier we spoke to david lee correspondent yulia and asked her why president have decided to withdraw from the convention well you have to understand that the whole discourse surrounding this istanbul convention has dramatically changed at 10 years ago when it was signed it was hailed as
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a breakthrough for. gender equality here in turkey and then last year members also present ones conservative islamist rooted a.k.p. started to suggest the government should withdraw from the from the treaty arguing as you mentioned that aid threatens traditional muslim family structures or encourages homosexuality then women took to the streets in protest but still we saw prison edwin's decision now so why is that observers argue that it only shows how much influence hotline is gained in his ruling party and ruling party correlation and turkey has been experiencing an economic downturn downturn for quite some while now and they're saying this is a good one and his party trying to energize and mobilize their base so the move has domestic reasons that's what observers say and from you'll be home in this temple let's take a look now at some of the other stories making news around the world in toronto
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right in full this battering astroid is east coast of the thirty's have evacuated outlying areas of sydney which are at risk of some of the worst flooding in decades sydney's largest and most of the flung emergency services a warning of a life threatening situation. tanzanians have been farewell to the country's late president john mchugh fady died suddenly on wednesday opposition says he was ill with covenanting so the government says a heart condition caused his death i could fully have led the country for over 5 years he was known internationally for his skepticism of the virus. the demonstration in the ukrainian capital kiev is good lighted as protesters trashed the facade of the presidential administration spying slogans on its door they're outraged of a perceived judicial corruption and demanding the interior minister quit police might at least one of worst. well scientists
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a volcano which are up to the iceland's capital on friday appears to be subsiding as the most active volcanic region in europe with an eruption every 5 years on average seismologists say the eruption was small and is not expected to cause my just disruption it's the 1st time a volcano has erupted in this area for 800 years. lava spilled through the cracks of this iceland volcano are fountains of red tented the sky. onlookers watched the rare event from a distance and experts say it will soon be over. if this will continue as we've seen no i think it's most likely that this interruption will. diminish slowly decrease in power and terminate in only a few days. iceland has seen
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a spike in seismic activity every the past few weeks experts said it was only a matter of time before an eruption. it happened in an area that lay dormant for the last 800 lives in 2010 volcanic activity in iceland cause. majorette travel disruption but this relatively small eruption will do little harm . this election will not affect the air traffic know the this isn't a few sit ups in which means that it's mostly producing lava and the smoke that is coming out of 50 basis may not if there's no ash coming from it so there's no if traffic considerations as we have to worry about. the main threat is pollution from the gases those living nearby have been advised to shut their windows. but for locals the volcano has 17 mostly as the spectacle.
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bundesliga football and rubble have been scored a 1st half hat trick is. easy for neil when of a stud got the ball a strike a noun they'd just 5 goals from his 8 remaining matches this season to equal the record set for the most goals scored in a single bundesliga season and strike a good mother managed 40 almost 5 decades ago and since then no one has come near to that record until now. robert levy he is closer than ever to the all time boost league goal scoring record heat already $932.00 times this season and heads of this clash with god's. hands afternoon started with a 6 pack when our phones are davies was sent off for this challenge to cause what endo any hope their guests may have harbored of a shock result were dealt a blow shortly afterwards though when serge cannot pre-sets up leventhal ski for his 1st of the afternoon. after the smooth passing move in the 22nd mini
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could not bring himself doubled by ends lead the 3rd goal in the space of 5 minutes then followed when thomas miller crossed flipper dosti who converted a perfect be placed. by owens 4th the striker complete a 1st half hat trick with his 35th bundesliga goal of the current campaign with a games left 11 dusky looks a safe bet to equal or even surpass good morals record of 40 goals in a single season. i don't want to think about it too much i need to stay patient and do my job how many goals i need to score that's a secondary concern at the moment that's the thing there's a man in tight that i smile a quiet 2nd stuttgart accept their fate. starting in 7th place while league leaders boy and maintain their 4 point christian over lunch at the top of the table
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. and while the master level has been piling on the goals for. holland is tied for 2nd for scoring in the league and holland added 2 more goals for his title against cologne on saturday 3 minutes into the match he managed to get on the end of a long pass and hit the net for no one. to dortmund fell behind until the 90th minute went that man holland's last gasp slide. with a draw dortmund remain 5th in the late. and one in german football stadium fans were welcome back for the 1st time in germany since last automobile limited capacity it happened at a 30 club. and the $700.00 fans present had to take rapid granted tests before they were allowed to enter the stadium once inside they were supposed to social distance
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and be strict about wearing masks. the small way for fans to win the match of the show. sports life is next year and they doubly. in the chair at the top of the alpha now on anthony held where of your enjoying. germany to learn german living in the. why not learn with him d w z e learning course. sleep. carefully. you'll soon be sure. to do again.
