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tv   World Stories  Deutsche Welle  March 22, 2021 7:15am-7:31am CET

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but they also know they have a long road ahead and labor crews and have some work to do also. coming up next world stories brings you to meet turkey's feminist music pioneer guy a so. i'm terry marchin here in berlin we've got more news for you coming up at the top of the next hour thanks for watching. they've been robbed of their soul that's what a people experiences when their heritage is taken from them. countless cultural riches were brutally stolen from africa and carted off to europe by colonialists. each artifact has blood on it from the wounds that have yet to heal. what should be done with the stone north from africa. this is being hotly debated
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on both continents. stolen seoul starts april 13th on t.w. . story so that people of the world over t.w. on facebook and twitter up to date and in touch follow us. this week on the world stories. searching for a missing activist in syria. a courageous musician in tempe but we begin in france where between the 960 s. and 1980 s. about 2000 children from the island to the communion with forcibly resettled instead of being educated they were exploited even at the age of 75 in need of an
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oil hole still bears the deep scars left by his youth the government to chemo. way from his family at the age of 9 as part of a resettlement program he was 1st sent to various children's homes on the island of green young or not road warrior. if i leave for good and we weren't allowed to say or do anything we had to follow the supervisor's orders if we didn't they hate us they made us do hard labor at one point we had to carry bullets of cement on our heads and pour them onto a slab to build a swimming pool somewhere in the walls around the homes are 4 meters high and we weren't allowed to go out or to see our family or group already gobbled i will propose for beer he was told he would be taken to mainland france but it took another 9 years and instead of getting a good education there is promised he had to work as a farm hand. or agree to go for. a loan on the offer because we had
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to milk the cows clean the pig pens plant and harvest beetroot and potatoes the farmers i have been told we were dangerous that we were murderous and of these they didn't trust us and treated us like slaves so they hit us at the slightest excuse. he was finally freed at the age of 21 and managed to set up a business as a painter he tried to forget his past as best he could up until a few years ago when he met his partner marriage will she insists that he needed to find his roots she searched for months sent hundreds of emails and managed to get one spectacular results she found in mills oldest sister mary who lives only in you know they talk to each other daily. are all. i was always hoping to find him and he never gave up my search now he's too far
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away from me i want him to come back here. and 2014 france officially acknowledged its moral responsibility towards the so-called children of the cuz the ministry of the overseas told us that they plan to teach these children's history at school but in real is hoping for more of the more good or much more we are asking for damages that's perfectly reasonable they have done us harm if i had robbed or killed someone i would also be punished even though money will not right the wrong they have done to us it's like losing a leg you never get it back. but previous claims for compensation were dismissed due to the statute of limitations emir will keep looking for his happiness he's planning to go to a new all this autumn to finally reunite with his family. on
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to syria where 10 years ago human rights activists tied son saif to an a for islamists oppose the asat regime and was at the forefront of the revolution before being abducted. my name is as i say from here are from the oscars was. when protests erupted across syria in march 20th level rights activists streisand said to me was on the frontline she was key to revolutionary efforts across the country beside her also close friends martin del wish. we meet the human rights lawyer in paris is. really. for me the most important aspect of president's personality is a rejection of injustice and her willingness to do anything to fight injustice. as a hospital's all i when the s.x.
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regime responded with a bloody crackdown arresting thousands of activists resume chewer the world would know i became a q swatters she had the sort of softness almost frailty to when you matter of the beginning and you like how she doing this very dangerous job. and then as soon as you spoke to her you immediately discovered the sort of steely courage and principles. in 2013 resin fledge regime had to mask for drama a challenge that would later be dominated by the hardline militant group jaish and islam. present launched women's initiatives called for the rule of law and documented human rights abuses including those committed by armed rebels rather than was targeted several times a bullet left at her doorstep and none of this letter obtained by g.w. threatening her life the words i will kill you repeated 5 times on december 9th
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20 search when armed men stormed her office there abducted rather than together with her husband and 2 fellow activists after years of investigation human rights lawyer and his team are confident that jaish al islam are responsible for the fate of a sanitary colleagues resembles that of the civil peaceful movement that try to create a moral eternity for syria. they were crushed between the regime and these islamist groups in tibet in the end of terry and as well as. the the of the me how you're 8 years after iran and her colleagues disappeared their fate remains one of the great mysteries of the revolution but friends and relatives have not given up hope that one day they will know the truth.
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now or to germany where female caregivers are feeling the impact of corona not only as they work on devalued they often less than their male counterparts. here in the hospital there's a strict protocol when it comes to putting on your protective clothing but for cuts been back it has become a routine she is one of the many female nurses who have been pushing the limits they unite for you know taking care of coronavirus patients. there's a secret about the physical strain is an enormous working in this kind of is exhausting but the psychological component plays a big role too we always have to take care of critically ill patients that's part of our job but now we have seriously ill patients can also endanger us and dentistry in a stressful ever watched was. stressful is also how hammond would describe
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her last year she it works as a nurse in an old people's home and person in the pandemic made her job even harder and again the burden of caring for society's elderly was mainly on women. luckily man i increasingly interested in being an artist my husband does also but otherwise it's mainly women probably because of the pay if it were a male domain then women would also a very different set of guns and that's for the. more than 90 percent of the people fighting the daily battles on the nursing front are women and they are up to 10 percent less than their male counterparts according to the german federation of trade unions the chances of promotion are slim and they often white nights it would mean for the dozens of my wish for women in this profession is that they stop putting themselves down and that people are aware of their contribution people need
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to understand that we are not just nasa's cleaners or kitchen wife it's that the world only goes around when we all work together as a team for that one of us can't get by without the other there's and i know for one that in an on the show for not what we don't want and doesn't come for or not may be here to stay and we need to develop strategies we need enough staff enough equipment and whatever else it takes to help us do our jobs to stand on office with all those feelings of wolf i told you. both nurses are greed these improvements have to come and they have to come soon. now me takis psychedelic rock star i assume akyol who's not afraid to stand up for women it's right. that families adore her unique sound and her unflinching political position it's.
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a mini bus ride through a parallel universe and a woman who actual is in the driver's seat. she loves to bring to get. the traditions and modernity that sounds she revived psychedelic rock sound that was lost truly popular in turkey in the 1970 s. . hope some of them most of my childhood memories are about music and when i dreamt about my future the music was always there for. the fans love the unique mix of turkish music rock and post-punk. and many search gaius abstract lyrics for messages about the situation in turkey. the whole country is a shisha coffee and we as suffocating in its smoke she sings about him is that tosh
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. used so it's really become more and more difficult to breathe in this country because there is a lack of justice and rule of law that has deeply wounded this society i feel very injured too it's time for us to stand up for and support each other here in turkey and elsewhere in the world. and. the. guy is most concerned about the situation of women in turkey rights groups warn that domestic violence is on the rise and that the number of women murdered has dramatically increased in recent years. activists regularly organize protests although the turkish government bans most of them but guy is proud that women still dare to be loud and demand their rights. to the code.
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when we talk about women in turkey the word oppression automatically comes to mind it's an uphill battle for every woman here who wants to live according to her own ideas but. we won't be afraid we will stick together draw attention to ourselves and organize organize all the things out. for her fans guy is a role model in terms of self-determination and when it comes to speaking one's mind. play .
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