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tv   Global 3000  Deutsche Welle  March 22, 2021 9:00pm-9:31pm CET

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and. success. that subscribe. to. this is g w news from berlin tonight a wave of new sanctions against trying to from europe and north america will this change beijing's treatment of the country's weaker minorities the european union united states canada and britain today all announced sanctions on chinese officials it's the 1st major international response to human rights offenses committed against. china has backed with sanctions of its own also coming up
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a huge fire sweeps through refugee camp in bangladesh thousands are left homeless and several live aid groups say immediate help is needed and germany's never ending walked the country is struggling under a 3rd wave of coronavirus infections transfer i'm going to roll back recently lifted restrictions and keep them in place for another month and a debate in france about freedom of speech and cancel culture 2 professors in the line of fire after questioning use of the term islamophobia their students say the academics are fascist the professors of say their misunderstood. viewers watching us on p.b.s. in the united. to all of your brown the world welcome we begin tonight with
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a new standoff between western countries and china the u.s. canada u.k. and the european union today all slapped a sink sions on beijing over human rights abuses it's the 1st major global action against china following years of reports about the systematic persecution of the weaker minority china has hit back with sanctions of its own. a u. foreign ministers meeting in brussels usually there of 1st a confrontation with china but not this time sanctions would be imposed on beijing these packaging groot full individuals and $1.00 and $2.00 key from china who have had the knack to for all in good design and implementation of the cheney's policies . we wear make that wed using the meeting that china has retaliated to those sanctions and rather than changes policies and address
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elegy to meet concerned china is against a blind eye and these measures that will the next unacceptable. china's swift retaliation blacklisting 10 you individuals and 4 entities in a statement beijing said the use decision grossly interferes in china's internal affairs breaches international law and basic norms governing international relations and severely undermines china e.u. relations the european union wasn't alone though in imposing sanctions over china's human rights abuses inching jiang province the u.k. the u.s. and canada also approved penalties the u.n. says at least $1000000.00 weaker muslims are detained in camps with reports of forced labor torture and sterilization. beijing denies the claims and says the camps provide vocational training and help in fighting extremism.
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experts are questioning whether this coordinated pressure campaign goes far enough to cause a real impact on china. i'm joined tonight by. one of the people targeted by china's retaliatory sanctions he is a green member of the european parliament representing germany and is chair of the parliament's delegation for relations with china mr to cover it's good to have you on the program how did you learn that you are one of those being targeted with sanctions. i heard this in the wardak when when prince called me and said. there was an article in the ultra nationalist chinese paper global times that named me as a probable target and then later that was confirmed and what are you were accused of why are you being sanctioned. i don't really know what i mean.
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i guess i'm accused. hughson my right to free speech i have or course been critical of china's atrocities in ensuring china being critical of china. all pression of the people of hong kong where. just of the recent so-called electoral reform as being drafted to make sure that elections will never ever play a role again in hong kong and of also being critical of china's aggressive allah sees in its neighborhood of course so i guess that's that's what the what they don't like they they are not any more satisfied with just over pressing free speech in their own country they not want to externalize that i think they're underestimating the resilience of the mattress and it's one of the ask you now that
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your name is on this list of sanctions targets is it going to impact or affect the work that you do every day. not and no i don't i don't i don't think i mean i don't have 234 appointments in beijing that they could take rumi there there are no assets there that they might graft on they they are telling me i'm not allowed to to travel to to the mainland and to hong kong and to mark how they didn't mention taiwan obviously they think i should be allowed to go tot wants or i'm grateful for that both of. i think i will just continue to look this is i don't take that personally i mean 5 colleagues from the european parliament have been targeted individually and the whole shebang rights sub committee of the european parliament has been targeted with
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sanctions this is just on one hand it's. aggressive extremely aggressive and on the other hand it's ridiculous china can't really believe that this is the way in which they can deal with us if they want to shoot themselves in the foot well that's what they're doing well mr to cover what about the european union shooting itself in the foot i mean do you really believe that sanctions on for chinese officials is going to have any sway over beijing or change the behavior of china when it comes to the weaker do you really believe their. i really believe that the china would not have responded with that much anger if they wouldn't feel that our sanctions are playing a role then not playing a role in in in the way in which you seem to be assuming it that they should i'm not expecting and she didn't think to to tell his underlings that they should