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discover the. plane. subscribe to the documentary. i play . the eve of. surfing means everything to me it's
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almost like an escape from reality i feel super lax and super calm in the ocean and it just gets kind of afraid i'm farming. you can get angry sometimes but the feeling that i get the most is happiness and freedom. from surfing it's my life i'm free from the things that the water and my surfboard. costa rica's speeches boast year round waves attracting surface from all around the world for the guys were run 3 of geminis best stuff is trained here it's all they can do is competitions of. been held over the past year shortly before surfing was set to make its deb you at the olympic games the world ground to
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a halt 3 absolutes in. my name is rachel press here i love ben melbourne florida and i am a professional surfer. from an all to. my name is don't grow on i was born and bred like germany but now i live in portugal and i serve on the german flag for the germans for. my neighbors you know lots where i live and problem is closer and i search for the german olympic team. rachel prestige and dylan clue and want to be the 1st german surface at the olympics. on the side of 2016 that knives were turned around. in rio the international olympic committee decided to make surfing and then pick sport. sure finger. bernard. and very fertile ground for the.
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series saki surfing beach is set to be the scene of the very 1st and then pick surfing a vent for gemini 3 men and 3 women are currently still in the running for tickets to. a live in the usa costa rica ecuador and the canaries all of them have german citizenship but most have never actually lived in the country. most skilled surface grew up by the beach writing that 1st waves at an early age. deal includes mother has german rates his father is south african and he lives in portugal. colors basically a german border where one i was born and i was born a berlin and when i was 4 years old we moved to because of my dad's work i went through a german school so there's a lot of german. the 20 year old finished school 2 years ago and has been fully focused on the sport since then. at age 24 is already something of
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a veteran his family from castle but he grew up in the costa rican surfing hot spot heaven as when he was 9 he was discovered by germany's then top surface. he became his mental i was. really the 1st thing he gave me was a surfboard and all just so excited i couldn't believe it i went running for my mom getting a surfboard from those professional surfer and his german. this student has since become the master but is still a close confidant. rachel presti is from florida her mother is german the 18 year old is touted as germany's greatest chums just surfing medal. in 2018 she was junior well champion the biggest international success for a gem and she started her career representing the usa but that she faced much
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tougher competition. especially surfing for germany it's really cool since i'm representing my mom's background and all my mom's family still lives and germany so i feel like i'm almost doing it for the family kind of thing. with dillon helped to make the move they've been living and training together since they met at a junior competition 2 years ago he's super motivating when i'm surfing and super helpful whenever i'm down and always makes her happy. that was some difficult moments in 2020 the coronavirus pandemic brought competitive surfing to a halt rachel laon and dillon couldn't compete an abrupt change for athletes usually on the road for up to 11 months a year the contest which would have determined olympic qualification was delayed by a year 12 months of uncertainty without knowing when things would be starting up
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again. it's simply hard work you know i mean you know because of olympics and everything we're we're mostly training right now and we're still training and working out for the upcoming season. in jim hogan they have one of the most renowned coaches in the world the american has known them for several years and is in close contact with the german association reporting on their progress. today the waves are fairly small just like they're expected to be at sirica beach said. they're working on technique. after 2 hours on the water they go through the session analyzing every move it's 123 because board 6 feet so that 6 feet above the lip the so they call tell har the best is having feedback from jim because sometimes i could be doubting something but let's say he doesn't and we kind of you know get into the middle of the we're all working on something different right next time we go on the water we definitely
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think about what we've got to work on and will work on and hopefully the chivas. probably working on something else or straight away here we go right now in the next session jim hogan has the surface go through competition conditions he's evaluating that tactics that choice of waves dylan is up against lay on rate show is facing australian pro mikael agreed. they were going for the biggest wave or the most radical new for closest to where kerr all the breaking part of the way with each maneuver even better and better with more. power in flow. under time pressure the athletes have to choose their way and decide what moves they can pull off failed attempts will cost them valuable time in the competition. jim says that the 1st wave will set the marker for the competition in his test run
