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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  March 21, 2021 7:00am-7:16am CET

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this is as you give you news live from berlin poland enters a new lockdown as coronavirus cases increase the government closes parlors restaurants and borders for 3 weeks as infection rates near record highs and new cases threaten in the already overwhelmed health care system also coming up. the spectacular sights continue near iceland's capital as lava flows from
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a volcano that hasn't erupted in almost 800 years scientists say the eruption doesn't pose a threat to people and that the show of molten rock may soon come to an end. and polish football striker robert levin dogs he closes in on the record for season goals in the bundesliga he keeps scoring and his team byron keep winning. unexpired serve welcome to the program code 19 infection rates are rising across europe as the continent battles a 3rd wave of the virus poland is one of the hardest hit countries and started imposing new lockdown restrictions on saturday much of public life will be shut down for at least 3 weeks poland has experienced an exponential growth increases
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cases in the past month its health care system is under strain as hospitals struggle to cope with their surge of new admissions. warsaw 1st responders are at their limits and one in every 3 calls they get is a covert emergency more and more young people are coming down with a virus like this 45 year old mother of 3. she's been sick with the virus for 11 days the condition is deteriorating polson her breathing and now irregular. after collecting their patient the 1st responders have to find a hospital that will take her it's becoming ever more difficult no problem. in the hospital ward the filling up as the picture numbers rise. more than 26000 new infections were reported in poland on saturday as many as jury november's
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peak to be 117 mutation has been spreading. the news if the method 60 to 80 percent of cases could be traced to the british variant it's extremely aggressive. stripe of util saw the health system is under intense pressure including the hospital in plots in central poland there are 35 beds for covert patients and over 50 patients ill with the virus. would be easier for a hospital if we had more doctors we specially need more. is not that we're also looking stopped in almost every department. to fight the 3rd wave to hospital in ports is trying to vaccinate as many people as it can as quickly as it can poland's rollout is amongst the most rapid in the e.u. . you know. it's really important to be here today i'm caring for my disabled son
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and i don't want to infect him i want to get vaccinated i haven't been sick with covered but my wife died of it. the government has tightened its lockdown museums schools and shopping centers nationwide will close for at least 3 weeks but online opponents have been organizing against the magic hotel and restaurant owners from the group were open hard to find the rules even though they could be fined. if we shot now that. i've put years of my life into this place. but they aren't giving in to community opposition the infection numbers are rising too fast for that. and here's a look at some of the other developments in the pandemic germany's 7 day incidence rate has jumped up to more than 100 that means authorities could apply new restrictions to stop the virus spreading pakistan's prime minister has become the
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latest world leader to test positive for the corona virus 2 days after receiving china's sino farm vaccine. the c.e.o. of the german vaccine manufacturers biotech is optimistic that the pandemic will be under control by the end of this summer he says the latest lockdowns should be the last. women in turkey have demonstrated against the government's decision to pull out of an international accord protecting women from violence conservatives argued the 2011 istanbul convention threatens family values and promotes homosexuality but women's groups say they need protection because turkey has a bad record for violence against women i i always seeing that anger. thousands of demonstrators took to istanbul streets in response to president assad to one's actions i.
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am of the istanbul convention is a means of protection for us women and now the government paves the way for more violence against women and that's the reason we are here now. i heard about the withdrawal decision in the morning and i got very angry i told myself i purposely can't change it and all of us here we can't change it but at least i wanted to shout out my anger. at the much like i. did when i heard about the decision i thought it was a joke it fast i could not believe it there had been discussions about this but i thought they would not do it i think this is a political decision and they are ignoring the rights of women and children for the sake of their own political benefits. will play you a lot. better one has been under pressure from members of his party who say the convention undermines the traditional family structure they also say its principle of nondiscrimination on the basis of sexual orientation amounts to promoting
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homosexuality. but activists say gender inequality is still a major issue in turkey last year women's rights groups reported over $300.00 women limited across the country and they say turkey's withdrawal from the convention comes at a time when violence against women is on the rise. let's take a look at some of the other stories making news around the world now. torrential rainfall is battering australia's east coast authorities have evacuated outlying areas of sydney which are at risk of some of the worst flooding in decades the city's largest has overflown and emergency services are warning of a life threatening situation. a state of emergency has been declared in miami beach after large crowds of revelers arrived for spring break is the 2nd year in a row that authorities in the u.s. resort city have clamped down due to fears that crowds could spread it coronavirus
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. scientists say activity in a volcano which erupted near iceland's capital on friday appears to be subsiding iceland is the most active volcanic region in europe with an eruption of almost every 5 years seismologists say the eruption was small and is not expected to cause major disruptions it's the 1st time a volcano has erupted in the area in some 800 years. lover spilled through the cracks of this are slim volcano are fountains of red to tend to the sky. onlookers watched the rare event from a distance and experts say will soon be over. if this will continue as we have seen no i think it's most likely that this is option and will. diminish in the slowly creates in power and terminate in only
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a few days. iceland has seen a spike in seismic activity over the past few weeks experts said it was only a matter of time before an eruption. tappenden an area that lay dormant for the last 800 lives in 2010 volcanic activity in iceland caused major air travel disruption but this relatively small eruption will do little harm. this adoption will not affect your traffic not be this isn't a few sit ups in which means that it's mostly producing the lever and the smoke that is coming out if it is least my know if there is no ash coming from it so that is no if traffic considerations i have to worry about. the main threat is pollution from the gases those living nearby have been advised to shut their winders. but for locals the volcano has 7 to mostly as the spectacle.
