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chorus as we just saw byron easily beach stood guard leipsic remain 4 points back with a win over bielefeld frankfurt down to no in berlin 5 to 2 wells for one in last place shaka lost again sunday schedule includes her to berlin hosting labor costs. and you of course watching the news live from berlin on exposer thanks for watching . people in trucks injured when trying to free the city center more and more refugees are being turned away. seems to me. please please demonstrate to. people please extreme. killing 200 people. around the world more than 300000000 people are seeking. me this morning
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because no one should have to flee. make up your own mind. w. . made for mines. marvelous world and a star filled cast reminiscent of hollywood movies no wonder people around the globe think about computer games but how influential are they really and how does the gaming seen him play society and what topic today on. more than 3000000000 people around the world regularly play games on a p.c. console or in my case on the smartphone games are an everyday part of life for about 40 percent of the people worldwide so it's not surprising that marketing
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strategist count on the wide reach like with the popular real time simulation game animal crossing your horizons earlier this year it was sold out even democratic presidential candidate joe biden who is nearly 80 years old is using the game to reach new voters over 22000000 people play animal crossing. in this design. now you can also use campaign posters team behind joe biden's campaign has added to the game all of which can be put at. joe biden campaign team are trying to reach specific target audiences. and animal crossing is an effective way to reach a relatively young mostly female target audience. it's difficult to assess the advocacy of animal crossing or other online games in campaigning but in this case they definitely managed to grab the media's attention. the 1st
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us politician to try using. campaign in 2006. in the democratic presidential primaries made a campaign appearance in the virtual world of 2nd life. he was defeated by the rock . then went on to set up a virtual campaign headquarters in 2nd life. to the 2008 election his campaign. because of the lack of transparency there's a potential danger with political campaigning in online games. with animal crossing and joe biden there's a lot of media attention and they specifically targeted that game but generally speaking anyone could do that. trump.
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christie activists have made content available to be used to circulate political messages. whether they like it or not. to be confronted with political issues an animal crossing for the foreseeable future. to be completely honest i'm not sure that game complaining is a good idea sometimes i just want to switch off radical political groups are using animal crossing to spread more extreme views as well use of content but nintendo doesn't have a real strategy to stop hate speech unfortunately the same is true for many other platforms multiplayer games have a huge problem with racism and sexism even if they think it's just men and boys are creating a toxic atmosphere online they still crossing a line as a recent example from germany shows. streaming star montana black normally has over 3000000 followers on the video platform twitch due to his massage honest and sexist
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videos. the 32 year olds account was blocked for a month afterwards montana black apologized for his heavily criticized holiday videos. the outcome from this case. usual because perpetrators don't normally face any consequences usually it's the gamers who speak out against sexism missile genea and racism who become targets for coordinated hate campaigns this past summer thousands of women spoke out about experiences of sexual violence on twitch and since then they have been numerous accounts of women being harassed or abused online. as a gamer who likes to play a lot especially online she encounters massage mystic insults and games on a daily basis i don't know what i would call some of them very slight insults so there are other classics you better go to the kitchen and fix me a sandwich. and it just gets worse from there of course. there are
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no boundaries i've been threatened with rape multiple times on the internet in these situations support from other players is rare. no might. become normal and nobody is really bothered anymore everyone just accepts it ok it's just another insult. not all gamers are racist or massaging it but the gaming scene in particular has a real problem one reason for that is a lack of moderators to oversee communication on the different platforms. it's a big problem and we see that gaming platforms and communities create spaces where this hatred and toxic communication are expressed openly unlike social media perpetrators don't really fear any consequences for their actions with its games on facebook i believe more action is needed to stop online hate speech the game is
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seen as a problem but that doesn't mean that every should offend is prone to violence studies have refuted the killer game misconception still the aesthetics of 1st person shooter games have played a role in terrorist attacks there's even a term for it the game if occasion of tarot. these are live streams which will facebook seen from the 1st person shooter perspective the terrorist attacks in christchurch new zealand and how it gemini all recent examples of what experts call the game if occasion of terror the terrorist in honey even posted an achievement list online containing objectives he wanted to collect just like in a video game on. the terrorist posted that racist achievement last online to create a degree of comparability. to make a sport out of it to say hey look at my high score can you beat it. it's a form of game of location that tries to portray these horrific terrorist attacks
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as playful and game like however the boundaries between gaming and reality become so blurred for some people and how do others watch on the fascination. serious games is a term used by some expose to describe games used for educational purposes like teaching politics or history through the dockers of times is the game set in nazi germany and aims at raising historical awareness even one germany's most prestigious computer game award i thought. was made in 1933 the masses was celebrating. we knew that this was the beginning. to come we knew that the nazis didn't make threats we had to do something this is the starting point in the strategy game through the darkest of time here players take on the role of resistance fighters some of the tasks include organizing the secret resistance against hitler recruiting new members raising money for
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protesting this game doesn't need a 1st person shooter perspective to end the fatal paying back at the berlin based company behind the game uses gaming to make history more accessible in a playful way and that's just the beginning. of computer i believe that we're only just getting started with using computer games and the possibilities that they represent especially with education. i'm talking about exciting intelligent games that are fun to play that are educational but not in an obvious way. i believe that usage for these kinds of games will increase because we simply need them. whether it's historical facts. learning about right wing extremism like with leon's character or learning mathematical formulas whilst gaming. education and computer games are a good match. but leaving serious games aside for
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a moment computer games are increasingly taking big social issues and even the future pages have picked up on this in fact many games can compete with hollywood movies were. concept design and music it's amazing to see what game designers create nowadays have a look at this was. epic soundtracks played by an orchestra. voice service by famous musicians. to. elaborate animations created with the latest hollywood technology games are no longer considered a lower cultural art form as director of the german cultural council and is a prominent figure in germany's cultural landscape and his handbook on gaming culture he argues that games can be more than entertainment. tell
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a story differently and the person dealing with the story feels like they're part of the story and have greater control over how the story unfolds. his real one example is sea of solitude a game created by german design economy. this game turns negative emotions like anxiety loneliness or depression into experiences. my game is very metaphorical and full of symbolism it's my personal story it's the story of my life but i don't want it to be told like this happened that happened so i hide it in more abstract things you roam through this world and bit by bit you discover different parts of the story. kentucky roots 0 is a surreal game set in a mystical version of kentucky full of strange encounters the homeless that is based on the t.v. series twin peaks. character development
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is becoming increasingly important in action games as well like in god for the newest game in the series the warrior craze hans has to deal with. the blockbuster video game that nonstop us to only has female protagonists and tells a story about love. games will not be able to get around the broader societal demand that shifting towards more diversity and representation. that's why i feel the gaming scene is still lacking when we're arguing among each other and it is a contentious debate we should also be debating it on panels and at podiums we should ask how could you create this character in this way what were you thinking have you ever thought about how this can impact society. how.
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a broader discussion on games and their content would be helpful i think that in the near future games will be as important as movies or t.v. series which is why they deserve an equally as serious conversation for that same reason game designers and gaming platforms should be held accountable for tackling and removing hate speech what do you think a games a cultural art form or are they just something with which to pass the time tell us on facebook or d w dot com and check out our you tube channel for more on gaming culture that's it for me for today thank you and so used to. her. little last month. at fortune.
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it can be so simple it can also goes terribly wrong. many young for. playing. hard too many of. them. turned ugly. little leg. lives. but technologically. it's also fun to live. it comes at a. read. 60 minutes on d w. drama competition rivalry
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