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he awards double points for the 1st wave at the end rachel and dillon get a close win and then added up it was 17.6 just 17.30 that's about as close as you're going to get that was a good. new boards have a arrived filet on from his. 3 boards each suited to a different type of wave. he uses around 30 year. it's the best feeling to get new boards because these will be your motors basically for the next qantas and the 1st thing i check when i get a board is is the likeness you know and also i look at the rocker it has fear that goes through the nose and also there is a there is kind of a noise you want to look for which is not very hollow you look for. springing noise and so they're really good. each who would feature is the gemini calas
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cephas receive funding as part of the alien pick program. there's the bell of thing our career towards olympics you know you have a lot of support from them and we are we have coaches a psychologist sports psychologist so there are definitely helping us to do the olympic dream. and now that we have access to all of this suddenly our surfing is just going beyond and yeah we're having a lot of chances winning contests and stuff so we'll see how the qualifications will be. the gentleman surface who wants someone ridiculed have significantly closed the gap to the welds elite they've snapped up a few victories in the world qualifying series which is comparable to formula 2 in my just sports. break told the press t v just won her final you need to let me be very warm and go by the range of bruce to be one of the good. with bringing
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a lot to the table and the german team is one of the strongest teams right now for us that they're all in the evening dylan and can showcase just how strong they are in. their taking part in a local contest. so now we've got the night surfing and looks like it's going to be really fun small waves though this is something new that's coming into the industry so it's actually pretty interesting. so follow on has only competed in daylight surfing on to the floodlights is a brand new challenge him on the t.v. initially struggles with. is very challenging but also a little scary i could see much you know these lights actually help much but it's funny you know it's something new to me to surface at night and we see all the next the next wrestler contests goes. dylan is also adjusting to the conditions the competition is fierce several top surface
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a comedy training in costa rica and they using this opportunity to test them mettle . dylan makes it to the quarter final stage this leyland's journey ends in the semi's but the policy goes on deep into the night. from bomb. costa rica took old cologne at the elim picked based on rachel and dylan meet their national team colleagues 9 athletes representing a country that they're fairly unfamiliar with that the german sports and the lympics museum they receive a crash course in german sports history. and almost. rights to influence your being the whole team here i feel like we have built up such a good team spirit and we all get along with each other so it's like a little family. national team coach llewellyn which is outlining the next steps
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leading up to the games. in may the last slots will be filled if things go to plan . and rachel have said that. the olympics are just the best of the best athlete so it's going to be really hard to make it i'm going to give it everything i've got and i think i can make it it's the most amazing thing ever i feel like i actually have a really good possibility and making it and that's what pumps me up and excites me . we are already part of the olympic history. we're part of something bigger than just surfing.
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rain forest radio using a microphone and recorder to fight exploitation 3 women are protecting the rain forest the courageous reporting. companies are threatening the precious habitat the radio women are providing the numbers on people's littlest. next on. the 2021 summer fashion trend the pain is all the rage and lift your mood. glamorous and come from if it can be done. a bit of disco glitter on top the 1st. coffee sleeves and top tops are making a comeback. how fun is your role. in 16 of double. dell'olio.
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people have to say 1st to us. that's why i enjoy the stories reporter every weekend on d w. the rain forests of ecuador are a treasure trove of biodiversity since dances and soon there are nothing is more important than harmony between people and nature . the lead of money. but that harmony has been disrupted here by human greed especially oil drilling. it's a disaster we have huge problems but there are several courageous women have
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decided to fight the exploitation of their homeland by setting up a small radio station where they began their speaking out for nature conservation and justice. to. 'd her. the food and. 2 of the radio reporters are returning to their roots marianna kanellos and he who are you in cardiff live in the city but they grew up here in the rain forest. of the right now they're on their way to interview some local residents for an upcoming broadcast their radio programs are very popular in this region.
