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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  March 22, 2021 7:00am-7:16am CET

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this is news coming to you live from berlin no good options for germany with a tighter long down looking likely chancellor angela merkel seeks to toughen restrictions as covert cases sore that could deal with fatal blow to many small businesses already on the verge of going bust also coming up the spanish island of may york a braces for a wave of tourists from germany while locals worry the visitors could be importing the coronavirus band in the book mostly a half a 1000000000 finally put it all together for a big win over labor crews and boosting the team's hopes the ability bradley.
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hello i'm terry martin good to have you with us europe's biggest economy is poised to reenter lockdown german chancellor angela merkel is meeting with regional leaders today to discuss the path forward that's amid growing evidence in germany that a 3rd wave of the credit is beginning the country has registered $7700.00 new daily cases of the virus looking back to april last year and the country's 1st wave seems relatively small at its peak there were almost $45.00 infections per $1000.00 people over a 7 day period the numbers fell back over the summer but they began to rise again in the fall leading to a much bigger. second way well by late december there were 4 times the number
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recorded in april or stronger law measures brought those numbers down again but since the start of march there has been another sharp rise scientists fear cases could rise to a new high and know that the reopening of the economy looks far away again many business owners are fearing the worst. political correspondent thomas sparrow is following all of this for us thomas a worrying rise in infections here in germany there your. as the chancellor meets state premiers again today what measures are they looking at. essentially what's probably going to happen today is that they're going to tighten some of the screws of germany's knock down when they last met a couple of weeks ago they had developed reopening town a very cautious reopening plan with an emergency brake if the infection rate went
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beyond threshold of 100 cases 100000 inhabitants in a space of 7 days now this has gone beyond that threshold so it is expected that they will tighten those restrictions they will bring back some of those that they had already announced as part of that reopening plan and there are also other issues being discussed still unclear but for example night time curfews so this is something that's probably going to be discussed today when german federal and regional leaders need to discuss the path forward. tightening restrictions again could spell financial ruin for some small businesses tell us stay with us while we take a look at that her homemade chocolate cherry cake is a favorite with feet because customs at the moment of course she can only serve it to go but that doesn't cover her costs the tool. and now she has accumulated a debt of around $35000.00 heroes if germany were to decide on
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a 3rd hard lock down that would be the end for the owner. then tatts actually stepped up the lockdown and if a 3rd locked down as i put in place then i would definitely have to shut down for good because i took out 2 loans which i will have to pay back. i wouldn't know how to go on. and that. many businesses in germany fear for their existence some have already given up. meanwhile covered cases in germany i increasingly rapidly since restrictions were eased and schools and some shops were opened more people on the move exposing themselves to the risk of infection even the start of texan nations and germany won't be enough to counter this research as warm often bigots even if we have already vaccinated many of the elderly there's still a large but portion of people who haven't been given that we still haven't
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vaccinated enough that is why the number of patients in intensive care units vies against the shots when most of us. germans are torn at the prospect of a possible knock down. the guys that i'm not thrilled because it's been going on for a year now and that's some point you're really done with it. my brother open and just live it's boring script many covers cases now and we have to be careful. and if we keep everything open then in fact anonymous will go up and that's a problem but if we close everything that means many will go bust again. thank you lehmkuhl still hopes to avoid bankruptcy she still wants to sell her homemade cakes for many years to come. tell us people in germany are understandably frustrated with the slow rollout of vaccines here is there any sign
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that the vaccine situation is going to improve suit. or leaders actually met last week here in germany to try and speed up that very snowy vaccination rollout they for example announced that g.p.'s are family doctors will be involved in distributing the vaccine to the population starting in april this will probably not happen very quickly at the beginning but it will help to bring some sort of flexibility to the program and it will help to increase trust that's at least what leaders are hoping here in germany but as you say terry people already are really concerned about the slow vaccination rollout because it has been described from the start as the way out of the pandemic and many people here in germany simply do not see a way out of the pandemic especially if you consider how high the numbers are getting at this point in time you mention trust the tallness in the middle of this crisis
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the german health minister young is also facing scrutiny because of a controversial mosque contract tell us more about that. it has to do with a deal between the german health ministry and a company for which spawns husband works really regarding mosque procurement and although both the health ministry and the company involved deny any wrongdoing or any preferential treatment it is certainly something that could affect the especially at a time when merkel's conservatives are already facing a lot of scrutiny are under fire for a mosque procurement scandal which has badly affected them in the polls so this comes really at a very bad time for angela merkel's c.d.u. c.s.u. bloc tony thank you very much our political correspondent thomas sparrow there. well the spanish island of majorca is getting ready for a wave of tourists in the run up to the easter holidays most will come from germany
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which has taken the hospital holiday hotspot rather all its list of high risk destinations many islanders are worried that the visitors will bring the krona virus with. heavy rain and few signs of life outside parts the holiday spirit hasn't quite arrived in majorca yet the island has been preparing french equally to accommodate large numbers of guests during a pandemic strict hygiene rules are in place such as wearing masks at all times. and forms of tests and flight prices that are often 3 times more expensive than usual holy days and times of the pandemic are not easy nevertheless the island expects a rush of many german tourists over the easter holidays have already added hundreds of connections to their flight schedules. they're just the calm before the storm so far only futurists have arrived at the holiday resorts at the beach and staff and
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imho it's came on one of the 1st planes from germany since flights resume seeking a break from the lockdown that they are happy to be here until a little anxious saturday you can get his or 2 out so when there were situations that made us feel easy like the flight to be taking a one $150.00 people into a small cabin really safe even if we had been tested in the end it was an opportunity to escape it all and everyone has to decide for themselves if they want to take the risk or not just music with it and they got beat up at us on a good bit on the. infection rates in my yard and its inhabitants are keen for it's to stay that way. hotel rooms i regularly disinfect it and the director of this hotel expects her guests to do their part to keep the virus at bay.
