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tv   Bhutan  Deutsche Welle  March 22, 2021 10:15am-11:01am CET

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b.n. john cordova made it 3 no. and that's how it ended with no goals in the 2nd half. really for hair but they also know they have a long road ahead and labor crews and have some work to do also. up next we've got a documentary for you butan change comes to the happy country i'm terry martin has got more few coming up at the top of the next hour thanks for watching. imagine how many push. ups right now in the climb a tree different off a story basis my placing blame from just one week. can really just. we still have time to ask i'm doing.
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this. plus this. the time is said to be the place where happiness is at home protected by high mountains in the north and thick jungle in the south the country is the last kingdom in the himalayas the government's top priority is keeping its citizens happy that includes protecting pristine natural environments. the people who live according to their traditions. yet at the same time are connected to the outside world online.
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bhutan is located between 2 giants china and india nevertheless it's managed to chart its own course our journey began spahr away from the capital in the remote eastern part of the country or not much has changed in the last 100 years. that. 6 year old george is facing the biggest challenge in his life so far today he's going to leave his home and family. yeah that was.
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you can do it. but. it's the last morning doherty's mother is going to spend with him before he leaves for the monastery. of course i miss my son the but i don't want to be in the way on his path to finding food up. i'll be sad for a few days. jungle then i'll get used to an incident. a decision stand. by me a good boy and behave yourself at the monastery and study hard and eat 3 meals a day white our help. i
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don't know what it's like in the monastery there are big buildings in the city where. the money. it's time to go. george's journey to his new life as a monk begins. his parents and siblings won't see him for more than a year they may not even be able to speak to him before that. or. georgia he has never left his village before he's excited ahead of the 3 day trip
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and his 1st visit to the capital. in the northern part of the country it's time to transplants the rice plant by plant the botany staple food is being moved from one paddy to another cracker and joking a farmer grows a very special crop flowers at opal petals for salads risotto or salted mixes the business concept came from switzerland. virgin soils and pure air should guarantee tunk level organic quality. over it we need the whole villa. to help us transplant all these seedlings from the
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greenhouse. my entire family helps to have your car when the corn flowers and marigolds we've planted here start to bloom then will dry the flowers and send me to switzerland in which i brought this project to our village because it's fun for me to cooperate with young promise to establish something i really would love the last drop him along but it's really hard work that we don't know how these flowers will grow here that i'm going to do and there's a lot at stake for me my children should be up to live from this to go much of a little image looked at is hard it was to me what in the. villages in the middle of the town's primeval forest bears leopards tigers and wild boar are constant threat to the farmers. just last year 14 cals was killed while grazing if a tiger 5 years it leaves behind a toxin so the wind doesn't heal for a long time this winter here is more than a year old and been but we would never kill a wild animal because that's
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a major scene in the car you know we need to live with the wilderness and protect our animals and plants as best we can also look let your you know that was a big tonight it's took his father's turn on watch there's a tried and trusted old method that works best to get the wild animals off the rice paddies. chucky is expecting an important visitor and is making the national drink but her tea. first the cheney then the batter and last the sound was over the.
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you should live in the enemy of your that are flower project is 100 percent organic and a big opportunity for all of us in the village and if we used chemicals in our fields that may be an advantage in the short term but over a longer period it will make a still our soils were dry ass and lose the nutrients. and do go no illusion illusion to moving to organic is certainly good for our health but we are risking crop failure that did not in how we will most likely set of everything we grow here will be worth more if the village is certified as organic we can get a bit of prize for us. human my book you we can use natural means to protect our plants but chucky's optimism is put to the task sooner than expected. why should the christmas and the hard to move the plants the dying look this is why to the answer 18 the roots. every plant that's out of everything will be
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infested look. get rid of it. but it's too late the red ants are already in the field. so he doesn't know what to do but giving up is out of the question. so. i'm going to talk to the local agricultural consultant with us maybe he has a solution. and could you call our partners in switzerland to see if there are natural repellents there was a leg in the let me talk a little quicker on the abuse of. justice and the.
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more than half of all good honeys work the lands like turkey the country's goal is to maximize gross national happiness rather than just boost economic growth the town is prioritizing the satisfaction of its people maintaining traditional culture and environmental protection every citizen is entitled to free education and medical care 70 percent of the times territory is covered with protected forests it's the only country in the world to find more c o 2 than it really says. the mountains are also sacred to the brittany's they're home to some of the world's tallest unconquered peaks this is the lie apps domain since ancient times these nomads have been hurting e.-x. more than 4500 meters above sea level near the tibetan border. you are now.