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they're being accompanied by yana via a student from cologne germany. yana is working with the fridays for future movements to help protect the rain forest. on the balance. almost half of ecuador is covered in rain forest. in the reporter's journey begins in the town of puyo they'll travel for 7. hours by boat along a boat one knows a river their final destination is the community of sajjad coom deep in the amazon rain forest. there are a number of important stories for the reporters to cover here. the region is home to the kitchen people for years they've been fighting against oil drilling on their land. right now it's quiet here but that will
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change soon with the start of a big festival that celebrates the importance of the rain forest trend of much more fun to watch right. here marianna and he who meet their friend. now the reporting team is complete even though. it's intense and played yet. today they'll start by recording some of the ancient songs that are sung by local women a group of them the songs include stories of sorrow and longing. and this one in which a woman turns into a jaguar because she's been rejected by her lover. and . they don't well that's it. some of the songs speak of the invisible
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forces of nature right there that cynthia the let's look at it from the in this morning but a band that said in our radio broadcasts we want to talk about the lives and emotions of women traditionally women in the amazon region don't often get the chance to speak up men do most of the talking yes the end that has to change but it's the new good we indigenous women need to learn to communicate and their microphones are a fantastic way for us to do that he was on the bus with good. it's a blessing. the women of the rainforest fear that their homeland will be destroyed now they're fighting back in 2017 they organized the march in ecuador's capital quito to protest against the oil companies and the policies of the government. that's not paid women has been protecting the rain forest diversity for more than
6:35 am
1500 years so thank you. that was also the day that marianna he horning launched the 1st digital women's radio station in this region bringing the programs are spoken in spanish and also indigenous languages so that people in remote areas can understand them. that a voice unless we want of a program is to provide a forum for women in the amazon region where we're trying to reach all of them whether they live in cities or deep in the rain forest in. the broadcasts are designed to shake up the status quo and call attention to the dangers that the rain forest and its inhabitants now face. there are huge oil reserves here but the exploitation of this resource poses
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a real threat to the environment. inside a yaku a community fishing a bent is taking place today but. the broadcasters are fascinated by the way the fish are caught using a poisonous plants called bart basco with the fed effect. nothing and then the 1st day he they had enough of people grow it in their gardens it contains a natural anaesthetic that wears off after 2 hours. doesn't contain any chemicals and it doesn't kill worms or microorganisms privileges only catch the fish that are close by. the other fish might be briefly affected by the end of static but they just swim away. with anything that. the women put the fish that they caught into baskets. marianna and he horn help out
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with the catch. in the courageous efforts of the kitsch while women prompted one oil company to cancel its drilling projects in this area. in 2003 another company used explosives to search for petroleum near a kitsch while billets without mourning the residents some of the villagers filmed the blasts. there were protests and the government responded by sending troops to the region some of the local women seized the soldiers weapons demonstrations a bench really forced the troops to leave. the kitchen was sued the government to try to stop these oil extraction efforts the video evidence beecher to the lawsuit
6:38 am
. a court ordered officials to consult with local residents on any future projects . that i would like it was the women who seized the initiative they took away soldiers weapons and that made a big impression on the local men and since then the women have been giving the orders around here and we hope that many other communities will follow this example on the radio brought. costs we've interviewed local women about how they took on this new role. among my people the. men really don't take women seriously yet so it's still hard for us as it is to. some i quarreling guy is on her way to meet yana who wants to find out how the local residents plan to protect their homeland in the future. social media will play a key role in that effort. ability has already gone high tech for example it gets
6:39 am
much of its electricity from solar panels. can restore benison seen feasting and that's never us who need us here is in the fight for our rights its young people who matter most is that the younger generation is crucial for the survival of this region that was done was that they're the ones who will have to keep protecting the rain forest so that our grandchildren and great grandchildren will also have a future. that made it into the. big festival will be held tomorrow the local residents are preparing for it by decorating each other with traditional painted patterns. and marianna and he who can also take part they plan to do a special broadcast about the festival. and .