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stop with the mass. incarceration and with forced labor and with forced abortions and all that but i think china feels. the force of the sanctions because china doesn't care about its international image. china has hoped obviously they concluded the conference of agreement on investment that the european union would be you know could be taken for granted if only they'd made a few minor economic concessions they could have us in the pocket philippic leave now be they learned that the european union is not just a mere cancellers tar them but that it stands up for its values so that's a major failure for cheating paying and that's why they're angry and i think that
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the reaction in itself also helps undermining china's international image so this it's a real political battle this is not carrying on as if ok mr wright how to cope and unfortunately we're out of time but we appreciate you taking the time to talk with us tonight thank you i appreciate having me on the program thank you. all right let's take a look now at some of the other stories that are making headlines around the world candidate is accusing beijing of hostage diplomacy over its treatment of a canadian citizen accused of spying the former diplomat michael cauvery was arrested in 2018 and is now awaiting a verdict after a very short trial care that maintains that coverage trial in another case are in retaliation for canada arresting a top who are away executives a group of 8 hong kong pro-democracy activists released from jail in china have been detained on their return home they were arrested at sea last year on charges
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of illegal border crossing it's believed they were trying to flee to taiwan to escape prosecution for their involvement in anti-government protests in hong kong. there's been violent clashes in the british city of bristol at a rally against a proposed policing bill at least 20 officers were injured the bill would give police sweeping new powers to clamp down on public protests. a massive fire has swept through a row hinge a refugee camp in bangladesh nearly a 1000000 people are living in camps in the area after fleeing from neighboring me and maher back in 2017 the fire has now left thousands homeless yet again and several people have died a groups say media international help is neat. take smoke billows of at this camp in southern bangladesh thousands of ranger refugees watch on as their homes are destroyed the blazing delucchi camp in cox's bazaar
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started on monday it quickly swept through the area it's unclear what caused it. this fire as a fact that most. of the population over approximately 150000 people and directly or fact that nearly 10000 households who. have lost their shelter and basic need a roof over their over their heads some attempted to douse the fire with the little tools they could find others trying to save at the lungs. many hand now have nowhere else to go casualty numbers are rising with doesn't see a dead zone missing. around a 1000000 range a have languished in these camps for over 3 years they fled on the attacks and burnt down their homes in neighboring mian mar in 2017. now with the camps
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overflowing a groups are searching for all tons of shelters the conditions on dying for the refugees here it's yet another setback and their future now even more uncertain. and back here in europe you can call it germany's never ending lockdown german leaders are wrestling over how to respond to rising corona virus infections federal and state politicians have been locked in talks for hours now rules surrounding travel as well as restrictions on family gatherings over the easter vacation have been among the points of disagreement with germany in the grip of a 3rd wave of infections chancer are going to america has been pushing for tougher restrictions like a nighttime curfew. all right for more now i'm joined by professor andrew allman he's the spokesperson for the german parliament's health committee he's also has a background in infectious diseases he's also a member of the business friendly free democratic party it's good to see you again mr allman german leaders it looks like they are expected to agree to yet another
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month of lockdowns and this could even be the severest that we have seen what do you think about this. well what i'm really concerned about is that we are running from one lock down to the next lock down with any with no perspective for our population we have to understand and appreciate that the most infections are caused in the private settings and not done in a store or anywhere outside and i think this has to be really clearly addressed on the measures that have been taken is career out. sure that the contacts are lowered because we are in a 3rd way that is pretty clear and dependent making something very severe but we cannot only go into lockdown because the fatigue in the population is very obvious because there is no perspective anymore and we have to be more intelligent more innovative how to. temper down this kind of infection that's occurring in our country where there are some health experts public health experts are saying that
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germany needs 3 weeks of a complete shutdown in order to get this pandemic under control do you agree with that. well at least in theory that could work but then it will start all over again and possibly all in lockdown that means what does it really mean are is everybody going to stay at home and how are the infections going to spread at home in the private sector are we not allowed to visit our loved ones anymore it sounds very easy and i theoretically contents but i think practically it won't work what about the vaccination rollout here in germany is that part of the problem if we were on schedule or even ahead of schedule with vaccinations we could possibly be looking at lower numbers of infections right. absolutely and we do see lower numbers of infection in the elderly population they are below average as everybody