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22 year old say walking is returning from a long trip and he's bringing the essentials for the coming weeks. driver for parents men's work to provide the firewood and food and the women stay home to care for the yanks because we can't earn any money here we have to go to the bigger villages to work.
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solar panels are used to generate electricity fires are used for cooking. to corpus or go in on this and we want our son to get the education that we never had and then he can get a good job in the city. of moore if he doesn't do well at school they'll have to stay here in them and work just as hard as we do unless you have an argument to known. facts living in the wild don't eat enough salt so the herders provided for them. what's in the notes did we give our yak salts and to keep them stronger and increase their milk production there are fewer and fewer yaks because in the warmer climate to do do they become ill more quickly. besides they're not really making us any money human and we earn a living these days mainly by transporting of rain with horses and gathering and
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selling rare or for mushrooms that only grow here in little monkey moved up a new dog even the. same wrong loves bollywood music his mobile phone doesn't have reception on the mountainside so before he sets off he always downloads the latest hits entertaining old and young alike.
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that's enough i need to pack. a bit of the. paint still knows the traditional handicrafts and can weave yak wool into fabric to be sold. or not again to her not even enough i grew up with the yes and i like living here and my only problem is that i don't see enough of my husband didn't think of it most of the time my mother grandmother and i are on our own in turn on my say one is often away for weeks and i can't even call him on the phone and. even though he's just come home he's already gone back out to search for mushrooms and. i hope he finds a lot at least one to one word.
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that's why i'm going. way up in the mountains. i want to come to. your to a bit more to come along. the same wrongs in for a long climb the treasured mushrooms only grow way up in the himalayas it'll taken 2 days just to get there. how was. unlike say wrong many young good knees head for the city around 20 percent of the population now lives in the capital temple the city is one of the fastest growing in southeast asia the internet and television arrived at
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pretty much the same time 20 years ago since then time has been changing fast. however police still direct the flow of traffic there are no traffic lights. georgie is making a stop in the temple his father wants to buy him a warm jacket there for the monastery. this. new delhi it'll be very cold at the monastery there are no smaller sizes. ok we'll take it you know. in another part of the city doherty's future abbott lama non-gay is getting ready for the new start of the money asked ikey here he's on a big shopping expedition and to put that with the rest of giving. his budget is tight even though the monastery receives public funding lama non-gays
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striking a hard bargain. how much is the spinach $25.00 for this. when i was young the monks just stayed in the monasteries people visited them and brought them food but it hasn't been that way for quite some time we've got to go shopping here every week the new year starts the day after tomorrow at my monastery around 80 monks are coming back from vacation and we're expecting a lot of new children it's the most hectic time of the year for me when he did that would like to know how much 60. you've got to eat less now otherwise it's too expensive what about this.
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number of these tie that up and we'll meet at the bottom of the path can you see our monastery up there at the top it may snow soon. set off so the 1st load can be put on the horses. pick up slow digs and the 2nd one is leaving right away. they've almost finished now the purchases just have to survive being carried up the mountain on horses it's a 3 hour climb to the monastery. you know where the rest of the horses. here i told you about and they should start loading the horses but nothing's happened they're not listening to us so. i think it's time for lamb and i'm gay to take charge.
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he is something else good. ok did you tell him without. you both of. you know now what. about the i pod you do now it's snowing hard up on the mountain there are monastery if we go up now with the horses the snow will soften the load of these horses can't go up there any more today and the other half aren't even here yet i don't know what i should do if i need to get up there today to prepare for the monks arrival. i never though it's giving me a headache i think. my head. was so what do i do now. lemon i'm gay hence op without the horses ok we're going see it tomorrow you get the horses are supposed to go up the next
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day weather permitting go arrive just in the nick of time. again it's time for journey back into the past to the valleys of central bhutan were time seems to have stood still. why don't they i'ma have the children up in the loft yeah yeah let me see you there i've been making breakfast i hope they're making my rice and tea with milk ok about . now i'm 73 years old and still have to do all the work
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myself you. are going to be very wrong i'm not if you sense that i'll stop complaining but the kids found good jobs in the city and we're still here to look after the farm the children are happy and we are so you knew they had done the we're not. sure don't want to move villages in such a high spot that our cows don't produce enough milk but still we take care of them every day give them quality feed what we're going to grow much and we live from it but it's hard work. you know what i'm not one no not going along. the law as long as wakey and we'll do it and we're not around anymore hopefully our children will. i hope so too after all these cows paid for their education. drive the cows over here. i'll take them out to pasture before.