6:40 am
some of the local men have been out hunting to provide food for the celebration and now they return all dressed up for the festivities. it's an honor for the radio reporters to be allowed to join in. many of the men wear animal skins as proof of their hunting skills. the festival brings together old friends from around the region. and for refreshment there's chicha a beer that's made from kosov or roots. the local residents celebrate their hard won self confidence. they want to show politicians and corporations that they are determined to prevent the destruction of their environment. the festival also celebrates the importance of respect for
6:41 am
nature. each of them was that at an. event but the be and that me and our radio broadcasts we want to show how the villages live it is that we want to feature their traditions and celebrations and time at the close connection between them and their environment and we also want to show how much these people enjoy looking at money of nothing they see that this unfolded and i but the reporters don't shy away from criticizing one aspect of the festival hundreds of wild animals are killed to provide food for the guests preserving their traditions while protecting the environment can be a balancing act. that's why the village has decided the festival will take place every 5 years instead of every year.
6:42 am
in the evening marianna and he who can compare the recordings that they've made so far. they grew up in the rain forest and their experiences inform their work but if you don't get. the 2 reporters agree that it will be up to the region's young people to preserve the region's fragile ecosystem. but will this generation stay here or move to the towns and cities. and what's. the best strategy for preserving the natural environment. in this village school children learn about their environment and heritage. is 1st right now the children are making environmentally friendly necklaces. are. the teachers emphasize the importance of language instruction. levels and those c.d.o. must be used to languages in class. and spanish yes it is
6:43 am
the local language and we teach some topics like the natural sciences in spanish and then is that in that way the students become familiar with 2 different cultures . that. are there. they're singing this song in kitsch walk or are you. the next morning the reporters set out again. canoes are usually the only way to travel long distances deep in the rain forest. it takes 2 days to travel from sajjan to the pastas a river on the border with. the destination is the remote village of washer pos.
6:44 am
the government also wants to drill for oil here. the region is home to the people and they've been finding oil extraction projects for 5 years like the other indigenous peoples in this part of ecuador they believe that drilling will damage the environment and their way of life. their fears are justified in many places the pipelines used to transport the oil have rusted and broken open like here in the north of ecuador. the region's hot and humid climate causes many pipes to deteriorate. the only all that leaks out poisons the forests and rivers and it's almost impossible to clean it up.
6:45 am
the radio reporters talk to local residents about how to prevent this kind of damage. yes but rather. likely that say yes whenever people talk about fighting back against the oil companies they bring up salary achoo the people that prove that you can protect your region against exploitation that was a major event and such a great example for all indigenous peoples in that it. the women of washing or parts have not yet developed the kind of self-confidence that helped create the opposition movement inside a yahoo. at 1st some of the villagers are wary of the women radio reporters so he hone in marianna try to get to know them and win their trust that includes playing with the children in the school yard.
6:46 am
who have been in the un for governor ever has been that the great thing about these kinds of visits is that you always learn something me now musk on the example when the kids play tag here one is a jag you and the others a day at the jag you is trying to catch that obese people are so creative that we've had lots of fun the stuff the new me and on that mission year and. now that the ice has been broken the reporters can start making recordings for their broadcast. and selling. them they capture the details of every day life in the village making ceramic art works working in the fields and putting the children to bed. and in the medical list everything in. the local women often talk about the importance of the rainforest. in almost all aspects of their lives but they take their cue from nature. from the
6:47 am
villagers existence and their outlook on life is shaped largely by their spirituality and by their dreams and visions. this concept extends even into daily chores like harvesting kosov a plants. for he who and the other members of the ocho our community the cause salva represents more than just. him little. us but its own less than us but as we women sing the song to the mother of all plants the lyrics go like this i plant the seeds with the purity of my hands and you give me a bountiful harvest we sing this song to protect the kosoff of seats and to ask for a big crop but i think this guy here. the coronavirus pandemic has disrupted ecuador's economy as
6:48 am
a result the government has come under more and more pressure to step up the exploitation of the oil resources in the rain forest that's made life more difficult for indigenous peoples. people of this community work together to achieve common goals like building a house they take the same collective approach to fighting government efforts to drill for oil in the rain forest. the people follow a traditional division of labor the men not only build houses they're also responsible for weaving the baskets that women used to harvest the casaba roots. and review them. in the evening the reporters interview the village elder donkey joe. at one point in the conversation he describes the day that the 1st christian missionaries arrived in this part of the country. one of those then the