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else in germany the the age group above 80 is a lot lower they have an incidence rate of around 50 which is very ensuring that fact that the vaccination works but what we have here as i like to call it is a management disaster regarding the vaccination program that we're having also a communication disaster as well we do not have the same amount of vaccines available as and other countries around the world if we look at the u.k. or israel or the united states and europe is far behind in their vaccination progress and it's very obvious we can only beat this pandemic if we all get vaccinated or many people get vaccinated and not only in europe but globally and this is always forgotten and when i also think which is somehow concerning to me is the information campaign or the missing information campaign by the german government which is clear necessity to ensure that the death the vaccination rate
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is going to be high in the future as well right now a lot of people would like to get vaccinated but if we're going to reach the 60 or 70 percent mark it's still unclear but a lot of people would say they would like to be vaccinated but they say they don't want to get a shot from astra zeneca for example because of that vaccine being suspended and then being told again that it's ok people don't trust that vaccine i mean that's a huge problem for germany because it was supposed to be the work orse vaccine in this role well. absolutely this this was a major mistake in the communication program of our government because the author sinica data is very clear cut it's very efficacious and very safe there are signals of the very rare kind of. body disease of the as he discovered noses of the brain and which has to be considered a course has to be placed on a warning label as well but honestly i would get vaccinated right away with us for
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senate if it's my turn to get vaccinated and over 200 problem in terri and in the german parliament are willing to take that vaccine as well and that has to be consider a lot of people outside there would like to get that vaccine as well but there are a lot of people who are in security don't really know how to take this side effects that are noted as a correlation causality still open. and this concern has to be addressed very clearly and i think that communication is still missing. the hesitancy the sea of still there that is for sure dr andrew allman member of the german parliament committee on health we appreciate your time and your insights tonight thank you thank you it has been 5 years since islamist bombers killed 32 people and injured hundreds in the building capital brussels the attack turned the spotlight on the city's sizable muslim community and one district branded as a breeding ground for jihad yes the w.'s teri schultz has more. molen bag
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5 years ago after terrorist attacks in paris and brussels the whole world knew that word and this place this district became infamous as the home base of a handful of bad guys the rest of my index almost 100000 residents felt unfairly stigmatised i was really frustrated inside. i want to really explain to people guys. big. night with people with quality. and this is not our city of terrorist ybor he was a real also felt lost growing up like those small and back men who would become bombers he dropped out of school at 13 but where they turned to crime he taught himself to code and became a successful tech entrepreneur without the fancy diplomas from expensive schools that many top business people have. so yeah.
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really nothing he did have something the desire to help other succeed in 2015 while nearby the terrorist cell was planning its attacks was a recreated a nonprofit tech incubator so moment that kids would have a place to go a chance to dream big what he calls a different ecosystem provides trainees everything for free the rest is up to them this place is lived for to give to people you know it's just people come and take your opportunity. if they have no money it's free if they have no computer or we can lend a computer they have no time we are almost 20 hours before you know every day from the single room where he started to raise ecosystem now takes up the whole building and had
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a turnover of $2000000.00 euros last year google. soon to put china visited recently to make a donation in person the world is changing it was a recess the big companies recruiting his students are less focused on traditional degrees 93 percent of mulling get graduates have tech jobs or have founded their own companies there are also spin offs in the netherlands and italy we have yet different in all of europe and that we are very pro the above this because morning in one big laura hebert a digital marketing student travels an hour each way from ghent to be part of the mall in geek community i think it's the best training center in brussels because it's like recognize from big companies so we walk out you won't be ashamed now the place to be now to france where a college lecturer has been branded a fascist by students after he questioned the usage of the term islamophobia the