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probably the most tricky part. to take when they take is that. we have to make sure that they put it back on straight away. because the economy has been hit hard by the pandemic many. currently. still remain skeptical about tourists returning. we have to live with these restrictions at the same time they are opening up the island. of course we have to revive the economy but given the infections. despite the miserable weather stefan have no regrets about. come and they think the
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risk of infection is low. they've come to really likes to party just as well it will be some time before the parties that. reputation. take a look at some of the other stories making headlines around the world today. has continued to lash southeastern australia compounding the worst flooding in decades some 18000 people have been evacuated in the state of new south wales where dozens of regions have been declared disaster zones heavy rainfall is forecast to continue through wednesday. scientists say a volcanic eruption in iceland could go on for several weeks hundreds of sightseers have flocked to the mountain south of the capital reykjavik tens of thousands of small tremors the area for some weeks before the. began erupting. in the united states thousands of protesters took part in weekend rallies against asian racism and violence the protests come after 6 asian american women and 2
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other people were killed in a shooting rampage in atlanta georgia last week. outpouring of support in atlanta where the shootings happened as well as anger thousands protested under the slogan stop asian hate and challenge to racist stereotypes last week's killings have stirred asian communities across the us. this morning this was new york's union square where thousands gathered to demonstrate against racism and violence. and in the nation's capital washington d.c. hundreds turned out to protest more often pushed into the stereotype that you should be fired. you should be obedient but that's wrong and that the whole point of a protest is like like this is going to push against that that isn't women will not be silenced people or our people won't be silenced and the more people are
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looking for change people are yearning for change and healing people want to do something. and teach in hate crimes more than doubled in the last year in the united states observers say it's a result of the pandemic many blame former president donald trump's china virus rhetoric in response congress has introduced a covert 19 hate crimes bill backed by president joe biden they hope the legislation will shed light on other asian hate crimes and allow more victims to come forward in the future. a big day for a couple of teams clinging to hopes of escape from relegation both. posted upsets pulled off the biggest process of victory over labor coups. brylin coach paul darvill you knew he had to win or lose this one and it would slowly become mission
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impossible for his team to survive in the big leak. so i had to push forward like seldom before totally overwhelming labor crews and right from the start and that paid off they scored in the 4th minute with a rocket of a goal courtesy of they over i suppose i point with an excellent set up by midfield dynamo matteo gone dizzy and dirty look at bucky one meal for hair that. the berliners kept pouring it on and in the 26 minute one back what looked like a lost ball to set up much criticised brazilian striker. and he smelled goal. to neil for hair to and coutinho was back on the scoreboard after more than a 1000 minutes of play without a goal. and it wasn't over yet just 7 minutes later colombian john cordova made it 3 nil. and that's how it ended with no goals in the 2nd half. really for hair but they also know they have
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a long road ahead and leverkusen have some work to do also. coming up next world stories brings you to meet turkey's feminist music pioneer gaius who . i'm terry martin here in berlin with more news for you coming up a tough the next hour thanks for watching. they've been robbed of their soul that's what a people experiences when they're taken from the. cultural riches were stolen from africa and carted off to europe by colonialists. each artifact has blood on it from that have kids who feel. what should be done with the stolen origin from africa.


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