6:49 am
n.b.a.'s use i knew i was 10 years old at the time. i remember that one of the missionaries was father luis from italy and we. got to you know get everything in the end though at 1st with the villagers are suspicious of these people and we tried to drive them away and we were warriors after all. but after a lot of negotiating the situation calmed down you know vs if we leave our village chief invited the missionaries to drink while you sit here with us. and then it just sort of happened anything we converted to christianity and that and then we've been following the word of god ever since but he got left out i think your post. that the ceremony that involves the drinking of why use a tea always takes place at dawn. remembers this ritual from her childhood. on the list then remembering. why you have said is that
6:50 am
. when we drink way you city together it's a time for parents especially mothers to give advice to their children to us and we also make plans together for the coming day and for the future. and we describe our dreams it's in this because if you've had a bad dream you want to find out why. the elders then tell us what. it remains that and what we should do about it is sickening feel it's for. the people who live in the rainforest here believe that their environment is filled with symbols that represent the spiritual world if here don kito leads the 3 radio reporters to a sacred place where they'll take part in a purification ceremony. this
6:51 am
waterfall is the home of god. he's our companion advisor. when we need his help we come here when the moon is full. and. the 1st step in the ritual is to inhale some tobacco extract. then the reporters step under the waterfall. that is. my food for a combat visit to the waterfall with donkey toe was one of the highlights of our
6:52 am
trip what she did but always remember the wonderful conversations that we had with the women of the amazon village of. the sky that gave me a lot of spiritual strength but saw nothing. just costs me. yana the student from germany accompanied the reporters throughout their travels in the rain forest she says it's been a real learning experience. because. but in my eyes. that's where i've seen a lot of the natural environment during my trip from various river basins to remote parts of the amazon rainforest and when i think about the possibility of all this being destroyed in a few years it just makes me sick we need new policies to show people that they can't disrupt the environment that we have to live in harmony with nature if we don't life on this planet will no longer be possible that they are.
6:53 am
marianna he hone in rupiah have organized a meeting of the women of wash air parts. of the radio reporters want to find out what they plan to do about efforts to drill for oil in the arch of our region that's my case the villagers say they're worried about the possible impact on children and young people is that he said when he gave i left it in p.s. let's hope it is a slightly less once the company builds a road that the young people with the. go to the city to any money in both got it about that there aren't many jobs that what often happens is that many end up involved in sex with. their dream of owning money turns into a nightmare. the kid i was enduring on the reporters want to use their radio program to raise awareness about these dangers and to help the people of the rain forest protect their rights and their environment and that only combat of the m.
6:54 am
of the but into the roots a year but it will get pulled and we told the women hair how the people and sorry you could stood up to the oil companies who were men were very interested yes and asked us for advice on what they could do themselves but there are little. now it's time for marianna he honan rupiah to return home when they've spent 2 weeks talking to local residents most of them women. and now they have lots of new material for their broadcasts they cannot see the committee that will lead to the end of the i'm going to that issue project that mark the reporters have found a unique way to call attention to the problems that the people of the rain forest
6:55 am
now face including the ruthless exploitation of nature by big business and outdated roles assigned to women and these traditional societies the next day they enslaved to lie to. the reporters are convinced that for the amazon rain forest to survive the voices of the women of this region must be heard and they will be through their broadcasts. on nothing less than both good metals that will move your head to get this trip has given us a lot to work with including the wonderful songs and the traditional games that the children play we all learned a lot from each other and now we're ready to tell the world about these people with our radio program with you jack.
6:56 am
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a forest we play a part in something much bigger. when making a better world for our health and for the health of future generations. by replanting and managing our lives sustained we create new spaces where plants and animals comprise we promote economic activity to brings work and includes life so we make a real impact on climate change improve the quality of the air we breathe the food we eat and live to be trained we create comfy environment for our children to grow it's never too late to take action let's restore the forests and create a better check.
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the be. the big. lead the but. this is a g.w. news a lot. from berlin poland enters a new lockdown as coronavirus cases increase the government closures parr's restaurants and borders for 3 weeks as infection rates near record highs in new cases threatened in the already overwhelmed health care system also coming up. the spectacular sights continue near iceland's capital as lava flows from a volcano that hasn't erupted in almost 800 years scientists say the eruption doesn't pose a threat to people and.


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