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case is sparked debate about freedom of speech and about cancel culture which ostracizes those who voice unpopular opinions. the grenoble institute of political studies this is where the conflict erupted over a planned conference titled anti semitism racism and islamophobia professor of german klaus kinski took issue with that name saying the term islamophobia shouldn't be used on par with the other 2 terms because. if you make statements that are anti semitic or racist you can be prosecuted but the term islamophobia doesn't exist in criminal law. can slip made further arguments against the term islamophobia and the word was removed from the event title students and instructors responded with outrage on social media they didn't just question
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consumers arguments they called him a right wing extremist. after another professor defended can protesters pasted posters on campus calling both fascists. they believe the professors don't care about anti muslim discrimination. just like one of hindu we expect an apology at the least for what these professors have done to us if we get one then we can rethink our demands for sanctions but for now we're far from getting an apology. french security forces consider the protests dangerous after a case last october when an islamist extremist murdered french schoolteacher sami right by a tea party have taken the stance that freedom of expression also mans the freedom to mock religion including islam the. french police see parallels between that case and counsellors now professor chancellor is receiving special police protection. this hatred and it
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is a form of hatred won't go away so soon. i will be teaching again online at 1st and hopefully in person starting in september but i think i'll be persona non-grata for the next 4 years until i retire at some point. the protesters have put professor kinzler under enormous pressure because he questions the term islamophobia. political scientist close leg of the sees it as an attack on freedom of speech and tolerance a case of what many call council culture. is. i know as counsel culture is when you exclude a person whose opinion you don't want to hear at a podium or in an article in a tweet or whatever. oath didn't cancel their appearances because their
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opinion is unwelcome and because you think you're protecting others who could feel offended by their opinion and. critics or cancel culture compare it to authoritarian regimes in which certain groups decide what other people are allowed to say and think thought crimes as described by author george orwell in the dystopian novel of 1984 about a world where free thought has banned. this and to pushes me it's a phenomenon typical of cults that's now encroaching on society as a whole and it works especially well on social networks or anti social networks as i often call them when you only want to have anything to do with people of the same persuasion mention mind. for now the grenoble
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institute of political studies is still the scene of polemics and protest the institute's director has called for a return to level headed debate but the discourse is still far from calm. or preparations are under way for the men's football world cup in qatar in 2022 but the host country has come under heavy criticism for how it's treating migrant workers now amnesty international has called on football's world governing body fifa to pressure could talk to improve the situation for workers there these are some of the gleaming new stadiums that guitar is to showcase to an international audience when it hosts the world cup in 2022. insight there the last word in luxury a fee for president giani infantile phoned out on a tour last october but for many of the migrant workers drafted in to build them conditions have been less than comfortable no amnesty international has written to
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fifa to urge it to pressurize could start to do more to protect those workers human rights are they prepared to speak out and to make sure that the cuts are. and delivers on its reforms with the speaker we've got or trying to reverse the reforms as it is a big question will they make sure that future torments. are or better organize and and the bidding process really it's human rights to make sure that we don't see this. guitar has made reforms in recent years it became the 1st gulf country to introduce a minimum wage that does not discriminate against migrant workers infant teano says that qatar selection is world cup host has inspired change we need to look a little looser the history of where people countries regions are coming for me to cars in europe how many decades probably centuries to arrive. where we are today
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other countries in the same clothes as in a few years we do recognize that these recognize as well of all the spotlight of course of the world cup. no progress will happen several high profile norwegian clubs recently called on their country to boycott the world cup amid concerns over migrant workers treatment but how misty says a boycott would only worsen their situation. you're watching news after a short break i'll be back to take you through the day tonight the astra zeneca vaccine europe's vaccine non grata we'll be right back.
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benjamin language head no not this gives me and they don't budge nicky to entrust the lives of say you want to know their story my parents her fighting and reliable information for margaret. astra zeneca today announced that its u.s. trials have shown the coronavirus vaccine to be very effective and that is good news but europe not the us needs the astra zeneca vaccine the company has only delivered 30 percent of what it promised for the 1st quarter of this year even if there were no shortage there's no guarantee that europeans would take it tonight the astra zeneca vaccine europeans have been told twice that they can trust it so why do so many say they don't bring golf in berlin this is the day.


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