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time for buddhist leader football now and robert levin dog ski scored a 1st half hat trick as byron munich cruised to an easy for nil win over stuttgart the polish striker now needs just 5 goals in his 8 remaining matches to equal the record for set for the most goals scored in a single bonus league a season byron striker managed 40 almost 5 decades ago no one has come near that record until now. robert lever dogs he is closer than ever to the all time disney goalscoring record heat already 932 times the season ahead of this clash with god's bonds afternoon started with a sick back when our phones are davies was sent off for this challenge to cause wataru endo any host the guests may have harbored of a shock result was dealt
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a blow shortly afterwards though when surge could not reset up leventhal ski for his 1st of the afternoon. after a smooth passing move in the 20 seconds minute can operate himself doubled by ends lead the 3rd goal in the space of 5 minutes then followed when thomas crossed full of adults who converted with a perfect be placed head. by owens 4th the striker complete a 1st half hat trick with his 35th bundesliga goal of the current campaign james left 11 though still looks a safe bet to equal or even surpassed good morning record of 40 goals in a single season. i don't want to think about it too much i need to stay patient and do my job how many goals are need to school that's a secondary concern at the moment that's the thing there's a man in tight that i as a quiet 2nd. accepts this fight they stay in 7th place while league
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leaders buy and maintain their 4 point christian over lights at the top of the table. and while leavened has been piling on the goals for buying young erling holland is tied for 2nd for scoring in the league and he added 2 more to his total against cologne on saturday 3 minutes into the match holland managed to get control of the ball on the long pass and poked it into the net for an early one no. dortmund fell behind until the 90th minute when howland's last gasp slide made it to 2. with the draw dortmund remain 5th in the league. tokyo's troubled olympic and paralympic games have suffered another setback japanese officials announced that international fans will not be able to attend due to coronavirus concerns the summer games due to take
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place last year were postponed due to the pandemic now only japan based ticket holders can attend making tokyo the 1st ever games with fans coming from overseas. decision to exclude international fans was expected but came with a shock the city's governor looked askance as an earthquake struck during the olympic organizers meeting they are now hoping to minimize the impact of covert 19 . and then they just surely disappointing but given the coronavirus situation and in order to not burden the medical situation in japan it was an unavoidable decision in order to ensure a safe and secure environment for people in japan and the athletes and participants coming from abroad. almost $1000000.00 tickets will be refunded to international guests but hotel and travel costs will not be the loss of tourism income adds to
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the bill of what is already expected to be the most expensive games ever the stadiums have long been ready now many seats will go on filled. so you really feel sorry for the situation but it is necessary decision because we have to respect the safety of all the participants and we will make all the efforts. there are a to share with them of the olympic spirit by means of broadcasting and digital of platforms so that the they can enjoy the olympic games talk your 2020 representatives appear positive but the games are on a losing streak to executives have resigned after making derogatory comments about
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women some question whether the games can happen at all although organizes insists they will go ahead the choice relay is set to start this week with just over 4 months to go until the olympics start there's still plenty of time for more plans to go up in flames. and you're watching news live from birth land our in-depth story reporter is next following a german woman who want to give up her job and open a funeral home amidst a pandemic the next vice or thanks for watching. more than a 1000 years ago you're a witness is a huge construction boom. christianity fully established itself. both religious and secular leaders are going to display their power. to trace the games.
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and create the tallest biggest and most beautiful structures.


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