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we go you might order the young archers from our village have challenge me to take part in a tournament to manual festival you know i think i'll join in again this year if you would you agree would love. to live there now i'm worried about your rage when you still compete your eyes have really bad you could shoot someone with the arrows no worries i can still do it legally it is such a brag. it. was only some of you know this is a very special feather from a bird in our forest when the young arches see this all they are going to say wow. we do not. know if i got to use a thread to attach it to but then i'll put on a metal tear by dipping the point in rub alack and i don't sing it with i know i
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know it is not a drug. war it's got to be as straight as can be. otherwise the arrow won't hit the target. or start going through but everyone will laugh at me this old man doing here but i'll show you. ok i don't buy need to look good for the festival otherwise they'll say i'm too old to. be there that won't interest anyone that you are. it was.
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up to me to morrow's the big archery tournaments and i heard you want to take part all right and. yes i do have you kidded around with me long enough on the wrong i was already knowing on bones when you were still just drinking milk. when you get to know. winter is coming it's high time to harvest the rice. choky too is seeing the 1st fruit of her labor the farmers have to scupper that
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name tree oil is a natural tool for warding off the plague of ants. they've been spraying their fields with it regularly i too many of the homes hushes there are no ads here anymore and over there most of them are going to cut a long loose verse marigolds are starting to bloom the. but we're worried because the organic farm inspector is coming from india today to see if we've met all the standards oddly you know that they need to look cloning least they did so we haven't used chemicals or what i don't know the name oil is really ok that it is the kind of illegal machine. this is choking the head of the farmers groups. and this is one show she's a part of the team. she didn't really want to see which siege of us when i was a plant you've got growing here and the different substances your treat the plants where this who he wants to see records of your daily work and suppose i was no no
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no no longer than the old to earth as you did as a nice risk whole contamination from the neighbors you understand that you took yesterday. first they take soil samples near the neighbor's property line then if you from the middle of the field. they mix the samples which are sent to india to be tested for pesticide contamination. but then the moment of truth what about the nimoy. what you've used. formulation is acceptable. before using you it is good that there are good as all the. receipt is ok you
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can use it but it's a good story. it is for me i live with it if i'm really very curious to see the soil test results that tell you book day if the results are positive choky spar will be the 1st e.u. certified organic farm in all of butan. on the roof of the world at more than 5000 meters above sea level say one is looking for a quarter steps mushrooms which are said. to have healing properties. going
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to do is to deny needed to take out a 3000 year old loan to keep us above water for the next half year. then that money's got to come back and now. i hope i find enough to through this matter you think it's you. who want to go it's ok for you could find the fungal everywhere because a few people know of their healing properties now you've got to go up higher to find them. everyone here knows how much money you can get for them and even people who have long since moved to the city are coming back now because only people who live in the highlands are allowed to gather the mushrooms and one time it changes also contributing to them becoming more scarce. not though it's a day i'm not going to find anything like isn't on my side. great time the harvest a small the 3 caterpillar mushrooms are worth about 15 euros. i
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found one of. theirs again with them and this is the legendary quarter subs medicinal mushroom beneath the soil the parasitic fun guy infests a caterpillar caterpillar dies and the mushroom grows through on to the surface we harvest. this strange mix of caterpillar and funk. so.
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good at the opening bid on an interview in which i don't know because i don't know . does it does that mean with me outside of butan people use them as medicine. especially to make men strong. well the new it gives us a really good income. and that's why there are still young people here near the game would have to be and that's in the world and although the there that's enough . for them some highlanders can now even afford to take a helicopter taxi to go shopping in the capital for them for local good jugglers a mile for the world and their thing and you. say wang will need to spend many more weeks searching in order to pay back that loan. little georgie and his father are beginning the last day of their journey they're
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starting the climb to lima non-gays monastery at an altitude of over 3000 meters. walk a bit more tell me when you get tired. i'm tired . just a little more than i'll carry here. finally after 4 more hours of hard hiking they reach the monastery.
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is really small. his legs are sore because he's whoops a notch but it. looks calm come on and. there are friends for you inside. your tree for the bridge. to go in there's a stove in there. that's better already. so now you're warm again. the cooler losing his feet got cold because of the snow. move now he'll sleep. he said he had a headache to. me though that he has no movie to get home and he needs really very small for the monastery but it's ok.
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today and tomorrow will be hard for him who are there now but none see him some day if you can then he'll slowly get used to it and find friends like you and if you will get caught again. it used to be the custom that one child from each family became a monk. but in the mean time the remote monasteries are more often a catchment for children from poor families. you don't know. what. was here come on let's sleep. if you. really. be a good boy and behave yourself ok to me. why are you crying. i don't really want. you just
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you know one don't cry you shouldn't cry wipe your tears. do. you know. sleep now. profound faith accompanies and guides every act either giving up beloved child to a monastery or even taking part in an archery tournaments. you. go for a. good. lunch and love what i give you knew that there were there was. but i guess. a lot can happen during an archery tournament i know an arrow could
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easily hit someone that's why we're praying today in giving gifts to the local spirits and gods so that they protect us seen on top of the really not. that some room by talking to you today the youngsters really don't know how difficult it was back then they've all gone soft oh sorry i'm only on the run. ah. the target is 145 meters away every archer has 2 arrows. up cheney has taken on a big challenge but it nearly all goes wrong at the start when he has trouble stringing his bow. the knot needs to be small and.
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the 1st attempt. with a look. at. this to bat. this one will be a boon as i. know
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. there are. i was once king of the arches. but now in 73 and it's high time the youngsters stepped into the spotlight. now i think i'll have to leave the stage to them. doherty's big day is here. the consecration of the monks. it symbolizes the day that buddha left his palace in search of the meaning of life in truth.
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the change in appearance demonstrates the renunciation of all worldly goods and the beginning of a my flung inner journey towards enlightenment. change. now your heads look like watermelons. off a little bit and it followed. the did it ever give
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up it is this yet it all over the years i've. lived it isn't it good it was good it. did a. good deal of it. hit with it it was good it was a lot it. to to have it was you. know i fish on that to do i feel different when i see my son as a monk now he's following buddhist pod and that makes me happy feeling you know usually something clicked. ok are you still sad. and madder. than a muslim to be on you must get on it when i came to the monastery at the age of 7
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along i was sad for a long time i put a claim to my errands couldn't take care of me as you know they had money problems so they sent me away and i do again like going on up to them up to that in the muslims in the stomach in india but the day i thank them for their decision on in the us i could follow buddhism goodies and have found enter peace in life and that you need to eat. when you look at the boys certainly hope you won't see little children into a room even one but they're not small anymore because their task is not a small one it has to go slowly they will learn through buddhist teachings to subordinate their needs to the well being of all living thing this is even them she says starting now dorothy's journey is part of our journey into doable.
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it's finally spring blossoming jacaranda trees decorate. the months famous monastery in the country. nature is recovering from the long drive season a period of waiting is coming to an end for chokey to the organic farming inspectors have given her the go ahead her way to certification is clear they can start harvesting the flowers today. much in love not only don't let you do more than i've learned without lots of germs on our hands that we can't see with the
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naked eye it's only hard as we have to wash our hands very well to other children they are models of ritual at the. door everyone is excited because we've never done this work before it's the 1st time poster you were there when. it's all blooming yes all flowering. just look i see. the unfolding of the because of the ads we can transplant the cornflowers until tonight they still haven't blossomed. i really hope they do listen able. to do. much if this project brings the success we hope our grandchildren will still be worth living from i don't know tucker you know i've been a year in the name of politicization and.
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2 months later the cornflowers are there and chucky's project has come to full fruition. choky has established his promise for the future during times of change it's worth working hard to make your fortune even in the place where happiness is a town. full. of. colorful barge and football and challah united states portugal and with a common goal making cargo shipping sustainable with more would instead of steel and wind and solar power instead of heavy oil. the world's largest emissions free
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cargo ship is being built in costa rica. 3000. and 90 minutes on w. how's your view of the world. where i come from that or that it does this go it just like with chinese food that's not where i am it's always reminds me of home after decades of living. in germany chinese food is one of the things i miss the most but that taking a step back i see things i need to differentiate knowledge many of the words 1st as undergone a sense that exist as a part of the order haven't been implemented in china that's due to chinese people wondering if they're going to take it but if people have a right to learn how to read it is this is that job a job that or for my how i see it i don't that's why my job because i tried to do
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it exactly at this hour a day. by name of the uninsured and i work at d w 2. this is deja vu news live from berlin as germany heads into a 3rd wave of the coronavirus pandemic a return to a tighter lockdown looks likely chancellor merkel seeks to toughen restrictions as coated cases that could deal a fatal blow to many small businesses already on the verge of going bust. also coming up southeast australia battles its worst flooding in decades following days
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of torrential rains authorities say dozens of towns are cut off with more bad weather on the way. and we.


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